didrocksgood morning05:46
jibelsalut didrocks05:47
didrocksça va jibel ?05:54
seb128lut didrocks, matinal ce matin :)05:56
seb128good morning desktopers05:57
didrocksseb128: comme tous les vendredi où je ne m'occupe pas de Martin05:57
seb128ah, ok :)05:57
seb128happy friday!05:57
didrocksjoyeux vendredi également05:57
* didrocks already reponsded to user's "requiring" some "evident" work05:58
didrocksredirected to my blog post explaining why we didn't do this + the hub for the rest05:58
didrockscould be good documentation for the future05:58
jibelsalut seb12806:01
jibelcava didrocks et toi?06:01
seb128lut jibel!06:01
didrocksça va06:04
WimpressMorning desktopers o/06:36
dufluMorning didrocks, jibel, seb128, Wimpress06:37
Wimpressduflu: Morning o/06:37
WimpressAges ago I brought up an issue of DRI3 not working.06:37
WimpressWe discussed it on the Ubuntu Discourse.06:38
dufluYeah I saw that yesterday06:38
WimpressI was barking up the wrong tree :-)06:38
WimpressFinally found the fix :-D06:38
dufluOdd (but now I have seen that part of the Xorg source), makes sense06:38
dufluWow, that was bad06:38
dufluOdd but now I have seen that part of the Xorg source it makes sense06:38
dufluWimpress, in recent months I finally also learned how Xorg manages to tear at all even when the Intel kernel driver now forbids it06:39
dufluThe answer was: by being dodgy06:40
dufluWimpress, I find it both exciting and scary to think what kind of difference that fix could make to existing distros06:49
duflu-distros +releases06:49
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers, happy Friday!07:01
seb128lut oSoMoN, happy friday! how is it going?07:03
oSoMoNseb128, a bit tired as nights have been short this week, but I'm hoping for a productive day to close the week. you?07:03
seb128I'm good, a bit tired as well but it's friday so it's alright :)07:04
=== pstolowski|afk is now known as pstolowski
Laneyhi de hi08:02
willcookeToday's drama..  one of the LED spot lights in the kitchen has gone.  It can't be more than a year old, but of course no receipt.  These things cost a couple of quid, are full of plastic and extra components, cost about 3 quid each if you buy in bulk, and don't last more than a year.  What a waste08:07
dufluMorning willcooke, marcustomlinson and Laney08:08
marcustomlinsonhi duflu08:08
dufluwillcooke, yeah I found some LED globes die quick but on average they last longer than the alternatives08:08
willcookeyeah, I suppose one going isnt really a fair sample08:08
seb128hey willcooke marcustomlinson Laney, how is u.k today?08:10
dufluWhich reminds me, I replaced a headlight on the car last weekend and found LED options for those. Might be interesting to try one day08:10
marcustomlinsonseb128: still european08:11
seb128that's good :)08:11
marcustomlinsonso good yeah08:11
Laneymorening duflu marcustomlinson willcooke seb12808:12
willcookeduflu,  I seem to remember there being something about replacing headlights with LEDs causing odd electrical problems.  That might have been indicators though - where the bulb itself was part of the timing flasher timing circuit08:12
Laneyi'll be negative08:12
Laneyit's GREY and BLOODY COLD08:12
willcookeSun is shining here :)08:12
Laneyblow it up this way pls08:12
* willcooke opens the window and puffs 08:12
marcustomlinsonah you blew it too far, now we have it in Edinburgh08:12
* willcooke sucks08:13
Laneyour Currys PC World thing in town takes light bulbs for recycling08:13
Laneyand most other electronic stuff08:13
Laneyworth knowing08:13
willcookeooh, I bet the tip do as well.  I've got a load of glass to take, I will try that08:13
Laneyannoying bit is when you replace it and the new one is a slightly different colour temperature08:14
LaneyBBC's error 500 page has that image :D08:17
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 230196 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "[upstream] OpenOffice quickstarted shouldn't have a notification icon" [Wishlist,Won't fix]09:12
marcustomlinsonhow do we deal with that? ^09:12
Laneymarcustomlinson: file a new question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad with a link09:14
marcustomlinsonholy sh**09:15
marcustomlinsonit's coming in fast09:16
willcookelots of different bugs getting spammed?09:19
willcookeah, so same user?09:19
willcookeLets see if the snap store team can help09:20
Laney#launchpad if anything09:20
Laneythey're pretty experienced with spam fighting09:21
willcooketalking in #launchpad-ops on the Canonical IRC server09:22
marcustomlinsonah ok09:23
willcookeand fwiw, the snap store team and the launchpad team are the same people09:23
Laneysubset isn't it?09:26
LaneyI was trying to give advice that didn't require an employment contract with Canonical09:28
Laneythanks though09:28
Laney(and the first route I gave doesn't interrupt anyone; that's why I always go there in the first instance)09:28
marcustomlinsonWell people on #launchpad know it's being looked at too09:29
willcookegood advice, thanks Laney09:32
marcustomlinsonyes thanks Laney and willcooke :)09:32
oSoMoNyeah, usually filing a question on launchpad is acted upon quickly, in my experience09:37
marcustomlinsonright, there already were multiple questions regarding that spammer. I saw it coming in fast so thought perhaps there was a quicker way to get people aware09:41
dufluBon weekend all10:17
dufluand mothers in particular10:17
oSoMoNtkamppeter, hey! are you looking at that n-m autopkgtest failure on bionic?10:23
oSoMoNtkamppeter, I suspect simply adding the allow-stderr restriction to the nm test would do the trick. the failure is triggered by the PyGIWarning being printed on stderr, not by it being an actual error10:32
tkamppeteroSoMoN, I am not much experienced with autopkg tests as it rarelyhappened to me that they failed on a package. Where needs the allow-stderr be applied?10:34
tkamppeteroSoMoN, and for which Ubuntu releases?10:35
LaneyWouldn't it be better to fix the actual stderr output it's printing?10:38
LaneyThat's just a gi.require_version() that's already in later releases10:38
oSoMoNLaney, yeah, that's probably a better fix10:40
oSoMoNI just ran that test in a bionic VM and it actually passes, so it's just the import warning being printed on stderr10:41
* Laney stabs 'git rebase -i' destroying merge commits10:43
LaneyBUT! TIL that you can use 'git rebase -i' to generate *new* merge commits10:46
Laneylike if you accidentally end up fixing a side issue, you can generate a branch for that using rebase -i10:46
Laneywhat a world we live in10:46
oSoMoNtkamppeter, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9Hpsw3Fbhp/ should do the trick10:47
tkamppeterOK, thanks.10:54
Laney. O O ( wonder why pygobject started printing that message just now )10:54
tkamppeterIt is probably only needed for Bionic. Is there a Bionic SRU bug report (with SRU in -proposed) where one can add this to the SRU and re-upload?10:55
tkamppeterLaney, can it be that there was also some update on Python or pygobject which caused this?10:56
Laneytkamppeter: Not pygobject, but I'm not about to spend any time investigating what else it is - the fix is clearly right anyway. :-)10:56
LaneyIt could be that something else was importing those things and stopped doing it, so now the test is being blamed directly10:57
Laneyand I'd say you can probably get away without an explicit SRU bug for this change if you explain it in the changelog10:57
tkamppeterLaney, OK. I also would not search for another place to fix. Let us simply apply this fix to get the SRUs on NM and MM through.10:57
LaneyTrevinho: done, merci!11:03
seb128tkamppeter, Laney, while we should fix it I wonder if that would make sense to ask the SRU team to unblock the current one by skipping the test to avoid having to do another round of verification on the new build and delay even more the SRU11:06
oSoMoNnote that this is not blocking only n-m, the kernel SRU is also blocked by this11:08
LaneyI think having a functional test is valuable. If it's red then you will probably not notice if it gets even more red.11:08
LaneyIf you want to argue with someone then I'd suggest making the argument based on the only changes between the previous upload and this one being a test fix.11:09
tkamppeterseb128, that would really be a good idea. How to do it? In one of the two SRU bugs (nm, mm)? In both? By e-mail? IRC channel (which one)?11:09
seb128tkamppeter, you can ask the SRU team for their opinion11:09
seb128maybe they are happy accepting a new upload which only change that11:09
seb128without requesting a new testing period reset to 0 and full testing11:10
seb128but then we might got bitten by any compiler/whatever issue than would create a problem in a new rebuild11:10
seb128but that's probably not likely11:10
tkamppeterBut where to ask? IRC? e-mail? one of the bugs?11:10
seb128you can try ask the SRU reviewer of the day11:11
tkamppeterseb128, who is that? Where do I find who that is?11:11
seb128according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Publishing it's tjaalton and vorlon today11:11
seb128tkamppeter, are you new around? ;)11:12
LaneyIt's not going to be released today anyway.11:12
tkamppeterseb128, what do you mean with that?11:12
LaneyTry to get the fix accepted today, and argue for a reduced (over the weekend) validation period.11:12
seb128Laney, do a proper round of testing on that update with the split vpn etc is non trivial work11:13
Laneyseb128: Did you read what I said previously?11:13
seb128so depends if we are wanting to do that/if they are fine skipping full testing11:13
seb128Laney, yes, did you read what I wrote? ;)11:13
LaneyOK, well I'm not sure why you'd talk about full validation when I was saying that you should try to get that waived.11:14
seb128tkamppeter, nothing, I though you had been around for long enough that you would know who is on the SRU team and where is the wiki :)11:14
tkamppeterseb128, perhaps I did not run in such a situation before.11:15
seb128Laney, you mentioned the period, not what was being tested. Anyway I think we both are in agreement so not point making it sound like we are arguing11:15
seb128"we should ask the SRU team if they are fine doing a light handling of an upload with that change"11:15
seb128I think we both agree on that?11:15
LaneyRight, OK then.11:15
LaneyI want you to agree with me on the value of having tests be green too pelase11:16
Laneyyou probably do, but I want to be sure :>11:16
seb128yes I do11:16
LaneyOK, then we can push the SRU team on this point of view11:16
seb128I would prefer for that SRU to go in without too much extra delay AND fix the test11:16
seb128though it makes me a bit nervous to SRU a key component without a full testing round, but the chance we got bitten by toolchain/build issues is low11:17
LaneyI mean there's SRUs going through all the time11:17
Laneyif the toolchain is producing broken stuff then ...11:17
seb128yeah, probably just me being too paranoid11:18
seb128tkamppeter, get an upload with the test fix in the queue and ask the SRU team/ping tjaalton and vorlon on #ubuntu-release asking if that can be added to the current one without resetting the testing done11:19
tkamppeterI am already asking them on ubuntu-devel.11:23
tkamppeterseb128, I do not have upload rights for nm. The maximum I could do there is preparing a debdiff.11:24
LaneyI'll sponsor it, no worries11:24
tkamppetertjaal_ton tells on ubuntu-devel that it is OK. We can simply fix the test and re-upload.11:26
tkamppeterno re-testing needed.11:27
Laneywhat good guys11:27
Laneyfor sponsoring, a git branch would be a bit easier than a debdiff11:27
tkamppeterLaney, the debdiff: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/q5MSdT3nW9/11:41
tkamppeterLaney, sorry, did not see your last lines, was probably already off for starting to prepare the debdiff.11:43
Laneydon't worry about it, I'll make it look like you committed it anyway ;-)11:44
tkamppeterOK, thanks for sponsoring. Hope the SRU queue get cleaned soon then.11:45
Laneywe can ping Timo once it's uploaded11:45
* Laney is running the tests11:51
Laneyhttps://git.launchpad.net/network-manager/commit/?id=69675f0aa771475754428700976e960d91031df5 this is needed12:11
LaneyThanks Past Laney12:15
tkamppeterLaney, your upload of nm for Bionic is "waiting for approval" (got mail  notification), did you already inform Timo?12:49
Laneysee #ubuntu-devel12:51
tkamppeterLaney, also thanks for adding the other fix (probably this issue was masked by the failure).12:51
Laneytkamppeter: no worries. It might not exist on the autopkgtest runners if they happen to have those things installed, but my autopkgtest-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud instance did not12:53
seb128tseliot, hey, iirc you confirmed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-settings/+bug/1822937 ... is that still something you are looking at? should it be assigned to you? (and maybe rls targetted?)13:47
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1822937 in nvidia-settings (Ubuntu) "NVIDIA settings won't write to /etc/xorg" [Low,Confirmed]13:47
tseliotseb128: I am not convinced it's an nvidia specific problem though. I wonder if it was caused by a change in polkit13:48
tseliotbut yes, it's still on my list13:49
seb128tseliot, I don't think polkit changed (much), but if you have a testcase/small code example doing something similar to what nvidia-settings is doing let me know we can have a look13:50
seb128tseliot, I assign it to you for now then13:50
tseliotseb128: ok13:50
seb128willcooke, Laney, k, as I though andyrock had let an update-notifier branch fixing the "shouldn't show indicator if livepatch is not in use", we were just behind on review ... just uploaded to eoan I will get that in the bionic SRU next15:11
Laneyit doesn't implement that full checkbox thing from the spec still though right?15:14
seb128it does, uploaded as well15:15
seb128well "full", I didn't read the spec15:15
seb128but he added a checkbox to software-properties to show/hide the indicator15:15
seb128and fixed the indicator to not show when livepatch is not in use15:15
Laneyok, I just looked at the diff to see if there was anything about a checkbox in there, maybe it's in a previous version15:16
Laneyoh no I found it15:17
seb128ah, k15:17
Laneylooks good then, assuming it works right ;-)15:17
seb128the gsettings was already there15:17
seb128it works for me, but I give it another round of testing on bionic before upload15:18
seb128I tested on disco with hacked lsb-release info/faking livepatch being enabled :)15:18
seb128k, on that note moving location again, bbiab15:18
Laneypeople without bouncers15:19
didrocks"great people", you meant Laney, right right right? :)15:23
* Laney looks nervous15:23
didrocksgood answer!15:23
seb128(and back)15:28
Laneyseb128: wanted to link you to the spec before you went away: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareUpdates#livepatch - probably useful for your testing15:34
didrocksthis is interesting to see that the mount syscall and the mount command aren't the same at all in term of magic :)16:05
didrockswell interesting/surprising/giving more work :p16:05
didrocksbut on that… seeing in Lyon for some of you! have a great week-end16:05
Laneyisn't /bin/mount a fancy transformer into mount() calls?16:06
didrocksLaney: don't stop at ORLY but at Saint Expéry airport16:06
didrocks(yes, I know you are taking the train :p)16:06
didrocksLaney: yes and no16:06
didrocksit has some enhancement like the "auto" special name16:06
didrocksto detect the device type16:06
didrocksalso, the mount() syscall can only mount block devices16:06
didrockswhere mount can bindmount directories and regular files16:07
didrocksand so, it creates a loop devices before calling mount syscall16:07
Laneyintriguing stuff16:07
didrocks(which is where I'm coming from :p but toook some time to figure this out)16:07
didrocksyeah ;)16:07
didrockswent on this as well16:08
didrocksdidn't have my answer on block device though :p16:08
didrocksfsmount would have been great, but not mapped by Golang16:08
Laneydid it go in?16:09
didrocksI don't know, I just grepped on the golang stdlib :p16:09
didrocksbut yeah, maybe the kernel didn't implement it, I just went on the next grep in libmount.c ;)16:09
Laneywell not being in the kernel would block that for sure :>16:09
Laneynow you go away16:10
Laneysee you sunday!16:10
didrockssee you on sunday Laney!16:10
willcookeTrevinho, do you happen to know if making the dock pips reflect windows that are on the same workspace as the dock is anywhere on the plans for upstream dock?16:16
willcookewhat I mean is:16:16
willcookeI have the dock set so that each monitor is independent. So on monitor one I have my pinned icons, let's say terminal, browser and irc.16:17
willcookeThen I have the same icons on Monitor 216:17
willcookeIf I have IRC on monitor 1, and I click on the icon on monitor 2 - then instead of taking me to IRC on monitor one, it launches another IRC.16:17
willcookeThat's my doing, because I wanted to try and get it working like Unity 716:17
willcookebut it would be a good feature for it not to do that IMO16:18
seb128Laney, thx for the spec url!16:18
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oSoMoNhave a good week-end everyone!16:24
Trevinhowillcooke: hey... No I don't think there's such plan16:32
Trevinhowillcooke: but we can indeed do it16:32
Trevinhoindeed there are various things to be tuned there to get the u7 behavior though... MOstly in multi monitor as you say16:35
Trevinhoit something I'd like to find time for, but since we never defined what and when I16:35
* Trevinho kf16:35
Trevinhoif not generically, then I didn't move much forward16:36
willcookeGood night all, have a good weekend.  Safe travels to those going to Lyon o/17:01
Laneynight also o/17:06
seb128I've been poking at gnome-calendar for a week, upstreaming some bugs, nagging George about getting reviews and talking about backports/a new tarball on #gnome-calendar18:03
seb128and while I test the update Laney comes and beat me to it :p18:03
seb128well I guess I drop that and call it a week then!18:03
seb128have a nice w.e desktopers18:03
marcustomlinsonseb128: you too!18:03
marcustomlinsonseb128: safe travels18:04
marcustomlinsonas short as it may be ;)18:04
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