koognodi just tried to install 16.04 on my mac mini but I am only getting firmware error on boot ucode11 is this enough to be causing the boot up problem and how can I fix this if that is the case04:02
koognod... ucode11 not found04:03
ricks_Hey there. I'm setting up a VPS server that will be accessible through IP and (hopefully) mounted for media and document usage04:56
ricks_The trouble I am having is selecting filesystem: what filesystem is r/w with Linux, MacOS, and Windows?04:57
ricks_Does that matter? Or should I just be setting up NFS or a different network FS and the root filesystem doesn't actually matter04:57
lordievaderGood morning07:14
ahasenackwhat's the meaning if a package name between () in the seeds?12:55
ahasenackhttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/disco/en/man1/germinate.1.html explains it13:04
supamanhi, trying to set up slapd here, when I query the slapd with ldapsearch I get a responce, but if I try to add data with ldapadd I am asked for the admin password and then I get this response: ldap_sasl_bind(SIMPLE): Can't contact LDAP server (-1)14:40
supamanI put the ldap debug level up to 8 as per instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openldap-server.html.en14:41
supamanstill don't see anything in the logs when the connection fails14:42
supamansorry, not up to 8 .. that was some other software I was working with :-)14:42
supamanput olcLogLevel: stats14:43
ahasenacksupaman: if you don't provide a hostname in the command line tools, it will use whatever is set in the client config file, /etc/ldap/ldap.conf14:43
ahasenackare you using simple bind? -x -D <dn>14:44
supamanahasenack: the command to load data is like in that help guide: sudo ldapadd -x -D cn=admin,dc=ap,dc=local -W -f add-content.ldif14:44
ahasenackno need for sudo there14:44
supamanso it is perhaps missing a -H?14:46
supamanahhh, there something happened14:46
ahasenackmaybe you had an ~/.ldaprc in root's home, I think that can override the global config settings from /etc14:47
supamannah, dropping the sudo did nothing14:47
supamanhad to manually add the -H, so my ldap.conf does not contain the correct server14:48
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ahasenacklooks like it14:53
ahasenackwonder how search worked without it, though14:53
supamanthink I used the -H switch with all the searches14:55
supamanthe help serverguide might be updated to either tell people to add an URI to their config or add a -H switch to that specific command14:58
ahasenackdid you find out why the search worked, without -H?14:59
supamanall my searches used -H ... just didn't click in my head that was the problem15:00
supamanwas following the serverguide blindly15:00
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BrianBlazeis it possible the update servers are down or something19:27
BrianBlazeI have the weirdest issues trying to update19:28
tewardBrianBlaze: depends on what mirror(s) your server(s) use19:28
tewardmost of the mirrors are up currently19:28
tewardbut this doesn't preclude ISP level filtration to block things though19:29
BrianBlazescratching my head for 10 minutes...19:29
BrianBlazeIP CONFLICT19:29
BrianBlazethanks teward19:30
tewardBrianBlaze: yeah those suck don't they xD19:32
BrianBlazelol I am just exhausted19:32
BrianBlazeit's starting to show19:32
tewardsleep beckons :P19:34
sarnoldgnight teward :)19:34
tewardsarnold: lol not for me19:34
sarnoldteward: oh. bummer. sorry.19:34
tewardi have another... *maths* ... 7 hours of wakeup19:34
tewardBrianBlaze, though, sleep beckons for them :P19:34
tewardsarnold: well it is only 15:34 here so I mean :P19:35
sarnoldteward: I know it sounded great :)19:35
BrianBlazeyeah still have a good hour and a half before home to the baby to never sleep again lol19:36
BrianBlazeI was just so frustrated over my own stupidity tho... fewf TGIF lol19:42

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