OerHeksqwebirc what happens when you hit F5 ?00:00
OerHekssome pages load slow00:00
zap0anyone recommend a file browser that shows me a files date?00:04
hggdhzap0: pretty much all will do; you will have to configure which fields are shown, though00:09
zap0name one.00:09
OerHeksclick on the filebrowser 'name' panel, richt click, lots of options and date00:09
zap0OerHeks which one gives me the date?00:10
hggdhdolphin; whatever replaced Nautilus on Gnome; mc; etc00:11
OerHeksmodified ?00:11
OerHeksyou can make it stick as default in settings00:12
OerHekson the panel is for this session opnly00:12
hggdhmodified, yes. I do not think file creation is available on all filesystems00:12
OerHekscorrect, there is a modified and access00:13
OerHeksThe POSIX standard only defines three distinct timestamps to be stored for each file: the time of last data access, the time of last data modification, and the time the file status last changed.00:17
OerHeksonly ntfs-3g, expose the file creation times via extended file attributes ... and modern Linux filesystems, such as ext4, Btrfs and JFS00:18
zap0hggdh dolphin shows me the actual date.  nice!  thank you.00:19
FortunateSonanyone know where/how I can get a 32bit version of java webstart?  If I could find a static build that would be amazing.00:25
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OerHeksFortunateSon, for openjdk , use  icedtea-netx ?00:27
OerHeks!info  icedtea-netx00:27
ubottuicedtea-netx (source: icedtea-web): NetX - implementation of the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.8-0ubuntu8~18.04 (bionic), package size 1684 kB, installed size 3065 kB00:27
OerHeksjavaws /path/to/your.jnlp00:28
FortunateSonOerHeks: I'm looking into that now, but I don't see a 32bit install candidate, only 64bit00:28
OerHeksoh ..00:28
FortunateSonthe program I need to run ONLY support 32bit java00:29
FortunateSonwhich is ridiculous, but it is what I have to use00:30
OerHekssure there is https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-updates/icedtea-netx00:30
OerHeksofcourse you take a 32 bit browser too?00:31
TJ-FortunateSon: "apt-cache policy icedtea-netx:i386"00:31
TJ-FortunateSon: you have "i386" added as a foreeign-architecture?00:31
FortunateSonyeah, that package has two dependencies which have "no installation candidate" :(00:32
TJ-FortunateSon: yes, it seems the dependencies in the icedtea-netx package control file are wrong, you need to pre-install the dependencies first. E.g. "sudo apt install libtagsoup-java librhino-java" (they're architecture "all" - in other words, text files not binary executables)00:36
TJ-FortunateSon: from there you may be able to then "sudo apt install icedtea-netx:i386 default-jre:i386"00:37
FortunateSonI'll have to look into that, thank you!00:37
FortunateSonlinux community == best community00:38
OerHeks!cookie | TJ-00:39
ubottuTJ-: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:39
FortunateSonwill it work if I do that?00:40
FortunateSon!cookie | OerHeks00:40
ubottuOerHeks: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:40
FortunateSonhahaha cookies for all!00:40
TJ-FortunateSon: please report the packaging bug for that via https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icedtea-web00:40
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TJ-FortunateSon: I'm testing a fix for the package now00:50
Boyetteim trying to install cav-linux but i get:error: dependency is not satisfiable: libssl0.9.8(>=0.9.8m-1)00:50
Boyettehow can i fix this?00:51
TJ-Boyette: what is 'cav-linux' ?00:52
BoyetteComodo Anti Virus for Linux00:52
TJ-Boyette: it seems its package is not designed to work with the Ubuntu version you're using00:53
TJ-Boyette: libssl 0.9.8 is old; Ubuntu's oldest supported in 16.04 is libssl1.0.2g00:55
OerHekssad answer .. https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-antivirus-for-linux-cavl/support-for-ubuntu-1804-t122273.0.html  as comodo antivirus is from 2012 .. dead ?00:55
Boyetteso there is no solution00:55
Boyetteto install cav on ubuntu 18?00:55
TJ-Boyette: ask Comodo, seems they haven't kept it up to date00:55
TJ-Boyette: Linux/Ubuntu have clamav00:56
Boyettei ok00:58
OerHeksclamav Lynis (form rkhunter)00:59
Boyetteso i install that instead?00:59
OerHeksinstall the tool, the gui, run update and have fun01:00
leftyfbBoyette: why do you think you need an antivirus?01:00
Boyettei dont need it?01:00
leftyfbBoyette: nope01:01
Bashing-om!virus | Boyette01:01
ubottuBoyette: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:01
leftyfbBoyette: I can guarantee you, you'll never see any antivirus running on a linux desktop catch anything01:01
Boyettei remove it then clam01:02
OerHeksyes, i got a virus, years ago, that hijacked my browser, just removed ~/.mozilla and voila  >> https://www.dropbox.com/s/eakrho2sfpgdvbw/virusaanval.png?dl=001:03
OerHeksc: drive.. i was flabbergasted01:03
anonymousim anonymous01:03
LORENZO como andan01:09
TJ-FortunateSon: unfortunately, the build from source fails due to a missing Java package, so it appears there is something really wrong about the packaging currently. Not sure how it managed to get built at all!01:09
FortunateSonI was able to find a workaround for my purposes, I downloaded an old tar from oracle with a 32bit version of javaws in it.  That'll hold me over until I can get this sorted out.01:11
TJ-FortunateSon: I've reported it as Bug #182848901:17
ubottubug 1828489 in icedtea-web (Ubuntu) "icedtea-netx: Dependencies "not installable"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182848901:17
HashtagWhat's really running in ubuntu when I use vi? "man vi" says it's vim01:44
Bashing-omHashtag: Follow the crumbs ' ls -al /usr/bin/vi ' . Your result may be different than mine :)01:47
leftyfbHashtag: sudo update-alternatives --display editor01:48
TJ-Hashtag: "readlink -e $(which vi)"01:52
glickwhats a linux appimage?02:14
glickis that recommended over a ppa?02:14
glicki guess you just have to make it executable and you can run it?02:14
glickbut it comes with no icons or integration into your menu system correct?02:14
glickanyone use the raw therapee PPA to install the latest version?02:20
seven_hundredHey guys, good evening.02:25
seven_hundredI just installed Ubuntu on my PC. I accidentally did it twice from my flash drive before changing boot to my SSD.02:25
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seven_hundredNonetheless, I'm now in my login screen. My mouse is extra laggy and I can't get in02:26
seven_hundredCan anyone help?02:26
seven_hundredWhenever I type in my password, the screen goes black and returns to log in02:26
guivercglick, you asked awhile ago, but https://askubuntu.com/questions/774490/what-is-an-appimage-how-do-i-install-it may have some clues about appimage  (i have no experience with them sorry)02:29
seven_hundredhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1058792/lots-of-lag-and-log-in-loop Hey guys I think I found a solution nbut I can't Ctrl Alt F102:30
seven_hundredjeez this is depressing02:32
guivercseven_hundred, there can be many problems causing return to login (lack of space in $HOME means working files needed by gui can't be created, but tty login will succeed; but if new install it should be clear if you created the 25gb recommended space; graphics driver issue & others too)02:34
seven_hundred@guiverc what the heck, I pressed ctrl alt f2 and it brought me to the gui02:35
seven_hundredI don't get it02:35
koognodanyone have a little bit of time to help out a linux noob?02:35
lotuspsychje!ask | koognod02:35
ubottukoognod: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:35
guivercseven_hundred, there is a situation that causes ctrl+alt+f7 to become f8 (or f1 become f2 in newer releases), but I forget it sorry02:36
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/02:36
seven_hundredwell at least im now in the gui, which i dont even get how i got here02:37
seven_hundredi hope its not because of my bios settings02:38
seven_hundredyeah im still stuck at my login, unable to use my password02:41
seven_hundredeven though its correct02:42
seven_hundredatleast i can get into my terminal now02:42
eraserpencilHi! How do i tell what version a package i installed via apt corresponds to the official standard? For eg. libmodbus5 for Ubuntu 16.04 is at version 3.0.6-1, but officially at libmodbus.org, there is only version 3.0.4 and version 3.102:44
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: apt-cache policy yourpackage, we only support packages from the official ubuntu repos02:45
TJ-eraserpencil: start with "apt-get changelog libmodbus5" and you'll see how the package version numbers advanced - often you'll see "new upstream version" as part of that02:46
guiverceraserpencil, i'd use apt-cache as lotuspsychje answered, but note it gets it from your (cached) software lists, so if you haven't updated them or using a out-of-date mirror (sudo apt update) the answers can be out-of-date02:46
seven_hundredI'll explain once more. I just installed Ubuntu from windows for the first time.02:48
TJ-eraserpencil: current 'stable' version upstream is 3.0.602:48
lotuspsychjeseven_hundred: when you details your issue, please ask all in one line if you can02:48
seven_hundredI'm trying to log in with my correct password, it freezes and goes black, then log in screen again. I do ctrl alt f2 and am in the terminal.02:49
lotuspsychje!xauthority | seven_hundred try this02:49
ubottuseven_hundred try this: If the .Xauthority file in your home directory has the wrong permissions (usually due to misuse of sudo), you may be unable to log in. To fix, change to a virtual terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F3, log in with your normal username and password, run   rm ~/.Xauthority*   and then reboot.02:49
TJ-lotuspsychje: "reboot" !? surely that should just say "sudo systemctl restart graphical.target/*dm.service" ?02:51
seven_hundredcannot remove '/home/user/.Xauthority*': No such file or directory02:51
eraserpencilguiverc, TJ-, lotuspsychje, thanks for the reply. What I'm asking would be what version does 3.0.6 correspond to of the official libmodbus (https://libmodbus.org). I'm guessing 3.0.6 would correspond to the 3.0.4 standard with a couple of fixes, but is there a way to definitively know without assumptions?02:52
TJ-eraserpencil: NO, as I said, 3.0.6 is the upstream STABLE version02:52
koognodI've freshly installed Ubuntu server 17.10 and attempted to set up a static ip using the guide at https://www.google.com/amp/s/websiteforstudents.com/configuring-static-ips-ubuntu-17-10-servers/amp/. I did not add ipv6 just ipv4 but my configuration looked exactly like the example except my ethernet device was used instead of enp0s3. Anyways I trie02:52
koognodd to install vncserver afterwards and found I was not able to connect to any repositories.So i deleted my configuration to try to install vnc and still found rhat i am getting errors cannot initiate the connection and does not have a release file:(02:52
guiverc!17.10 | koognod02:52
ubottukoognod: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html02:52
seven_hundredubottu there is no xauthority02:53
guiverckoognod, 17.10 means 2017.October, a non-LTS with 9 months of support, which upgraded to 18.04 LTS; so start by installing a supported release of Ubuntu (use LTS or long-term-support if you need >9 months life or don't want ot upgrade regularly)02:53
ubottuIf the .Xauthority file in your home directory has the wrong permissions (usually due to misuse of sudo), you may be unable to log in. To fix, change to a virtual terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F3, log in with your normal username and password, run   rm ~/.Xauthority*   and then reboot.02:54
seven_hundredlotuspsychje there is no xauthority02:55
eraserpencilahh, okay. I just found the documentation for 3.0.602:55
koognodI tried 18.04 but was having issues with the graphics driver on my mac mini. I didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to download software for 17.10 I think I understand now02:55
lotuspsychjeseven_hundred: yes, you already said it02:55
koognodthank you02:55
seven_hundredI'm going mad lol02:56
guiverckoognod, 17.10 will be a security risk given it's out-of-date software, 16.04 LTS is still supported (a long-term support release; so 16.04 + 5 years = 2021.april eol)02:56
Bashing-omseven_hundred: A first time install can be daunting .. but millions have done it - I am sire you can too :D02:57
koognodcool, thank you @guiverc02:57
seven_hundredBashing-om the install is finished, I can't log in02:57
TJ-seven_hundred: as you can get to a terminal, we may be able to search the log files for clues02:58
guiverckoognod, also fyi:  after EOL, repo.software is moved from archive.ubuntu.com to old-release.ubuntu.com; which is why your machine can't find it...02:58
seven_hundredI'm in ;)02:58
guivercold-releases ^02:58
TJ-seven_hundred: start off by looking for warnings or errors that might be relevant, using " journalctl -n 50 -p warning " to look at just the last 50 warnings/errors02:59
Bashing-omseven_hundred: at the terminal ;; what shows ` sudo lshw -C display ` . Likely this is a graphics driver issue.02:59
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seven_hundreddescription: VGA compatible controller, product: gp106 GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, physical id:0, bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0, version: a1, width: 64 bits, clock 33MHz, capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom, configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0, resources: irq:131 memory:de000000-deffffff memory:cooooooo-cffffff .... Bashing-om03:04
seven_hundredTJ- should i type the red ones03:06
Bashing-omseven_hundred: So much for my thought as the nouveau drivr is loaded .. I bow to TJ- :)03:06
TJ-seven_hundred: you just said "I'm in" - did you mean you've managed to log-in to the GUI sessions?03:07
seven_hundredI'm in the terminal03:08
seven_hundredIt seems like I have two03:08
seven_hundredF2 and F303:08
seven_hundredWait I have so many03:08
TJ-seven_hundred: ahhh, in which case do: "sudo apt install pastebinit" - if the system has network connectivity it'll install the package, THEN you can show us the results of the command by doing " pastebinit <( journalctl -n 50 -p warning )" and giving us the URL03:08
Bashing-omseven_hundred: default there are 8 TTYs - one of these has the GUI.03:08
seven_hundredokay it installed i think03:09
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seven_hundredhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/h3GMkJ7KVH/ TJ-03:12
TJ-seven_hundred: that is weird, I see " The Paste you are looking for does not currently exist. "03:12
seven_hundredi'll try again03:12
seven_hundredhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VJvGpjQwmm/ TJ- this one works03:14
TJ-seven_hundred: maybe, if you typed the URL rather than copy/pasted it, you mistyped?03:14
TJ-seven_hundred: fab, thanks, now we can get moving!03:14
TJ-seven_hundred: can you now show us " pastebinit /home/adem/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log "03:16
seven_hundredhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s5vhBRzn4v TJ-03:17
Bashing-omTJ-: seven_hundred "root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root" encrypted system or LVM ?03:18
seven_hundredI used the option for encryption03:19
TJ-seven_hundred: line 671 onwards gives us a great stack-trace when it died03:19
seven_hundredI don't understand03:19
seven_hundredI don't know what to do, should i reset everything?03:22
seven_hundredBios settings to default etc.03:22
TJ-seven_hundred: I found a similar bug but with no workaround or resolution, I'll keep digging: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9313403:23
ubottuFreedesktop bug 93134 in Driver/nouveau "Segmentation fault in OsLookupColor" [Normal,New]03:24
seven_hundredMy pc had been crashing, blue screen of death, because of a bad overclock. It sat for months until I learned about resetting cmos. Then I put the newest ubuntu on a flash drive. updated my bios, changed some settings. set it to boot from my flash drive and installed. then I forgot to change the boot priority and accidentally installed it again. now im here03:26
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Might be good to show us what the partitioning of the drive is now. pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' . So we know there is but one install and it is as we expect it to be.03:29
lotuspsychjeseven_hundred: and your dmesg log too :p03:29
seven_hundredthat command isn't working with pastebin03:30
TJ-seven_hundred: what ubuntu release is it?03:32
seven_hundredlotuspsychje what's the exact command bro, i dont know lol03:32
TJ-seven_hundred: I've found a bug that seems to match, has only been fixed in Ubuntu Cosmic so far: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/1792932/comments/1403:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1792932 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Bionic) "Desktop fails to boot in vbox: Xorg assert failure: Xorg: ../../../../dix/privates.c:384: dixRegisterPrivateKey: Assertion `!global_keys[type].created' failed." [High,Confirmed]03:32
seven_hundredUbuntu 18.04.2 LTS TJ-03:32
TJ-seven_hundred: the bug title is misleading - the bug actually covers a lot of other cases03:33
Bashing-omseven_hundred: What works for me ' sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .03:33
TJ-seven_hundred: the comment 14 I linked to matches the first unexpected error "(EE)" your xorg log showed: "(EE) modeset(0): glamor initialization failed"03:34
TJ-seven_hundred: another report but again no solution: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1110461/ubuntu-18-10-xorg-server-error-logout/111273803:35
seven_hundredBashing-om command not found03:36
seven_hundredunrecognised disk label03:36
TJ-seven_hundred: in the Xorg log backtrace, the "SendErrorToClient()" function call follows from "InitFonts()" - that *may* suggest the problem is the font files are somehow missing/broken03:37
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Sorry - encryptipon is out of my experience . that command should have ran :(03:37
seven_hundredI'll try to type what comes up Bashing-om03:38
seven_hundredModel: ATA Samsung SSD 860 (scsi)03:39
seven_hundredaaah its so much to type lol03:40
koognodive installed 16.04 lts on my mac mini but am not able to boot after installing. i am getting an error right away b43-phy0 firmware file... not found03:42
Bashing-omseven_hundred: My result from ` sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 ` : https://termbin.com/xpnj03:43
lotuspsychjekoognod: did you say you were trying to install ubuntu-server?03:45
seven_hundredBashing-om I have 250GB SSD with 1 primary, 1 extended and 1 logical. The other one is a 1TB hdd with ntfs basic data partition, 16.8 mb microsoft reserved partition03:46
lotuspsychjekoognod: come join to #ubuntu-server please03:46
koognodok sorry ty03:47
seven_hundredalso another 2 models: Linux device-mapper (linear) and another03:47
seven_hundredidk man, I'm thinking I should just reset everything, what do you think TJ-03:48
TJ-seven_hundred: it's worth a try seeing as it is a fresh install you've no data to backup/lose03:49
seven_hundredYeah, I'll just put all my BIOS back to normal too03:50
Bashing-omseven_hundred: If this is a recent nachine with EFI ,, ya want to boot the installer in EFI mode :)03:51
seven_hundredI'm not sure what EFI is. My motherboard is asus z370a03:52
seven_hundredFrom last year03:52
TJ-seven_hundred: UEFI is the firmware in the motherboard that starts the system and finds the boot-loader and executes it03:53
seven_hundredoh UEFI, i think that's an F2 spam instead of delete or something03:53
seven_hundredlemme try03:53
seven_hundredTJ- It just says UEFI BIOS Utility03:54
Bashing-om!uefi | seven_hundred03:56
ubottuseven_hundred: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:56
seven_hundredShould I install third-party software03:56
Bashing-omseven_hundred: As this is a problematic install _ suggest we install the 3rd party stuff later. After you have a completed install.03:57
seven_hundredBashing-om no encryption, erase disk and install ubuntu?03:58
Bashing-omseven_hundred: In this case sounds good . The default install will suffice. Will take you a bit to learn linux and by then you will have a better understanding of how you want to change the defaults.04:00
seven_hundredCome on this time it has to work. I just want to get settled into this pc tonight and try to play one game04:01
seven_hundredIf not I'm just going to i n s t a l l g e n t o o04:02
gambl0r3how do i downgrade my ubuntu to 18.04?04:04
seven_hundredalright I'm in the gui04:05
gambl0r3what gui?04:05
seven_hundredUbuntu. *I'm in...*04:05
gambl0r3yea im using the gui. do you want me to open up the terminal?04:06
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Great ! All good for the present ?04:06
seven_hundredWhat's livepatch. The legal notice says something about collecting data04:06
guivercgambl0r3, you haven't said what release you are using, but a downgrade isn't designed or tested. you can re-install 18.04 using install-media, use something-else & select your partition, with 'no-format' and your added software is noted; sys dirs are wiped; system install & added-software (if from ubuntu repoos) are re-installed04:06
Bashing-omgambl0r3: There is no goback button. A clean install is by far the best option to return to 18.04.04:06
mousesgambl0r3: the best method is to always have a full system image file ready *before* you make major changes to a system - then you can downgrade/rollback/restore anything with ease.04:07
seven_hundredBashing-om so far so good04:08
mousesAlways make backups make them often, and then backup your backups04:08
gambl0r3mouses, you mean a back up? how do i do that?04:08
Bashing-om!yay | seven_hundred04:08
ubottuseven_hundred: Glad you made it! :-)04:08
mousesgambl0r3: tons of ways to do it - I prefer clonezilla, there's also tools like rsync04:09
gambl0r3mouses, so i create an image file of my system? is it a backup?04:09
mousesgambl0r3: https://github.com/teejee2008/timeshift/ is useful too - creates windows like 'restore points'04:10
mousesgambl0r3: I use clonezilla for full images, that way you end up with just a single image file that you can just restore at any time04:10
gambl0r3mouses, do i burn it to an usb?04:10
gambl0r3how would i boot it if my computer has booting issues04:11
mousesgambl0r3: clonezilla can do that for you easy - there's a bit of a learning curve, but it's well documented and not that bad.04:11
gambl0r3err ok04:11
mousesgambl0r3: clonezilla needs to be installed on a USBkey/optical media and then booted - so backing up or restoring involves rebooting into clonezilla, doing what needs to be done04:11
seven_hundredBashing-om It lets me in but the log in screen is still hella laggy04:12
mousesas making a proper perfect 1:1 image file is not really possible to a drive that's actually mounted and in use by the OS at that time.04:12
seven_hundredSpecial thanks to 200 IQ Bashing-om and TJ-04:13
gambl0r3mouses, if i tried to install mongodb using 18.10 version, will it still work? https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu/04:13
Bashing-omseven_hundred: If you mean a long delay between the time you input your password and the time the GUI starts - I have that issue and I have no known cause :(04:14
seven_hundredBashing-om no its not that, my mouse cursor will freeze when moving it, characters typed will lag and freeze04:15
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Ouch !04:15
mousesgambl0r3: most likely, sure.04:15
mousesgambl0r3: only way to know for sure is to try it!04:15
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Ya want to game - and as a wild guess again is a driver issue . try ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' reboot the system to see what it looks like now with the proprietary driver installed :)04:17
seven_hundredBashing-om jesus thanks for those commands04:18
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Hey - we all know what it feels like .. We were all at one time where you are now :P04:19
seven_hundredI'm hyped for linux / gnu though.04:19
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FriedBobIn landscape, in the search box is there a way to use opertors like OR and NOT, rather than just ANDing together a bunch of tags and alerts? I can't find anything about this in the docs (they seem to be geared towards administering Landscape, not actually using it), and `tag:foo (tag:bar OR tag:baz)` and `tag:foo !tag:bar` give me errors about invalid search parameters.04:21
seven_hundredHow can I make sure my graphics is outputting 144 fps?04:28
seven_hundred(limited at 144)04:28
Bashing-omseven_hundred: ' glxgears -info ' .04:33
seven_hundredBashing-om does this automatically set my graphics card to output at max 144 (or unlimited)04:37
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Nope just gives you info.04:38
seven_hundredYeah I have a 144 hz monitor and need 144 output04:38
Bashing-omseven_hundred: Are you confusing the term resolution with Frames Per Second ?04:39
seven_hundrednope. maybe im used to windows04:39
seven_hundredBecause windows has you maxing at 60 fps if you dont set your display settings at 14404:40
Bashing-omseven_hundred: This ain't Windows :) .. to see resolutions: ` xrandr -q ` .04:42
theoremhiya !04:52
theoremany idea why after an update all shortcut keys in ubuntu 18.04 don't function ?04:53
seven_hundredgoodnight dude, thanks for all the help Bashing-om04:57
Bashing-omSecret-Fire: Np - help is what we do :)04:58
ScriptGeeksu: failed to execute /in/bash: No such file or directory   Can someone tell me what that means?05:03
lotuspsychje!details | ScriptGeek05:09
ubottuScriptGeek: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.05:09
qwebirc46143My Ubuntu 18.04 is not booting05:16
qwebirc46143Can you please help05:16
lotuspsychjeqwebirc46143: at wich point are you stuck please?05:19
theoremScriptGeek: sounds like a script is missing the 'b' in /bin/05:30
theoremif you are getting this at login time, then the user is created wrong05:30
lotuspsychjetheorem: did you try to boot a previous kernel as a test? system up to date?05:30
theoremand the default terminal needs to be fixed05:30
theoremlotuspsychje: kernel seems OK, it's just UI settings.05:31
lotuspsychjetheorem: how about a test in a new user?05:31
theoremlotuspsychje: also, gtk apps look different too05:31
theoremah, interesting, could do.05:31
lotuspsychjetheorem: are you on gnome?05:31
theoremlotuspsychje: how can I tell ?05:32
lotuspsychjetheorem: well did you install ubuntu desktop 18.04 or a flavor?05:32
lotuspsychjeok then its gnome305:32
theoremI had some display issues with my card a while back, so had to tweak a couple things -- but the latest update I received seems to have made these changes05:33
theoremso -- I think I am getting bad defaults.05:33
lotuspsychjetheorem: wich chipset & driver loaded please?05:33
theoremlotuspsychje: is there a realiable way to report this ?  just dmesg ?05:34
lotuspsychjetheorem: ubuntu-drivers devices05:34
lotuspsychjetheorem: or sudo lshw -C video05:34
theoremfirst command does nothing05:34
lotuspsychjetheorem: looks good and loaded05:36
theoremyeah, gtk app is very "chunky" looking.  Like I stepped back into 2002.05:36
lotuspsychjetheorem: wich app are you talking about?05:36
theoremdeluge-gtk is the app05:37
theoremthe app didn;t look like this before the update05:37
theoremand deluge-gtk wasn't updated.05:37
lotuspsychjetheorem: looks fine at my side, a blue drop icon right?05:37
lotuspsychjetheorem: try a few tests first, like create new user, boot previous kernel, check dpkg logs to see what updated05:38
lotuspsychjetheorem: perhaps a wayland login test too05:39
theoremsudo dpkg -i05:39
lotuspsychjetheorem: ill be back in 2005:40
theoremlotuspsychje: I can't keep my eyes open, so I am going to have to come back unfortunately.05:41
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gambl0r3after running tar command, where does it extract all the files to? tar xvzf <file.tar.gz>05:47
theoremcurrent path05:47
gambl0r3of what05:48
theoremalso known as cwd05:49
ScriptGeektheorem: thank you, you were right. I made a silly typo =P05:49
gambl0r3i extrated a .tar.gz file, now how do i install the actual program?05:50
gambl0r3i see a bin, include, lib folders05:50
theoremgambl0r3: read the README file05:50
theoremor INSTALL05:50
gambl0r3theres none05:50
theoremthere should be instructions on a website then05:50
gambl0r3theres none on the website https://robomongo.org/download05:51
gambl0r3i downlaoded Robo 3T05:51
gambl0r3for linux05:51
bryanroderyckhello ubuntu , i would likt to upgrade my ubuntu but i have internal error due to a python3 bug05:52
theoremgot to bin05:52
theorem*go to bin05:52
theoremrun robo3t05:52
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gambl0r3how did you know to do that?05:53
theorembin is where binaries are stored05:53
theoremstandard practice05:53
theorem./ will run a file.05:53
gambl0r3you mean like the .exe installation file?05:53
theoremthere are no .exe files in linux05:53
gambl0r3i mean in windows05:54
theoremif you really want to know what a file is, use 'file'05:54
gambl0r3its similar05:54
theoremrunning a file is not installing it05:54
gambl0r3it opened up the installer05:54
theorempackages like dpkg, or apt, or rpm, etc .. are installers05:54
gambl0r3when i ran the command05:54
theoremalright, that's weird of them to package it like that, but not unheard of.05:55
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gambl0r3nevermind. it runs the actual program when i run that command05:57
gambl0r3i thought programs are supposed to be installed inside /bin dir?05:57
gambl0r3by default05:57
EriC^^gambl0r3: only repo stuff is supposedto go in /bin06:03
gambl0r3i see06:04
gambl0r3EriC^^, can i move the folder to somewhere else so that it's not sitting in /Downloads dir?06:04
EriC^^other stuff could go in /usr/local/bin06:04
gambl0r3what is that folder used for?06:04
EriC^^gambl0r3: yeah there's also /opt06:04
EriC^^gambl0r3: non repo packaeg installs06:04
gambl0r3should i put it in /opt or /usr/local/bin?06:05
EriC^^so as not to get overwritten or affect any repo packages06:05
EriC^^i'd put in /opt06:05
EriC^^and add to $PATH06:05
gambl0r3seriously, is there a linux boox that explains ubuntu 101 especially explaining all these folders06:06
ubottuError: Ubuntu bug 101 could not be found06:06
gambl0r3inside /usr/local i see many folders bin, etc, games, include, lib, man, sbin, share, src. what if i put the folder inside sbin? am i going to break something?06:07
rfmbryanroderyck, I would suspect you have a totally coruppted insatall, or (sadly more likely) a hardware problem. I would back up all user data you care about to someplace else and wipe that system and install a fresh version and hope that helps.06:07
rfmbryanroderyck, I could be wrong, you could wait to see if anybody else has a less drastic solution06:08
bryanroderycki cant boot from cd even i have change bootsetup.. are there keys to press to get cd boot?06:09
rfmgambl0r3, if you really wanna know read the fhs at https://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/fhs.shtml -- lots of wisdom there but not a 101 level06:12
bryanroderyckim actually on ubuntu 16.04 but would like to upgrade to 1806:12
rfmbryanroderyck, if you can't boot from CD even after making sure the BIOS is reading that first, you either have a bad CD or a broken system06:13
bryanroderyckrfm : i cant boot now it read the dvdrom and freeze ..what can cause this06:28
bryanroderyck* i mean it boot but not totally06:29
FilikunHey! I'm new to Linux and Ubuntu but have a question about Ubuntu server. How much disk space/RAM does it need for a simple setup?06:35
FilikunI'm experimenting with VM's in Proxmox and have setup a couple of Ubuntu servers that runs smaller services like Home Assistant, Caddy, Nextcloud and Pi-hole. They all have their own VM.06:36
bryanroderyckanybody here that can help me to fix my ubuntu06:40
ducasseFilikun: the smallest vps systems my provider offers has (i think) 10gb disk and 512mb ram, but you can get by with much less disk. 512mb ram is probably a reasonable minimum, though06:40
FilikunNice! I have set my default disk size to 10 GB so all of them runs of that except Home Assistant that has 32GB.06:41
FilikunI feel it's so hard as a noob to know how much space to actually give a VM. I hear a lot of different theorys of what Ubuntu actually needs06:42
seven_hundredHey I'm back. Is there a way to download the whole extensive package for ubuntu. I chose to do a minimal installation but I feel like I'm missing a lot of things and am really struggling at the moment.06:42
FilikunSome say I need to give them at least 20GB, some say 1.6GB and some say around 10GB...06:42
ducasseFilikun: 20gb would be for a reasonable desktop minimum, imo06:43
FilikunYeah that was I guess as well06:43
FilikunUbuntu states here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements06:44
FilikunThat the server installation needs 1,5 GB disk space. But I guess that's only for the install and not for all the things downloaded andd applied after.06:45
seven_hundredI downloaded icecat browser but for the life of me, I can't create a launcher06:45
ducasseFilikun: 1.5gb won't leave you much if any space for data and services06:47
ducasseFilikun: 256mb ram is also too little, i think06:48
ChaekyungXUbuntu requires 8 GB HDD space. To install.06:48
ducassenot server06:49
ChaekyungYes XUbuntu is not the server edition06:49
ducassebur we are talking about server06:49
privIf you aim for a small instance you need to take swap into consideration, because you most likely encounter memory full problem.06:50
privFor example if you serve a LAMP you need to calculate how many requests you can take, and add some swap to prevent memory killer killing you processes.06:51
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FilikunFor example I have a Caddy VM that runs on Ubuntu server. I gave it 512gb RAM and 10GB storage. I'm not sure how to check how much storage it actually uses of them 10 but I can tell it's running ok with 512gb RAM. Seems like it runs on around 430mb as of now06:53
FilikunI'm not sure but maybe it's better resource wise to run Hassio and Pi-hole on Raspbian than on Ubuntu server?06:57
privcheck ram: free -h / check disk: df -h06:58
CelrocHi all.  I need some help.  Windows died on me, and I'm trying to clean up the aftermath.  I think I keep running into issues with a NTFS partition that didn't have a chance to sync properly.  When I try to run ntfsrecover -k /dev/sdb1 I get the following output, but really have no idea what I'm doing.  I apologize if this is the wrong channel-- I'm not entirely sure where to ask.07:01
Filikunpriv: Here's how my 32GB instance looks like07:02
FilikunSo I guess it has a lot of space over07:03
privThat's correct07:03
lotuspsychjeCelroc: are you trying to recover data from your lost partition?07:05
ducasseCelroc: if you're trying to rescue your windows install you should probably ask in ##windows07:07
Celroclotuspsychje: Sort of.  Windows crashed while this drive was mounted and I'm having trouble syncing it to get it back to a usable state07:07
lotuspsychjeCelroc: see what ducasse said, or if you are using ubuntu to recover data, try photorec07:07
Celrocducasse: Well.... the tricky part is it wasn't actually my Windows system drive.  It was just a NTFS partition on another drive that I used to store things07:08
CelrocI no longer have my Windows install07:08
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | Celroc sudo photorec after install07:08
ubottuCelroc sudo photorec after install: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0-3build2 (bionic), package size 391 kB, installed size 1530 kB07:08
Celrocphotorec?  Alright, thank you!  I'll try it!07:09
stevendale!info ntfsfix | Celroc07:09
CarlFKonce I burn this to a usb stick, how can I expand the fat fs?   http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/disco/main/installer-amd64/current/images/hd-media/boot.img.gz07:09
ubottuCelroc: Package ntfsfix does not exist in bionic07:09
stevendale!info ntfsprogs | Celroc07:10
ubottuCelroc: Package ntfsprogs does not exist in bionic07:10
stevendaleSeems I am a little rusty at this07:10
lotuspsychje!msgthebot > stevendale first07:10
ubottustevendale, please see my private message07:10
Celrocnp.  I appreciate it.07:10
ducasse!info ntfs-3g07:11
ubottuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read/write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:2017.3.23-2ubuntu0.18.04.2 (bionic), package size 402 kB, installed size 1452 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)07:11
stevendaleBut anyway, Celroc, if it's an NTFS drive you may need to kill the hibernation state with ntfsfix before being able to mount it07:11
stevendaleIt won't mount at all under Linux until hibernation is discard with ntfsfix07:11
Celrocstevendale: YES!  ntfsfix did it!  I was using the wrong tool with ntfsrecover07:12
Celrocstevendale: Thank you!  and thank you everyone else, too!07:13
stevendaleYou're welcome Celroc :)07:13
privJust tried on a VM, a fully updated 18.04.02 default install already exceeds 4.1GB(including 2GB swap)07:19
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Guest13999you gonna be the chosen07:33
lotuspsychjeGuest13999: only ubuntu support questions here please07:34
qwebirc88023I had a interest problem with a new 19.04 min insatall today07:34
qwebirc88023Not sure of the best place to start on getting to the bottom of it07:35
lotuspsychje!ask | qwebirc8802307:35
ubottuqwebirc88023: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:35
qwebirc88023unziping a file and then greping for a string the system was unusable07:37
BigBrothyrTrying to figure out my CPU temperature but the sensors are saying something way lower than ambient. AMD 5350 APU.07:37
Guest13999how to activate vpn ?07:38
qwebirc88023file unzipped to 200GB took 100 mins grep for string took same time07:39
lupuloqwebirc88023, you could use awk07:41
privSounds more likely to be I/O bottlenecked07:42
qwebirc88023makes no diff - mouse acted like it was frozen caps-lock led did not light up. 60-90 sec delay on all actions07:42
lupuloqwebirc88023, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192170107:42
qwebirc88023not CPU bound i think IO bound07:43
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heller_what do you guys suggests, how to manage multipe server and their users?08:12
heller_for example easily manage multiple authorized_keys files08:12
guivercBigBrothyr, this may help (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto)08:13
pragomeras the newest gnome version 3.32 has a big benefit in performance, is it somehow possible to install it under ubuntu lts (18.04.2) ?08:18
pragomeror is the only way to go with non-lts?08:18
zen_coderI am in a folder XY and calling a script in another folder. How can I get in this script the path of this script?08:19
guivercpragomer, i read on the ubuntu.community.hub earlier today some of the speed fixes are being backported to supported releases; but if you put 3.32 on 18.04, you'd likely have a system that'd be EOL when 19.04 reaches EOL (as parts would stop being updated then)08:21
pragomerguiverc: ok, so you think in a while these speed benefits will perhaps come automatically via updates or would I have to enable these "backports" ?08:22
guivercpragomer, i think 'fixes' was a key word, ie. changes wouldn't be backported (just fixes) but that was my reading (I'm not a gnome user)08:23
pragomerguiverc: ok but thanks for the info so far08:24
guivercit may need backports; sorry I don't know08:26
jp__Hi guys, i wanna read out everything that comes in throught the physical ethernet port.... Any clues?08:29
pragomercreate a eth bridge and use tshark08:30
pragomerthen analysizing with wireshark08:30
jp__sounds like allot of steps08:32
jp__Was thinking more like cat ethernet > log.txt08:32
pragomerif you are sitting in front of the machine you want to capture and are allowed to you could just use wireshark only and record e.g. eth008:33
jp__I need to automate it, so i want to use low level stuff08:33
jp__Or python08:33
pragomerI think either "tcpdump" or "tshark" are best tools to capture network traffic08:33
pragomerthese are super performant cli tools08:34
SwedeMikejp__: "tcpdump -n -i <interface>" will show you the packets going there. If you want to save it, use -w <filename> and it'll save it to a file in pcap format.08:35
jp__Thanks SwedeMike08:35
ifvoidis there a way to report spam in Laucnhpad?  (i.e., https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1647031/comments/52)08:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647031 in systemd "systemd-resolved’s server does not follow CNAME records" [Unknown,New]08:36
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ace_mehi.. Is it possible to change a tab background color (when multitabs) and make that persistent based on folder location ? Please tell me how if have any ideea ?08:44
ace_mefor bash terminals... sorry08:44
ace_menow I have grey and white on all new tabs08:45
BigBrothyrguiverc, that didn't change anything. I'm going to assume there's no real temp output. right now it's reporting 8C and it's 25C ambient.08:46
privace_me: I think it's easiler to create multiple profiles.08:48
begonia@search Carole King08:49
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privace_me: Set 'Open new terminals in:' to Tab and custom command for each profile, and you can use "new terminal" to create different tab in their profiles for you different usages08:52
ace_mepriv... I see and i neeed to run a custom command there.. Should I add for example a set_bkg.sh ?08:53
fefa2kI have an issue with /var/log path... I modified the /etc/fstab to store it in RAM so I can avoid writing to hard disk08:53
fefa2kthe problem is that when I boot the device a process can't write to that path08:53
fefa2kI chmod it to 0777 but evertime I reboot I get the same problem08:54
fefa2kany workaround possible?08:54
privace_me: I would just change colors in the probfile. I didn't find any command-line way to change gnome terminal colors.08:56
ace_methx priv08:57
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privcat /etc/fstab09:17
solderfumessudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /09:19
solderfumessorry, wrong window09:19
privfefa2k: why not just assign 0777 in fstab? e.g. tmpfs   /var/log    tmpfs    defaults,noatime,nosuid,mode=0777,size=100m    0 009:20
jp__my ubuntu pc doesn't see ethernet connection09:25
jp__says cable disconnected in settings09:26
jp__cable is very much connected09:26
SimonNLjp__: do you have an other computer to check the cable with ?09:29
jp__yeah, but this is like the 3rd cable...09:31
jp__This last one is a new, never used before cable09:31
jp__(high grade909:31
SimonNLjp__: tried power cycling the router ?09:39
qwebirc19455I have a problem which I think doesn't have a solution but still I'm hopeful that somedy knows a way to repair the harm done...09:42
qwebirc19455Basically I had lots of screenshots on an external drive and my main PC, with Ubuntu, died, so I used my brothers laptop to access to that external drive. Windows had problems opening some folders and it asked to "repair" those errors, to which I stupidly agreed. Now, even using Ubuntu, I can't see any old screenshot or any file that used to had a ":" character on its filename. The folders that used to be full of screenshots h09:48
qwebirc19455Do you thik there's something I can do to recover those files?09:49
ducasse!testdisk | qwebirc1945509:51
tomreynqwebirc19455: photorec may be able to help there.09:51
tomreynyour first message was cut off (due to IRC line length limits) after: "The folders that used to be full of screenshots h" << here09:52
qwebirc19455tomreyn, the folders that used to be full of screenshots have now zero files in them. Do you thik there's something I can do to recover those files? Now they show zero files in them and zero bytes.09:53
tomreynthe first step in data recovery (after you decided restoring your backups - backups? which backups? - is not an option) is to create an image of the file system you'll try to recover data from.09:55
qwebirc19455do you recomend testdisk or photorec?09:59
tomreynyou can then work on a *copy* of this image in read-write mode, trying to fix the file system (but as you since noticed on the data recovery source, such can be destructive, thus you work on a copy). or you work with read-only access, trying to restore files with utilities such as photorec, testdisk, ext3grep, scalpel, scrounge-ntfs, etc.10:00
tomreynqwebirc19455: which file system is it anyways? you mentioned accessing it from both ubntu and windows, that reduces the possible suspects but not to a single file system type, yet.10:02
qwebirc19455tomreyn, it's NTFS10:06
spinningCati got this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kKJpjmJPCY/10:11
spinningCatwhy is that?10:11
ducasseqwebirc19455: is this 17.10?10:12
ducassespinningCat: ^^10:13
vltspinningCat: Why is what?10:13
spinningCatwhy i got failures from urls10:14
spinningCatthis is what i asked10:15
lotuspsychjespinningCat: volunteers asked you a question, please respond if you want help10:15
ducassespinningCat: is this on 17.10 as that paste indicates?10:16
spinningCatyeah it is 17.1010:16
ducasse17.10 is eol and no longer supported10:17
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html10:17
spinningCatso i need to upgrade system to 19.04?10:18
ducasseat least to 18.04, yes10:18
spinningCatI see10:18
ducasseyou've been without updates and security fixes for nearly a year10:20
spinningCatwell one of my friend said ubuntu 18.04 is too buggy10:20
miaHello all10:21
miaHow can I select a custom solid bg color on ubuntu10:22
miaI'm using 18.04 if that matters10:22
ducassespinningCat: i think a fair amount of people here would disagree with that. on the other hand 17.10 is plain insecure and shouldn't be used10:24
ledenimia what DE you using?10:27
tomreynqwebirc19455: ask in ##windows and/or use scrounge-ntfs10:31
LuckyManmia, go to settings, change background, colors10:32
LuckyManspinningCat, upgrade to 19.04, it's the quickest gnome I've seen10:34
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ducassespinningCat: an lts release might be a better choice if you're concerned with stability and don't want to upgrade every 6-9 months10:37
fefa2khey, the fstab didn't work, the path was still with the same permissions, I finally modified the systemd so it created the log files so the processes could write into it -> https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=34820#p131325310:43
bryanroderyckhello is there somebody that can help me please10:45
ducasse!ask | bryanroderyck10:47
ubottubryanroderyck: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:47
priv18.04 IS the most stable version as far as I know. and if you use older non-LTS versions it will be hard to find answers.10:47
priv(because few are still still using them)10:48
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/10:48
bryanroderyckhello ducasse , how are you ..im having this python3 internal problem that stop me from urading my system10:48
fefa2khah, alright10:48
giantonikhi guys, i have an issue with installation of nvidia-driver. After the setup of my driver, the screen resolution is bad and when i type "lshw -c video" i can't see the row related to configuration of my driver. Any solution?10:51
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giantonikhi guys, i have an issue with installation of nvidia-driver. After the setup of my driver, the screen resolution is bad and when i type "lshw -c video" i can't see the row related to configuration of my driver. Any solution?11:14
r15hi, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS installed  strongswan however ipsec start giving error as no known IPsec stack detected, ignoring!11:19
r15which other module may be required?11:20
r15seems a bug11:20
r15i have strongswan 5.6.2-1ubuntu2.4 installed11:21
r15any idea?11:23
spinningCatnode in ubuntu is really old11:24
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bryanroderyckhello anyone to help me11:39
BluesKajHowdy folks11:48
vimarHi BluesKaj11:48
BluesKajhi vimar11:48
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regdudeHi! If I connect to a SSH server using "bob" and sudo -i, how can I delete "bob"? Is there a way other than logging directly into as root from console or creating a weird cronjob?12:16
yeatsregdude: 1) what do you mean by 'delete "bob"'? 2) it breaks Ubuntu's security model to log in as root and 3) it's bad security practice to allow root login over SSH12:19
hacktivisanyone can help me12:24
yeatshacktivis: just ask your question and maybe someone can help12:25
hacktivisyeats>do you know how to site12:26
solderfumesyeats: he's been doing this for days, probably a troll12:26
hacktivisyeats>do you know how to site12:26
lotuspsychjehacktivis: dont repeat please12:26
leftyfbhacktivis: you were given links to visit yesterday. Stop posting here.12:28
leftyfbregdude: ssh youruser@hostname.com12:28
leftyfbhacktivis: 181/500012:30
leftyfbAnda tidak berbicara bahasa Inggris yang cukup bagi kami untuk membantu Anda dengan apa pun yang Anda butuhkan. Silakan buka 2 tautan yang Anda berikan kemarin. Hentikan posting di sini. (Ini diterjemahkan)12:30
yeatshacktivis: there are ubuntu channels in other languages - you should try another one if English is not your native language12:30
leftyfbyeats: there is nobody to help in #ubuntu-id12:31
yeatssolderfumes: gotcha :-)12:31
hacktivislotuspsychje>you mean??12:31
yeatslooks like the language barrier is too high, even if they aren't a troll12:31
FreeBDSMhello. Does Ubuntu have a concept of virtual keys?12:32
lotuspsychje!ops | hacktivis trolling & disturbing for days12:32
ubottuhacktivis trolling & disturbing for days: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax12:32
leftyfbhacktivis: Hentikan posting di sini. Tolong pergilah.12:32
hacktivisleftyfb>maksud kamu apa menyuruh saya pergi12:33
hacktivisleftyfb>saya hanya ingin tahu caranya merentas12:34
hacktivisleftyfb>saya ingin menjadi orang orang yang saya idola-kan12:34
leftyfbhacktivis: Aku sudah katakan kepadamu. Anda tidak berbicara bahasa Inggris yang cukup baik sehingga kami dapat membantu Anda. Kunjungi http://www.ubuntu-id.org/ untuk bantuan. Hentikan posting di sini.12:34
FreeBDSMin other words, is there a way to know which physical key on the keyboard is being sent?12:34
hacktivisleftyfb>kok kamu bisa berbahasa indonesia12:35
hacktivisleftyfb>mana kota asal kamu12:35
ikanoboriFreeBDSM: With `xev`.12:35
stevendaleThe expert is here12:35
hacktivisleftyfb>kok kamu bisa berbahasa indonesia12:35
hacktivisleftyfb>mana kota asal kamu12:35
leftyfbhacktivis: Saya menggunakan Google Translate. Sekarang tolong buka tautan yang saya berikan kepada Anda untuk bantuan. Harap berhenti memposting di sini. Selamat tinggal.12:36
yeatsyeah, definitely a troll if google translate is correctly interpreting their responses12:36
hacktivisleftyfb>apa tauntan nya12:36
stevendale!language | hacktivis12:36
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hacktivisleftyfb>apa tauntan nya12:37
FreeBDSMikanobori: what particularly to look at there? keycode?12:37
stevendale!offtopic | hacktivis12:37
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ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:37
ikanoboriFreeBDSM: Yes, for X.12:37
ikanoboriFreeBDSM: You can also use showkey which will give you a lower layer of scan/keycodes.12:38
ikanoborihttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Keyboard_input#Identifying_scancodes etc.12:38
FreeBDSMikanobori: I know of showkey, it is useless in this regard12:38
FreeBDSMscancodes are keyboard-layout dependent12:38
FreeBDSMwhile I need the opposite12:38
ikanoboriYes, if you're in X you'll be using xev since X has a different notion of keys :)12:38
FreeBDSMthanks, trying to figure out what it outputs, else apart from 'keycode'12:39
FreeBDSMthere's `keysym`, which seems to change upon switching keyboard layout and using the key with modifiers12:40
FreeBDSMwhere to read about 'event_mask'?12:43
FreeBDSMI mean, xev outputs too much, I want it to ignore cursor movements, window positions, display position, etc12:43
ducasseFreeBDSM: 'xev -event keyboard'12:46
regdudeyeats: to delete the local user since the same username can be passed by IPA. I meant to login with root using serial console12:47
regdudebut I already found that you can force "userdel -f"12:47
FreeBDSMthanks, ducasse and ikanobori12:48
FreeBDSMikanobori: btw, you said that xev is for X, did I get it right that you meant Xorg, and that it won't work for Wayland?12:49
ikanoboriI am not really good at X-related things! It might work?12:50
ace_mewhen I am connected to a vpn it looks that my local hosts defined domains are not workign anymore13:04
ace_meany ideea why ?13:04
ace_me /etc/host.conf and it has the correct order, or so I think: hosts,bind.13:04
FreeBDSMmaybe you used relative (internal) address for them?13:05
FreeBDSMor maybe those domains are in your LAN13:05
FreeBDSMsolve this problem by adding manual static routes13:05
ace_methose domains are in my LAN13:05
ace_mevpn change my IP maybe...13:06
ace_medid not checked13:06
FreeBDSMthat's the whole idea of the VPN...13:06
ace_meand maybe I need to add extra entries in my hosts file ?13:06
ace_me"that's the whole idea of the VPN..." :)13:06
ace_mebut on which IP FreeBDSM13:09
tomreynace_me: this sounds like you want to configure your VPN to not route connections to targets on your local LAN (and maybe select other target networks) through the VPN.13:12
ace_menot sure what are you saying13:13
ace_meI simply want to develop locally some web site in the time when I am connected to a vpn13:13
ace_meand if I stop the vpn the website works but if I have the vpn started and start my dockers it does not13:14
ace_meso is not possible tomreyn ?13:17
tomreynthis is not an impossible scenario.13:18
tomreynnobody will be able to guide you unless you'll provide details, but personally i'm not going to be able to help either way.13:19
tomreynace_me: ^13:19
ace_me NOVPN -> docker-compose-up -> https://app.local works13:27
ace_me VPN running -> docker-compose-up -> https://app.local does not work13:27
ace_me stop the VPN  -> https://app.local does work13:27
ace_me stop the VPN  -> docker-compose-up -> https://app.local does work13:27
ace_metomreyn ^13:27
FreeBDSMread about VPN and routes13:32
electricityZZZZmy 18.04 install is making this clicking sound every couple of seconds. i can mute the audio,... sounds like a system sound. it plays two different sounds, one which clicks "up" and then one which clicks "down"13:45
electricityZZZZi cant figure out how to stop it13:46
electricityZZZZi rebooted twice and no impact13:46
BrianBlazeI am not sure where to check for that kind of error13:48
BrianBlazemaybe yoru syslogs are going crazy13:48
BrianBlazebut I mean maybe a button is being pushed constantly or something?13:48
electricityZZZZno button being pushed13:48
BrianBlazelike my backspace makes clicking noises13:48
BrianBlazewhen I am at the beginning of the line13:48
BrianBlazeactually pressing any arrow button as well at the beginning of the line does the click13:49
ElliriaHey there, does anyone know how long it is between the Ubuntu team saying "Fix released" on a bug and the fix being available via the software updater in Ubuntu?13:49
electricityZZZZah good job it looks like a usb drive was wonky13:50
electricityZZZZdmesg for the win13:50
CaptainQuirkHi there ! Has anyone had an issue with tmux prompting for sudo in the gnome terminal or xterm for that matter13:50
CaptainQuirkjust keep on happening to me for an hour or so13:50
yeatsElliria: software versioning in Ubuntu is pretty static throughout the release (unless you add a PPA or are using snaps), so it might be in the next version of Ubuntu, depending on the nature of the fix13:51
ElliriaSo, if I'm using the latest LTS and a fix just got released, it might not make it into even that release, yeats?13:51
yeatsElliria: also sometimes useful to look for workarounds in the bug comments that you might be able to patch in yourself13:51
ElliriaYeah, I'm not a fan of workarounds unless absolutely necessary.13:52
yeatsElliria: without knowing the specifics, it could be faster, but LTS releases especially are more conservative about keeping everything static version-wise13:52
ElliriaIs this the kind of bug that won't get a fix in the LTS and for which I'd need to run the latest Ubuntu rather than the LTS? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/taskcoach/+bug/176970113:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1769701 in taskcoach (Ubuntu) "Taskcoach fails to launch if GTK2 is installed" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:53
ElliriaThe problem is that the Ubuntu team put a completely non-functioning version of Task Coach into the LTS and the update to that bug is the fix.13:54
yeatsElliria: in that case, it's an upstream bug that was fixed in Debian13:54
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ElliriaWill Ubuntu be updating it in the LTS?13:54
yeatsElliria: what does 'dpkg -l | grep taskcoach' output?13:54
yeatsok - looks like the fix is in 1.4.4 according to comments13:56
ElliriaIs there a way to find out whether 1.4.4 will be added to the LTS and, if so, when?13:57
yeatsand 1.4.4 is in ubuntu disco13:57
yeatsElliria: I can pretty much guarantee it won't be added to the 18.04 repos13:57
ElliriaThat's kind of mean considering it's completely unusable in the LTS.13:58
ducasseElliria: some fixes are backported, and certain packages get a version bump (called !sru)13:58
ElliriaIs there any chance they'll be doing that with Task Coach, ducasse?13:58
yeatsElliria: it happens :-/  fwiw, it affects Debian and all derivatives, so not just Ubuntu13:59
ElliriaI've put off my upgrade because of this and would like to finally do it. I'm not a fan of frequently updating, so I'd rather not use the non-LTS.13:59
ducasseElliria: you would need to ask in the bug report, link to the fix13:59
ElliriaYeah, I saw that. Very sad.13:59
ElliriaOkay, will do. Thanks.13:59
ducasse!sru | Elliria13:59
ubottuElliria: Stable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates13:59
ducasseread that first ^^14:00
yeatsElliria: upstream bug report is here: https://sourceforge.net/p/taskcoach/bugs/1593/14:00
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yeatsElliria: if you're comfortable attempting installing non-Ubuntu debs, there is a deb package available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/taskcoach/files/taskcoach/Release-1.4.4/14:02
yeatsElliria: if it's something you really depend on, that would potentially solve the problem so you can move on with your life :-)14:03
ElliriaI'm not a fan of that. I'm pretty sure they offer a PPA and I may go that way, but I'd rather just have it available straight up from the package manager without any additional fiddling. It's in the package manager by default, so my opinion is that it should be available in working order.14:03
ElliriaI know I'm kind of grumbly about this, but this is a pretty vital program for me and there are very few alternatives to it, none of which do everything it does.14:04
yeatsElliria: if it weren't being offered on the official project page, I wouldn't even recommend it as a possiblity, fwiw14:04
yeatsI didn't see a PPA on the launchpad page, so I don't know about that14:05
yeatsand PPAs are not necessarily reliable14:05
ElliriaAh, thanks. That's good to know, at least. I'm not yet sure what I'll do, but I need to decide and upgrade either way.14:05
ElliriaI agree. I prefer just using the package manager as it sits by default whenever possible.14:06
yeatsElliria: understood - hope you can figure out a good way around the problem14:06
yeatsone of the strengths of LTS is the stability and slowness to upgrade to new releases is a double-edged sword14:07
ElliriaI suppose so. Darned if you do, darned if you don't.14:07
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dakari want to manage resolv.conf with resolvconf instead of systemd-resolved. how do i about about changing the behaviour?14:21
rembocakeI'm from indonesia14:22
irrgitWhy is bash completion for systemctl so slow and what can I do to improve it? Even in cases when I have typed a unique prefix for a pattern which only a single file exists to begin with.14:25
pragmaticenigmairrgit: that'd be a question you would have to send to the developers of systemd and the systemctl project14:26
irrgitBut its on ubuntu, ive tried it on centos7 and although its not as fast, its much faster than 18.0414:28
lordcirth_irrgit, diff the bash-completion files?14:30
irrgitHmm, although i see its not a fair test since on my centos i have 385 services and on ubuntu i have 56514:30
irrgitI guess the amount of services slows it down considerably14:31
irrgitHmm, looking at this -> https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/7185 , "Reason: Completion routines calls systemctl as times as many systemd units exist."14:32
lordcirth_Yeah, that would do it :P14:33
him-cesjfHi, would like some help with using powertop. I am getting modprobe cpufreq_stats failed error and 'Devfreq not enabled' and GLOB_ABORTED error14:43
lordcirth_!paste | him-cesjf can you paste the exact error please?14:44
ubottuhim-cesjf can you paste the exact error please?: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:44
avihhi, is is normal that `apt update` mostly downloads 90M just to check for updates? here are the sources it checks: https://0x0.st/zTDO.txt14:45
avihthis system was initially installed as 14.04 LTS iirc, and kept to LTS releases since14:46
cfhowlettyou are aware that 14.04 is dead and end of life, right?14:47
OerHeksavih, yes, looks not unreasonable, as you have added i386 arch14:47
compdocdepends on what stuff you have installed14:47
avihand is there some was to reduce the sources it checks? e.g. i _think_ i once installed multilib for the i386, but i don't need it anymore, how do i (list and) remove everything i installed from it?14:47
him-cesjflordcirth_: https://pastebin.com/3rtFzeqw14:48
OerHeksadding i386 arch is easy, removing it, is interesting14:48
avihcompdoc: it's now 18.04. as i said, i keep it updated. just stating that it's not a new system.14:48
avihcfhowlett: ^ sorry14:48
BrianBlazeavih, something like this https://tecadmin.net/exclude-packages-from-apt-upgrade/14:49
cfhowlettI missed that detail.  cool.14:49
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lordcirth_him-cesjf, run "sudo modprobe cpufreq_stats" and pastebin14:49
avihOerHeks: but even if i remove the i386 thingies, it would still be 40+M... i think it used to be much less, and i didn't add sources for ages14:49
lordcirth_imanuel, hi14:49
OerHeksapt-mark is not a good suggestion, to reduce updates14:49
OerHeksavih,  reinstall, is the fastest way to reduce updates.14:50
dakari want to manage resolv.conf with resolvconf instead of systemd-resolved. how do i about about changing the behaviour?14:50
OerHeks.. and what is 90 mb in lists these days ..14:50
avihOerHeks: yeah, well, i really prefer not to reinstall. i use it and it has a lot of things which would take much time to setup14:50
OerHeksdakar, "instead of systemd-resolved" ? explain why?14:51
him-cesjflordcirth_: modprobe: FATAL: Module cpufreq_stats not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-46-generic14:51
dakarOerHeks because resolvconf wont work with systemd-resolved, and because it's a docker container that has a single purpose.14:52
dakar... that doesnt need systemd-resolved.14:52
avihOerHeks: 90M is not much, but get it every time i check for updates is both slow and adds up quickly. and i'm not asking to make it less. i'm asking if that's how it is these days for most people (even if i remove the i386 stuff, i'm still left with 55M, according to that list)14:53
avihiirc it used to be much quicker. i think before 18.04. does 18.04 downloads considerably more than 16.04?14:54
OerHeksavih, other than changing to a faster mirror, i have no answer14:54
avihOerHeks: so that's how it is for most people (sans the i286, and possibly with a fast mirror)?14:55
lordcirth_avih, 18.04 is not much bigger than 16.0414:55
OerHeksget used to it?14:56
avihOerHeks: i can live with it just fine. i'm asking if anything stands out in that list (other than i386) which regularly shouldn't be there and would make it considerably less to download.14:58
lordcirth_avih, if you have multiple 18.04 machines, consider installing squid-deb-proxy14:58
OerHeksavih, nope, i see no unusual repos, besides i386 ..14:58
avihguys, you tell me ways to speed it up. that's not what i'm asking. i'm asking if it's normal to download so much while checking for updates.14:58
avihs/so much/90M/14:59
avihOerHeks: thanks.14:59
avihOerHeks: would you mind sharing your log of apt update?15:00
avih(from the terminal, like i just posted)15:01
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yuradochey guys - i'm stuck with iptables15:23
yuradoci use mitmproxy for analizing local traffic15:23
yuradoci use mitmproxy for analizing local traffic15:23
lotuspsychjeyuradoc: try the ##netfilter channel for firewall issues15:24
yuradocwow - thanks for suggestion15:24
lotuspsychjeyuradoc: unless you presume its ubuntu related?15:24
[rg]on a blank drive, what is required by ubuntu?15:24
cfhowlett[rg]/ what?15:25
[rg] /boot/efi doesnt get made15:25
[rg]i dont know why or how to fix15:25
[rg]i dont even understand bootloaders either tbh15:25
lotuspsychje[rg]: start from the beginning, what are you trying to do?15:25
[rg]install ubuntu to my wiped drive15:26
lotuspsychje[rg]: singleboot? dualboot? ubuntu version?15:26
[rg]lastest stable release/lts single boot15:27
leftyfb[rg]: if you machine boots without a /boot/efi, then you don't need it15:28
lotuspsychje[rg]: disable fastboot & secureboot and install ubuntu from usb15:28
ayekatis it actually an EFI machine? because for older/legacy/BIOS machines, there is no /boot/efi15:28
[rg]yeah its efi15:29
[rg]sercureboot already disabled15:29
leftyfb[rg]: does Ubuntu boot?15:29
leftyfb[rg]: then what is the issue?15:29
[rg]atfer its done, goes to fall back efi15:30
leftyfb[rg]: huh?15:30
[rg]when I check the root from grub its empty15:30
leftyfb[rg]: if your Ubuntu boots, then there is no issue. Use ubuntu. don't worry about what is or isn't in /boot15:30
[rg]ubuntu only boots from the livemedia15:31
[rg]not on my harddisk15:32
ayekat[rg]: in the live system, what does `efibootmgr` give you?15:32
firemrjfhello guys15:32
[rg]ayekat: nothing15:33
ayekat[rg]: no errors? no output at all?15:33
ikoniafiremrjf: no bad langauge please15:34
cfhowlettfiremrjf/ this is a family friendly channel.  stop the profanity.15:34
mobsteranyone know how i can get discord on a pi working? the website just hangs and dies :L15:34
firemrjfsorry for bad language15:34
ayekat[rg]: alright, that's rather strange - it should either error out complaining about not being able to see EFI variables, or it should list some boot manager info15:35
[rg]yeah its odd, i will try oem install later15:36
mobsterso i'm taking that as a no?15:36
leftyfbfiremrjf: what can we help you with?15:36
firemrjfnothing bro15:36
leftyfbmobster: What version of ubuntu are you running?15:36
mobsternot sure, let me check15:37
leftyfbmobster: if it's a website. then there's not really anything Ubuntu-specific15:37
mobsteryeah but i'm just wondering if it'll work since i'm doubting many websites will actually load and succeed15:37
leftyfbmobster: Not an ubuntu support question15:37
mobsteraight fair enough15:38
mobsterare there any like talky channels? kinda new to this :p15:38
MonkeyDustmobster: try #ubuntu-offtopic15:39
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mobsterok this might sound like a really stupid question but those aren't people's IPs are they?15:41
=== firemrjf is now known as f-u-c-k-e-r
MonkeyDustmobster: you can hide your IP if you like15:41
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mobsterhow do i cloak?15:42
mobsteror whatever you said15:42
leftyfbmobster: ask these questions in #freenode15:42
MonkeyDustmsg ubottu cloak15:42
mobsteryeah that's my other issue i can't switch channels15:42
ubottuTo get an Ubuntu member cloak or any other one, first register your nick as detailed at https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration - For Ubuntu member cloaks, then ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your Launchpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode. See also !membership15:42
leftyfbmobster: type: /join #freenode15:42
praneeth_Is anyone online?15:53
OerHeksnope, anyone is gone, with everybody15:54
OerHekshi praneeth_15:54
ikoniamany people15:54
praneeth_ Is there any method to run a command which needs root access without giving password? I can give password in .sh file itself.15:54
MonkeyDustpraneeth_: you can use visudo15:55
ikoniapraneeth_: you'd be better setting nopasswd for that specific command15:56
ikoniathan putting a password in the script15:56
ayekatalso maybe explain us what you're actually trying to do15:56
ayekatbecause that sounds like an XY problem15:56
praneeth_ikonika: For example, I want to make a .sh file which has a command like "sudo apt update"15:57
OerHekswhy does a not-sudoers user need to update ?15:57
ayekatand why not just run the script itself as root? if it does system administration stuff...15:58
praneeth_ayekat: I don't want to run it as a root for instance.15:59
ayekatpraneeth_: why not? what else does the script do?15:59
MonkeyDustpraneeth_: start from the beginning, what are you doing or trying16:00
praneeth_MonkeyDust: and ayekat: I want to run a python code which needs root access using a .sh file16:01
EriC^^*pukes in mouth a little*16:04
jeff_jProviding root access to a script that you have written is totally safe?16:05
ayekatpraneeth_: and what does the python code do and why does it need root access running an .sh file?16:05
praneeth_jeff_j: It is safe.16:05
jeff_jpraneeth_ yes I know, I was saying to the others, that since you know what is in the script (you wrote it), providing it root access is not a bad idea16:06
praneeth_ayekat: I have to automate a daily process. A package used in that code needs root access.16:06
ayekatpraneeth_: what do you mean with "a package"? a program? a python package?16:07
praneeth_ayekat: It is a python package.16:08
ayekatit's difficult to help you, because so far you've just described your current attempt at solving the problem, but not the problem itself16:08
ayekatpraneeth_: so what does that package do?16:09
praneeth_ayekat: My problem is I need to run a python code at startup of my PC to automate a process. That code needs root access to work.16:09
ayekatpraneeth_: so can't you just start your python script with a systemd service at boot?16:10
praneeth_ayekat: That code opens a web browser and enters username and password necessary for internet access.16:10
ayekat(also just let everything run as root, because so far I just know it does sysadmin stuff)16:10
ayekatoh, ouch - ok16:10
ayekatbut then why does it need root?16:10
praneeth_ayekat: It is a Python package called Selenium. It is giving an error if I execute it without root access.16:12
praneeth_ayekat: Do you work using Python16:13
ayekatpraneeth_: no, but I assume it interacts with the webbrowser using some remote procedure calls16:13
ayekatit seems odd that it would require root permissions to do that (unless the webbrowser runs as another user)16:13
Guest5235http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/artful/ 404 ???16:13
praneeth_ayekat: Okay. I understand I will use other package.16:14
praneeth_ayekat: Bye.16:14
Guest5235any reason why the apt packages for Artful are offline?16:15
ayekatpraneeth_: I'm not saying that selenium is not the right tool - but what exactly is the error message? why *does* it fail if it doesn't have root in your case?16:15
ayekat(I feel like we're now slowly approaching an accurate description actual issue, the "X" problem - selenium failing if it doesn't run as root)16:16
praneeth_ayekat: It shows error PermissionError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/webbot/drivers/chrome_linux'16:16
Guest5235:O  its end-of-life.  sorry for the bother16:17
MonkeyDustGuest5235: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/16:17
ayekatpraneeth_: there's multiple issues there... why is that python package in /usr/local? how did you install it?16:17
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html16:17
Guest5235MonkeyDust ubottu i'm using the docker image and its still pointing to archive.ubuntu.com16:18
MonkeyDustGuest5235: ok, now you know where to look instead16:18
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Guest5235$ docker run -it ubuntu:17.10 bash16:18
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html16:19
Guest5235oh :)16:19
ayekatpraneeth_: also, when exactly does this happen? what function call are you making when this happens? have you tried to create a minimal code example that causes that error?16:19
praneeth_ayekat: Let us leave it. I can go with alternative solutions.16:20
ayekatpraneeth_: as you wish16:20
ayekatbut I would still urge you to try and fix your system there - that looks seriously messy16:21
praneeth_ayekat: What do you mean? It is working smoothly.16:24
ayekatperhaps - but there's stuff installed in /usr/local that likely interferes with distribution packages16:24
Flux_grgrgre gergergerg16:25
ayekatthen again I've only tipped my toe into python waters so far, so perhaps python can handle that just fine16:26
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DbuggerDoes anybody know how could I do it, so that my system uses a VPN *ONLY* with determinates domains?17:26
mike802you dont' know what a vpn is, do you17:27
mike802vpn stands for "virtual private network"17:27
DbuggerYeah, I know... I was hoping there is some trick to making it possible :/17:27
mike802there are TWO parts to a vpn, and ONLY two parts17:28
tewardDbugger: you'd need a form of dynamic routing changes whrere you can define what traffic flows through which gateway (either VPN or local default gateway).  I know of no dynamic system that works Out Of The Box on Ubuntu that does this, and the systems I do use are home-grown and custom-written by me.17:28
mike8021. the vpn client17:28
compdocDbugger, you want to route only certain traffic over the vpn17:28
mike8022. the network the client is connecting to17:28
mike802that's it17:28
tewardmike802: that's irrelevant to the question.  VPN client and Network are both 'up' by the client, beyond that it's system routing rules that state how traffic flows "out" to the WOrld at large17:29
tewardDbugger: it'll be custom routing rules based on destination IPs.17:29
tewardwhich can get VERY complex to maintain fast.17:29
DbuggerMy problem is: I have to connect to a VPN to communicate with the DB in my office, but this VPN blocks me of every other single website in the world :P17:29
mike802are you suggesting your packets are literally routed through the remote network?17:30
qualityHello, it seems that lxc installed from aptitude lacks capability of CAP_SETUID and CAP_SETGID as it failed with `lxc-create: httpd: conf.c: chown_mapped_root: 3113 lxc-usernsexec failed: lxc 20190510172836.357 ERROR    lxc_conf - conf.c:write_id_mapping:2707 - Operation not permitted - Failed to write uid mapping to "/proc/14644/uid_map"`17:30
compdocDbugger, sounds like it resets your gateway to the vpn17:30
compdocyou need to leave the gateway alone17:31
Dbuggercompdoc, any idea how to do that?17:31
rbanffyHi folks. Besides Konsole and Gnome Terminal, do we know of any other terminal emulators that support overline attributes?17:31
qualityWhere I tried to run `lxc-create -t download -n httpd -- -d ubuntu -r trusty -a amd64`.17:31
lordcirth_Dbugger, if you leave your default gateway, and make a route that sends traffic on the DB17:31
lordcirth_*'s subnet over the VPN, that would work17:31
Dbuggerlordcirth_, not sure how that is done... Im not to network-savvy17:32
mike802that's no such thing as "virtualized routing"17:32
mike802please stop whatever you're doing now17:32
Dbuggerwho, me?17:32
mike802yes, my sexual assaulter is hacking me again AND posting about it to the channel17:33
mike802he sexually assaults me daily now in ways i can not defend against17:33
lordcirth_mike802, what?17:33
Dbuggerapparently someone is hacking him, and at the same time being assaulted17:34
DbuggerThat is some hacking skills...17:34
lordcirth_mike802, perhaps you should call the cops then?17:34
mike802i have, cops require something called "evidence"17:35
lordcirth_Dbugger, what VPN client are you using?17:35
mike802which i do not have17:35
lordcirth_mike802, well I'm not sure how asking here is going to help with that.17:35
Dbuggerlordcirth_, not sure what you mean with VPN client. I am using the VPN setting in Ubuntu17:35
lordcirth_Dbugger, ok, so that uses OpenVPN under the hood17:36
rbanffymike802, if your assailant is posting things to this channel, these things are recorded and preserved.17:36
backboxnew here......17:37
mike802lets call it "substantial evidence"17:37
lordcirth_Dbugger, I'm starting up a VM so I can look at the same menu17:37
Dbuggerlordcirth_, thanks17:38
DbuggerIm in 18.04, btw17:38
dcarmichWhen I try to run classically-confined snaps on a Salt-managed Linux system as a user, I get the error: "cannot create user data directory: /Users/username/snap/(name of snap)/version: not a directory". However, when I install them on a stock Ubuntu 18.04 VM, they run just fine as a user. Is there a specific security setting I should look for that is causing this issue?17:42
dcarmich(/Users is a symbolic link to /home).17:43
hggdhdcarmich: probably better to ask in #snappy17:45
qualityHello, it seems that lxc installed from aptitude lacks capability of CAP_SETUID and CAP_SETGID as it failed with `lxc-create: httpd: conf.c: chown_mapped_root: 3113 lxc-usernsexec failed: lxc 20190510172836.357 ERROR    lxc_conf - conf.c:write_id_mapping:2707 - Operation not permitted - Failed to write uid mapping to "/proc/14644/uid_map"`17:51
qualityWhere I tried to run `lxc-create -t download -n httpd -- -d ubuntu -r trusty -a amd64`.17:51
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade17:52
qualitytomreyn: Same result when I was trying to run `lxc-create -t download -n u1 -- -d ubuntu -r bionic -a amd64`17:57
tomreynquality: what'S the main system running?17:57
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)17:58
qualitytomreyn: 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver)17:58
tomreynsee if this happens on a fully patches 18.0417:58
analogicalwhat is the terminal command for creating a directory?17:58
tomreynanalogical: did you try a web search on this?17:59
qualitytomreyn: aptitude upgrade says nothing to upgrade17:59
tomreyn!aptitude | quality17:59
ubottuquality: Like apt and apt-get, aptitude is a terminal frontend for Ubuntu's package management system. Unlike the others, it is not recommended in Ubuntu because its behavior differs significantly from other Ubuntu package management tools and can cause issues.17:59
analogicaltomreyn, if you know the answer why don't you just tell me?17:59
qualitytomreyn: apt upgrade said something same18:00
qualitytomreyn: nothing to upgrade18:00
tomreynquality: can you post the url returned by this:  sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog18:00
analogicalwhat is the terminal command for creating a directory??18:00
lotuspsychjeanalogical: this is ubuntu support, please focus on ubuntu related questions18:01
lotuspsychje!manual | analogical18:01
ubottuanalogical: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:01
analogicallotuspsychje, I'm using the ubuntu termnial18:01
tomreynanalogical: you see, for really simple things web searches usually just work fine, if you can phrase it well. you phrased the question fine here, so why engage a human when you can just ask a machine?18:02
analogicaljesus christ! ofc I've google it before I asked you!18:02
lotuspsychjewelcome WilkinsMicawber18:02
tomreynanalogical: i'm surprised you did not find out about "mkdir" this way. do you remember what youi were searching?18:03
WilkinsMicawberif I install another ubuntu installation on another hard drive will it be easy to select between ubuntu installations in grub3?18:04
lotuspsychjeWilkinsMicawber: if you dualboot, grub2 can manage your different (os) installs18:06
lotuspsychjeWilkinsMicawber: the ubuntu setup, will normally also ask what you want to do, and detect your already installed Os18:07
WilkinsMicawberic ic. I would have figured as much, but i've had so much bad luck with linux it's insane.18:08
lotuspsychjeWilkinsMicawber: is there a reason you want a second ubuntu install next your existing?18:08
WilkinsMicawberi have Cudnn and tensorflow installed on this one18:09
lotuspsychjeWilkinsMicawber: cant you work with several users on 1 ubuntu?18:09
WilkinsMicawberi want to try getting cudnn 10 without ruining what i set up on this install18:10
lotuspsychjeah kk18:10
WilkinsMicawberit took me a full day to get cudnn installed last time. It was a nightmare18:10
qualitytomreyn: https://termbin.com/6hze18:16
tomreynquality: something must have failed with the copy pasta18:18
qualitytomreyn: but how was it related to the user_namespaces capability issues?18:19
tomreynquality: your system reports it is ubuntu 18.04.1, and you say no upgrades are available. however, ubuntu 18.04 is at 18.04.2 currently.18:20
qualitytomreyn: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:21
qualitytomreyn: said by `apt upgrade`18:21
tomreynquality: so something is wrong with your apt configuration, meaning you don't get bug fixes. it's possible that whatever caused the lxd issue has long been fixed on ubuntu 18.04.218:21
qualitytomreyn: No, i'm not using lxd18:21
qualitytomreyn: only lxc and lxc-utils are installed18:21
tomreynokay, either way, it's possible that it's a bug which has since been fixed18:22
tomreynbut your system is not up to date.18:22
qualitytomreyn: here comes my /etc/apt/sources.list https://termbin.com/xmjn18:23
lordcirth_Dbugger, hey, I got it installed. When you went to add the VPN, did you choose PPTP or something else?18:24
tomreynquality: i'd like to see the output of    ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported18:24
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
tomreynquality: can you actually copy and paste from and to the system you'Re trying to fix?18:24
Dbuggerlordcirth_, I cant recall18:25
qualitytomreyn: ubuntu-support-status command not found, which package should I install?18:25
tomreynquality: this command is installed by default on ubuntu18:25
tomreynnow what do you really run there?18:26
lotuspsychjequality: are you on vanilla ubuntu or a derivative?18:26
qualitylotuspsychje: what do you mean vanilla ubuntu?18:26
lordcirth_Dbugger, ok, well if you go to your network settings for your VPN, under the IPv4 tab, there is a checkbox. "Use this connection only for resources on its network"18:26
qualitytomreyn: but still command not found18:27
lotuspsychjequality: is it a default ubuntu, or another distro based on ubuntu?18:27
Dbuggerlordcirth_, correct18:27
tomreynquality: let's start from the beginning again: please copy and paste this to the system you are trying to fix, then run it there, then post the http address it returns here:18:27
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
tomreynquality:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)18:27
lordcirth_Dbugger, so, turning that on *should* do what you want?18:28
Dbuggerlordcirth_, just that??18:28
qualitytomreyn: I'm trying to fix a cluster and only one node have internet access18:28
lordcirth_Dbugger, that's what it claims18:28
Dbuggerlets see...18:28
qualitytomreyn: but they share the same root18:28
qualitytomreyn: as all cluster nodes are diskless18:29
tomreynquality: then run it on one of the codes only, the one with internet access. also tell us what kind iof a cluster that is.18:29
qualitytomreyn: https://termbin.com/ri1j18:29
Dbuggerlordcirth_, well... yeah.. that was it18:30
lordcirth_Dbugger, excellent.18:30
Dbuggeri feel quite dumb now :P18:30
tomreynquality: maybe your firewall is blocking outbound connections to the internet for these systems, preventing system updates?18:30
qualitytomreyn: they shares a nfs mounted root, if one get update, all those node will get update18:31
tomreynquality: okay, but they don't get updates, and you'll need to work out why that is, since we can only support systems with a current patch level and kernel version, both of which yours doesn't have.18:32
qualitytomreyn: So I need to reimage the root partition to latest?18:33
tomreynquality: do whatever you need to do bring this system (kernel and userspace) up to date.18:33
tomreynthen come back and ask your lxc question again in case it still applies then.18:34
forgotmynickhello. i have a server used as a proxy. i've created a "jailed" account but anytime the client tries to visit a website address, i get an error: sshd[1055]: error: connect_to google.com: unknown host (Device or resource busy). i can access any website that works through IP addresses. I can access any website if i disable remote dns on the client. I can access any website if I use a non-jailed account. Can someone please18:47
forgotmynicktell me how to fix this?18:47
lordcirth_forgotmynick, what Ubuntu version? What proxy software? And how did you create this "jailed" account?18:48
forgotmynickUbuntu 18.04.2 LTS, by following the guides from here https://allanfeid.com/content/creating-chroot-jail-ssh-access and https://www.tecmint.com/restrict-ssh-user-to-directory-using-chrooted-jail/18:49
lordcirth_forgotmynick, and what kind of proxy? What is this jailed user supposed to be able to do?18:50
lordcirth_Specifically, why not use an unprivileged LXC container?18:51
forgotmynickpardon me. i use putty on the client to create a dynamic proxy using the server. the jailed user shouldn't be able to do anything except use the proxy. the containers looked far more complicated. i've followed this method on a number of servers but it's only ever failed with this. it might be less hassle just to install 16.xx :(19:22
vimarHi chryskylodon19:24
lordcirth_forgotmynick, ok, so the user exists only so that they can connect via ssh and create a tunnel?19:24
lordcirth_beerstein, hi19:27
JohnGavrhi beerstein19:27
beersteinhow are you?19:27
forgotmynicklordcirth_: yes that's right, only to connect via ssh and tunnel19:27
lordcirth_forgotmynick, ok, so my guess is that systemd-resolved requires something that you didn't put in your chroot19:28
lordcirth_forgotmynick, can you get a shell as your chroot'd user? Try running 'systemd-resolve --status'19:29
beersteini guest yes19:29
lordcirth_beerstein, do you have an Ubuntu support question?19:30
beersteinis stacer a good program'19:30
beersteinfor cleaning temp file19:31
leftyfbbeerstein: please join #ubuntu-offtopic for opinions on software19:31
beersteinok sorry19:31
OerHeksbeerstein, i use it, but not for cleaning. it is not in our repos, AFAIK19:32
sappheirosIs it bad to try arguments for a command to see if they work? falkon's man page is basically empty of explanation, so i tried 'falkon -search 'strnig to search'' and I got David Rosca's email and falkon didn't load19:32
sappheirosunexpected behavior, so i wonder if it's bad in general to try such learning attempts19:32
leftyfbsappheiros: try falkin --help  # or lookup it's documentation19:33
lordcirth_sappheiros, generally use 'man' or --help. The safety of trying things varies by the command.19:34
sappheirosgotcha, thanks.19:35
sappheirosis it possible to map a command that seem innocent like 'falkon' to something like 'rm'?19:35
sappheirosi'm familiar with macOS's "sandbox" idea so applications can only mess up themselves, not other computer parts, without root access19:36
lordcirth_sappheiros, you could make whatever aliases you want, yes. But anyone with the permission to do so has the permissions to do a lot of more direct things.19:39
sappheiroslordcirth_: more specifically, i'm wondering if someone can put something in the muon package manager that claims to be a game or web browser but actually if you run it erases files19:40
sappheiroswhat safeguards are there against that?19:40
lordcirth_sappheiros, assuming you didn't add third-party repos, all apt packages are vetted carefully. snap packages probably have a different process but should also be safe.19:41
sappheiroswell, i had tried to add something to install brave, before i discovered there was no brave for i38619:42
sappheiros(brave web browser)19:42
pumpkinzcan anyone else take a second look at this udev rule that I can't get to trigger? http://dpaste.com/3440DVY19:43
OerHekspumpkinz, what should that do. is the linux driver from brother itself not working19:47
pumpkinzOerHeks, It changes group permissions when the printer is plugged in.19:48
OerHeksis lpadmin ( standard) not enough?19:49
pumpkinzOerHeks, it doesn't set as lp it sets as usb.19:50
pumpkinzIt should even matter what it does udev should be able to handle this.19:50
gambl0reif i switch from kubuntu to lubuntu will i be able to get longer battery life?19:50
hggdhgambl0re: lubuntu is less resource-hungry. So yes, you should get less power usage. YMMV19:51
gambl0reim getting 5hrs using kubuntu on lenovo t480s19:52
gambl0rethats horrible in my opinion. is kubuntu known to consume a lot of resources?19:52
blammoi'm using the cloud ubuntu ami in ec2.  the default user ubuntu has sudo without password.  but i have a script that is doing a "sudo -g staff" and it is prompting for a password.  any idea how to configure this part?20:02
* extor wonders if the current ubuntu installs are truely multilib since finding out that another distro does not work with android studio because it was not multilib/multiarch and only available in pure 64 bit or pure 32 bit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯20:02
Darkelariousok, let's see, where to start20:05
DarkelariousI was running ubuntu 14.04 together with windows 7. I have an older AMD tahiti card, hence fglrx on ubuntu 14.04.20:06
pumpkinzblammo, according to man sudo it looks like -i might be what you're looking for.20:06
pumpkinzblammo, could be wrong I am taking a stab in the dark.20:06
leftyfbDarkelarious: Ubuntu 14.04 is no longer under basic support20:07
blammopumpkinz: -i didn't help20:07
Darkelariouswin7 seems to be running in uefi mode, so I installed ubuntu 18.04 lts in uefi mode too20:07
Darkelariousbut now I lost my network devices in both windows and ubuntu20:07
Darkelariousi think i troubleshooted virtually every uefi/secure boot thread I could find, but I can not get my network devices back20:08
LORENZO hola20:08
leftyfbDarkelarious: what makes you think you don't have network devices?20:08
leftyfb!es | LORENZO20:08
ubottuLORENZO: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:08
Darkelariouswin7 doesn't show any adapters, neither does ubuntu, no device in `ip addr` other than lo20:09
Darkelarioususb-to-gigE adapter seems to work for now20:09
leftyfbDarkelarious: if neither OS's are detecting your hardware, then your issue is probably your hardware.20:10
leftyfbDarkelarious: ls -l /sys/class/net/  # anything in there? # or lspci20:10
Darkelariouseth0 --> usb adapter20:10
Darkelariousbut a network card that breaks at the moment I reboot after installing? imo extremely unlikely20:11
Darkelariousyet I also have trouble verifying this, as I expect that this is the result of an uefi change/clusterfck20:12
Darkelariousand that didn't yield any results either20:12
leftyfbDarkelarious: then disable uefi/secureboot20:12
blammopumpkinz: i think i got it:  ubuntu ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL20:12
leftyfbDarkelarious: but again, if both OS's fail to see your hardware at all, I'm going with a hardware issue20:13
pumpkinzblammo, o.o if that is what you want.20:13
Darkelarioussecureboot is disabled already20:13
pumpkinzlooked like su - user <<EOF could be used even with password.20:13
blammopumpkinz: yeah, the default was: ubuntu ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL20:13
Darkelariouscompletely disabling uefi I would like to try, but don't know how to do this as win7 still uses/needs it20:13
leftyfbDarkelarious: well, your win7 is broken as well right? So does it matter?20:14
Darkelariouswin7 seems to function perfectly fine, except for that the network adapter disappeared20:14
DarkelariousI was hoping that at least somebody here recognized this as a potential result of wrong uefi settings20:14
leftyfbDarkelarious: If you made no hardware/BIOS changes to your system and Windows and Ubuntu both fail to find the hardware, then it's a hardware issue20:15
Darkelariousbut ... the timing20:15
DarkelariousI have a hard time accepting that20:15
leftyfbDarkelarious: desktop or laptop?20:15
leftyfbDarkelarious: onboard NIC or pci card?20:15
Darkelariousno other warnings/indicators20:16
leftyfbDarkelarious: contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot further20:16
Darkelariouswill try, ty20:16
Darkelariousany other recommendations for now?20:16
leftyfbnope. This is step #120:16
AvidWolf43whats up guys20:16
AvidWolf43trying to POC a business grade laptop for use with Ubuntu20:16
OerHeksif you upgraded, did you do something special for eth0 something?20:16
AvidWolf43been eying the xps 13 9380 for a while20:17
AvidWolf43my coworkers want to know if it is enterprise grade20:17
leftyfbAvidWolf43: feel free to go to #ubuntu-offtopic for opinions. This is a support channel. Or go to http://certification.canonical.com if you want to see the hardware that has been certified20:17
AvidWolf43oh sorry20:17
bryanroderyckhello anyone can help me with python3 internal error on ubuntu 16.04 .it prevent upgrade20:19
OerHeksbryanroderyck, what errors? use paste.ubuntu.com for the output/details20:21
OerHeksoh, an image..20:24
bryanroderyckon the third image you can see the error20:26
bryanroderyckis there a way to view all the error before desktop start?20:26
ca_caboow can I build an xorg.conf in 19.04?20:28
lordcirth_ca_cabo, why do you need to?20:28
lordcirth_bryanroderyck, try "apt install --reinstall python3-minimal"20:29
ca_cabowhen I run startx I keep getting "unable to connect to X server: connection refused"20:29
ca_cabolooking at the log file it says that it needs Bus ID's specified.20:29
lordcirth_ca_cabo, what graphics card and driver?20:30
ca_cabolordcirth_, Firepro V5800 using radeon driver20:30
bryanroderycksame error persist when i use command to upgrade to 18.0420:31
activistHi fellows! I have a question. Ubuntu does have apt-transport-tor package but same Ubuntu doesn't have hidden service repo list. May i ask why? Thanks.20:33
lordcirth_bryanroderyck, can you pastebin the error that you get when running do-release-upgrade?20:41
activistHi fellows! I have a question. Ubuntu does have apt-transport-tor package but same Ubuntu doesn't have hidden service repo list. May i ask why? Thanks.20:41
lordcirth_!patience | activist20:42
ubottuactivist: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/20:42
lordcirth_activist, probably because no one was willing to maintain Tor mirrors? Why do you need to download updates over Tor?20:42
bryanroderyckit the image saying python3 error https://imgur.com/a/0cTbenW20:43
activistIf no one was willing no maintain Tor mirrors then why Ubuntu published apt-transport-tor package? For being fancy?20:43
Darkelariousleftyfb: hi, yes, me again.. instant plot twist.20:43
lordcirth_bryanroderyck, Please try running do-release-upgrade from the terminal and pastebin the result.20:43
mlozaHello, I have bionic and I'm using /etc/network/interfaces for networking. How do I make these ip route commands persistent https://pastebin.com/raw/PXDZvp0z ?20:43
Darkelariousleftyfb: may I approach you via PM, not to disrupt other conversations in this channel/20:44
lordcirth_activist, pretty sure you could use the standard mirrors over Tor using that plugin?20:44
activistI guess you don't have knowledge about Tor network.20:45
activistI will use that package with Clearnet website :)20:45
lordcirth_activist, I do know how Tor works. Hidden sites were tacked on to Tor long after release, and most people still use Tor to access normal sites safely.20:45
lordcirth_Hidden sites are primarily useful when the site itself is threatened, which is not the case here.20:46
activistlordcirth_ i am sure you don't know how Tor works. If i don't use hidden service repo list then why i will use that package?20:46
activistanyway, thank you for suggestion.20:46
activistI will be waiting someone who knows Tor.20:46
lordcirth_activist, to hide your traffic. Accessing clearnet sites through Tor still anonymizes your access.20:46
activistPfff. Here a webpage for understanding. Please read with calm head. https://bits.debian.org/2016/08/debian-and-tor-services-available-as-onion-services.html20:47
DuckyDevHi guys. I'm in trouble here! I really need to get my 14.04LTS Server updated, but my bootdrive is full. How should I solve this?20:48
lordcirth_DuckyDev, do you have enough space to install 'ncdu'?20:49
activistbryanroderyck first use this command20:49
activistsudo ln -sf /usr/bin/python3.5 /usr/bin/python320:49
activistIf that doesn't work try this20:49
activistsudo apt-get install --reinstall python320:49
activistAnd try again please.20:49
gambl0rewill xubuntu give battery life compared to kubuntu?20:50
activistgamb0re this depends on how you are using OS.20:50
lordcirth_gambl0re, perhaps slightly.20:51
gambl0reim getting 5hrs battery life on my thinkpad t480s20:51
lordcirth_activist, if you read & watch the Tor Project overview, you will find that Tor works fine even when accessing clearnet sites. https://2019.www.torproject.org/about/overview.html.en20:52
gambl0reis that normal with kubuntu? i read how some users are getting 12hrs..20:52
activistPff lordcirth_ please stop.20:52
DuckyDevlordcirth_: Nope :S I can't even do a "sudo apt-get autoremove" ( https://termbin.com/22xp )20:52
lordcirth_activist, so you haven't read it, then?20:52
gambl0reim doing general browsing, text editor, youtube. thats about it20:52
bryanroderyckhttps://pastebin.com/YAMpF4JM same error20:52
activistjust ignored you.20:52
activistbryanroderyck did you try both of them?20:53
gambl0reis kubuntu known to be resource intensive? im not using ubuntu gnome because i read it uses up a lot of ram/cpu20:54
activistYes correct gnome is a battery monster20:54
lordcirth_gambl0re, are you using tlp and/or powertop?20:54
gambl0retlp only20:54
hggdhgambl0re: as I told you some hours ago, yes, KDE and Gnome are more resource-intensive than [lx]ubuntu20:54
bryanroderyckwait i try the second20:54
gambl0rehggdh, i didnt see your last message20:55
lordcirth_gambl0re, you could perhaps turn off some of the fancy effects? But yeah, I'd run Xubuntu.20:55
activistIf second doesn't work try this.20:55
activistsudo ln -sf /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python20:55
gambl0rewill i see significant differences? if im only going to see marginal improvements then i'll just stick with kubuntu20:55
gambl0reis 5hrs normal battery life when using kubuntu?20:55
bryanroderycksame error20:56
lordcirth_gambl0re, that's more a question of your laptop.20:56
gambl0rewell ive read users getting 10-12hrs on same laptop but i dont know what os they were running20:56
activistgambl0re i recommend you to backup all important data and install Xubuntu and do your own test. Daily usage stuff, etc. And take note20:56
activistsudo ln -sf /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python20:56
OerHeksactivist, he has problems with python3 ..20:57
gambl0reactivist, ok ill just try. thanks20:57
activistIf he has problems with python3 then first command should have been worked :|20:57
activistIf the last one doesn't work then try this.20:58
activistsudo update-alternatives --remove-all python20:58
lordcirth_Um, removing python is not a good idea.20:58
Bashing-ombryanroderyck: Support: show in a pastebin the outputs of ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' . So we see the error in context.20:58
OerHeksactivist, keep it to your tor question, i hope you did not the ubuntu packages20:58
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en20:58
jeremy31activist: bryanroderyck The /usr/bin/python3 symlink should point to /usr/bin/python3.6 in 18.0420:59
hggdhand ln -s by hand is REALLY not a good idea20:59
bryanroderyckshould i remove all python now?20:59
Walexactivist: users/sysadm should not modify anything under '/usr/' or other installation directories20:59
activistoerheks do you know what is the hidden services of Ubuntu like Debian?21:00
activisthggdh i had this before and i worked with that way.21:00
activistmaybe i did wrong.21:00
Walexactivist: well it is fine if it is a fix for something has broken21:00
Walexactivist: but then why did  it break?21:01
hggdhbryanroderyck: you basically have two options: (1) find out what is wrong with python3; (2) sudo apt install --reinstall python321:01
lordcirth_hggdh, I already had him try 2)21:01
bryanroderyckyes i did try :)21:01
hggdhactivist: yes, it is wrong. There is update-alternatives to do that (which, normally should not even be needed)21:01
Walexif that does not work probably things are bad21:01
hggdhbryanroderyck: what bashing-om requested, then21:02
activistoerheks here are the Debian hidden service repo list. Please look these and you will understand me. Tor->Clearnet=Bad Idea Tor->HiddenService=Good Idea https://pastebin.com/k6LVhv5V21:02
activisthggdh thanks for the inform.21:02
bryanroderycknothing yet21:03
activistwalex btw reinstall python should work.21:03
=== dynaflash_ is now known as dynaflash
Walexbryanroderyck: just checking: what does this print:  python3 -c 'import sys; print (":".join(sys.path))'21:04
Walexbryanroderyck: BTW guys use 'paste.ubuntu.com' or 'pastebinit' not 'pastebin.com'21:05
bryanroderyckBashing_om :https://pastebin.com/CFVHBm4i21:05
activistwalex what is the bad side of pastebin?21:05
Bashing-ombryanroderyck: looking.21:05
bryanroderycki dont know how to use pasteubuntu21:06
activistjust visit paste.ubuntu.com21:07
Walexbryanroderyck: it is https://paste.ubuntu.com/21:07
Walexbryanroderyck: or you can install the 'pastebinit' command21:07
Walexbryanroderyck: and anything you pipe into it goes into that site.21:07
Walexso for example21:08
Bashing-ombryanroderyck: Package manager is happy - tell again what issue you have.21:08
bryanroderycki cant do any upgrade21:09
Bashing-ombryanroderyck: Apt says there is nothing to upgrade .. all up-2-date . So huh ?21:10
WalexBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/YAMpF4JM21:10
lordcirth_Bashing-om, I think he said he wants to upgrade 16.04 -> 18.04?21:10
WalexBashing-om: at the very end21:10
bryanroderyckyes i have too many problem on 16.0421:10
Walexactivist: it had adverts, it is annoying, it requires javascript (or some things break)21:11
Walexactivist: the Ubuntu paste site is clean, simple, fast.21:11
Walexactivist: and using 'pastebinit' is very convenient (no copy-and-paste)21:12
Bashing-om!info python3 xenial21:12
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.5.1-3 (xenial), package size 8 kB, installed size 67 kB21:12
Walexbryanroderyck: just checking: what does this print:  python3 -c 'import sys; print (":".join(sys.path))'21:12
activistwalex here riseup share. reliable, no JS, convenient, no adverts. https://share.riseup.net/21:13
Bashing-omWalex: Thanks :) on it now.21:13
Walexfor multiple command: (cmd1;cmd2; ...) |& pastebinit21:13
Walexbryanroderyck: here that command prints http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HRzpsz9V63/21:14
Walexbryanroderyck: that's sort of right, your Python 3 seems to be at least superficially installed right.21:16
bryanroderyckyes before i remove some repository which was a headache for me21:17
Walexbryanroderyck: the 'do-release-upgrade' should have produced a log file with the details of why it thinks Python 3 is not setup right.21:17
bryanroderyckok wait21:18
Walexbryanroderyck: https://www.xkcd.com/1987/21:18
wondowsWhy's my cursor freezing momentarily when moving between displays? I have two displays side by side21:20
Walexbryanroderyck: https://medium.com/@vigasdeep/upgrading-server-ubuntu-14-04-to-16-04-9d551a770757[3~21:20
Walexbryanroderyck: the logs are under '/var/log/dist-upgrade/'21:20
activistbryanroderyck i recommend you to backup all your data and clean install.21:21
Bashing-omWalex: bryanroderyck We can expect the symlink for python3 in xenial to point to python3.5. ` ls -al /usr/bin/python3 ` confirms this ?21:21
Walexbryanroderyck: do something like 'tail -60 /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log | pastebinit'21:21
WalexBashing-om: you may have noticed that I have asked "bryanroderyck" to get this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rg9kW7DJqx/21:22
Walexbryanroderyck: actually that is wrong and impossible21:24
Bashing-omWalex: Yeah .. I try and follow .. 3.5 is installed but "python" version is what, as per the symlink ?21:24
wondowsUbuntu is really buggy21:24
lordcirth_wondows, do you have a support question?21:24
lordcirth_How did he manage to get a circular symlink?21:25
Walexbryanroderyck: the output in https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Dx5fMVSKH3/ cannot have happened if that symlink is like you reported21:25
activistwondows please don't spam21:25
wondowslordcirth_: my cursor is momentarily getting stuck between my two displays when moving between them21:25
bryanroderyckwhat command was that?21:25
Bashing-ombryanroderyck: Walex:: +3 on bad symlink.21:25
bryanroderyck sorry21:25
=== ABDULLAH is now known as Guest94126
lordcirth_wondows, it is supposed to 'catch' a little when moving slowly, so that you can hit buttons on the edge of the screen21:26
activistWhat's going one Drone :)21:26
lordcirth_wondows, does it still do that when you move the mouse quickly?21:26
wondowslordcirth_: uh? no. That's unnaceptable. I have a fully screen app on one monitor. There are no buttons on the left. This did not use to happen.21:27
Walexbryanroderyck: if '/usr/bin/python3' is a link to itself, then the 'python3' command cannot run and produce that output21:27
wondowslordcirth_: yes, even if I move it quickly21:27
Walexwondows: perhaps the two screens are not logically contiguos and there is a gap21:27
bryanroderycki try to boot with cd changing bootsetup ..it read then stop21:27
Walexbryanroderyck: let's try again...21:28
wondowsUbuntu often loses my screen configuration and I have to redo it and this time this started to happen21:28
Walexbryanroderyck: just to be sure,21:28
Walexbryanroderyck: sudo apt install pastebinit21:28
Walexbryanroderyck: (ls -ld /usr/bin/python*; python3 -c 'import sys; print (":".join(sys.path))') |& pastebinit21:28
Walexthat is to avoid any copy-and-paste issues.21:29
activistwalex please don't force that guy for installing that package. I can paste his texts with pasteubuntu21:29
activistbryanroderyck please paste errors and i will generate those via pasteubuntu21:29
lordcirth_wondows, in the Display settings, are the two monitors adjacent without a gap, and lined up? Are they the same resolution?21:30
Walexactivist: I don't know whether 'python3' target is really just 'python3' or 'python3.5' and the paste was missing the last 2 characters21:30
wondows lordcirth_ they're the same model, there is a gap between them but I guess that's just the way it is? I cannot move them together exaclty21:30
Walexactivist: "bryanroderyck" has done some messy pasting before, so want to be sure.21:30
activistwalex i understood you but you are seeing guy can't use that and i can change that with pasteubuntu for your :)21:31
bryanroderycklet me know what to do clearly21:31
Walexbryanroderyck: sudo apt install pastebinit21:31
Walexbryanroderyck: (ls -ld /usr/bin/python*; python3 -c 'import sys; print (":".join(sys.path))') |& pastebinit21:31
Walexthen paste here the URL printed by 'pastebinit'21:32
activistWow he has all python versions :)21:32
Walexactivist: Bashing-om: bryanroderyck: as I suspected the previous paste was missing the final ".5"21:33
Walexbryanroderyck: ULTS 16 does not have 3.6, how did you install it?21:34
activistmaybe manual.21:34
bryanroderyckyes i did ..21:34
Walexbryanroderyck: you should have used the "deadsnakes" PPA21:34
bryanroderyckjanathonf reopsitory21:35
Walexbryanroderyck: always look for a PPA before doing a manual install21:35
Walexbryanroderyck: now let's check that Python 3.5 is installed right....21:35
Walexbryanroderyck: sudo apt install debsums21:35
activistprobably a symlink problem.21:36
ubuntumansardaCiao a tutti!21:36
Walexbryanroderyck: after installing 'debsums' run:21:36
Walexbryanroderyck: debsums -c python3.5-minimal python3.5 python3 |& pastebinit21:37
activistubuntumansarda Ciao anche a te!21:37
Walexbryanroderyck: that checks fairly well the integrity of a package21:38
bryanroderyckempty document21:39
mlozapost-up ip route no longer works in bionic? I'm using ifaces instead of netplan21:39
mlozaI don't want to use netplan21:39
Walexbryanroderyck: that's good, that means all three packages are fine.21:39
Eickmeyer!en | activist21:39
ubottuactivist: The main Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:39
activistEickmeyer !thanks for your warn buddy. Greetings.21:40
Walexbryanroderyck: then now let's see the actual details with: tail -60  /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log | pastebinit21:40
sappheirosHow do I stop getting this error? (I'd like to remove the Brave web browser stuff since i386 doesn't have it.) > Err:4 https://brave-browser-apt-release.s3.brave.com cosmic InRelease / The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 4FE13824E3FFC656 Brave Software <support@brave.com>21:40
sappheirosfrom sudo apt-get update i think21:40
Walexsappheiros: grep brave.com /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list21:41
Walexbryanroderyck: that's "unusual"21:41
bryanroderyckoops :021:41
Walexbryanroderyck: sudo ls -ltr /var/log/dist-upgrade/ |& pastebinit21:41
Walexsappheiros: that tells you which APT source file points to that repository21:42
sappheirosthank you ... what do i do with this resulting info? "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release-cosmic.list:deb [arch=amd64] https://brave-browser-apt-release.s3.brave.com/ cosmic main"21:42
sappheirosi go to that .list file and remove the line?21:43
Walexsappheiros: either your delete that file or comment out both its lines.21:43
sappheirossudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release-cosmic.list ?21:43
Walexsappheiros: for example, if you like 'nano'21:43
sappheiroserm, sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list21:43
sappheirosi don't know how else to do it21:43
sappheirosi think i just found the GUI method with muon21:44
Walexsappheiros: the first file was the right one.21:44
* Walex is an old fashioned command line guy21:44
Walexbryanroderyck: tail -60 /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log |& pastebinit21:45
Walexbryanroderyck: ls -ltr /var/log/dist-upgrade/20190511-0119/ |& pastebinit21:45
Walexbryanroderyck: ahhhh this paste tells us the issue21:46
Walexbryanroderyck: python symlink points to: '/usr/bin/python3', but expected is 'python2.7' or '/usr/bin/python2.7'21:46
Walexbryanroderyck: the default Python for ULTS 16 is 2, not 3, and probably you changed that.21:46
activistyou came to me21:47
bryanroderyckyes i think ---alternatives21:47
wondowsSo how do I stop my cursor from getting stuck when moving between monitors?21:47
activistsudo update-alternatives --remove-all python21:48
Walexwondows: if there is a gap in coordinate space it has to take some time travelling through it.21:48
wondowsI guess I gotta learn to live with it? THere's no solution? This is just the way it is?21:48
wondowsWalex: How to remove the gap?21:48
Walexwondows: xrandr |& pastebinit21:48
Walexbryanroderyck: I hereby grant you permission to do this:21:49
Walexbryanroderyck: cd /usr/bin; ln -sf python2.7 python21:49
Walexbryanroderyck: cd /usr/bin; sudo ln -sf python2.7 python21:50
wondowsWalex: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gNbhQdPwgJ/21:50
Walexwondows: there is no gap though21:51
Walexwondows: and your display config looks good, even if 2x 4K screen is a bit too luxurious :-)21:51
wondowsI wish I could be in macOS :(21:52
Walexwondows: it has similar issues, just different21:52
bryanroderycki can do upgrade now?21:52
Walexwondows: describe that "stuck" a bit better, because I was guessing21:52
wondowsI have no issues in macOS basically, on Ubuntu it's a new fight against bugs everyday21:52
wondowsWalex: like when you have the dock set to auto-hide I guess21:53
wondowsWalex: it basically locks the x axis movement for a second21:53
Walexwondows: let's say I got dozens of users with MacOS and Ubuntu and they both give trouble. People however tend to use MacOS a lot less demandingly.21:53
wondowsI even started to write all my frustrations with Ubuntu to a text file. Gonna add one more now21:54
Walexwondows: that, is people expext that every random combination of hw/sw should work with Ubuntu.21:54
Walexwondows: please describe again what you mean by "stuck": what do your eyes see?21:55
Walexwondows: does that happen when you just move the cursor, or also when you drag a windows across?21:55
wondowsAt this point I don't expect things to work really. I always expect I will have to spend hours trying to fix something instead of being productive.21:55
Walexbryanroderyck: yes, try again the upgrade.21:55
Walexwondows: that's why my workplace has MacOS/Ubuntu sysadms...21:56
wondowsWalex: yeah also happens when dragging a window and it does that animation to allows you to maximize it21:56
Walexwondows: but how long does it get stuck?21:56
wondowsWalex: hah I wish I had that luxury\21:56
wondowsWalex: half a second21:57
Walexwondows: and what happens during that half a second? Where does it get stuck?21:57
wondowsWalex: on the edge of the monitor, the cursor stops moving horizontally21:57
Walexwondows: uh silly thing.21:58
Walexwondows: I suspect, together with what you say about dragging windows, that it gets stuck in a "snap" area.21:58
Walexwondows: which desktop environment flavour are you using?21:59
Walexwondows: the "snap"/maximize/... areas on the edges can be disabled, and I usually do so, but how depends on the specific desktop environment and/or window manager22:00
* Walex thinks some desktop/wm programmers like too much cool/complex features22:01
wondowsWalex: what's a "desktop environment flavour"? Ubuntu 18.04, nothing really custom22:01
Walexwondows: what happens when you press the "windows" key? Does the screen suddenly change to an overview?22:02
wondowsWalex: yeah and interestigly, if I move the cursor to display #1 whilst in that overview I can't get it out of there22:04
Walexwondows: that's semi-fine22:04
Walexwindowlicker: it is probably Ubuntu GNOME, but I don't have it here running right now.22:05
Walexwondows: it is probably Ubuntu GNOME, but I don't have it here running right now.22:05
Walexwondows: so will do a search about where the edge controls are.22:06
wondowsWalex: is GNOME the default?22:06
Walexwondows: in ULTS 18 yes22:06
Walexwondows: if it is freshly installed22:07
Walexwondows: try this: https://askubuntu.com/a/98115222:08
wondowsOk I did `gsettings set org.gnome.shell.overrides edge-tiling false` and nothing changed. I mean the windows still maximize when dragged to the edgs22:09
Walexwondows: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2375576&p=13702990#post1370299022:11
Walexalso #722:12
wondowshmm this worked `dconf write /org/gnome/mutter/edge-tiling false` but the cursor continues to stick as expected22:13
wondowsTHanks for the help but I think this is it22:13
Walexwondows: my guess was that the cursor sticking was a bug related to "active edges"22:13
wondowsgotta learn to live with it22:14
wondowsthe same way it came up randomly it will disappear randomly one day22:14
wondowsI guess that's just the way it is22:14
wondowsscrew this (sorry)22:14
Walexwondows: OK, sorry for not finding a workaround.22:15
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
wondowsWalex: hah no worries, thanks for your efforts22:16
wondowsI have just been having a hard time growing more and more frustrated with buggy software, unreliable stuff, things breaking down, things that are badly made, little things over and over again, adding up, and I'm becoming too easily irritated at this point whenever something fails at me22:17
wondowsIdk what to do but I need to learn to live with buggy stuff and raise my resistance to frustration22:18
wondowsHumans just suck at making things that just work, myself included22:18
hggdhwondows: I understand your frustation but, please stick to topic22:19
Walexwondows: if your support request is "how do I have a more consistent user experience" the usual answer is "avoid complex software and configurations".22:20
Walexwondows: for example I have recently switched to XFCE4 for that reason.22:21
wondowshaha so "dual display" is too complex for Ubuntu to handle :P22:21
Walexwondows: no, but complicated cool features in the desktop environment tend to be buggy.22:22
teb007estI need some help with a issue am having I just installed Ubuntu Minimal ISO after installing I installed Open box then I installed Konsole I can seem to open a Konsole without it being in root I need some guidness on how to open a terminal without being in root mod...Very Confused lol22:22
Walexwondows: and there are *many* problems with dual displays with GNU/Linux in general, and with MacOS too.22:22
Walexteb007est: Konsole drags in most of KDE, so it is not quite "minimal" for OpenBox.22:23
Walexteb007est: try the following....22:23
wondowsWalex: I guess the experience you have is almost totally based on luck22:23
Walexwondows: a friend of mine who was a professional tester says "never use custom options or configurations, only default ones get tested" :-)22:24
Walexwondows: Microsof, Apple, etc. tend to use the "social definition" of "works": it works if most users with their standard configurations don't complain.22:25
teb007estWalex: am not quite understand what your meaning "Try The Following"22:26
Walexwondows: for example you like have have a 4k display which means HiDPI, and not everything scales right under any of the common OSes.22:26
Walexteb007est: it is coming...22:26
Walexteb007est: open *some* console terminal.22:26
Walexteb007est: as 'root'22:26
wondowsWalex: I do complex stuff on macOS and hardly have any OS issues, or windowing issues. macOS is very pleasant for me to use. I guess I am just lucky. I can put these two 4K displays on my macbook and it just works22:26
Walexwondows: most of my MacOS users are "just lucky", so most of my Ubuntu users.22:27
Walexwondows: they tend to have very vanilla configurations.22:27
Walexteb007est: then do 'sudo -i -u USER' with your userid22:28
Walexteb007est: then try 'konsole' if you really must.22:28
teb007estWalex : When I creat the new user will it be root user I hope not lol22:29
Walexteb007est: I don't understand what you mean22:29
teb007estsudo -i -u USER what will this do22:30
tubalHello. Running bionic. I've had livepatch enabled for some time, but the software updated still cues me to reboot after kernel updates. At least, I *presume* those are the updated causing this behaviour. Is this a bug in Software Updater? Or is there some other software that might require a reboot?22:30
Walexteb007est: create a shell as USER22:31
teb007estWalex: God Bless You Kind Sir22:31
Walexteb007est: if that works there is no real to imagine why it should not work otherwise.22:33
Walextubal: I have never used 'livepatch' but I guess some patches cannot be made live.22:34
Walextubal: but it could be simply that Software Updater is simply reporting that the update says "should reboot" without being aware that you have enabled livepatching.22:35
Eickmeyer!livepatch | tubal, this is all I could find22:35
ubottutubal, this is all I could find: Canonical Livepatch is a service offered by Canonical for 64 bit 14.04 and higher installs that modifies the currently running kernel for updates without the need to restart. More information can be found at https://ubottu.com/y/livepatch and https://www.ubuntu.com/server/livepatch22:35
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tubalWalex: I think it would be the former -- the value proposition, I think, is 'no kernel reboots'.22:36
tubalthe latter, I meant.22:36
Eickmeyertubal: There might be other items, like a running process, that requires the reboot, but that's just speculation on my part.22:37
EickmeyerI regreat I don't have much time to dig into it, but I thought I could throw a couple ideas in for you, tubal. :)22:37
tubalEickmeyer: Yeah, thanks. :) That's one of my theories, too.22:38
rbanffyHi folks. Besides Konsole and Gnome Terminal, do we know of any other terminal emulators that support the overline ANSI escape sequence (ESC[53m)?22:40
dirtycajun24 hours later and no progess bar. im really starting to think sigusr1 isnt going to do anything with fsck.ext422:59
blackflowdirtycajun: why did you think it would?23:03
=== Noisette is now known as Plumette
Walexrbanffy: there is a rather comprehensive test here with a matrix of results: https://github.com/JoeMerten/Jfe/blob/master/Framework/tools/AnsiColors.py23:22
Walexrbanffy: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JoeMerten/Jfe/master/Framework/tools/AnsiColors.py23:22
Walexrbanffy: it does not look good for "overln" and indeed I tried your test on y-combinator and the one in the script on various terminals here and none does overline.23:23
Gabrielle_99Hey)) Wanna have fun with a horny girl? Check -->> https://t2m.io/i8vbfAhK23:28
MannyLNJI need some help please. My ubuntu system will only boot into single user mode. I need help fixing it. I am using the Live-CD image to boot the computer23:34
Bashing-om!ask | BlackHat04823:51
ubottuBlackHat048: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:51

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