OvenWerksEickmeyer: it seems that changing import dbus.glib to from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop works fine in 18.04. Do we need to test it in anything older?16:29
EickmeyerOvenWerks: No. 16.04 is EOL.16:30
OvenWerksI am assuming I need to do this to autojack as well...16:34
EickmeyerIf that's what the API requires, then yeah.16:37
OvenWerksHmm, maybe not, it seems to be that way already16:37
OvenWerksI will leave it as is.16:40
EickmeyerWoah. 4 Chroot problems in a row. That's unusual.16:48
* Eickmeyer blames Launchpad16:48
OvenWerksit is more likely that I did a commit in the middle of the build because I didn't know it was running.16:49
OvenWerksBut now it doesn't want to build :)16:50
EickmeyerDoubtful, but I just manually requested a build.16:50
EickmeyerLooks like it's going swimmingly now.16:52
OvenWerksif the build tries to copy the src into the chroot while it is being updated it would fail16:53
EickmeyerMaybe that is what happened then. Just bad timing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯16:53
OvenWerksYa, I had forgotten to update the changelog...16:54
OvenWerksso two commits instead of one.16:54
EickmeyerMeh, happens.17:12
OvenWerksAdding two spin boxes for number of pulse-jack bridges (input and output) this means the user can have 0 or more pulse inputs and 0 or more pulse outputs.17:25
OvenWerksGiven that, should we retain the pulse bridge check box as well?17:26
OvenWerksObviously 0 in both boxes is the same as off17:26
OvenWerksEickmeyer: ^17:27
EickmeyerYes. There are reasons to disable Pulse if Jack is running, the biggest of which is to lower the latency (buffer).17:28
OvenWerks0 bridges in both boxes already does that17:28
EickmeyerOh! Multiple bridges? I'm having trouble understanding why we'd need multiple.17:28
OvenWerkspulse with the dummy backend has no effect on either jack latency or cpu use, so it runs all the time. This also allows us not to mess with the pulse configuration.17:30
OvenWerksneed for more than one bridge? simple, think about a podcast where one of the speakers/guests is on skype. Now we want to play back something from a browser but want to mix it in a jack app17:31
OvenWerksIn such a case one input bridge and two output bridges would be needed17:33
OvenWerksIt would also allow someone to choose an output device from inside pulse where jack has more than one17:35
OvenWerksEickmeyer: if you run the latest -controls from CL should not longer give the dbus error.17:44
OvenWerksPublished 35 min ago now :)17:45
EickmeyerCool. 17:45
EickmeyerRE: Pulse bridge: Oh! Yeah, that makes sense!17:46
OvenWerksI could just use one number for bridges (input = output) but I think it is not worth the performance hit.17:47
EickmeyerI would like the ability to, with the dummy driver, specify the number of in/outs. That becomes extremely handy when doing setups without the physical hardware available, i.e. having Ardour or Carla all set and ready to go/saved with all connections, then adding the physical hardware later.17:50
EickmeyerEspecially handy for portable setups.17:50
* OvenWerks adds it to his list17:51
OvenWerksIt may be that some boxes should not even be visible in some modes. For example, the USB master box should not be visible in FW mode. But I have not been able (so far) to hide boxes.18:26
EickmeyerI agree with that. It's pretty clear that USB and Firewire don't mix. (no pun intended).18:27
OvenWerksAs master no, but bridged yes.18:27
OvenWerksCan't bridge fw of course, unless it is using the alsa driver18:28
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Confirmed, no more dbus errors.19:29

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