ponikohi last time updates were installed for some reason it asked me to set up unattended upgrades00:07
ponikoi thought that was really weird.00:07
ponikoshould i be concerned or is that normal in the last updates?00:08
ponikoIm using xubuntu 18.0400:10
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NewpersonI was wondering if any kind sir madam or non binary can help me with how to adjust screen brightness on this OS ?05:28
Newpersonit would be quite useful for me to know05:28
NewpersonOr maybe like most lite OS's  it cant be done easily and effectively ?05:30
IoloIt's probably in the settings under power manager, if you're talking about a laptop's screen brightness.05:32
NewpersonI'm not even sure its in there, and even if it is, you have  to go into power manager everytime?  cant just use keyboard shortcut, or add icon to taskbar?05:34
Newpersonim setting up the computer for somebody who will not be going into settings to chage stuff.  i need it easily accesible05:35
Newpersoni dont understand why som many linux OS's dont have easy access to brightness toggle.  It's fundamental.05:35
IoloIf you have keys on your keyboard that let you control the brightness, those should work. If not, you could maybe try installing xbacklight, and then binding keys to xbacklight -inc and -dec. Never tried it though, so not 100% that it'll work.05:38
Newpersonthe shortcut keys dont work.  I looked at xbacklight but its too hard. I cant install it cos i dont understand how05:40
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at https://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!05:41
ubottuHi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone05:41
ubottuSynaptic is a graphical utility which can install and remove software packages (.deb). For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto05:41
well_laid_lawnNewperson:        ↑05:42
Newpersoni cant understand all that05:42
well_laid_lawnsee the link ?05:43
Newpersoni tried to follow step by step how to install xbacklight,  couldnt do it.   so linux is still only for hobbyists i guess05:43
Newpersonyea i saw it05:43
well_laid_lawnit'll explain how to install a program05:43
Newpersoni dont want to read an encyclopedia just to use an OS05:43
Newpersonand easy directions?  or will go back to windows 10.  slow on 1gb, but oh well05:44
IoloWhich part did you have trouble with?05:44
Newpersonall of it.   every time i want to install something, i have problems following it05:44
Newpersonbasically for now, i just want the brightness toggle to work05:44
Newpersonas i say, isnt that absolutely fundamental?  yet devs dont seem to think so05:45
Unit193All I have to do on my netbook is hit the fn+up or down arrow keys, so it's pretty simple, for me. :305:45
Newpersonit doesnt work on this one.  yet on windows 10 it does05:46
Newpersoni trie lubuntu, xubuntu.  they dont work.. that would be so bad, but there is NO  slider i nthe task bar to adjust brigthness either.  unacceptable05:46
IoloAnd yet brightness control works out of the box for me. Seems like devs do care after all, but perhaps your machine has some kind of exotic configuration that hasn't been accounter for, for example.05:46
Unit193xfce4-power-manager, in the panel, should allow you to adjust your backlight too I believe..05:47
Newpersonno. i tried lubuntu on two other machine sin the past. had the same problem exact.  i was told xununtu was better.  but now05:47
Newpersonhow the hell am i a troll?  i just want my brightness working.  anyone who has issues with xubuntu is a troll.  bloody fanboys05:47
well_laid_lawnyou aren't being helpful to the people trying to help - just complaining alot05:48
well_laid_lawnwhat's the laptop model ? making things just need a tweak05:49
Newpersonget stuffed isiot.   u called me atroll, u started bef not me.  im 'complaining '  by explaining my issues?05:49
well_laid_lawnso much hate05:50
Unit193That's really not helping to solve your technical issue, can you please stay on point?05:50
Newpersonu called me a troll  asshole05:50
Newpersonwhen was i rude to you before that?05:50
Unit193Newperson: Please.05:50
Newpersonso can anybidy civil help me with my issue or not possible ?05:51
Newpersonanyone, or ill just install something else.05:54
Newpersonso the only one offering help is the twat who called me a troll.   nice room05:56
knomeNewperson, please, you havent even told us your laptop model.05:57
knomehow arenwe supposed to help wth your issue?05:57
Newpersonnot calling me a troll might be a good start05:57
NewpersonAcer aspire one d255  1gb   x64 processor05:58
knomegot to go. bbl.05:58
Newpersoni need t oget an OS in there.  oif you dont know how to help me just say and i'll install something else06:00
Newpersonforget it.  uninstalling. using something that's actually  a complete and usable OS06:08
Newpersonand if im a troll, ure a fanboy06:08
MrBrownswordHow do I install Skype please?  Got a tarminal command I cna paste. all online ones I found failed. Xubuntu 18.0409:06
diogenes_MrBrownsword, why don't you run it in browser?09:07
diogenes_no installation needed.09:07
MrBrownswordbwoser make s it run slower.  have a very slow machine here.09:09
diogenes_MrBrownsword, ok then try this: sudo apt install https://repo.skype.com/latest/skypeforlinux-64.deb09:10
MrBrownswordhow to run it ?09:10
diogenes_in terminal09:10
MrBrownswordi dont know how09:11
diogenes_press alt+ctrl+t09:11
diogenes_then copy/paste that command09:11
diogenes_press enter09:11
MrBrownswordthat isnt a download link you mean?  its a terminal command i should paste?09:11
diogenes_you paste the entire command09:11
diogenes_sudo apt install https://repo.skype.com/latest/skypeforlinux-64.deb09:11
MrBrownerswordi had to log in on my xubuntu computer.  can i have the link again pleaese09:14
diogenes_sudo apt install https://repo.skype.com/latest/skypeforlinux-64.deb09:14
MrBrownerswordbuilding dependency tree etc...09:15
MrBrownerswordE: Unable to locate package https://repo.skype.com/latest E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'https://repo.skype.com/latest' E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'https://repo.skype.com/latest'09:15
diogenes_ok then run this09:16
diogenes_wget  https://repo.skype.com/latest/skypeforlinux-64.deb09:16
MrBrownerswordthanks. downloading something now09:17
MrBrownerswordWhy is linux sush a headache?  not poible in linux to just download a exe and cick to instal?  does my head in constantly09:18
diogenes_after its done, run: sudo apt install skype (and press Tab key)09:19
pmjdebruijnhe can just click to install the .deb right?09:19
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: download exe from random sources is per se a great idea09:19
diogenes_pmjdebruijn, yes he can but i find terminal way much easier.09:19
pmjdebruijndiogenes_: I doubt MrBrownersword will :)09:19
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: essetinally it's just download .deb and click to install on linux, hardly anuy different from linux09:20
pmjdebruijnugh Windows09:20
MrBrownerswordsometimes clickign wrks and sometimes doent.. and ive no idea why. just a real mess09:20
diogenes_pmjdebruijn, even microsoft has recognized that terminal way of doing stuff is much easier that's why the released their fancy terminal :)09:20
MrBrownersworduhg'  why?09:20
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: I've never had it fail09:20
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: it's not a mess really09:20
MrBrownerswordhow can it be easier?  i spend most of my time on linux asking for help.  i spend most of my time on windws just using it.09:21
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: it said it was roughly the same09:21
MrBrownerswordwell it does for me.. ive no idea.. sometimes click stuff and it just wnt wrk.  other times there is not even an option to click09:21
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: we were taklin gabout .deb files, not other things09:22
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: also, presumablinh you already have 10yrs or experience using Windows09:22
MrBrownerswordwell i dont knowl.. ackage files...  soem stuff wont instal.  and deb file arent common enough09:22
pmjdebruijnwhich heavily biases your perception of what is easy and how thinsg should work09:22
diogenes_MrBrownersword, unfortunately linux same as windows and same as any other stuff in the world, is not for everyone.09:22
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: "not common enough"?09:22
pmjdebruijnlinux is less used OS09:22
fietMrBrownersword:Funny, fot me it's the other way around.09:22
MrBrownerswordno it doenst.  vitrualltevery program is installed wih .exe.  and only two version. 32 or 64 bit.    linux u haev to do all sorts or cray stuff in termnial depending on wat linux u got09:23
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: you need ubuntu software for ubuntu yes.. just like you need windows software for windows, no difference there really09:23
diogenes_MrBrownersword, and do you know what exactly you install by clicking the .exe file?09:23
MrBrownerswordwindows is the easier os in the world.  linux is a nightmare. i use it on slow computer though.. or tr to09:24
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: aside from the security issues that arise from having regular people "just click .exe files downloaded from the internet" but that's a seperate argument09:24
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: the point being, if you're not really willing to learn a new os, why even try?09:24
MrBrownerswordi don care.  the old 'exe' virus arguement.    i  spent a tiny amount of time dealing wih windows viruses. i spend masses of time trying o stall things on linux.  i'll take he .exe  thanks.  anyday09:24
MrBrownerswordim willing to learn , but linux is too hadrd.   people pretend it isnt but it is09:25
MrBrownerswordim willing to learn liek a windows level os.. liek i did with windows its seld09:25
diogenes_MrBrownersword, i learnt it in one week09:25
MrBrownerswordbut the terminal can go to ehll as fat as im concered09:25
MrBrownerswordoh well ure a genuis then09:25
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: just stick to Windows then09:26
MrBrownerswordmost people would not like linu.. its simplt too hard09:26
pmjdebruijnand while I don't know diogenes_ well, he's probably not a genius09:26
pmjdebruijndiogenes_: no offense :D09:26
MrBrownerswordit free yet has a tiny user base as an os. that says it all09:26
pmjdebruijnagain, feel free, not to use linux09:27
diogenes_pmjdebruijn, only apple employees are geniuses it's even written on their bagdes lol, genius bar.09:27
pmjdebruijnnobody is forcing you09:27
MrBrownerswordwell, again, feel free t ostop pretending its easy to use.09:27
pmjdebruijnnobody is pretending09:27
MrBrownerswordim not biased,  just try to be rational09:27
MrBrownerswordyes they are, it is NOT easy learning termninal commands to just instal something.. and having to change the commands depending on your linix type09:28
pmjdebruijnthe differences aren't that big09:28
MrBrownerswordyes they are09:28
pmjdebruijnand you don't need the terminal to install most things09:28
MrBrownerswordim totaly lost. i need NO terminal skill in windows. NONE09:28
MrBrownerswordyes you do09:28
MrBrownerswordunles its ubuntu. teh best linux  for that reason09:29
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: not really distros cater to beginners09:29
MrBrownerswordthe rest is a shambles09:29
pmjdebruijnthis is exaclty why diversity matters09:29
pmjdebruijnthe rest isn't shambles. they have different goals09:29
MrBrownswordand the average person simply cannot use them09:29
pmjdebruijnthe idea that one thing can or should be universally best is flawed09:29
MrBrownswordi wish people would stop pretening they can09:29
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: this why why people recommend ubuntu for beginers09:30
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: again, nobody is forcing you09:30
MrBrownswordubuntu i can use..  it sgood enough.. took years.. but now its usuable09:30
MrBrownswordi dint say anyone was forcing me09:30
pmjdebruijnthen why complain about it09:30
MrBrownswordbut people always give hte impression its easy.  or 'learn it in a week'09:30
pmjdebruijnif you don't like it, stop using it09:30
MrBrownswordbecasue im trying to let u realise its NOT easy09:30
MrBrownsword#and im trying ot use a lightweight OS that actuall yworks, and is usable ot th ecommon man09:31
MrBrownswordyea, i probably will stop09:31
MrBrownswordits a fucking shambles09:31
pmjdebruijnthat's the beauty of choice09:32
pmjdebruijnno need to get worked up about something you can easily avoid09:32
MrBrownswordok mr smug.  i asuumed this was a usable working lightweight os..  i guess i was wrong.. unless i have a degree in terminal code09:32
MrBrownswordyea.. we alll have a choice aint that swell09:32
MrBrownswordi have to try it before i know i have to avoid it.. jeez u smug asshole09:33
MrBrownerswordi second that.  most linux users are disgustingly smug and refuse to admit their terminal based shambles is not suitable for the everyday user.09:34
pmjdebruijni'm not sure what you want from us09:35
MrBrownswordwell..  not much i guess..  i was hoping fo rhonesty sat least.  i actually hate it wit hthis 'its as easy as windows ' crap.   its downright decietful09:35
pmjdebruijneven if so, so then you try linux for a few hours, discover it's not for you, then you move back to windows09:36
pmjdebruijnnot the end of the worth09:36
MrBrownswordi didnt fuckin say it was09:36
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: you attitude heavily implies so09:37
MrBrownswordno, my attitude is what i tis.  pissed of with these linux fanboys pretending linux is as easy as windows and 'my granny can use it'09:37
MrBrownswordwhts that got to do with the end of the world?  just stating fucking facts09:37
pmjdebruijnthing why get so worked up about this at all09:38
knomeMrBrownsword, please, stop.09:38
pmjdebruijnit does seem important in any sense09:38
gnrpno mod here?09:38
MrBrownswordcoz ive spent fucking hours trying to sort it out.  and people tell me its a breeze.09:38
pmjdebruijnMrBrownersword: so you had a bad experience, you still learnt linux isn't for you09:39
pmjdebruijnwe didn't take your money, like apple would09:39
MrBrownerswordits not for 99% of people.  and its free.  yet we still dont want it09:39
pmjdebruijnthat's fine09:39
bodiccealol, it was interesting conversation :-)09:41
bodicceaOh, knome, why did you have to do it twice ?09:41
knomebodiccea, a non-support, non-family-friendly conversation09:41
knometwo clients.09:41
Unit193pmjdebruijn: That really doesn't help the situation..09:42
gnrpin principle, he is right. Terminals are a major turn-off for 99% of computer users. The question is if desktop linux has to serve their needs09:42
knomefwiw, if you want to continue this discussion in a civil manner, please take it to #xubuntu-offtopic :)09:42
knomehello Unit19309:42
bodicceaWhen I said " interesting :-) ", I meant funny.09:42
gnrpknome: tbh, that channel seems still a bit weird to me09:43
gnrpseems like it is a meeting point for xubuntu devs rather than for people hanging out around xubuntu09:43
knomegnrp, it is a channel for all talk that is not support questions.09:43
knomewait, xubuntu developers aren't "people hanging out around xubuntu" ? :)09:43
gnrpyes, but there is no 100% overlap of the two groups ;)09:44
knomeof course not. but other people are more than welcome to join the discussion there too.09:44
knomegnrp, if we can lure you into that channel, we can continue the discussion about that channel too :P09:45
gnrpknome: I have been in there for some time. And I am again now. ;)09:45
bodicceaI have a question about xfce4-terminal. I use terminals 4-5 ways (local or remote session, root or not). I would like to have different colors for each. I was able to use text and bg colors, but not others (such as selection/cursor colors). There are some themes, I found how to create mine on some forums, but could not find an option to choose a theme on command-line. Is it possible ?09:54
bodicceaThe equivalent of gnome-terminal "--profile" option I mean.09:56
pmjdebruijngnrp: sure there isn't 100% parity09:56
pmjdebruijnbut there is also a heavy bias of people having 10+ years of experience with windows09:56
pmjdebruijnso viewpoint really really do impact this discussion09:57
pmjdebruijni really do wonder if that guy was sincere but incredibly immature, or he was trolling though10:00
knomepmjdebruijn, this discussion belongs to #xubuntu-offtopic too, but frustration can lead to aggressive behavior.10:01
gnrpI guess both10:01
pmjdebruijngnrp: the difference is intent :)10:02
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qwebirc45364hi. i have accidentally enable some sort of "zoom" on my xubuntu 17.10 laptop. How on earth do i get out? I really can't restart my laptop right now!16:23
qwebirc45364alt plus mouse wheel.16:25
qwebirc45364that is way too easy to hit accidentally.16:26
diogenes_qwebirc45364, that is a super useful feature btw and you can disable it16:57
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xubuntu91whi all22:22
xubuntu91wbeen using xubuntu 18.04 for a few days and have noticed some bugs in thunar22:22
xubuntu91wwas wondering where i should report these bugs22:22
brainwashxubuntu91w: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/22:25
brainwashxubuntu91w: 18.04 still has the older thunar 1.6, so it would be best to test with 1.8 before reporting a new bug22:26
xubuntu91wbrainwash: thanks22:52
xubuntu91wi presume 1.8 is available in ubuntu 19.0422:53
xubuntu91wthought that bug fixes were coming into the 1.6 branch while 1.8 was only for the porting to gtk322:55
brainwashxubuntu91w: not every fix can be backported to 1.623:00
brainwashthe main focus is on 1.823:01
brainwashso, what bugs are you encountering?23:01
xubuntu91wbrainwash: one bug, which i noticed also in xubuntu 16.04 is at random times, one of my cpu cores would be maxed out for no apparent reason23:16
xubuntu91wanother bug is with syncronization between the tree view and the file view. sometimes i've seen 3 copies of hidden folders appear. sometimes hidden files appear in file view but not in tree view. sometimes tree view is showing the hidden folders when they are not shown in the file view.23:18
xubuntu91wneed to restart my router. will be back23:19
xubuntu91wi'm back :D23:29
brainwashxubuntu91w: maxed out by thunar?23:31
xubuntu91wyep 1 cpu core maxed out by thunar23:31
xubuntu91wit happens randomly but i've noticed it enough times23:31
xubuntu91wno idea what maybe causing it23:32
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10161 in Core "Stuck tree pane makes Thunar use 100% CPU" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:33
brainwashor https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1490023:34
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 14900 in Core "Thunar utilizes 100%CPU when the parent directory is not readable" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:34
xubuntu91wsilly router :D23:38
brainwashgot the links?23:39
xubuntu91wyep got them23:40
brainwashI haven't checked if there is a report for the second issue23:40
xubuntu91wnot sure that 14900 is it23:40
xubuntu91wfix for 10161 will becoming out in 1.6.16, so i can see if that solves it23:41
xubuntu91wassume this point release will come to xubuntu 18.0423:41
brainwashunless someone creates a bug report on launchpad23:42
ubottuStable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates23:42
xubuntu91wxenial came with 1.6.10 and 1.6.11 came in the updates, so i'm hopeful23:46
xubuntu91wbrainwash: anyway to get xfce rolling on an ubuntu base, similar to how neon is with kde23:47
brainwashstable ubuntu base you mean?23:49
Unit193I push a lot of backports to https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/staging?field.series_filter=bionic, but I stay away from anything that would require rebuilds (IOW, break repo versions.) which thunar, xfce4-panel, and xfconf (to some extent) would do.23:49
xubuntu91wbrainwash: like linux mint uses the ubuntu base and updates cinammon and mate desktops each point release. unfortunately they dont do that with xfce23:50
brainwashright. it's quite some work to maintain a PPA with up-to-date components.23:53
xubuntu91wi tried a rolling release (manjaro) but had a bad experience, so i want a stable base23:54
xubuntu91wwas using mate desktop with thunar for many years, but got tired of bugs in mate and now want only xfce23:56

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