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MeatsackApogeeAnyone know how to turn off bluetooth and keep it of?  everytime i restart its on again.  Lubuntu 18.4.201:49
MeatsackApogeealso the task bar volume changer wont work. as soon at it pops up and i move out of the taskbar area to change it - it closes01:51
jasmuzGood evening all.02:20
guivercMeatsackApogee, if you remove the 'minimize' condition on your panel, you should be able to access the slider correctly (as I recall).03:08
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AlterEdoHi I'm having trouble installing lubuntu 19, can someone help me please?16:41
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lubot<teward001> not without details on the issues you're facing16:49
lubot<Edoardo Storato> I revived an old hp compaq, but lubuntu stars only live16:49
lubot<Edoardo Storato> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/ufXSQik.jpg this is how I managed the main hd16:50
lubot<Edoardo Storato> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/1mDKau2.jpg this is what comes out if I boot from the main hd, I ran a dick check and there were no errors16:55
lubot<Edoardo Storato> disk* 😂16:56
wxlEdoardo: did you check the hashes of the ISO and check the disc for defects at boot?17:57
kc2bezIt also isn't clear which option was chosen or how the partitioning was broken up. I notice a swap partition, if you want to erase and install, it is necessary to turn swap off before starting the installer.18:21
lubot<Edoardo Storato> I'm running the hp preinstalled disk check program and re-downloading the 19.04 iso. The option for erase hdd and install is no longer there, so I followed a yt tutorial were they created that swap partition18:27
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