alkisg(03:57:03 PM) sforshee: alkisg: the first time you install a dkms module while booted under secure boot you should get prompted about creating a MOK and given further instructions06:21
alkisg==> https://termbin.com/p82v ==> I'm supposed to be seeing a whiptail menu but I don't! I guess some stdio descriptor has been redirected and it only works when updating from GUI?!06:21
alkisgIt did show up later on with `dpkg --configure -a`... dunno, maybe `apt --yes` breaks stdin :/06:38
alkisgMeh, failed not open \efi\boot\max64.efi: not found => won't boot06:44
alkisgIt should be looking in ubuntu\mmx64.efi instead, copying the file...06:46
alkisgOK that worked. I wonder if these 2 bugs affect everyone, or just my installation.06:54
tomreynhmm, "max64.efi" sounds like a typo to me.07:05
tomreynalso ubuntu uefi boot code is usually installed to /efi/ubuntu/ rather than /efi/BOOT/, i think07:08
alkisgtomreyn: true, my first line there was my own typo; but the fact that it looks in boot rather than ubuntu wasn't a typo07:49
tomreynthanks for clarifying.07:55
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sforsheecyphermox: ^ alkisg is seeing some issues with setting up the MOK for dkms11:59
cyphermoxalkisg: no; it's expected; we largerly install in both locations because some systems are busted and don't record the BootEntry for ubuntu12:01
cyphermoxas for the upgrade issue, that's a known bug that someone is working on. headers redirect output for dkms12:02
alkisgcyphermox: thank you; I only had mmx64 in one location; I had to manually use cp; maybe it's been resolved after I installed that system12:29
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tomreynare there some rough plans on a 5.x kernel backport (HWE) to 18.04?13:16
tomreyni know there's one in proposed, but it's been there for a while13:16
tomreyni was hoping to see it on hwe-edge at least13:17
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