wildmanne39Bashing-om, it looks good03:18
Bashing-omwildmanne39: Ho-kay :) .. We look good to go.03:25
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Security:: Episode 31 @ https://ubuntusecuritypodcast.org/episode-31/03:48
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: Linux Kernel 5.1 Gets First Point Release, It's Now Ready for Mass Deployments @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-kernel-5-1-gets-first-point-release-it-s-now-ready-for-mass-deployments-526006.shtml (by Marius Nestor)13:08
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: KDE Plasma 5.16 Desktop Environment Will Bring Completely Revamped Notifications @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/kde-plasma-5-16-desktop-environment-will-bring-completely-revamped-notifications-526007.shtml (by Marius Nestor)14:42
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: ExTiX 19.5 "The Ultimate Linux System" Officially Released with Linux Kernel 5.1 @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/extix-19-5-the-ultimate-linux-system-officially-released-with-linux-kernel-5-1-526008.shtml (by Marius Nestor)15:47
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: KDE Applications 19.04 Open-Source Software Suite Gets Its First Point Release @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/kde-applications-19-04-open-source-software-suite-gets-its-first-point-release-526009.shtml (by Marius Nestor)16:28
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: Google and Collabora Add Major Change to Linux Kernel 5.1 for Chrome OS Devices @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/google-and-collabora-add-major-change-to-linux-kernel-5-1-for-chrome-os-devices-526014.shtml (by Marius Nestor)18:10
Bashing-omPulling "WIP" - target time to publish 20:00 GMT.18:43
Bashing-omM/L is away - doing the forum post nect :D20:02
Bashing-omForum post done - redirecting next.20:04
Bashing-omAnd the re-directs are done - pending is the social medias :)20:19
wildmanne39Bashing-om, I will start on them in a minute20:55
Bashing-omwildmanne39: :)20:56
wildmanne39Bashing-om, you my 2nd?21:10
Bashing-omwildmanne39: In the dark as I know nothing about the Fridge - but Yes I second that the WIKI is sound :)21:11
wildmanne39I have checked all links I see nothing wrong with the fridge post21:12
Bashing-omwildmanne39: Yup - Fridge checks good for me too :)21:16
wildmanne39Thanks for looking Bashing-om ! All done!21:17
wildmanne39Good job everyone!21:18
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 578 @ http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2019/05/13/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-578/21:30
Bashing-omBots confirm the Fridge posting :)21:33
wildmanne39Bashing-om, yep I saw that!:)21:52
wildmanne39It was quick today21:52
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Fridge:: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 578 @ http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2019/05/13/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-578/ (by wildmanne39)21:53
Bashing-omguiverc: Publish is all done & wildmanne39 : clear now to wipe Gdoc ?22:13
guiverci can't see why not Bashing-om22:20
wildmanne39Bashing-om, yes22:20
Bashing-omwipping :D22:25
Bashing-omAnddd .. we do UWN579 :P22:29
Wild_ManThanks Bashing-om22:30
Wild_ManYes I lean some when turning and curves but the trike really does not, I am using my body as a counter balance22:31
Bashing-omwildmanne39: My little contribution to the overall effort :D22:31
Wild_ManI am thinking about taking it to a three day rally in New Mexico Starting Thursday, if I have the money and someone to watch my wife22:32
Bashing-omwildmanne39: ^^ wrong channel :)22:32
wildmanne39Bashing-om, I am posting from irrsi and hexchat, got confused22:34
Bashing-omwildmanne39: Happens to the best of us :P22:35
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