stoned/home/stoned/.local/share/akonadi/ is taking 6gb of space! What is this directory and can I remove it?00:21
stonedIt could be because I isntalled kmail and it was synced to gmail00:23
stonedI don't use kmail anymore00:23
leftyfbstoned: something something KDE. I'd look in it before wiping it. Maybe run ncdu on it. It's apparently the user framework(settings?) for KDE00:32
jazizalright so I've set up this ssh thing on one computer01:03
jazizbut have realized when I try to ssh to my server from another computer, I'm given a "permission denied (publickey)"01:04
jazizand idk how to access the file on my windows machine to copy it over to my other computer01:04
jazizlooks like the file is hidden and I'm not sure how to directly access ubuntu on windows' filesystem01:04
CarlFKif I want to apt source openocd  from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openocd/0.10.0-1build1 - can I just wget one of those files, or should I add artful repo ?01:13
Bashing-om!17.10 | CarlFK01:17
ubottuCarlFK: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html01:17
CarlFKBashing-om: is openocd available in  something supported?01:19
Bashing-omCarlFK: What is not suitable with the version in the repo ?01:20
Bashing-om!info openocd  bionic01:20
ubottuopenocd (source: openocd): Open on-chip JTAG debug solution for ARM and MIPS systems. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.0-4 (bionic), package size 2094 kB, installed size 5888 kB01:20
CarlFKBashing-om: I need a newer version, so looking at either building from git, or trying to back port the package01:21
CarlFKthe box I am installing on will do 2 things: run that and jenkins.  if I break it, I'll reinstall the OS and try something else01:22
Bashing-omCarlFK: disco (19.04) >> 0.10.0-5: .01:23
CarlFKright - so back to: how do I apt source that?01:24
CarlFKoh, I was looking down a level.. found em: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openocd/01:25
Bashing-omCarlFK: CarlFK Tread careful here --- ' apt depends openocd ' says there be dragons here :D01:26
nolsenSo I upgraded from 18.04, 18.10, then 19.04 today, and now I cannot resolve any domains. I can connect to external IPs01:26
BluecoatDid kvpm fall out of the packages in Disco?01:26
nolsenbut DNS isn't being resolved anymore01:26
CarlFKBashing-om:  i 1/2 expect it to break everything01:26
Bashing-omCarlFK: Uh Huh - "Depends: libc6 " makes me shiver :)01:27
CarlFKyeah - bumped into that once already and gave up01:27
BluecoatBashing-om: better than depending on libc5.01:34
CarlFKhey.. isn't this what containers help with?01:35
Bluecoatthat's how I solved the problem.  For me at least.  My colleagues eyes tend to glaze over when I try to explain docker to them. :P01:38
nolsenSo I upgraded from 18.04, 18.10, then 19.04 today, and now I cannot resolve any domains. I can connect to external IPs, but DNS is not resolving anything, any help?01:41
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apurvaneed help02:29
Bashing-om!ask | apurva02:31
ubottuapurva: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:31
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jr_i need help02:32
apurvai m using ppermin os 9 is there any official channel02:33
stevendaleapurva: One second02:33
Bashing-om!alis | apu02:34
ubottuapu: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"02:34
stevendalePugabyte_: No02:34
stevendaleThere's a forum02:34
stevendaleapurva: not Pugabyte_02:34
stevendaleapurva: https://forum.peppermintos.com/02:34
transhumanisthi! whats the easiest way to allow chrome to display output of a video camera03:11
transhumanistwithout creating files03:11
transhumanistthat is streaming?03:11
mousestranshumanist: depends on the format of said video files, but this is not really a ubuntu question03:12
mousestranshumanist: in theory you should be able to just plug in the camera, browse it's filesystem, and drag a video file right into chrome (or use chrome's open file dialogue to select a file from the mounted camera device)03:13
transhumanistsorry I should have added I need it to have a port on the local ip address03:13
transhumanisttrying to pipe it through yolo03:14
transhumanist(requires like a http://localhost:8081 cant get it working with "motion"03:14
[n0mad]transhumanist: the port is configurable in /etc/motion/motion.conf03:30
transhumanist[n0mad], yeah it seems to work it starts it then it starts dumping .jpgs to hard drive but when I try to goto http://<my host name>:8081 it fails to show03:32
[n0mad]and 8081 is the port configured? there's 2 ports, one for admin and one for stream03:33
[n0mad]both should show something though03:33
[n0mad]i never had to do anything special to get mine to work03:33
[n0mad]transhumanist: there's also a stream_localhost....if it's on then you can only see it on localhost03:34
sgt_chucklesCan anyone help me with this error. Every time I try to play a video using the Videos app, I get an error saying: "No valid frames decoded before end of stream."03:39
sgt_chucklesMeanwhile the same video plays perfectly when I drag it into Chrome browser.03:40
transhumanistfigured it out thanks [n0mad]03:45
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IMGADhelp m!!!04:36
bryanroderyckis tere a ubuntu 19 in 32 bit?04:51
krytarikbryanroderyck: Nope.04:53
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: you can try out lubuntu 18.04 32bit of you want04:57
bryanroderyckonly for 18.04 is it?04:58
bryanroderyckwere i can find it?04:58
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: https://lubuntu.net/lubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-released/04:59
mch 05:05
mchi am back05:05
krytarikbryanroderyck: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ - if you search for "i386" there, you can see which Ubuntu flavors still got a 32-bit image on which release, and start a torrent download by clicking on the respective link.05:07
mas27link instahack yang masih active ada ?05:17
mas27tolong dong05:17
lotuspsychje!english | mas2705:17
ubottumas27: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:17
mas27can you help me ?05:18
lotuspsychjemas27: ask your ubuntu question please05:18
mas27im just newbee in here05:18
mas27dont jugde me05:18
bryanroderyckkrytarik : the ubuntu torrent link is broken are there other way to get to te torrent?05:24
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lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: the link works fine05:26
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: is your system up to date? did you play with firefox settings? firewall or router blocking?05:31
bryanroderyckno -- not really  ..05:32
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: lsb_release -a && uname -a && apt-cache policy firefox in a pastebin please?05:33
dev1cegive me link git clone for hack instagram05:35
lotuspsychjedev1ce: this is the ubuntu support channel here only ubuntu questions please05:35
krytarikbryanroderyck: Well, some addon is forcing that page to HTTPS - which it doesn't support.05:35
dev1celotuspsychje : opss oke man05:36
jcottonreally? no https?05:37
dev1cejcotton : ?05:37
lotuspsychjejcotton: please leave comments like that out of support05:38
bryanroderycki stop the http everywhere addon but still dont work...what can be done please?05:39
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: can you pastebin the info i asked?05:41
bryanroderyckcan you tell me w05:41
bryanroderyckbroken keyboard ..wich part of the command to be used?05:42
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: lsb_release -a && uname -a && apt-cache policy firefox05:43
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: ok thank you, and looks all good, now try what krytarik suggested and disable possible addons block, then restart firefox05:46
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: wich lubuntu version do you want?05:47
bryanroderycki want to use 18.0405:49
lotuspsychjebryanroderyck: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/lubuntu-18.04-desktop-i386.iso05:50
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bryanroderyckthanks ...but are there any ubuntu 18 in 32 bit...actually i upgrade 16.04 to 18.04 over the terminal but i still have errors that why im looking for ubuntu05:57
bryanroderyckare there any ubuntu 18.04 in 32 bit?06:03
bryanroderycknot lubuntu06:03
jcottonyou have a 32bit machine in 2019?06:05
bryanroderycki use an old laptop06:05
bryanroderycki3 core06:06
dev1cecan you help me , somebody ?06:55
roboircask your question dev1ce06:55
roboircsomebody will answer if they can06:56
dev1cecan you hacking ?06:56
dev1cerobirc : can you hack my instagram xlove ?06:57
tomreyn!ot | dev1ce06:58
roboircno sorry06:58
ubottudev1ce: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:58
dev1cerobirc : ok thanks man , i apreciate06:58
Ouyeshey, guys, I have a ubuntu 16.04 in a virtual machine via virtualbox, the host is a windows 10, the network configure two card, one is nat, one is bridged-network, the problem is the bridged-network can not get ip address, do you know why?07:27
OuyesI search on the internet, there is no working answer.07:27
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ilps aux08:11
cfhowlettil try it in your terminal not in irc08:11
ubottuPlease avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:12
ilwhat is irc08:12
cfhowlettthis chat08:12
ilthis so sexy08:12
ili am like hackers now08:13
miaHey all08:13
ilcfhowlett where are you from08:13
miawhen I'm using alsa in a DAW app, I can't hear anything from any other app08:14
ilhi mia08:14
miaalsa is sort of taking the control of my audio interface08:14
miahow can I stop this behavior08:14
cfhowlettil chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please. this is ubuntu support only08:14
ilok sorry08:14
ducasseil: do you have an ubuntu question?08:14
ilhow can change my dm08:14
ducasseil: just install a new one, and you will be prompted which one to use08:15
ilin debian i change /etc/X11/default-display-manager and this works but in kubuntu its dont do any thing08:16
ili had to remove and re install dms to change my dm08:16
ilits stupid08:16
cfhowlettil are you using debian?08:17
ili have kubuntu08:17
ila distro based on ubuntu08:17
ducasseil: use 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure <name-of-dm>' to change08:18
cfhowlettil logout.  click on the gear to select your dm  login08:18
cfhowlettor this ^^^08:18
ducassethe gear changes de, not dm08:18
ilpashmam , thanks so much , its work :}}}}}08:20
zullGood Morning. I have a problem: I have an ubuntu server with the IP with nginx installed. I am trying to point the domain globepostalservice-posta-nazionale.com to this IP from yesterday.  I Put tail -f in all nginx log files from nginx and try to reach the domain with the browser. No requests arrived. I Just would like to understand if it is a my server configuration problem(maybe I need to configure bind?) o08:20
zullr is it a DNS propagation problem or what?08:20
cfhowlettzull perhaps #ubuntu-server would be better?08:22
ducassezull: there's no dns a record for globepostalservice-posta-nazionale.com that i can find08:23
zullducasse what does it means?08:23
zulland what to do?08:24
ducassezull: nothing, there isn't any. fix this on your dns server08:24
zullthen isn't it a problem of my side? I mean my ubuntu server?08:25
tomreynzull: it's not something you need to fix on ubuntu, no.08:26
ducasseno, it's not a problem with the web server08:26
miaCan't find anythişng anywhere :(08:26
miaSo channel, I'm trying to use my ubuntu for music production08:26
miathe problem is that when alsa is active in my DAW application, I can't hear any system sounds08:26
miaonlşy sound coming from my DAW is hearable08:26
miaeverything else goes silent08:26
cfhowlett#opensourcemusic mia08:26
miain Windows, there was a checkbox in my soundcard, like "take exclusive control"08:27
cfhowlettor possibly #ubuntustudio or your DAW's support options08:27
zullthanks a lot ducasse08:27
miaso that apps could take exclusive control of the audio interface08:27
ducassezull: try ##networking08:27
spinningCati try to install bridge-utils ia32-libs-multiarch packages but that doesnt exist08:28
ducassemia: try #ubuntustudio08:28
miacfhowlett, this is not a daw specific question actually08:28
miamore of a general question08:28
miajust tried thanks ducasse08:28
spinningCatis there any replacement on the system for these packages?08:28
tomreynspinningCat: your ubuntu version, please?08:29
tomreynand describe why you're trying to install these packages - are you following some how.to?08:29
spinningCatyes i try to initialize kvm08:30
tomreynbridge-utils exists on ubuntu 18.04 lts08:30
tomreynthe third sentence of this how-to you just linked to says "For Ubuntu systems, see Ubuntu KVM Installation -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation"08:32
tomreynspinningCat: ^ and this ubuntu specific how-to doe snot mention "ia32-libs-multiarch"08:33
spinningCatso android how to is out of date then08:33
tomreynmaybe, or maybe it is trying to be generic. different instructions may apply to different linux distros.08:34
tomreynthe last line on the developer.android.com how-to does indeed seem to be ubuntu specific and no longer valid on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.08:36
spinningCati got this adduser: The group `libvirtd' does not exist.08:36
spinningCati installed dev package08:37
tomreynthe instructions given for 18.10 ("Cosmic") should also apply to Ubuntu 18.0408:38
spinningCatdamn there is libvirt and libvirtd08:38
spinningCatwhich one is correct?08:39
tomreynspinningCat: where do you see both "libvirt" and "libvirtd"?08:39
spinningCatlibvirtd does not exist it seems whereas libvirt exist. Tutorial mention libvirtd https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation08:40
spinningCati didnt see both in same place i am just confused08:41
tomreyn<tomreyn> the instructions given for 18.10 ("Cosmic") should also apply to Ubuntu 18.0408:41
tomreynthis Cat is spinning too much, read slowly.08:41
tomreynhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation#Add_Users_to_Groups -> Cosmic (18.10) -> "The group name is changed to libvirt: "08:42
spinningCatokay same apply to 18.04 i assume08:43
spinningCatokay then i am all set08:43
miaI can seem to find jackaudio package in software center08:47
miaam I missing something?08:47
miajack2 is also missing from apt-get08:47
cfhowlettmia, what ubuntu version?08:47
cfhowlettmia, try again.  apt search jack shows it just fine for me08:48
ducassemake sure universe is enabled08:49
miacfhowlett, E: Unable to locate package jack208:50
miasudo apt install jack208:50
miathis is the install command that I'm using08:50
ducassewhat about 'jack'?08:50
miait's an old version08:51
miaoh looks like the package name is jackd208:52
miayes, thanks!08:52
miait was used to be jack208:52
miamaybe I misremember08:52
miaAnyway, thank you!08:52
miaI'll try this now08:52
ducassemia: 'apt search --names-only ^jack' will list that package names that start with 'jack'08:54
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:01
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dabrain34when i'm starting xchat i'm always getting: This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.09:05
dabrain34so i have to run the command09:06
dabrain34but can I automate this in a way ?09:06
lotuspsychje!xchat | dabrain3409:06
ubottudabrain34: xchat and xchat-gnome are old IRC clients which are not actively maintained outside of Ubuntu/Debian. Some versions of Ubuntu do not include them. Users of 14.04 onwards should strongly consider using hexchat instead, which has good upstream support and is widely recommended by the IRC community over xchat and xchat-gnome.09:06
cfhowlettdabrain34, see your hexchat channel settings for autologin09:08
spinningCatthere is no .bash_profile in my system09:26
geirhathere's .profile by default. Bash will use that if .bash_profile doesn't exist09:28
spinningCateand no .bashrc09:29
spinningCat.profile is empty09:29
spinningCatis it a problem?09:29
EriC^^spinningCat: is there something in /etc/skel09:30
geirhadid you create a user using the useradd command perhaps?09:30
spinningCatand that file's owner is root wth09:31
spinningCati am not sure geirha09:31
spinningCatEriC^^,  example.desktop there is09:32
SwizzyHi! I have a question that I am seeking some input on. If I want to use Ubuntu with the Xfce DE should I use Xubuntu straight away or go with a Ubuntu install and then just install xfce? I am looking for the smallest (least bloat) and most stable installation. Security is also a major concern, but I assume won't be much different.09:32
spinningCatEriC^^,  do you need content of example.desktop09:32
geirhaspinningCat: ls -la /etc/skel ~/09:32
geirhals doesn't display files starting with . by default. You need to give it -a or -A for that09:33
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: if you like a flavor, its based to install the flavor itself, aka xubuntu09:33
SwizzyBut Flavor is more than just the DE if I am not mistaking? :s09:34
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: otherwise you have an ubuntu-desktop install (more heavy) with a xubuntu-desktop ontop09:34
SwizzySo far I have been using Xubuntu and it was working very well, just curious for other options09:34
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: well it depends what your going to use as base?09:34
SwizzyUbuntu LTS09:35
SwizzyIf you mean that09:35
spinningCatthere is no file with .bashrc or .bash_profile and .profile is empty09:35
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: cause you can also install lubuntu for example, then test a xubuntu-desktop ontop of it09:35
=== Ard1t2 is now known as Ard1t
spinningCatand .profile brelongs to root09:35
geirhaspinningCat: is this your system, and are you sure it's even Ubuntu?09:36
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: if you choose ubuntu-desktop (with gnome3) system will feel more heavy, needs more ram etc09:36
qwebirc38825Is it logged somewhere when a service is enabled/disabled in systemd?09:36
SwizzyRight but when I replace Gnome3 with Xfce that changes?09:36
SwizzyXubuntu comes with a lot of software pre installed that I dont necessarily want or need, so I am thinking that a minimal Ubuntu install with the network iso09:37
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: nothing can beat a clean flavor install right09:37
Swizzyand then xfce DE on top of it would be better than xubuntu? Since Xubuntu doesn't offer an option to just get the basics09:37
spinningCatgeirha,  ofc it is ubuntu09:37
lotuspsychjeSwizzy: we often reccomend trying a desktop ontop as a test, if you like it= install the full flavor09:37
alkisgHi, some users frequently mention "distribution XXX is the most popular because it's the first on distrowatch.com"!09:39
alkisgIs there any URL that I can point them to, that explains that "distrowatch page hits" are completely unrelated to "actual percentage of user base"?09:39
lotuspsychjehey alkisg tnx again for the last help, my wishlist bug got marked fix released09:39
alkisglotuspsychje: great man! :)09:40
qwebirc38825Is it logged somewhere when a service is enabled/disabled in systemd?09:40
geirhaspinningCat: ok, well an ubuntu install will contain at least a .bashrc and .profile in /etc/skel, so you should try to figure out how you managed to delete those09:40
lotuspsychje!systemd | qwebirc38825 start here09:40
ubottuqwebirc38825 start here: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units09:40
spinningCati didnt delete anything09:40
alkisgdpkg -L bash | grep /etc/skel09:41
jeremy31alkisg: Might be a better topic for #ubuntu-offtopic09:41
lotuspsychjealkisg: we have this stats page, but not really for different Os https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/statistics09:41
alkisgjeremy31: thanks; trying there09:41
alkisglotuspsychje: does that have only percentages? Or does it have real numbers too?09:42
qwebirc38825Thanks, I already went through these... But as it just creates a symlink, I'm not sure if it also logs this somewhere.09:42
qwebirc38825when and maybe even who set a service to disabled09:42
alkisgSome debian-based distros have popcon; but it's not enabled by default so it's rather unreliable09:42
geirhaspinningCat: well something has ...09:42
lotuspsychjealkisg: think you can deepseek into ubuntu-report and popularity-contest09:43
alkisgI think popularity-contest only has about 1% of the actual user base09:43
* alkisg searches for ubuntu-report...09:43
SleepyTurtlehi! how can I check where a can device is connected (what port)09:50
SleepyTurtleWhen I run dmesg | grep can I get this:09:51
SleepyTurtle[  285.459312] can: controller area network core (rev 20170425 abi 9)09:51
SleepyTurtle[  285.464222] can: raw protocol (rev 20170425)09:51
lotuspsychjeSleepyTurtle: what kind of device?09:51
SleepyTurtleA controller09:51
TimeDoctornetstat --listen if your'e talking about a network port09:52
lotuspsychjealkisg: i think exact stats will be hard too, as ubuntu-report the user also got the choice of opt-in/out09:52
lotuspsychjealkisg: in #ubuntu-server we heared yesterday, popcon is also installed by default, but not enabled by default09:52
alkisglotuspsychje: yeah it would be nice if distros/mirrors/etc posted actual download stats, from their repositories. It would make things much more easily comparable.09:53
SleepyTurtleTimeDoctor: I don't understand what that command does. It doesn't show any CAN devices though09:53
TimeDoctorSleepyTurtle: I don't know what a CAN device is09:53
TimeDoctorSleepyTurtle: or what kind of controller your'e talking about, lots of things are called controllers09:53
lotuspsychjealkisg: my guess is, ubuntu statistics/usage is way bigger then what any stat say09:53
SleepyTurtleTimeDoctor: a device connected via  Controller Area Network09:53
SleepyTurtleTimeDoctor: a motor controller09:54
SleepyTurtleI want to know where it's connected so that I can communicate with it09:55
TimeDoctorSleepyTurtle: well I have never worked with that type of network bus, the netstat --listen would just catch the port being open on your host machine for a daemon09:55
SimonNLSleepyTurtle: controller card or connected by some cable or so ?10:00
SleepyTurtleSimonNL: connected by CAN10:04
SimonNLhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAN_bus     serial10:04
SleepyTurtleSimonNL: CAN bus10:04
SleepyTurtleSimonNL: yes10:05
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SimonNLhttps://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-to-can-bus/language/en       interesting10:08
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SleepyTurtleSimonNL: I want to know the device name10:16
SimonNLSleepyTurtle: search for an  app that possibly provides that for you10:20
MrM1stquick question: installing things by using "pip", are there any security issues? Am i downloading binaries that can be infected etc?10:23
lotuspsychjeMrM1st: if you install packages from the ubuntu official repos, and system stays up to date you probably fine10:32
SchrodingersScatMrM1st: AFAIK you're giving them /some/ level of trust.  IDK how easy or difficult it would be for someone who maintains a respected pip resource to turn malicious and simply change it for everyone to update to something bad.10:32
privismDid happen in the past: https://www.zdnet.com/article/twelve-malicious-python-libraries-found-and-removed-from-pypi/10:34
SchrodingersScatprivism: wow, and the desired effect of those sounds pretty serious as well.  I wasn't sure how much pip could change outside of python things.10:36
SchrodingersScatMrM1st: also don't pipe wget/curl to Bash, unless you trust them with your life.10:38
MrM1stSchrodingersScat: Hehe.. I know :)10:39
SchrodingersScatI still feel pretty safe using pip to get things like youtube-dl10:41
MrM1stSchrodingersScat: I tend to use git instead10:41
nekowaiidesuj #gentoo10:47
nekowaiidesumy bad10:47
de_alkawhere are u10:49
tomreynde_alka: this is not the place to run tests, nor for social chat.10:49
de_alkaoh,ok. i am sorry10:49
de_alkatomreyn:can u pm me?10:51
konfucjuszhi, when i put usb stick into usb it is automaticly monuted. How to change this settings?10:51
de_alkatheir says,this not place for social chat10:52
tomreynde_alka: you can PM me.10:53
SchrodingersScatkonfucjusz: when you go to 'Settings' do you see a 'Removable Drives and Media' option?  I have a checkbox there that toggles auto-mounting.10:53
nekowaiidesukonfucjusz: https://askubuntu.com/questions/89244/how-to-disable-automount-in-nautiluss-preferences10:54
ndayalanI use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. When I try to remove (uninstall) adwaita-icon-theme, packages like zathura and zathura-pdf-poppler are also removed by default. Is there any command-line to not remove zathura and zathura-pdf-poppler or otherwise I need to reinstall it again?11:09
tomreynndayalan: if those zathura packages are removed as a result of removing adwaita-icon-theme, then this would suggest they depend on the icon theme package11:11
ndayalantomreyn: does it mean it should always present if I intend to use zathura11:12
tomreynndayalan: it means that you will not be able to have zathura (and zathura-pdf-poppler) installed if you don't also install adwaita-icon-theme, yes.11:14
tomreynndayalan: so, for a better explanation: "zathura" depends on "libgtk-3-0". "libgtk-3-0" depends on "adwaita-icon-theme". so you cannot have "zathura" installed without also having "adwaita-icon-theme" installed. you can install "apt-rdepends" to examine such indirect package dependencies.11:22
tomreyn'r' standard for recursive here (there is also a command "apt rdepends" (without the hyphon), but there the 'r' stands for "reverse", enabling you to tell which packages dpend (directly only) on the given package. so that's something rather different really.11:25
SleepyTurtleCan someone help me see can devices connected to my computer?11:25
ndayalantomreyn: thank you and now I understood11:25
tomreynSleepyTurtle: can you provide more context?11:26
SleepyTurtletomreyn: I have a CAN device connected to my computer. How can I see it and read what it says?11:27
SleepyTurtleI'm using canopen and socketcan11:27
SleepyTurtleI've tried following instructions online but  always end up with Cannot find device "can0"11:27
tomreynSleepyTurtle: hmm, i'm not really into working with those, but maybe we can work it out. do you see 'can0' listed on your systemd journal? which ubuntu release and kernel version are you running?11:29
SleepyTurtletomreyn: I'm sorry, I don't quite follow. How do I check my journal?11:29
tomreynlet's start with this: which ubuntu release and kernel version are you running?    nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)11:30
SleepyTurtletomreyn: I'm using 4.15.0-48-generic11:30
tomreynif you run these series of commands it will return a url with all the needed info11:30
SleepyTurtletomreyn: https://termbin.com/8wlc11:30
tomreynok, you run Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS with the HWE kernel.11:31
tomreynon amd6411:31
tomreynto get the systemd journal, use:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999911:31
SleepyTurtletomreyn: https://termbin.com/ocba11:32
tomreynyou use Network Manager for managing network connections, and it detects can0 as an 802.3 ethernet device11:33
tomreynmay 13 13:08:46 eralbot0 NetworkManager[777]: <info>  [1557745726.8828] guessed connection type (can0) = 802-3-ethernet11:34
tomreynSleepyTurtle: what does    nmcli d     say for can0 in the other columns?11:35
SleepyTurtletomreyn: How can I check that?11:35
tomreynyou run this command in a terminal and inspect its output11:36
SleepyTurtleif I run nmcli I just see wifi11:37
tomreynand if you run   "nmcli d"?11:37
SleepyTurtle2 ethernet connections unavailable11:37
mra90I changed a link name but ls -t show that I also modified the file to which that link pointed - does it make sense?11:37
SleepyTurtleand a loopback11:37
SleepyTurtletomreyn: yeah, sorry, that's what I see running nmcli d11:37
mra90so the link was not changed accoriding to ls -t but the files under the link yes11:38
tomreynSleepyTurtle: how do you intend to use the 'can' device?11:38
SleepyTurtletomreyn: I want to read and send messages through canbus11:38
simondoddHey everyone, first time here :) hoping for some help :)11:38
tomreynSleepyTurtle: which device is it?11:39
SleepyTurtlea PID controller11:40
tomreynwhich product name / chipset11:40
SleepyTurtleconnected to two motors11:40
SleepyTurtletomreyn: https://www.roboteq.com/index.php/roboteq-products-and-services/brushless-dc-motor-controllers/393/sbl2360-277-detail11:40
SleepyTurtleBut I'm addding more devices later11:40
simondoddI've got a USB-Serial device that has an FTDI chip, I'm trying to install the d2xx drivers but when I go to run rmmod usbserial I get an error saying it Is in use by ch341... It's a Raspberry Pi btw :) any ideas?11:41
tomreynSleepyTurtle: i'm reading https://elinux.org/CAN_Bus which states there are two types of device drivers, character device based and network socket based drivers. i'm not yet sure which module was loaded for your device, but it seems to be treated as a network socket device. i'm trying to understand whether that's correct.11:42
ChunkzZhow can I get systemd to start with tasket? ExecStart=taskset -c 4-7 /usr/bin/mono --debug /opt/Radarr/Radarr.exe -nobrowser11:42
ChunkzZit fails...11:42
tomreynSleepyTurtle: i'll read up some more on the system log you posted, will ping you in some 10-15 minutes11:43
SleepyTurtlethank you so much tomreyn11:43
SleepyTurtletomreyn: It uses canopen11:44
ChunkzZthis doesn't work too: ExecStart=ExecStart=/usr/bin/taskset -c 4-7 /usr/bin/mono --debug /opt/Radarr/Radarr.exe -nobrowser11:46
simondoddI seem to be unable to get the KMTronic USB-Serial adapter working in Ubuntu... The driver installation fails when I run rammed usbserial with the error, Module usbserial is in use by ch341... Any ideas how I can fix this?11:50
weiyangsimondodd, try lsmod | grep usbserial to see who use this11:52
simondoddResponse is usbserial 40960 1 ch34111:53
weiyangsimondodd, so ch341 is using usbserial11:56
weiyangYou'd remove ch341 first11:56
simondoddAhhh, ok that may have fixed it... fingers crossed! :) thanks!11:57
tomreynSleepyTurtle: so before you started loading modules manually, the only thing i found logged regarding this piece of hardware is this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7GFyKC8XXB/11:59
tomreyni'm not certain whether the "cp210x converter" is at all related12:00
tomreynSleepyTurtle: you may want to try what is discussed here:   https://elinux.org/Bringing_CAN_interface_up12:03
tomreynyou have can0, a native interface (not virtual)12:03
SleepyTurtletomreyn: that's what I've been trying to do12:03
tomreyn(and not slcan)12:04
SleepyTurtlebut I get:12:04
SleepyTurtleCannot find device "can0"12:04
tomreynthis returned by whch command?12:04
SleepyTurtletomreyn:  sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 100000012:06
tomreynthat's a weird bitrate12:06
tomreyndid you make it up, or read it somewhere?12:07
SleepyTurtleit's the controller's bitrate12:07
SleepyTurtlethe same error for different bitrates though12:07
tomreynSleepyTurtle: did you run this command before or after loading all the other modules manually?12:08
SleepyTurtleI started by following these instructions12:08
tomreynoh i see it on your log12:09
miaokay, I tried to install jack2 and a few audio routing apps on my ubuntu, I was unable to get the results I expected, I've uninstalled the apps but my sound controls (volume up down slider) is missing now, only when I'm logged in12:09
miawhen I'm logged out the usb audio interface and its slider is working12:09
SleepyTurtletomreyn: http://wiki.ros.org/socketcan_interface12:09
miaso I believe my user has somehow messed settings of the usb audio interface,12:09
miaand in ubuntu sound settings, the interface is no longer listed there12:09
miaso, how can I check those user specific things? I need to correct this12:09
miawhen I unplug and replug my usb interface I don2t see it listed under sound in ubuntu settings any more12:10
tomreynSleepyTurtle: does this list trhe can0 interface?   ip -a link show12:12
SleepyTurtletomreyn: I don't think so12:12
SleepyTurtle1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100012:13
SleepyTurtle    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:0012:13
SleepyTurtle2: enp1s0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100012:13
SleepyTurtle    link/ether c4:00:ad:23:7f:59 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff12:13
SleepyTurtle3: enp3s0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100012:13
SleepyTurtle    link/ether c4:00:ad:23:7f:5a brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff12:13
SleepyTurtle4: wlp2s0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state UP mode DORMANT group default qlen 100012:13
tomreyn!paste | SleepyTurtle12:13
ubottuSleepyTurtle: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:13
tomreynyou are currently muted, this will end soon12:13
miaSorrt I had to reboot12:14
miadid anyone respond my question above ?12:15
tomreynSleepyTurtle: i'm afraid i'm not qualified to help you fix this, never worked with such devices. maybe ask in ##linux or a linux + robotics related channel if you can't get help here.12:15
miaok let me simplify the question12:15
miamy audio volume up down slider is missing only after login12:16
mia(with my usb audio device)12:16
SleepyTurtletomreyn: Thank you for your time I really appreciate it12:16
miawhen I'm logged out it's there, and working12:16
miaWhat's going on here12:16
tomreyn!alis | SleepyTurtle12:16
ubottuSleepyTurtle: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:16
tomreynyou're welcome12:16
The-CompilerHmm, anyone has an idea what's up with Python coming with Ubuntu 16.04? The package version says 3.5.1-3, but -V says 3.5.2 (and it has typing.TYPE_CHECKING)12:16
simondoddWhoop whoop! Thanks @weiyang step one complete, I've got the relay working! :) Thanks12:21
miaanother weird problem12:22
miamy F keys don't work on ubuntu on my keyboard12:22
miawhy can this be happening?12:22
miaF1 to F12 - nothing works12:23
miais there any way for me to test if the keyboard is sending the signal?12:23
miayeah they're not working12:24
miajust checked it via https://askubuntu.com/questions/411419/how-do-i-check-which-key-is-pressed12:24
tomreyn!enter | mia12:24
ubottumia: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.12:24
miaokay tomreyn, it's just that today is an awful day12:24
miamy usb audio interface just stopped working only for my main user on my ubuntu setup12:25
miaand now the F keys also don't work, I realized12:25
miaI don't have any clues on how to fix any of this.12:25
SchrodingersScathave you tried a full reboot yet?12:25
miayes of course12:25
mia24 time12:25
SchrodingersScatcould something from jack still be running?12:26
miaI uninstalled get via sudo apt-get remove jackd212:26
mia(which is funny because it removed MANY other packages, like wine, etc)12:26
mianot sure what I'm doing more it's just like a chain reaction where everything started to fall apart and I don2t think I can start from scratch with everything on this ubuntu setup12:27
miaotherwise I'd just delete ubuntu and start over but I already did it like 4 times last week12:27
SchrodingersScatmia: i'm not great at audio issues, had a few myself before.  idk if clearing out your .pulseaudio would help or not.12:27
miaI don't want to switch to windows just because I'm exhausted of these things..12:27
leftyfbmia: it sounds like you removed a LOT of packages that were required for a proper desktop environment12:27
miaSchrodingersScat, I just wanted to check alsamixer, and it says press F1 for help, then I realized my F1 isn't working :(12:27
leftyfbmia: what version and flavor(Gnome, KDE, XFCE?) of ubuntu is this?12:28
miaI think my first thing to solve would be to sole this F1 to F12 keys not workin problem12:28
miaI' using ubuntu, 18.0412:28
leftyfbmia: sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop12:28
miaok, trying it now .12:28
miadidn't fix the problem leftyfb12:30
ztychrI'm using a theme that apparently doesn't apply to gtk 2 themes. (At least I assume this is what's happening.) Apps like GNU radio companion and timeshift stays in a light theme, when everything switches to the new theme perfectly. Is there som kind of workaround for this? Or do I have to completely switch theme?12:31
miaalso why does apt-get remove, removes a lot of packages12:31
miaI mean I just wanted to remove audiojack 212:31
miawhy did it remove like... everything12:31
chmdHi there, when my laptop is connected to an external screen and I close the lid, it does not go to sleep (which I expect due to HandleLidSwitchDocked=ignore in /etc/systemd/logind.conf). However, with some screens, this does not work. How can I debug that?12:31
tiitchmd: you can try this to get extra logging from logind, https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2013-March/010004.html12:42
tiitit should log "External (2) displays connected." when closing the lid12:44
chmdtiit: thank you12:48
Kon-Are journald logs stored indefinitely or are old entries removed at some point? I noticed the /var/log/journal/ directory is 1.2 GB on a 3 month old installation12:49
pragmaticenigmaKon-: They are eventually purged, there is a setting to adjust how long they are held for12:50
pragmaticenigmaKon-: From documentation, journald will use 10% if the drive or up-to 4 G. It will always leave a minimum of 15% or 4 G free on a drive nearing its capcacity12:52
tomreynhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/systemd/+bug/1790205 discusses the details12:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1790205 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd journals take up a lot of space, and it's not obvious how much is used, and what the upper limit is." [Wishlist,Confirmed]12:52
Kon-Ah, very interesting. So the default setting is a total % of drive space12:53
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: what I found came from the documentation... why is that a bug?12:53
tomreynoh, pragmaticenigma summed it up nicely.12:53
tomreynpragmaticenigma: i wasn't aware of the automatic purging initially, nor was the OP, thus he filed the bug, i think. the man page does not discuss this.12:54
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: Ah, okay12:54
tomreynand this is now the only thing this bug report is about, i think, the point that on system documentation is lacking12:55
tomreyn(man pages)12:55
pragmaticenigmaKon-: You can adjust the settings in /etc/systemd/journald.conf ... though as tomreyn mentions, documentation is a bit lacking on what all the settings mean12:55
tiitmia: are you using an external keyboard or a laptop? some models require that you hold down Fn for the F-keys to function12:57
tomreynKon-: if you'd like to save some space, and are comfortable with systemd-journald logging, you can actually remove (purge) rsyslog and any log file it writes to.13:00
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Kon-Thanks tomreyn but I think journald.conf does have some useful settings, including LineMax which seems to set a hard limit on the number of entries13:02
tiitLineMax controls the maximum length of one line, not the number of lines13:04
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tomreynKon-: there are configurations available to trim the journal to consume less storage. personally, if i was concerned about those 2 GB storage (which rsyslog logs may also have consumed, while retaining much shorter history), i would configure systemd-journald to keep logs below a fixed size.13:05
tomreynso i'd set SystemMaxUse and RuntimeMaxUse13:06
Kon-Thanks, are those based on KB?13:07
Kon-or what unit of size13:07
tomreynplease read journald.conf(5)13:07
lighth0useHello,I am new user.Is anybody here?13:08
tomreynlighth0use: hello. many are. do you have an ubuntu support question?13:09
lighth0useNot yet,but I try to learn the Ubuntu.Thanks for answering:)13:10
Kon-Ah, nice. Thanks tomreyn13:10
tomreynyou'Re both welcome. ;-)13:10
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tiitwhat would be the proper procedure for having a package rebuilt using newer dependencies from -updates? does this require a stable release update of the package as well or is there a simpler way?13:16
tiitto be more specific, etcd is currently Built-Using: golang-google-grpc=1.6.0-3, but I wish to have it Built-Using: golang-google-grpc=1.6.0-3ubuntu0.18.04.113:17
pragmaticenigmatiit: You may find the #ubuntu-app-devel to be more helpful with questions about building apps13:19
tiitthanks, i'll check it out13:19
tiitalthough to clarify, I am not asking about building the package locally, but having the binary in bionic repositories updated13:21
pragmaticenigmatiit: then you file a bug ticket requesting the change13:26
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FleuvHey does anyone have experience with intellij complaining about the port being out of range (-1). While simply running tomcat9 (installed via apt) configuration on ubuntu? None of my classmates seem to have this problem...13:36
leftyfbFleuv: ask your instructor13:37
Fleuvleftyfb, they gave up I think13:37
leftyfbFleuv: also, intellij isn't supported here13:37
Fleuvthey said install a docker container13:37
tiitpragmaticenigma: as i suspected, thank you13:38
Fleuvleftyfb, how do you mean isn't supported here? xD13:38
Fleuvthe only thing supported here is text13:39
leftyfbFleuv: It's not part of the Ubuntu repos. Contact Jetbrains for support13:39
FleuvI did :/13:39
FleuvJust wondering maybe someone here could help me faster. Because their support takes like a couple of weeks13:40
pragmaticenigmaFleuv: Only applications provided through Ubuntu's official software repositories are supported here. IntelliJ is not provided through those channels and therefore is not supported here.13:40
FleuvI can't wait to long since the course is limited in time13:41
leftyfbFleuv: Sorry. This is really an issue your instructors should be addressing. Good luck13:41
FleuvOke thank you13:43
FleuvI will ask them for an workaround13:44
BluesKajleftyfb, is libjdom2-intellij-java relevant?13:45
tiitFleuv: you can try ##java or one of the other more specific channels13:46
leftyfbBluesKaj: no13:46
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=== stevendale__ is now known as stevendale
UltraCube73hi there14:17
AlexPortablecan someone help me getting multitouch to work on my laptop?14:21
heelraynerhello ubuntu14:29
heelrayneri was wondering if theres a way to remove background noise on the fly if you have 2 mics?14:29
lordcirth_heelrayner, ffmpeg can do noise reduction, but it's generally a clever filter rather than subtracting another mic14:35
pragmaticenigmalordcirth_: that wouldn't offer realtime14:36
heelraynerlordcirth_, I'm aware of that. I was hoping there was realtime though, which is why i thought a second mic would be the answer.14:36
heelraynerit gets too hot in my room durirng the summer, I need a fan14:36
heelraynerbut I like to stream14:36
pragmaticenigmaheelrayner: you're best bet is to find a headset or microphone with that sort of filter built in14:37
lordcirth_heelrayner, are you using OBS? It has realtime noise filters14:38
heelraynerthey're 129 a peice lol I'm poor14:38
heelrayneryes obs14:38
heelraynerbut can still hear my fan14:38
lordcirth_heelrayner, that's with the noise filter on?14:39
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mrchairmani'm running mint in a virtual machine on a macbook air 2018 and its not so bad14:39
mrchairmanI'd rather it be the latest ubuntu, but it was laggy14:40
lordcirth_mrchairman, VMs have poor GPU performance, try Xubuntu14:40
mrchairmanlordcirth_: thats not a good suggestion14:41
mrchairmanlordcirth_: i mean it is a good suggestion, sorry14:41
mrchairmanI was typing "not a bad idea --- and good suggestion" at the same time14:41
mrchairmani miss the irc of the 90's when it was more popular14:43
heelraynerlordcirth_, yes, https://i.imgur.com/Psc8fYn.png14:44
heelrayneri was thinking about a blue parrot14:45
heelraynerthey're bluetooth tho14:45
heelraynerand idk if they work with linux14:45
lordcirth_heelrayner, is the fan noise annoying, or just audible? You could talk a little louder?14:46
mrchairmanor get  longer mic and get farther from the computer and use opera glasses to see the screen14:47
mrchairmanI'm called The King Of Solutions around these parts14:48
ChunkzZhow do I stop this? # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8) and #     DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN I need to edit it to get my vpn working...14:53
lordcirth_ChunkzZ, 16.04? You edit the settings in /etc/resolvconf14:55
ChunkzZ18.04 lordcirth_14:55
ChunkzZI try and it says I can't edit it14:55
lordcirth_ChunkzZ, not /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/resolvconf/14:56
lordcirth_ChunkzZ, did you upgrade from 16.04? Because 18.04 uses systemd-resolved instead, by default.14:56
asdfghcan anyone advise me a good software to "compress" video without loosing (too much) the quality ?14:57
asdfghsomething similar to youtube optimizer i mean14:57
ChunkzZlordcirth_, can I remove it then and add that?14:58
ChunkzZE: Unable to locate package systemd-resolved14:58
lordcirth_ChunkzZ, it's already installed as part of systemd, you'd just have to disable resolvconf and enable resolved. But you shouldn't need to. Just edit the resolvconf settings.14:59
NewToLubuntuI was wondering if anyone knew how to get back a window you've dragged off screen and can't get back fully on-screen15:06
NewToLubuntuI'm not sure how I did it but VLC media player in restored (non-full) mode is off to the left so I can't see the play button15:06
NewToLubuntuI can only see it when I maximize but don't always want to need to maximize it15:07
cekwas `watchdog` removed from repo?15:07
lordcirth_cek, it's still in bionic. What release are you on?15:08
NewToLubuntuwhen it is maximized I can see the bar you click and hold down to move a window around, but that bar is off-screen in restored mode so I can't grab it15:08
lordcirth_ NewToLubuntu alt-tab to it, alt-space, M, move mouse15:08
lordcirth_cek, that's Debian, not Ubuntu.15:09
NewToLubuntunice, thanks!15:09
cekhow do i know15:09
lordcirth_cek,  cat /etc/lsb-release15:09
cek18.04 bionic15:09
NewToLubuntualso now realizing that if I right click the top bar in full screen mode that I can select the resize option and this resets the size/position of what I "restore" to15:10
lordcirth_cek, then watchdog is in repos. Why did you say buster/sid?15:10
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leftyfbcek: cat /etc/lsb-release # does not output "18.04 bionic"15:10
leftyfbcek: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)    please paste the link here15:11
cekok, it was in universe which isn't on in livecds15:11
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mra90how to cheange ssh repository15:44
mra90to update packages form different place?15:44
tomreyndo you mean apt repository?15:45
tomreynbut even then i'm not really getting the purpose. please provide more context, mra90.15:46
Mech0zAFter updating to 18.04 LTS I have a problem with a mounted USB3 disk that is now owned by root and using remote desktop XRDP I cant mount it, but it has been given some obscure name (Looks like a GUID) and is found in /media/nameofcomputer/guidlikename and if I click on /mnt/sdd2 I get "Failed to mount sdd2, operation permitted for root only"15:49
mra90tomreyn: the context is I try to do sudo apt install openssh-server15:52
nekowaiidesunot a technical question.. but can anyone explain why Disco Dingo is not LTS? isnt 18.10 like the unstable branch?15:52
mra90but can error "network unreachable"15:52
mra90so I assumed repository is down?15:52
mra90before the errros shwos up it is stuck at connectiong to repository15:52
mra90tomreyn: the erorr "cannot initiate the connection"15:55
TungdalI've got a similar problem installing ubuntu via mini.iso. I tried several mirrors, but connection error15:56
hggdhnekowaiidesu: only <even years>.04 are LTS. So the last one was 18.04, the next one will be 20.04. 18.10, 19.04, and 19.10 are interim releases, preparing for the next LTS15:59
leftyfbnekowaiidesu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS16:00
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Guest41355I recently got an external keyboard with mediakeys, one of those keys is Xf86Sleep, whenever i press it Ubuntu goes to sleep. My question is, how can I disable this function. I would still like to be able to bind it to some function.16:06
nerobrooh wow.  So, before I annoy anyone, is thre a help specific channel I should drop into if i'm having trouble with some applications not opening?16:09
nerobrowell i'll take that as a no.  :-)16:10
nerobroSince a recent system update, I can't open terminal, or file viewer.  When I try to launch them, they give the spinny circle for a bit, then.. nothing.  If I try to launch terminal from say ctrl-alt-3 It tells me it can't find the ... crap the word is esceaping me, but the window it's supposed to be sent to16:13
JohnGavrnerobro, version of Ubuntu?16:14
Guest41355Anyone? Any advice?16:15
JohnGavrGuest41355, advice about what?16:15
Guest41355I recently got an external keyboard with mediakeys, one of those keys is Xf86Sleep, whenever i press it Ubuntu goes to sleep. My question is, how can I disable this function. I would still like to be able to bind it to some function.16:15
JohnGavrWhat do you want to do with that key?16:16
JohnGavrgo to shortctuts and find where it is bind16:17
Guest41355Maybe bind it to a program with sxhkd. I can't see it anywhere in shortcuts. Pressing the key causes the computer to go to sleep in XFCE and i3 too.16:18
devslash2I just powered up my Ubuntu 18.04 VM which I haven't used in a while. Instead of getting to the login screen, its booting to an empty purple screen and I have no idea what to do16:19
JohnGavrdevslash2, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace try that16:19
devslash2didnt do anything16:20
JohnGavrGuest41355, if you want create a shortcut16:20
JohnGavrlike firefox16:20
JohnGavrand bind there the key16:20
JohnGavrand then try to search16:20
JohnGavrdevslash2, ctrl+alt+F2?16:20
devslash2sure that gets me to the terminal on console 216:21
JohnGavrdevslash2, do you mean on the main os?16:21
JohnGavrnot at the VM?16:21
devslash2i dont know what ytou mean16:21
Tungdalthere seem to be problems with the repos16:21
JohnGavrwhat ctrl+alf+f2 done to VM?16:22
Guest41355JohnGavr: I'm not sure that will help with XFCE and i3.16:22
devslash2ctrl alt 2 gets me to the terminal16:22
JohnGavron terminal press16:22
Tungdalwhen I try to install Ubuntu via network install, the installation freezes in a purple screen, on terminal4, I see, it tries to download a file16:22
devslash2im logged in at terminal 216:22
JohnGavrgnome-shell --replace16:23
JohnGavrTungdal, what version?16:23
Tungdal18.04 and 19.0416:23
JohnGavrboth makes the same error?16:23
devslash2I get the error window manager warning: Unsupported session type16:23
JohnGavrdevslash2, do the same and just press r16:24
Tungdalyes. tried several mirrors and versions, all make the same problem16:24
devslash2what do you mean press r16:24
devslash2im running this command in terminal16:24
JohnGavryeah just the r letter16:24
devslash2as soon as I run it it returns to the terminal command prompt16:24
devslash2when ?16:24
JohnGavron ctrl+alt+f2 window16:25
Tungdalurl: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu//dists/disco-updates/restricted/debian-installer/binary-amd64/Packages.xz16:25
devslash2if i press r it types r into the terminal16:25
devslash2you do realize that im at a terminal prompt right ?16:25
JohnGavrgnome-session --restart16:25
JohnGavrTungdal, if you have the error on the terminal send it here16:26
devslash2unknown option --restart16:27
JohnGavrlet me see the gnome-session options i don't remember it16:28
JohnGavroh try to enter in failsafe16:28
JohnGavrgnome-session --failsafe16:28
nerobroJohnGavr: I'm running 18.0416:35
nerobrosorry about the delay there, went to the washroom16:35
JohnGavrtry to search xterm on your menu16:36
nerobroxterm isn't installed.16:36
nerobroI downloaded antoehr terminal emulator16:36
nerobrothat DOES open16:36
nerobroso something broke the x bindings?16:37
JohnGavrgo to terminal16:37
nerobrouh huh16:37
JohnGavrand press gnome-terminal16:37
nerobrotried that, it opens the new fancy terminal again16:37
nerobrominus any settings I put on it.16:37
nerobro"cool retro term" is what I installed16:37
nerobrostill doesn't explain why nautilus won't open either16:38
ccmIs there a unity channel?16:38
JohnGavrnautilus command16:38
JohnGavrwhat does?16:38
ccmFor unity-ubuntu and ubuntu-touch?16:38
ccmUm hi?16:38
JohnGavrhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList ccm16:38
JohnGavrTake a look here16:39
ccmthank you for the link!16:39
devslash2ok I did that16:39
devslash2nothing happened16:39
JohnGavrdevslash2, go to grub and try to login with other kernel if you have16:40
leftyfb!ohmy | JohnGavr16:40
ubottuJohnGavr: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:40
JohnGavrleftyfb, sorry :D16:41
qwebirc74289Hi, have anyone experience with .pac file proxy on ubuntu 18.04?16:41
lotuspsychjeask your questions to the channel qwebirc7428916:41
devslash2i cant16:42
devslash2it boots back to the same screen16:42
JohnGavrdevslash2, i am off... i don't know more16:43
qwebirc74289I'm trying to configure proxy on my laptop via pac file, in nm I have imported pac file and so on ant its working in browsers, but not in terminal and export http_proxy = 'http://path.to.pac is not woking16:43
zubuntuAm i in ubuntu?16:46
JohnGavrzubuntu, yeah16:46
zubuntuI am having problem that i replaced my laptop but using my previous ssd already has ubuntu 18.04 and win10 dual boot16:47
JohnGavrwhat's the problem?16:47
zubuntuAfter i first logged in i ran updates and then rebooted but after reboot it doesnt login. It loops16:48
JohnGavrgrub rescue?16:48
zubuntuI type my password it logins in to black screen and then get back to login screen16:48
zubuntuHow can i fix this?16:48
JohnGavrzubuntu, on windows login ??16:49
zubuntuNo John on ubuntu16:49
zubuntuWindows doesnt have problem16:49
thsnrqwebirc74289: proxy support varies from program to program. which application are you having issues with?16:50
devslash2i dunno what to do my ubuntu install seems to be hosed16:50
zubuntuI am typing now from mobile16:50
JohnGavrIn the previous laptop did you install propierty drivers?16:50
zubuntuIf someone can help me i will be glad16:50
JohnGavrlike wireless or graphic??16:50
devslash2im at the purple login screen in ubuntu and I dont know what to do16:51
zubuntuJohn my laptop was in service more than 1 month finally today i got replacement laptop with new hardware16:51
zubuntuIntel graphics version upgraded16:51
JohnGavri am asking you about propierty drivers.16:51
zubuntudevslash2 i am in purple login screen too16:51
JohnGavrNot the opensource drivers16:51
lotuspsychjedevslash2: press F1 to switch to textboot16:52
devslash2im using a VM BTW16:52
zubuntuJohn i am not sure not an expert in ubuntu yet16:52
zubuntuI usually run sudo update16:52
JohnGavrDid you install graphic driver via Software Update?16:52
JohnGavri think it's graphic problem16:53
JohnGavrand your new pc has different graphic card16:53
zubuntuJohn no i installed what s default only not 3rd party16:53
zubuntuYes it has upgraded graphics card of intel16:54
zubuntuIntel hd graphics 400016:54
JohnGavrhmm... ctrl-alt-f216:54
zubuntuI was using ThinkPad x201 but now replaced with ThinkPad x23016:54
JohnGavrand gnome-session --fallback16:54
devslash2zubuntu, what version of Ubuntu are you using ?16:55
devslash2same here16:55
zubuntuJohn whats the full command for session fallback?16:55
devslash2are you running Ubuntu as a VM ?16:56
JohnGavrzubuntu, gnome-session --fallback16:56
zubuntuNo it s installed on ssd part16:56
devslash2oh o k16:56
devslash2in my case, im running it as a VM in Virtualbox but that shouldnt matter too much16:56
zubuntuJohn and then?16:57
JohnGavrdidn't open the session?16:57
zubuntuDev it sounds like graphics driver problem like me16:57
devslash2yea ive seen this issue before with Nvidia drivers16:57
zubuntuJohn after command gnome-session - - fallback nothing happened16:58
thsnrJohnGavr: just to double-check, the man page for gnome-session mentions --failsafe instead of --fallback16:58
devslash2I wouldn't be surprised at all if thats the cause of this issue16:58
JohnGavrzubuntu, gnome-session --fallsafe16:58
spinningCati got this error when i start emulator this error is ubuntu Emulator: qemu-system-x86_64: warning: host doesn't support requested feature: CPUID.80000001H:ECX.abm [bit 5] ?16:58
JohnGavrthsnr, thank you man16:59
zubuntuJohn still nothing16:59
JohnGavrapt install -f16:59
JohnGavrtry that16:59
JohnGavrand reboot17:00
zubuntuE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (13: Permission denied)17:00
JohnGavrwith sudo17:01
zubuntuOh damn yes17:01
thsnrdevslash2: how much video memory have you allocated to the vm? i remember having issues a while back where the default was not enough17:01
devslash2let me check17:01
devslash2whats weird is it worked when I last used the VM17:02
devslash2and I havent hanged anything17:02
zubuntuJohn 0 upgraded 0 newly installed17:02
JohnGavrzubuntu, make a reboot17:02
devslash2thsnr, how much video ram do you recommend ?17:02
zubuntuStill same :/17:03
thsnrdevslash2: i remember cranking it up to 128, but it is possible less is enough17:03
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devslash2I cant reboot right now cause Ive dtarted the upgrade to 19.04 but when I reboot I'll up it17:04
lordcirth_zubuntu, you should include the full username in order for them to be highlighted.17:06
zubuntuI cant tab on mobile17:06
JohnGavrzubuntu, i think it's xorg problem! Because you change the laptop17:06
JohnGavri think a fresh install will be the best solution...17:06
JohnGavrto change a disk in a new laptop with other hardware is a little bit dangerous17:07
zubuntu_ok i am on irssi now17:07
zubuntu_fresh install is too much work :/17:08
zubuntu_i didnt change disk i changed laptop disk is same17:08
JohnGavrwe tell the same!17:08
zubuntu_irssi works terminal works why not desktop:17:08
JohnGavrAnother solution enter in grub advanced and recovery mode17:09
JohnGavrand pick failsafeX17:09
zubuntu_how to do that?17:09
JohnGavrIn grub menu you have Ubuntu/Windows/Advanced17:10
zubuntu_and ram check17:10
lotuspsychjecan we help you Noisette ?17:10
zubuntu_let me check grub menu17:10
JohnGavrgo to Advanced17:10
JohnGavrand you will see a recovery mode17:10
JohnGavrthsnr, are you from Greece??17:11
lotuspsychjeJohnGavr: please keep it support related17:11
gambl0reif im using tlp to optimiza battery performance, do i still use powretop to --auto-tune?17:12
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=== med is now known as med_
sappheiroswould you please tell me what i'm doing wrong, given https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XXWdKp3Qnp/ & https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54695683/not-able-to-install-visual-studio-code-on-ubuntu ? the install for a debian package isn't working17:21
sappheirosi will try cd into the directory and just putting the .deb name without folders17:21
tewardsappheiros: you should try that first but check what the command `pwd` outputs, you might already be *in* the folder in which case just `./filename.deb` would work.  OR, remove the `.` at the front of your full string17:22
tewardbecause that '.' means "Start in current directory" for the file path17:22
sappheirosoh ... thanks for teaching me that ...17:23
sappheirosis that a bash alias?17:23
sappheirosthe '.' = 'current directory'?17:23
lordcirth_sappheiros, '.' is the current directory, and17:25
lordcirth_'..' is parent17:25
tewardthat's just a Linux-ism17:25
sappheiroshm. 'k thank you.17:26
sappheirosit worked btw after i changed directories, as i guess you expected17:26
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devslash2so ubuntu is still hosed for me17:29
lotuspsychjedevslash2: press F1 at boot to see textbooting17:30
devslash2i did try that17:30
gambl0reis powertop and tlp meant to be run together?17:30
lotuspsychjedevslash2: can you enter grub?17:32
devslash2i dunno how do you do that17:32
devslash2i can get to a terminal but the UI is broken17:33
lotuspsychjedevslash2: hold shift at boot17:33
devslash2im at a terminal17:33
Guest41355JohnGavr: I don't think it is GNOME setting that causes the behavior, since it also happen on XFCE and i3, but a setting somewhere more low level. Any idea or suggestion?17:35
lotuspsychjedevslash2: try to enter grub to boot a previous kernel17:35
ioriaGuest41355, about what ?17:36
Guest41355I recently got an external keyboard with mediakeys, one of those keys is Xf86Sleep, whenever i press it Ubuntu goes to sleep. My question is, how can I disable this function. I would still like to be able to bind it to some function.17:37
ioriaGuest41355, xbindkeys17:37
devslash2i dont have any choices for previous kernels in the grub boot screen17:37
lotuspsychjedevslash2: you said it was an older install?17:37
ioriaGuest41355, and can you paste  gsettings list-recursively | grep XF86 ?17:38
devslash2im running 18.0417:38
devslash2this POS just boots to a blank purple screen17:38
lotuspsychjedevslash2: yes, you already said that17:39
lotuspsychjedevslash2: try to boot without "quiet splash" ""17:40
devslash2i did17:40
devslash2same thing17:41
Guest41355ioria: gsettings list-recursively | grep XF86 did not return Xf86Sleep. Is xbindkeys more low level than sxhkd? I already tried binding with sxhkd, but it did both, start the program and the machine went to sleep.17:41
ioriaGuest41355, weird , try    gsettings list-recursively | grep Xf8617:42
Guest41355ioria: That did not return anything.17:42
ioriaGuest41355, i remapped my media-keys wih xbindkeys17:42
devslash2ok Ive made some progress17:42
devslash2I edited the grub command line and added nomodeset and am able to login in17:43
ioriaGuest41355, i see .... well, can you open SystemSettings -> Keyboard and check your shortcuts ?17:43
ioriaGuest41355, that Xf86Sleep should be mapped somewhere (occasionally also in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc)17:45
Guest41355ioria: Already checked, it's not in the shortcuts.17:46
ioriaGuest41355, is that a fresh install ?17:47
deadromso how's todays desktop coming along with 4K? is everythign adjustable on the fly so I don't need a looking glass to find anything?17:47
AlexPortableis it possible to connect to a linux pc with remote desktop while using the host screen resolution?17:48
galaxieIs there an equivalent to dnf's installroot?17:49
deadromAlexPortable: do you want to conncet to an existing session and scale it or create a new session?17:50
Guest41355ioria: Ubuntu 18.04.2, been in use for a little while.17:51
AlexPortabledeadrom doesn't really matter17:52
AlexPortablecurrent session would be the best so i dont have to close everything, but if new session is better/easier then ill use that17:52
ioriaGuest41355, what de ?17:52
Guest41355ioria: Tried xbindkeys, didn't work.17:53
ioriaGuest41355, what desktop env ?17:53
deadromAlexPortable: has to be RDP?17:53
Guest41355ioria: Currently GNOME, but I have been trying i3 lately. The same happens on i3 and XFCE.17:53
ioriaGuest41355, and gsd-media-keys is running ?17:54
ioriaGuest41355, ps -A | grep  gsd-media17:55
Guest41355ioria: Yes.17:55
deadromAlexPortable: with vnc it's easy to scale the remote session to your values or even autoscale. RDP... it's a Microsoft thing. I wouldn't even know how to run a session. spawning a new session and dis/reconnecting I recommend x2go17:55
ioriaGuest41355, no idea then (it should work, btw)17:56
Guest41355ioria: In case it makes a difference, the keyboard is Logitech MK270.17:56
ioriaGuest41355, try this : https://www.reddit.com/r/i3wm/comments/8nq9c5/disable_xf86sleep_default_action/17:57
devslash2ok so ive made some progress. I added nomodeset to my grub config so I could log into Ubuntu, install the guest additions for my VM which includes video drivers and rebooted. Instead of booting to a blank purple splash screen. I get to the login prompt but after I log in the screen goes black and it doesnt log me in. If i switch to terminal 2 then back to 1, im presented with the login screen again17:58
MrFoxHi. I'm trying to install Bionic Beaver from an ISO file, and for some reason it fails to boot once the whole installation process is done. I checked the GRUB config file and it's all commented. Is this normal? Any quick fixes you would suggest?18:02
tomreynMrFox: which grub configuration file were you looking at?18:03
tomreynalso, what's the name of the iso file you installed with?18:03
EriC^^MrFox: fails to boot how?18:04
tomreynand finally, which graphics card do you have there?18:04
MrFoxJust stops at a blank screen and a blinking cursor.18:04
EriC^^MrFox: do you get the menu first? or if you hold shift?18:05
qwebirc55285why this error?:18:05
EriC^^hi qwebirc5528518:05
qwebirc55285i cannot isntal libudev18:06
qwebirc55285im using ubunto in windows 1018:06
EriC^^qwebirc55285: you mean in virtualbox/vmware?18:06
qwebirc55285not this: "The wonderful Ubuntu terminal is freely available for Windows 10.  As any Linux user knows, it's the command line terminal where the magic happens. It's perfect for file management, development, remote administration and a thousand other tasks."18:07
MrFoxI tried the SHIFT, ESC and 'e' key. None of them worked.18:07
devslash2could those I/O errors be the reason why Ubuntu keeps crashing back to the login after I log in18:07
leftyfbdevslash2: yes18:07
devslash2how do I fix this18:07
MrFoxThe file I was watching was /etc/default/grub18:07
leftyfbdevslash2: you buy a new drive18:08
devslash2you mean hard drive ?18:08
qwebirc55285Eric, how do i instal libudev in the ubuntu terminal for windows 10?18:08
leftyfbdevslash2: correct. If the filesystem complaining is a hard drive18:08
devslash2those aren't hard drive errors. that output is from Xorg.log18:08
tomreynMrFox: it is not expected that /etc/default/grub contains only commented out lines, no.18:08
leftyfbdevslash2: sorry, I haven't looked at any errors. I was just answering your question18:09
leftyfbdevslash2: though, that could very well still be drive errors18:09
MrFoxThis is my GRUB config file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/h36wsK6NnQ/18:09
devslash2not likely since this is a VM18:09
MrFoxWhat's wrong with this?18:10
EriC^^MrFox: are you in a libe usb right now?18:10
qwebirc55285hi, how do i instal libudev in the ubuntu terminal for windows 10?18:10
EriC^^MrFox: the file is normal18:10
leftyfb!wsl | qwebirc5528518:10
ubottuqwebirc55285: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide18:10
EriC^^qwebirc55285: sorry no idea about the ubuntu under windows18:10
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc55285: You can't install that. ubuntu for windows 10 is not the same ubuntu that is supported here. for assistance ask in #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows-wsl18:10
EriC^^MrFox: *live18:10
tomreynMrFox: nothing is wrong with this /etc/default/grub file, and if you look closely you'll see it does not only contain commented out lines.18:11
qwebirc55285link to #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows-wsl please?18:11
MrFoxYeah. Live USB fron which I'm trying to get the other live USB to work.18:11
leftyfbqwebirc55285: /join #ubuntu-on-windows or /join ##windows-wsl18:11
qwebirc55285how do i instull full ubuntu in laptop? i need to split hard drive?18:14
JuJUBeeI am trying to get mysql-server running on ubuntu 18.04.  I tried installing then realized it is different than in 16.04 so I tired following https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-mysql-on-ubuntu-18-04  it didn't work so I tried to purge it ans start over but now it seems even worse18:14
MrFoxThe lines that are not commented out seem to have nothing to do with the boot process.18:14
JuJUBeecan someone help me get it running?18:14
tomreynJuJUBee: what exactly did not work when you followed the digitalocean how-to?18:15
EriC^^MrFox: the other live usb?18:16
tomreynJuJUBee: is this an upgraded ubuntu installation, did you have mysql-server installed there previously? do you need to migrate / keep your mysql databases?18:16
JuJUBeetomreyn, After a reboot, mysql did not start.18:16
JuJUBeeNo, fresh install18:16
JuJUBeeno databases to worry about18:17
tomreynJuJUBee: please post   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)18:17
tomreynJuJUBee: please post:   sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog18:17
MrFoxYeah. I have two of them. One which I'm using right now and the other one which I'm trying to get working using aforementioned one.18:17
MrFoxIs there a surefire GRUB config which I could just copy and use to boot from my USB in some sort of recovery mode as I'm suspecting VGA issues.18:18
devslash2time to reinstall Ubuntu18:19
tomreynJuJUBee: then run this and copy and paste the output to https://paste.ubuntu.com (and post the url here):  sudo apt purge mysql-server* default-mysql-server*18:19
devslash2I canot boot into Ubuntu after i log in it shows a black screen18:19
EriC^^devslash2: sounds like a graphics probem18:20
EriC^^MrFox: so you have a usb you installed ubuntu to via another live usb? and that's what isnt working?18:20
devslash2i dunno how to fix it without doing a fresh install18:20
EriC^^devslash2: was it working post install?18:20
devslash2it used to work18:21
JuJUBeetomreyn, first output https://termbin.com/0q6f18:21
jhutchins_wk"2019 is truly, finally shaping up to be the year of Linux on the desktop," writes PC World's senior editor, adding "Laptops, too!"18:21
devslash2just stopped working one day18:21
lordcirth_!dualboot | qwebirc5528518:21
EriC^^devslash2: aha did you try using a previous kernel? an upgrade  might have caused it to stop18:21
ubottuqwebirc55285: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot18:21
devslash2no I cant18:21
jhutchins_wkdevslash2: Probably just need to fix the video driver.18:21
EriC^^devslash2: why not?18:21
MrFoxAnd now I'm checking the config file and trying to find a workaround to get it to boot.18:21
devslash2theres no kernel options18:21
devslash2as far as i can tell18:22
JuJUBeetomreyn, second https://termbin.com/sdrn18:22
devslash2on the grub boot screen18:22
EriC^^MrFox: if grub doesnt show then i'd guess something else is a miss18:22
tomreynJuJUBee: ok, looks fine so far, keep it coming.18:22
EriC^^MrFox: tbh, there was a fellow the other day here with similar problems to yours, his usb install just wouldnt work for some reason, except he would get a "grub loading" screen and it would hang, he ended up just using it on a different pc and it worked for some reason18:23
JuJUBeetomreyn, third... https://pastebin.com/pr19se2R18:23
MrFoxIt really is peculiar as I have no trouble booting my Mint Live USB, and, as far as I know, It too is built on top of Ubuntu.18:24
gambl0reis powertop and tlp meant to be run together?18:24
devslash2I dont get how Ubuntu can break without me doing anything18:24
lordcirth_gambl0re, I think a lot of people do18:24
tomreynJuJUBee: do /var/lib/mysql* or /etc/mysql* still exist?18:25
EriC^^MrFox: it's funny he said the same thing, why does the live usb boot and not the installed one xD it's a real rabbit hole though18:25
JuJUBeetomreyn, no18:25
lordcirth_devslash2, did it get shut down suddenly? memory or disk bitflip?18:25
MrFoxMy words exactly.18:25
devslash2it just keeps crashing back to the login screen18:25
tomreynJuJUBee: is there ~/.my.cnf or /root/.my.cnf ?18:26
devslash2after i log in I get a black screen18:26
devslash2if i switch to terminal 2 then back to 1, im back at the login screen18:26
lordcirth_udud, hi18:26
ududhello fucker18:26
EriC^^devslash2: it should be under advanced in the grub screen, it always keeps 2 kernels18:26
lordcirth_devslash2, ok, so does dmesg, syslog, or Xorg.0.log say anything?18:26
lordcirth_!ohmy | udud18:26
ubottuudud: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:26
EriC^^!ops udud18:26
JuJUBeetomreyn, no18:27
tomreynJuJUBee: okay, then it's time to install the mysql server again:  sudo apt install default-mysql-server18:27
devslash2just a second18:27
JuJUBeetomreyn, what is diff between that and mysql-server?18:28
MrFoxI took different approaches to this and even tried using minimal CD iso. Same results. Now I'm thinking it's a GRUB issue and working my way towards figuring out how to edit my config file and what parameters to pass onto kernel.18:28
EriC^^MrFox: well it's certainly weird, you should be able to get a grub menu you know?18:29
EriC^^MrFox: type 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' for me please18:29
tomreynJuJUBee: there is very little difference at this time.18:29
JuJUBeetomreyn, should I have install default-mysql-client as well?18:29
devslash2lordcirth_, dmesg shows an error drm_kms_helper: failed to set mode on [CRTC:31:crtc:0]18:30
devslash2is that relevant ?18:30
tomreynJuJUBee: you can compare outputs of    apt depends default-mysql-server    and    apt depends mysql-server18:30
JuJUBeetomreyn, default-mysql-server returned errors... https://pastebin.com/WDkytHPt18:31
EriC^^devslash2: i'd try the previous kernel18:31
tomreynJuJUBee: the mysql-server package depends on the mysql client package at this time. if you will always need to have a mysql client on this system, then yes, install default-mysql-client, too18:32
JuJUBeetomreyn, dpkg errors18:33
XtremeHey guys18:33
Xtremehttps://extensions.gnome.org/extension/104/netspeed/ -> I am trying to install this extension18:33
tomreynJuJUBee: i'm looking at them now, give me a minute18:33
Xtremeand all I see is "ERROR"18:33
XtremeHow can i debug it?18:33
MrFoxIt's mounted to: /dev/sdc18:34
MrFoxAnd /dev/sdb is booted, which is where I am now.18:34
EriC^^MrFox: ok18:35
devslash2so I found a solution18:36
ToxicMenacein ubuntu 18.04 is gnome-shell the default, right?18:36
lordcirth_ToxicMenace, it is18:37
tomreynJuJUBee: i don't know why this happens, and can't find reliable information on it. could you please file a bug report?  ubuntu-bug default-mysql-server18:39
JuJUBeetomreyn, I have never used this ubuntu-bug, how to I write a description?18:41
devslash2is anyone else here having a problem logging into Ubuntu ? I found that choosing Wayland at the login screen lets me log in normally18:41
EriC^^did you try the advanced options in grub yet18:41
EriC^^devslash2: ^18:41
devslash2I didnt have to18:42
JuJUBeetomreyn, I see, when I press send, it takes me to launchpad to complete it...18:42
tomreynJuJUBee: if this is a headless server (it seems to be) then ubuntu-bug will print a url you can copy to your desktop and open in a web browser there to continue with the bug report18:42
EriC^^devslash2: but you're using a different display protocol now18:43
devslash2ok so ?18:43
tomreynJuJUBee: you ran ubuntu-bug on the system you tried to install mysql-server on, right?18:43
EriC^^devslash2: what do you mean so? :D if you're happy to work around your problem by using wayland then why are you still asking for help here18:44
devslash2I wasnt I was offering a solution for anyone else having this because there was someone else in here with the exact same problem18:44
EriC^^ah ok18:44
=== ansivirus__ is now known as ansivirus
EriC^^wayland isnt that awesome though, i dont know how far it's come, maybe it's usable these days18:46
JuJUBeetomreyn, oops, no my desktop.  too many windows open...18:46
tomreynJuJUBee: please run it on the computer where you installed mysql-server on.18:46
JuJUBeetomreyn, doing it now...18:46
EriC^^devslash2: if i were you i'd try an older kernel, possibly a kernel update screwed stuff up and the newer kernel that gets released soon will have a fix in it, it's up to you though18:47
EriC^^last i used wayland it wasnt very smooth and it kinda felt like it was a work-in-progress, but that was a while ago18:47
JuJUBeetomreyn, done.18:50
Beam_Inn_trying to run sudo apt install hexchat on a new operating system and getting read-only errors18:50
tomreynJuJUBee: can you tell me the bug # ?18:50
tomreynJuJUBee: ah got it #182887818:50
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: what version of ubuntu?18:51
tomreynJuJUBee: looks good (with the minor exception of a reference to ubuntu 18.04.3, which does not yet exist)18:53
Beam_Inn_18.04 mate18:53
EriC^^Beam_Inn_: can you type 'mount | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link here?18:53
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: how did you install it? What is your hardware setup?18:54
JuJUBeetomreyn, damn, fat fingered  18.04.218:54
tomreynJuJUBee: now to work around this, i suggest you    sudo mkdir -p /etc/mysql/conf.d && sudo apt -f install18:54
Beam_Inn_i'm shutting down if it will even let me do that18:55
Beam_Inn_i think it locked because of updates?18:55
tomreynJuJUBee: add   sudo touch /etc/mysql/mysql.cnf18:55
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: Do you want us to help you?18:55
Beam_Inn_leftyfb Time isn't going to jump forward.  the computer is off.  when it's on i'll do what i can18:56
JuJUBeetomreyn, W: APT had planned for dpkg to do more than it reported back (3 vs 7).18:56
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: if you'd like us to help you, you should not be taking your own steps and answering the questions people ask you and wait for direction18:56
JuJUBeeshould I just reinstall 18.04 from scratch?18:56
tomreynJuJUBee: can you show the full set of commands you ran, and the full output they produced, please.18:56
Beam_Inn_leftyfb that makes a lot of sense except you don't warrant that level of respect do you?18:57
tomreynJuJUBee: if this was a clean ubuntu 18.04.2 installation then i don't think reinstalling it will serve any purpose18:57
Beam_Inn_i barely know you man18:57
tomreynJuJUBee: so this is still running?18:58
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: good luck in your endeavours18:58
compdocchildren dont give respect these days. so sad18:58
JuJUBeetomreyn, the process? no, the computer, yes18:58
JuJUBeeI have my prompt back18:58
Beam_Inn_it's a fresh install.  I don't understand why I should have to post huge logs of my system details to fix something fresh out of the box19:00
tomreynJuJUBee: so there was no further output after line 14 of what you pasted?19:00
JuJUBeetomreyn, no19:01
JuJUBeejust my prompt19:01
Beam_Inn_and then it's like this guy wants to condescend to me.  yeah right.  Everyone on IRC touts linux, and when it's broken out of the box, all of the blame gets shifted away from the os19:01
hggdhBeam_Inn_: nothing pop up as weird on you filesystems. What exactly happens when you try 'sudo apt install hexchat'?19:02
lordcirth_Beam_Inn_, if you want help, try cooperating with the people who are volunteering their time to help you.19:02
Beam_Inn_it says write-protected19:02
ioriaBeam_Inn_, RO errors are usually related to the drives not tothe OS19:02
hggdhBeam_Inn_: we need the *actual* output of the command19:03
Beam_Inn_This drive worked last time I used ubuntu19:03
ioriaBeam_Inn_, your reboot probably forced a Fsck and fixed it19:03
Beam_Inn_i haver no idea19:03
Beam_Inn_it didn't work when the pc came back on, now it works19:04
ioriaBeam_Inn_,  check the logs ?19:04
tomreynJuJUBee: hmm that's so strange, and i can't even find any similar bug reports. but you said this is a fresh ubuntu 18.04.2 amd64 installation, right?19:04
Beam_Inn_and look, i'm in a bad mood, i shouldn't spread bad energy.  I'm getting yelled at down the back of my neck to back up my family member's phone19:04
Beam_Inn_and it's like 3 a.m19:04
bprompt3am over there, not here though =)19:05
JuJUBeetomreyn, yes it is.  I isntalled 18.04, then apt update/upgrade then apache2 php7.2 and tried mysql-client & mysql-server.  Then you helped me purge and here we are...19:05
tomreynJuJUBee: can you join #ubuntu-server, too, please. maybe one of the server team will respond.19:07
tomreynJuJUBee: i will try to reproduce this now#19:07
JuJUBeetomreyn, how do I get current status posted on #ubuntu-server19:08
tomreynJuJUBee: what i asked in -server before you jkoined is this <tomreyn> is bug1828878 known? is this not the right way to install mysql server on a fresh ubuntu installation?19:10
Beam_Inn_is there a way to force this phone to not be read-only?  I can't copy its files down19:12
Beam_Inn_it's an android pos19:12
Beam_Inn_there's no 'allow computer to access this device' option, and I don't want to try to network these computers right now because I already know it's several hours of work19:13
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: We do not support Android here. Try #android19:19
Beam_Inn_lol.  the phone doesn't work with the os19:22
=== dewwii is now known as deww
Beam_Inn_I'll ask android.19:22
Beam_Inn_holy crap it works.  linux really is amazing19:25
Beam_Inn_i thought linux was this amazing os where you could plug any device in, and it would work.  and it is19:26
mrchairmanlol, wait until you want to print something19:26
Beam_Inn_i can't focus on learning linux because I'm spending all of my time learning C++19:26
Beam_Inn_it's very difficult, too.  i don't find c++ easy.  It's getting easier.  The "headaches" stopped.  Things are starting to make sense.19:27
Beam_Inn_My only issue is, still at this point, am I going to die not knowing why people "point to the address of a variable".19:28
Beam_Inn_so this is the other wager I have on linux....19:28
tomreynthis channel is really only for support Q & A, please move any social chat elsewhere (try #ubuntu-offtopic)19:28
Beam_Inn_basically my computer is running at full steam, and the fan is pushing off tons of heat just so it can copy files from point A to point B.19:28
Beam_Inn_I have a bet that the CPU or mobo will break within 3 months.19:29
tomreynBeam_Inn_: ^19:29
Beam_Inn_why is that off-topic?  Linux runs hot -> on-topic.19:29
Beam_Inn_I've broken 7 perfectly good computers on linux.  that's why I keep "starting over".19:29
Beam_Inn_all broken motherboards.19:30
tomreynif this is a topic you're trying to get help with, then please state so. so far it looks like you'Re telling a story.19:30
Beam_Inn_linux ate my computer.  linux is eating this computer.  help19:31
tomreynunless you'Re trolling now, please provide details.19:31
Beam_Inn_it seems like my computer is being over-clocked.19:31
tomreynthat'd likely be a hardware issue. please check your mainboard firmware ocnfiguration.19:32
Beam_Inn_I wish I could give you more details.  I could run a top, but I'm sure it will just say the resources are at 100% by caja19:32
Bashing-omBeam_Inn_: Cleaned the box lately ? Dust in the components == insualtion, and dust on the fans and ducts hinders air flow == Heat.19:34
bpromptBeam_Inn_:    you said it was 3am over there, Australia?, maybe you should go get some ZZZZZ's and raincheck this one for later :)19:34
tomreynhaving a look at the process list and identifying any processes which consume a lot of CPU resources would be a good start, if you assume it's an issue with ubuntu19:34
TJ-I suspect the issue is the CPU is struggling to understand and keep up with the story!19:37
Beam_Inn_the mainboard config worked fine on windows for years.  was windows misinterpretting the cmos data?  It defeats the purpose of the bet to screw aroudn with that19:38
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: what are the specs of this computer?19:39
Beam_Inn_you're right i should get some sleep.  best case scenario I point to the suspected underlying cause of the mobo malfunctions.19:44
Beam_Inn_leftyfb i'll update you on that next time.  thank you so much for your help.  next time, i won't take steps of my own19:44
=== jje_ is now known as jje
ericushmm, I sometimes randomly loose LAN connection19:55
=== jje_ is now known as jje
ericusdmesg | grep con gives me this, dont know if it's relevant19:58
ericusnf_conntrack: default automatic helper assignment has been turned off for security reasons and CT-based  firewall rule not found. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead.19:59
ericusI have to do a sudo enp3s0 down && sudo enp3s0 up to make it work again20:00
ericusoccurs randomly, all other machines connected work fine20:00
zubuntui deleted lighdm while trying to dpkg-reconfigure20:04
zubuntunow i cant get ubuntu login screeen20:04
zubuntuhow can i fix it?20:05
ericusare you getting dropped to a shell?20:05
zubuntuwell it shows black screen20:06
zubuntuflashing some lines20:06
zubuntui am trying to upload screenshot now20:06
ericusJust a black screen or a shell?20:06
zubuntu/dev/sda3: recovering journal20:06
leftyfbzubuntu: which version of ubuntu?20:07
zubuntu/dev/sda3: clearing orphaned inode 3014662 (uid=999, gid=999, mode=0100600, size=0)20:07
zubuntuleftyfb: 18.0420:07
leftyfbzubuntu: This was upgraded from 16.04? A fresh install of 18.04 does not use lightdm20:08
Beam_Inn_is there a way to make the computer not run so hot in the software?20:08
lordcirth_Beam_Inn_, powertop and/or tlp. You can also turn down screen brightness20:09
ericusBeam_Inn_ laptop?20:09
zubuntuleftyfb:  no it was fresh install but i replaced my laptop with new one and put my ssd which had already ubuntu installed. it happened after i updated20:09
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: if you don't have the time to give us the specs of the computer you're having potential hardware issues with, the you don't have time to ask more questions regarding the same issue20:09
Beam_Inn_what command20:09
zubuntui mean after i updated ubuntu login screen started looping then i deleted lighdm while trying something20:09
ericussudo apt install powetop20:09
zubuntusudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade20:09
ericussudo apt install powertop20:09
Beam_Inn_ericus what's the powertop command to slow it as quicky as possible before it pops20:10
leftyfbzubuntu: again, lightdm is not installed by default in 18.04 (gnome)20:10
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: what are the specs of this computer?20:10
zubuntuleftyfb: then why did happen after i deleted it?20:10
ericusBeam_Inn_ how do you mean?20:10
zubuntumaybe it doesnt see gdm3 also?20:10
ericusLike it powers off from overheating?20:11
Beam_Inn_yeah powers off from overheating20:11
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: what are the specs of this computer?20:11
ericusBeam_Inn_ check your CPU fan, I bet it's fucked up with dust20:12
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Beam_Inn_it's not dusty20:12
leftyfb!ohmy | ericus20:12
ubottuericus: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:12
Beam_Inn_the fan is in top shape.  i blew it out last week, and it's spinning like a maniac.  When I copy files, the OS is overclocking it20:13
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: what are the specs of this computer?20:13
Beam_Inn_I can do like 5 gigs at a time before it gets very hot, around 10 gigs it's ready to shut down20:13
Beam_Inn_it's a pentium M: pretty old.20:13
ericusI bet there is dust.20:14
zubuntui am having this lines flashing on a black screen now : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5BqPZZDzZR/20:14
Beam_Inn_powertop doesn't limit cpu activity20:14
ericusLitterally just got a laptop from a friend, it was filled with dust20:14
Beam_Inn_it just tells you what is using it20:14
zubuntuis my ubuntu partition f.ked up or what?20:14
Beam_Inn_i blew it out 2 days ago. it's not dusty20:14
lordcirth_Beam_Inn_, powertop reduces power & heat when *not* maxed out, which is useful but not your problem here.20:15
Beam_Inn_i was fixing fans on the other computer20:15
ericuswhat does "watch sensors" show you Beam_Inn_?20:15
lordcirth_Beam_Inn_, sudo apt install cpufrequtils; cpufreq-info20:16
lordcirth_You could probably downclock it; but performance would be even worse.20:16
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: please run the following and paste the link here: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};free -h ; sudo dmidecode -t 4;)20:17
activisthi leftyfb what's up?20:17
lordcirth_zubuntu, sorry, I wasn't following before, what happened before it stopped booting?20:17
leftyfb!es | ceibal20:19
ubottuceibal: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:19
Beam_Inn_i want to limit its max usage lordcirth_20:21
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: please run the following and paste the link here: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};free -h ; sudo dmidecode -t 4;)20:21
Beam_Inn_leftyfb I don't know what that does. is it dangerous?20:21
zubuntulordcirth_: well i replaced my laptop with new hardware and put my old ssd inside with ubuntu 18.04 installed already. at the beginning it logged in without problem then i ran sudo update commands to update. and then after reboot login screen started looping. then i googled about this and read something about gdm3 and lightdm , i removed lightdm and rebooted. now it shows black screen flashing lines in20:21
zubuntuthe link :https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5BqPZZDzZR/20:21
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: no. It provides information about your hardware20:21
Beam_Inn_whoa.  awesome20:21
lordcirth_zubuntu, and you don't have a login prompt? What if you press Ctrl-Alt-F2?20:22
Beam_Inn_erm when i typed that it just asked me for more >20:22
zubuntulordcirth_: no. it opens terminal but those lines keep flashing. it doesnt let me type any command20:22
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: then you typed something wrong20:22
zubuntui dont have access to login screen anymore20:23
lordcirth_zubuntu, ok. Reboot, and in the grub menu, choose other options > recovery. Then root shell.20:23
zubuntulordcirth_:  i am on there already now20:23
zubuntui did sudo fsck -f / but it gives error20:24
ilhow can transfer files from hot spot to android20:24
leftyfb!android | il20:24
leftyfbil: we do not support Android here. Try #android20:24
Beam_Inn_http://termbin.com/pee2 lordcirth_20:24
lordcirth_zubuntu, what error?20:24
zubuntulordcirth_: fsck from util-linux 2.31.120:25
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: you did not run the entry command I gave you20:25
Beam_Inn_il also consider Cloud20:25
Beam_Inn_I did, leftyfb.  It said: ">".20:25
zubuntulordcirth_: e2fsck 1.44.1 (24-mar-2018)20:25
zubuntulordcirth_: /dev/sda3 is mounted.20:25
lordcirth_Beam_Inn_, you probably missed a close-paren )20:25
zubuntue2fsck: cannot continue, aborting.20:25
Beam_Inn_i can add one more20:25
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: Again, you typed something wrong. Copy and paste the entire single line I gave you, paste it into your terminal and hit enter20:26
lordcirth_zubuntu, right, so you'll need to run a liveUSB and fsck it20:26
Beam_Inn_also )20:26
ilfrom ubuntu to android20:26
lordcirth_You can't fsck it while mounted20:26
zubuntudamn :/20:26
zubuntui need to download first20:26
Beam_Innwhat should I paste?20:27
Beam_Inn_nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};free -h ; sudo dmidecode -t 4;)20:27
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: yes, paste that into your terminal and hit enter20:28
zubuntulordcirth_: can i use 19.04 image for that?20:29
zubuntuor should it be 18.04 ?20:29
lordcirth_zubuntu, just to fix it? That should be fine if that's what you have20:29
Beam_Innhow do I go about limiting my CPU's max usage?  Will it also limit how much of my ram is being used?20:29
zubuntulordcirth_: yes other day i downloaded 19.04 to test on vm20:30
Beam_InnI don't have any interest for this old computer to run "fast".  I just want it to be very stable.20:30
Beam_InnI ran the CPU at 80% in windows20:30
Beam_InnI feel like I just started my car without oil20:30
EriC^^zubuntu: try to boot the previous kernel using grub, the update might have installed a new kernel that doesnt work with your pc20:30
leftyfbBeam_Inn: What do you do that causes the CPU to spike?20:31
zubuntuEriC^^: so should i download 18.04 iso?20:31
Beam_InnCopied files20:31
EriC^^zubuntu: what for?20:31
Beam_Inni'm telling you, i have the same problem with every computer I use on ubuntu.  they always overheat out of the box20:31
leftyfbBeam_Inn: from what device to what device?20:31
EriC^^zubuntu: hold shift when the pc boots to get grub, then go to advanced options -> choose the older kernel20:31
zubuntuEriC^^: ah i autoremoved old kernels20:31
ericussudo stress -c 2020:31
Beam_Inncell phone to exthdd20:31
zubuntuonly .48 and .47 versions20:32
EriC^^zubuntu: autoremove keeps the previous one for this specific case20:32
thaurwylthDoes some document reader or LibreOffice-like tool read PPTX files right out of the box?20:32
leftyfbBeam_Inn: so usb -> usb20:32
zubuntui dont remember exact versions20:32
Beam_Inni guess you don't need the commentary but i'm just saying20:32
Beam_Innyes usb-usb20:32
zubuntulet me try previous version then. if it doesn work?20:32
leftyfbBeam_Inn: Try copying from either of the usb devices to your desktop and see if you have the same issue20:32
* Beam_Inn gulp20:33
lordcirth_thaurwylth, Libreoffice Impress will, but there may be bits that don't work quite the same.20:33
Beam_Innhere goes20:33
ilguys how can share file with hot spot ubuntu?20:33
lordcirth_il, I have no idea what you're asking20:33
EriC^^zubuntu: try first then see20:33
thaurwylthLordcirth_, thanks! That will probably not matter. Let's see...20:33
zubunturecovery mode or normal boot?20:33
ilshare files with wifi20:33
EriC^^il: there's an android app for it called airdroid or something20:33
EriC^^from google play store20:34
lordcirth_il, if you want to go *from* Ubuntu, you can run 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer' in the directory.20:34
leftyfbil: it will be MUCH quicker to just use a cloud solution like dropbox or nextcloud or something20:34
Beam_Innil those apps all suck.  use cloud.  cloud is great.  google drive or dropbox or outlook20:34
zubuntuEriC^^: no luck20:34
zubuntuit is giving same clean flash20:34
jcottongood way too20:34
EriC^^zubuntu: you get a black screen?20:34
Beam_Innil is your internet usage limited?20:34
zubuntublack screen and flashing lines about dev/sda320:35
thaurwylthWait, is Impress a package that is not automatically wrapped in with the basic Ubuntu (Studio) packages? I mean I can install it with Apt, no problem there, I was just thinking that maybe it's already there and I missed something.20:35
lordcirth_thaurwylth, iirc only Writer is installed by default now? They are large packages.20:35
EriC^^zubuntu: what does it say about /dev/sda320:35
EriC^^it sounds like you powered off the pc using the button the last time, if i had to guess20:36
zubuntuEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5BqPZZDzZR/20:36
thaurwylthLordcirth_, thanks again½20:36
EriC^^zubuntu: ok try pressing alt+f2 any console?20:36
zubuntuEriC^^: i did but it doesnt let me type any command. dev/sda3 lines keep flashing over and over20:37
EriC^^zubuntu: try pressing enter and log in20:37
EriC^^it should only print those lines once i think, those are the fsck lines, it says the filesystem is clean though20:38
zubuntuEriC^^: it flashes. not only once20:38
zubuntuit keeps flashing20:38
EriC^^zubuntu: ok, try pressing alt+ctrl+del20:38
EriC^^it should reboot20:38
EriC^^hopefully next reboot it wont mention any sda fsck20:39
zubuntuEriC^^: it does20:39
zubuntui tried many times :/20:39
zubuntucan i use live usb key?20:39
EriC^^zubuntu: try entering grub20:39
zubuntuok then?20:40
zubuntuhow to enter grub?20:40
EriC^^hold shift20:40
zubuntui am on there already i guess20:40
zubuntuubuntu / advanced options20:40
EriC^^zubuntu: press "e" over ubuntu20:40
EriC^^in the line that say linux /boot/vmlinuz add "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" before quiet splash20:41
EriC^^then press F10 to boot20:41
EriC^^zubuntu: actually, scratch that, go to advanced options20:41
EriC^^then choose to do a fsck on the system20:42
EriC^^then press to continue booting20:42
zubuntu/boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-48-generic root=UUID=54aceca5-a4dc-4c1e-9d34-7dcb30ea8756 ro quiet splash nomodeset $vt_handoff20:43
EriC^^ok press Esc, go to advanced options -> recovery mode20:43
EriC^^then fsck20:43
Beam_Innsame problem20:43
zubuntuEriC^^: same problem20:43
zubuntue2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting.20:44
Beam_Inni've eralized i can pause it, which is nice, but i really don't see why there's any reason to push the hardware for a file transfer20:44
EriC^^did you choose anything before the fsck? zubuntu20:44
zocijux[m]siemka wam20:44
EriC^^like start networking20:44
zubuntui tried clean dpkg update grub20:45
zubuntubut i dont remember choosing network20:45
EriC^^zubuntu: ah that's why20:45
EriC^^it has to mount the filesystem read-write to update grub, so no more fsck20:45
zubuntuwhat should i do now?20:45
EriC^^zubuntu: reboot with ctrl+alt+del again and same then only choose fsck first20:45
zubuntuEriC^^: i already tried that20:46
zubuntusame error20:46
EriC^^boot a live usb20:46
zubuntue2fsck: cannot continuem, aborting.20:46
wcarsonanyone have an idea why after a fresh install, when i enter MOK Manager, it refuses to accept the password the installer made me set?20:46
Beam_Inn_lordcirth_ is there an easy command that will underclock the cpu and ram?20:47
zubuntuok which tool is the recommended to creat bootable usb key?20:47
zubuntui have 19.04 iso downloaded already20:47
EriC^^zubuntu: on what os?20:47
thaurwylthHey, how come these were deemed to be only about 16 megs in size? Should I think this size is oddly mysterious? libfreehand-0.1-1 libmspub-0.1-1 libpagemaker-0.0-0 libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer libreoffice-draw libreoffice-impress20:47
EriC^^zubuntu: i like https://www.linuxliveusb.com/20:47
EriC^^there's also rufus20:47
zubuntui am familiar with rufus20:48
Bashing-omwcarson: Caps lock has caught me more than just once.20:48
Beam_Inn_found this on superuser: for x in /sys/devices/system/cpu/*/cpufreq/; do echo 1700000 | sudo tee $x/scaling_max_freq; done20:49
wcarsoni'm fairly sure i'd have noticed the light.. also it's been multiple reboots and attempts20:49
Beam_Inn_but how do I know wehre to set my cpu?20:50
wcarsoni'm going to try 18.04 instead of 19.04 and see if it makes a difference20:52
leftyfbBeam_Inn_: https://askubuntu.com/questions/485875/why-do-file-transfers-over-usb-slow-down-my-whole-computer20:53
wcarsonalso it's not at all clear if i actually require secureboot, it doesn't tell me what drivers require it, if they loaded, what happens if secureboot is disabled, etc..20:53
Beam_Inn_i just want to slow my cpu down20:53
wcarsonthank you, Bashing-om20:55
wcarsonit wasn't caps-lock, but rather num-lock on my small keyboard20:55
Bashing-omwcarson: Good that you seen it :D20:55
* wcarson facepalms20:56
zubuntuEriC^^: ok usb live key is ready now20:57
EriC^^zubuntu: ok boot it up and get internet on it20:58
zubuntuEriC^^: should i choose Try Ubuntu?20:58
Beam_Innthis guide is about protecting your CPU from Ubuntu, right?20:58
EriC^^zubuntu: yea20:59
Krennici like lubuntu21:00
zubuntuEriC^^: done21:00
EriC^^zubuntu: type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"21:00
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EriC^^zubuntu: paste the link it gives you here21:01
zubuntui cant paste21:02
leftyfbBeam_Inn: slowing down your cpu is not the answer21:02
zubuntui am using another pc now21:02
EriC^^zubuntu: type the last 4 letters21:02
SapientLionHello! While using Code::Blocks, i am not able to successfully run the debugger. It outputs the following message: warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted.21:02
EriC^^zubuntu: whatever is after termbin.com/21:02
EriC^^zubuntu: type "sudo fsck -y /dev/sda3"21:04
PiratyI recently upgrade kubuntu to 19.04. what happens now is that my user account's taskbar gets reordered (icons move from right to left, next to app menu button) . it seems it's not remembering the position i put them in. Any idea?21:04
zubuntuEriC^^: fsck from util-linux 2.33.121:04
EriC^^Piraty: are the permissions all right in your home dir?21:04
Piratyi didn't find any plasma logs in $HOME, and i don't suspect them in /var/log (or journalctl)21:05
PiratyEriC^^: nice one, lemme check21:05
wcarsonBashing-om: thanks again, that was it. all good now!21:05
zubuntue2fsck 1.44.6 (5-mar-2019)21:05
Bashing-omwcarson: :))21:05
EriC^^zubuntu: if it went well, type "sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt"21:05
zubuntu/dev/sda3: clean, 337627/3276800 files, 877... block21:05
zubuntuEriC^^: i did last command and didnt return anything21:06
Beam_Innleftyfb, maybe it is maybe it isn't. if i slow it down 10% I'll know21:06
EriC^^zubuntu: ok type "ls -l /mnt | nc termbin.com 9999"21:06
zubuntuafter this21:06
leftyfbBeam_Inn: did you read the article I gave you?21:06
SapientLionHello! While using Code::Blocks on Ubuntu 18.04, i am not able to successfully run the debugger. It outputs: "warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted". Is there any solution to this problem?21:07
zubuntuEriC^^: nc: getaddrinfo for host "termbin" port 9999: Temporary failure in name resolution21:08
Beam_Innman 3 hours i've been trying to move files from point a to point b21:08
Beam_Innwhat century are we in lol.  i should use cloud21:08
EriC^^zubuntu: you forgot to put .com i think21:08
Beam_Innhere's the problem, leftyfb ....21:09
Beam_Innobviously hdd1->hdd1 transers are much faster.21:09
zubuntuEriC^^: https://termbin.com/rlpb21:09
Beam_Innbut just to see what would happen, I did three hdd1 -> hdd1 file transfers and had the same result21:10
Beam_Innusb is out of the equation.21:10
EriC^^zubuntu: ok that looks good21:10
zubuntucan i remove usb key and reboot?21:10
EriC^^zubuntu: reboot first, then remove the usb21:10
Beam_Innafter 7 copy operations, the fan is at max speed, the cpu is super hot21:11
Beam_Inn_maybe the CPU itself isn't the problem, but some aspect of the system itself is telling the computer to run faster than it safely can21:11
Beam_Inn_i broke two computers this year doing the same thing: transfering files21:12
zubuntuEriC^^: still same21:12
PiratyBeam_Inn_: what's the issue? using rsync? using compression/encryption?21:12
Beam_Inn_nope.  justt copying pics and videos on a less-than-perfect pc21:12
zubuntu/dev/sda3: clean ....21:12
EriC^^zubuntu: that one line is normal21:13
Beam_Inn_i mean, the hardware is old, you know?21:13
EriC^^any orphaned nodes stuff?21:13
zubuntui cant get on login screen21:13
zubuntuno orphaned stuff anymore21:13
zubuntuhow can i login normally?21:13
EriC^^zubuntu: ok, and it's just once right, it doesnt spam that over and over?21:13
zubuntuEriC^^: it spams21:13
zubuntunot once unfortunately21:13
EriC^^zubuntu: that's not right21:14
EriC^^zubuntu: go to grub again21:16
EriC^^press 'e' and remove quiet splash and type in 'fastboot'21:16
EriC^^it should skip the fsck this one time21:17
zubuntui will try21:17
EriC^^then press f10 to boot21:17
zubuntunow it spams [OK] lines21:17
conrhow can you find a list of all version names of a package in a PPA? I'm trying to install apache2 2.4.6 but can't find the exact version name of it.21:18
EriC^^zubuntu: ok, what was the last thing it wrote21:18
zubuntui will try to take picture21:18
EriC^^conr: you could use this if you want https://github.com/ericj112/ppa-tool21:19
SapientLionHello! While using Code::Blocks on Ubuntu 18.04, i am not able to successfully run the debugger. It outputs: "warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted". Is there any solution to this problem?21:19
zubuntustarting update UTMP21:19
zubuntuSystem runlevel changes OK21:19
conrEriC^^: thanks, there's not a raw command to do it?21:19
EriC^^zubuntu: ok try pressing alt+f221:19
zubuntustarted update UTMP21:19
zubuntualt f2 doesnt response21:20
EriC^^conr: not really, you'd have to parse through the dpkg data21:20
EriC^^conr: actually, try apt-cache search apache21:20
EriC^^that should list the stuff21:20
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EriC^^zubuntu: try ctrl+alt+f421:23
zubuntuEriC^^: it keeps flashing21:23
conrEriC^^: search only gives me the apache221:23
EriC^^hmm ctrl+alt+f7?21:23
conrit doesn't give me each version name21:23
EriC^^zubuntu: you mean there's just a blinking cursor?21:24
zubuntuEriC^^: f7 doesnt response just blank black screen21:24
EriC^^conr: try running apt-cache show <package> it should give more info, and apt-cache policy <package> should show the source21:24
zubuntuEriC^^: when i type ctrl alt f7 i see cursor and i can move it but OK screen keeps spamming21:24
EriC^^conr: ah, try "apt search apache" it shows the version numbers21:25
SapientLionHello! While using Code::Blocks on Ubuntu 18.04, i am not able to successfully run the debugger. It outputs: "warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted". Is there any solution to this problem?21:25
conrEriC^^: does it show older versions?21:26
conri know the version number i just need the exact name to apt-get install apache2=????21:26
EriC^^yeah i think it should show both21:26
EriC^^conr: ^21:27
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hggdhSapientLion: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29219666/codeblocks-warning-gdb-failed-to-set-controlling-terminal-operation-not-p21:28
Beam_Inn_YEAH!  that thread worked.21:30
SapientLionhggdh: i've seen that discussion before. It didn't help.21:30
conrEriC^^: it only shows the lastest21:30
zubuntuEriC^^: it seems i have to fresh install ubuntu21:30
SapientLionProblem is, debugger stops at this error and it cannot proceed any further21:31
EriC^^zubuntu: if it's still a fresh install i'd just do that instead21:31
zubuntuEriC^^: no21:31
zubuntuit was 1 year old OS21:31
SapientLionSo it is impossible to ignore this message21:31
zubuntubut i can revover documents21:32
EriC^^zubuntu: try going to grub again21:32
EriC^^this time press on advanced > on the older kernel press "e"21:32
gambl0remy computer is showing 2hours remaining with 18% battery life. how accurate is that?21:33
zubuntubut older kernel also damaged i guess21:33
gambl0reanything below 15% is it recommended to start charging to prevent damage to battery?21:33
EriC^^and try removing "quiet splash" and put instead "verbose ignore_loglevel systemd.unit=multi-user.target"21:34
zubuntuEriC^^:  ok i chose 4.15.0-47 generic21:34
Piratyi chmod /home/user to 700, but i sshd cannot cd into it???21:34
EriC^^zubuntu: ok21:34
EriC^^put the above instead of quiet splash then do21:34
Piraty$HOME has drwx------21:34
EriC^^Piraty: type "stat -c %u $HOME"21:35
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Beam_Inn_it's gonna take like 51 minutes to finish a file transfer that would have finished in 5 minutes without the cpu restriction, but the max-frequency reduction at least prevented the heating problem21:35
PiratyEriC^^: as which user?21:35
EriC^^Piraty: your home user21:35
Piratyno permission21:36
Beam_Inn_@ leftyfb21:36
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
Piraty(and yes, i chown user:user /home/user already)21:36
EriC^^Piraty: ok, so what are the perms of /home21:36
EriC^^ls -ld /home21:36
zubuntuEriC^^: trying to login to tty121:36
EriC^^zubuntu: ok21:37
zubuntuvbocdrv module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel21:37
PiratyEriC^^: drwx------   5 root root       4096 Feb  2 22:59 home21:37
zubuntuvbocpci: IOMMU not found (not registered)21:38
zubuntuUFW BLOCK....21:38
zubuntuwaiting for something i guess21:38
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zubuntuEriC^^: will it continue long time? it goes slow21:39
zubuntuah wait21:39
EriC^^Piraty: yeah thats not good21:39
zubunturandom: crng init done21:39
EriC^^Piraty: chmod 755 /home21:40
zubunturandom: 7 urandm warnings missed due to ratelimiting21:40
zubuntuagain UFW BLOCK..21:40
PiratyEriC^^: ah yes, thanks :D21:40
EriC^^zubuntu: is this on a vm?21:40
EriC^^Piraty: np :D21:40
zubuntuEriC^^: no it is on sda321:41
EriC^^oh right21:41
zubuntui dont know why it mentions about vbox..21:41
zubuntui installed XP on vbox21:41
EriC^^i think that's not important at all21:41
EriC^^what is it hanging on right now21:42
PiratyEriC^^: seems i was chmodding in the wrong place.21:42
zubuntuUFW BLOCK counting something i dont understand21:42
zubuntuslow going21:42
thaurwylthThese two probably imply that these things are well Linux compatible, right? (And Ubuntu compatible.) https://support.bulletvpn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004464469-How-to-Set-up-BulletVPN-PPTP-Manually-on-Ubuntu-Linux    https://support.bulletvpn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004463909-How-to-Set-up-BulletVPN-OpenVPN-Manually-on-Ubuntu-Linux21:43
EriC^^zubuntu: UFW is the firewall21:43
zubuntuah i see21:43
zubuntuEriC^^: what is it doing now?21:44
EriC^^zubuntu: hmm it should have ended up with a login prompt, you put systemd.unit=multi-user.... right21:44
thaurwylthAlthough isn't that Unity view for the screenshorts a bit old?21:44
zubuntui have no clue21:44
zubuntuyes i did21:44
EriC^^zubuntu: i have no idea, is it still counting stuff?21:47
zubuntuwlp3s0 associated21:47
EriC^^i wonder if systemd is screwed up somehow21:49
zubuntui better fresh install after i recover documents21:49
EriC^^yeah, i'd go that route too21:50
zubuntui really wonder why it did this after i updagted21:50
EriC^^same here21:50
claireclaireHello! I keep getting a kernel panic whenever my hard drive goes through long periods of write activity, but the SMART data for the drive seems OK. I've tried multiple reformats, but nothing seems to help.21:51
zubuntui guess it is counting hardware21:52
EriC^^zubuntu: the associated stuff is the wireless connecting, ufw block sounds like it has some ports blocked21:53
EriC^^which numbers does it say after ufw block21:53
EriC^^claireclaire: is it an ssd or something you could maybe update the firmware of?21:53
claireclaireit's an HDD, but it's brand new from western digital21:54
zubuntu(try 1/3)21:54
claireclaire2tb HDD with ext4 and GPT21:54
zubuntui feel it is doing same things21:54
zubuntuagain wlp3s021:54
EriC^^claireclaire: can you upload it in text format? would make it easier to google for similar stuff21:54
claireclaireit's a kernel panic, so I'm not sure if a log was made21:55
EriC^^claireclaire: you could get the info from /var/log/syslog21:55
thaurwylthHmmm, some more questions. This time about CyberGhost. 'A: The app currently supports Debian, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 29' Later on it is said there are two dependencies, Python 3 package and the OpenVPN daemon package. If those two are present on a different version of distribution, will there still be some problems running CyberGhost on non 16.04 non 18.04 Ubuntu? I understand this is a very wide question. But ...21:55
thaurwylth... please interpret it in a more restricted manner, if it makes answering easier. But any concise answer is much appreciated.21:55
zubuntui am bored21:57
thaurwylthOr, let's say, how does package management between different releases of Ubuntu work in general? Will all the supported alive ones have the same versions of software inside a named package?21:57
claireclaireI did have the line oops=panic in my kernel config, so let me see if this helps21:58
zubuntuEriC^^: i pressed a key by mistake and it stopped and it brouight me to tty2 terminakl to login then it continues again counting UFW ...22:00
zubuntuactually it doesnt stop it spams i like others i guess but in slow motion22:00
claireclaireI get a lot of suggestions that it's a PSU issue22:01
EriC^^claireclaire: maybe the guys in ##hardware get shed some light on the issue, if nobody here knows22:02
ducassethaurwylth:  if cyberghost is not in the ubuntu repos it is not supported by us, talk to the provider. packages with the  same name can be different versions between releases22:03
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thaurwylthYeah, sorry, I was a bit unclear there. I didn't intend that to be a CyberGhost support question. I was just trying to figure out, for my own understanding, whether it would be reasonable to get it to run on 18.10 (or 19.04). OK, now I learned that python3 and openvpn may differ from 18.04.22:06
thaurwylthLuckily it's cheap for trial, so I might as well just test it out tomorrow.22:07
zubuntuEriC^^: thank you for your helps but i am bored. i will fresh install yesterday22:19
zubuntudo u recommend 19.04 or 18.04 lts?22:20
tatertotzzubuntu ever heard of eeny, meeny,miny,moe?22:23
zubuntutatertotz: what?22:25
EriC^^zubuntu: 18.0422:27
EriC^^cant go wrong with lts22:27
tatertotzis that a challenge?22:27
zubuntutatertotz: are u a trolling bot? :p22:29
zubuntuEriC^^: thx22:29
zubuntuok gotta go22:34
zubuntugood nite22:34
scienteswhy do I have boltd running when I have never owned a thunderbolt device?22:43
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gewji_cpu 121%23:23
gewji_i guess you were right.  underclocking the cpu doesn' help because the system ignores it23:23
gewji_there has to be a way to tell linux to not run my cpu at 120+%23:24
leftyfb!who | gewji_23:24
ubottugewji_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)23:24
gewji_I don't know who I should port this to.  I'm going to post it on some forums and hope someone responds before my pc's heart explodes.23:25
fmultiHow can I completely remove telnet from 18.04? I need to follow this https://www.stigviewer.com/stig/canonical_ubuntu_16.04_lts/2018-07-18/finding/V-7579723:26
fmultiif i do "apt list telnetd", it says its there... but if I do "apt-get remove telnetd" it says its not installed23:27
fmultisame thing with "nis"23:28
geniifmulti: What does apt-cache policy telnetd ..say on the "Installed:" line?23:30
fmultigenii: Installed: (none)23:30
geniiThen it's not installed23:30
fmultii am not sure that will satisfy a checkbox-checker23:31
leftyfbfmulti: telnetd has never been installed by default23:32
geniifmulti: What does: apt list --installed  telnetd   ...tell you?23:33
leftyfbgenii: they already answered that23:33
fmultiI guess I can try to use both the apt cache and apt list as proof23:36
fmultibut most of these dudes who check this stuff arent technical23:36
leftyfbfmulti: if you're talking about checkbox for certification, I used to be "one of those dudes"23:36
fmultileftyfb: then you are a rare breed lol23:37
fmultimost of these people ive dealth with are afraid of linux23:37
fmultioh god hacker OS!!!23:37
fmultiCOMMAND LINE?!?!23:37
leftyfbfmulti: I mean, I used to certify hardware for Canonical. Part of the process was running the checkbox suite23:38
fmultii am talking about different certification unfortunately23:38
fmultipeople who love their STIGs23:39
fmultiwhich doesnt even exist for 18.04, but they will not care23:39
leftyfbCanonical does some of that now as well23:39
fmultitell them to put out an automated STIG pls for 18.0423:40
fmultiRHEL has it as an option during install23:40
leftyfbit takes a while for them to get it all worked out23:40
fmultii am aware lol23:40
leftyfbI think 16.04 took about a year23:40
fmultiat my prior employer, my department had the power to say "Use CentOS/RHEL or get lost"... here, it is the opposite "We are using Ubuntu, make it work thx"23:41
leftyfbfmulti: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/09/26/canonicals-security-certifications23:42
leftyfbfmulti: I'm sure 18.04 is being worked on. It'll just take some time. Though I'd imagine not as long as 16.04 did.23:44
fmultii am sure as well23:45
fmultidoesnt help me when i am handed an 18.04 system though lol23:45
leftyfbDoesn't make sense for them to assume an OS released 7 months ago would be certified to that level.23:46
leftyfbsorry, I guess 13 months ago23:46
fmultithe people who hand me these systems do not have the slightest of care about that23:47
herouxmaupgrading my system from 14.04, please everyone sending me good vibs lol23:50
herouxmaBye Compiz with 4 desktops I guess23:50
fmultileftyfb: https://www.stigviewer.com/stig/canonical_ubuntu_16.04_lts/2018-07-18/finding/V-80957 any idea on this one?23:51
herouxmaAny advices other than backup?23:51
fmultiit doesnt like the new file i created with the "fix text"23:52
herouxmaIs there some people who actually upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04? Worth it or better to start from Scratch?23:54
mousesherouxma: I always advise starting from scratch - it's pretty trivial to export a list of packages and backup home directory data23:56
herouxmaThanks mouses, last time from 12.04 to 14.04, did that23:59
herouxmaWill do that, good point23:59

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