EickmeyerOvenWerks: The Launchpad team was more than happy to raise the limit on both our autobuilds and the backports.02:52
OvenWerksIt was more work that I thought to make pulse bridges able to be more than one :) Still have to test though05:45
OvenWerksonly the first bridge auto connects to a device if specified. (need to check what happens if none is)06:50
m_ad[m]great, i read about the space issue the other day07:20
OvenWerksfound another bug on the way to pulse bridge number... I think it is fixed now :)17:19
EickmeyerSweet. Is there any way we could allow custom naming for the pulse bridge(s)? Like, on a separate tab? That way, whatever application is assigned to whatever bridge could be named by the user to make routing in Jack easier.17:22
* Eickmeyer noticed a new Calf release right around the same time as 19.04, will be looking at upgrading the package, putting it in the backports, and notifying Ross for upload to Debian/sync to Ubuntu.17:24
OvenWerksSo does that mean you have tried the new -controls?19:12
OvenWerksI am not sure how many pulse bridges you expect people to use ;) I allow up to 9 and already think that is overkill. I expect one set for skype and one set for all the rest of the desktop will be all that anyone ever uses.19:16
EickmeyerI agree, 9 is overkill. Where I'm at is to help people with knowing which pulse bridge is which without too much thought.19:16
OvenWerksThe problem I see with naming, is that in order to to rename, all ports get deleted and remade. So if someone gets everything set up and then changes a name, all of there connections get lost.19:17
EickmeyerOhhhh... I see. Yeah, that could be bad.19:17
OvenWerksI picked 9 because that is the limit for one digit ;)19:18
OvenWerksdisconnecting ports would get called a bug by at least some people19:18
EickmeyerJust tried it. Selected 6 bridges. Only came back with 1.19:21
OvenWerksRight now I am not saving any info about bridges (other than number) and rely on system calls to clear all of them. With pulse it is hard to remove a single jack sourse/sink as you have to read through all of them and find out what the record number of that module is rather than just removing by name.19:21
Eickmeyer1 stereo, that is.19:21
OvenWerksyou have to logout/in or do: dbus-send --type=signal / org.ubuntustudio.control.event.quit_signal19:22
OvenWerksother wise the autojack you are running is the old one.19:22
EickmeyerOh yes.19:23
OvenWerksWe can't do this from install because it is running as the user not the system and the install is done as the system.19:24
EickmeyerAh, I see. Something to add to ubuntustudio-system --fix?19:25
OvenWerksWe could have the ping back changed from "pong_signal" to "V2_signal"19:25
EickmeyerI have no idea what that does.19:26
OvenWerksI look for the pong signal in -controls to tell that autojack is running, if I look for a v2 signal the old version will not send that and so will send a quite_signal and then restart autojack.19:28
EickmeyerOh, that's not a bad idea.19:28
EickmeyerA little hacky, but it gets the job done.19:28
OvenWerksSo every time I change autojack I can up the version in both autojack and -controls19:28
EickmeyerYeah, that works.19:29
OvenWerksNext question.... the mixer start button... where should it be placed? on the bottom with the other buttons? (start, stop and apply)19:30
OvenWerksor under the jack status19:30
OvenWerksOr have a drop down that allows starting the mixer with whatever device they choose?19:31
OvenWerksyet another question: (or statement) It seems there are some devices (or subdevices) that jack can not start.19:33
EickmeyerThe start, stop, and apply buttons look fine where they are.19:34
OvenWerksFor example, I have an AuodioPCI (Early 90s?) where AudioPCI,0,0 works fine but AudioPCI,1,0 is not accessable.19:34
OvenWerksYes they look fine where they are should I add a 4th button to start the QASmixer in the same row?19:35
EickmeyerAdd two buttons below: one for QASmixer, the other vor PAVUcontrol.19:35
EickmeyerBecause, if we're going to have multiple Jack bridges, people are going to want to route their applications.19:36
EickmeyerBy that same token, having one for Carla wouldn't be a bad idea either since that gives them access to their audio rack and patchbay for Jack.19:37
OvenWerksI will see what I can do...22:10
OvenWerksMaybe two rows then.22:10
OvenWerksTwo rows means that one row controls Controls and the other starts extra stuff22:30
EickmeyerOf course, by that same token, jack-mixer, but this can become a slippery slope.22:30
OvenWerksIt does mean adding things to the depends...22:30
EickmeyerNot hard.22:31
OvenWerksWell no but that means installing installer installs at least 4 extra applications22:31
EickmeyerTrue. Can we have -controls look for if the applications are installed and then add the buttons dynamically?22:32
EickmeyerSeeing if the file exists in /usr/bin would be one way.22:32
OvenWerksI don't know, I have been unable to make a button invisible so far.22:33
EickmeyerThen what if it was simply disabled unless the corresponding application was in /usr/bin?22:33
OvenWerksHow can we make the problem obvious to the user?22:34
OvenWerksIf file not exist, open installer instead :P22:34
EickmeyerIf the button is disabled, the text should be gray. A help button would be one way to figure that out.22:34
EickmeyerAnother idea is to add apturl and point to a website with icons that, when clicked-on, open an "apt://" url that installs the application using apturl.22:35
EickmeyerXubuntu has something like that.22:36
OvenWerksI think one step at a time.22:36
EickmeyerGotcha. I'm going too fast. 22:37
* Eickmeyer hits the brakes22:37
OvenWerks I will add the three buttons and depends for now. In the Studio they will just work.22:37
Eickmeyerback in a bit22:38
EickmeyerOkay, I'm back.23:16

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