miaHello channel08:27
miahow can I limit my DAW taking exclusive control of my audio interface?08:27
miaHere is my problem09:26
miawhen I use alsa on a DAW I can't hear system sounds or, anything, except the daw09:27
miaI've installed jackaudio09:27
miaand when I start the jackaudio server, it's also the same09:27
miaso how can I solve this problem? it feels like I need to somehow use jackaudio in my system as well09:27
mialike, system-wide? somehow?09:27
miaI'm new to all this in ubuntu so a little guidance would be very helpful09:27
OvenWerkswell mia you stuck around for a while... but it was the middle of the night... so I missed it.15:12
javier_Hello everyone. What is the best place to ask for help on how to play SFZ sound libraries? For example Carla does not throw any error but I cannot get any sound from Versilian Studio Chamber Orchestra 2 free library.18:35
EickmeyerOvenWerks: ^ Any ideas?18:36
* Eickmeyer is stumped18:36
javier_I have the same problem with Virtual Playing Orchestra 318:37
javier_let me change that statement, I do get some mesages in the CARLA log tab , so I was wondering what is the rigth place to ask for help about that18:41
Eickmeyerjavier_: Depends. Are you using Carla from our repos or KXStudio?18:55
javier_UbuntuStudio 19.04 repos18:57
Eickmeyerjavier_: So, you're not using kxstudio?18:57
EickmeyerAny KXStudio repos at all?18:57
javier_No KXStudio at all18:57
EickmeyerOkay. I only asked because I noticed you asked in kxstudio as well.18:58
javier_Yep, because it is my understanding falkTX is the developer18:58
Eickmeyerjavier_: Yes, but I worked with him to package it. So, I wouldn't worry about that.18:59
Eickmeyerjavier_: Did you patch the synth plugin to your audio output?18:59
javier_yes, the patchbay tab has a block for eack rack element. The SFZ chosen does have a red midi input and two blue audio outputs19:00
javier_I put a link from my midi keyboard into the midi input of the SFZ rack element then its outputs are linked to the system outputs19:01
Eickmeyerjavier_: Okay, check alsamixer to make sure the volume us up and unmuted on your system outputs.19:01
javier_this routing works fine for any LV2 or VST plugin but not ofr SFZ19:02
javier_ok, let me check that19:02
Eickmeyerjavier_: Also, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think SFZ plugins are supported anymore? Unfortunately, I'm more of an audio engineer and not a musician, so I don't know much abou that.19:03
javier_yep, all levels are at 100%. For example the lv2 for synthv1 gets red led blink when playing midi keyboard and its blue led blinks too because it is playing sound.19:03
javier_Oh,, I see. Then I think that is a question for falkTX, thanks a lot.19:04
OvenWerksSomeone is working on an sfz player to replace Linux Sampler19:04
javier_My other question would be: Is there any other option in UbuntuStidio 19.04 to play SFZ sample libraries?19:04
OvenWerksI do not remember who or where. The normal asnwer is to build linux sampler19:05
OvenWerksLinux sampler can not be packaged because it has a bad (read not even legal) licence. The remaining Devs would like to change that but have been unable to contact some of the original devs who put that licence in place... what a mess. So the only way to use it is to DL and build.19:07
Eickmeyerjavier_: ^19:07
javier_Thanks OvenWerks, I am not a developer and I have never compiled anything on linux but I can try, I have a little background from school.19:09
OvenWerksIf the new sfz player gets a release we will see if it can get to debian/ubuntu, but I think it is still roll your own too right now. Do ask falktx in #kxstudio if he knows too.19:12
javier_Thanks a lot, I will try as suggested.19:20

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