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scootergrisenOn the login screen i can select sessions like "Xfce Session". Where is that string translated?18:51
diogenes_scootergrisen, afaik that depends on login manager (aka lightdm, slim, gdm, sddm, etc.)18:53
brainwashthat one is translated via http://www.xfce.org/getinvolved/translation18:54
brainwashthe installed file is /usr/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop18:57
scootergrisenits lightdm i think18:57
scootergrisenOk so its not enough to have the strings in the po files to see it.18:59
scootergrisenAre .desktop files suppose to be used for that?19:00
brainwashnot for something like a desktop file19:00
brainwashwhy wouldn't they?19:00
scootergrisenAre .desktop files not only for application shortcuts in the application menu?19:00
brainwashthey are used for autostart too19:01
friendlyGoathello, this ain't much of a big deal but i'd still like to ask about it. how do i make my login screen show up on only one of my displays?19:06
friendlyGoatwhen im logging in it makes the login prompt appear on my laptop screen whch is closed instead of on my television which is where i want it if you get what i mean19:07
friendlyGoati'd also like to ask how to fix my GRUB menu, my EFI partition moved and i had to reinstall one of my operating systems now grub aint booting first and im not sure what to do19:08
GridCubefriendlyGoat: https://askubuntu.com/questions/234930/choose-lightdm-login-screen-location-in-multi-monitor-setup19:10
friendlyGoathavent loaded it yet but thanks in advance!19:10
GridCubefriendlyGoat: https://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair/home/Home/19:11
friendlyGoatthanks for that too, this has been a huge bother for me19:11
GridCubethough, proably doing grub-update should fix it19:11
GridCubebut boot-repair does a lot of things visually so it helps a lot19:12
scootergrisenXubuntu is not a desktop environment is it?19:16
scootergrisenIn xubuntu i can choose between two session. Xfce Session and Xubuntu Session.19:16
brainwashit does not say desktop environment19:17
brainwashit says "session"19:17
brainwashxubuntu offers a customized xfce session19:18
scootergrisenBut the comment in xubuntu.desktop says "Use this session to run Xubuntu as your desktop environment"19:19
brainwashcopy pasted from Comment=Use this session to run Xfce as your desktop environment19:21
scootergrisenThats the xfce.desktop file i meant the xubuntu.desktop file19:22
scootergrisenI just ask if it is corret to call xubuntu a desktop environment19:23
brainwashthe string in xubuntu.desktop was basically just copied/modified19:23
scootergrisenYes it seems that way19:24
brainwashmany years ago it used to be Comment=Use this session to boot into Xubuntu19:25
brainwashpersonally, I would bother with this19:27
scootergrisenHow come files like /usr/share/applications/pidgin.desktop does not contain translations but in the Xfce menu pidgin is translation. Where are the translated strings at?19:31
brainwashscootergrisen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LangpacksDesktopfiles19:37
scootergrisenbrainwash, i read a bit of it but still can figure out there the translated strings are19:57
scootergrisenbye for now and thanks for all the fish20:34
xubuntu70ican anyone read me?21:37
Bashing-omxubuntu70i: Yup :)21:39
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