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lubot<N0um3n0> hi @acheronuk We are having  a problem with Falkon in Eoan. when you run it it does not open and if you do it from the command line, it gives an error.13:30
lubot<N0um3n0> (Photo, 946x607) https://i.imgur.com/l0eEtE1.jpg13:30
lubot<acheronuk> @N0um3n0 [hi @acheronuk We are having  a problem with Falkon in Eoan. when you run it it d …], We know. Looks like qtwebengine barfing, but need to do some investigating. I have it on a list of things to do, but Lubuntu or Kubuntu do not use it as the default browser, so it is queued behind some other things13:33
lubot<N0um3n0> @acheronuk [We know. Looks like qtwebengine barfing, but need to do some investigating. I ha …], ok thanks13:33
lubot<acheronuk> @tsimonq2 can you get eoan builds going here? https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/falkon-daily13:39
lubot<acheronuk> if git master builds don't crash, that would be one useful data point13:40
lubot<tsimonq2> @acheronuk [@tsimonq2 can you get eoan builds going here? https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev …], .13:46
lubot<acheronuk> ty13:51
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wxl@acheronuk is there a bug for that falkon issue?18:08
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lubot<acheronuk> wxl: not at the moment. 1st I wanted to (a) check to see if any upstream commits already have it fixed, and if not, (b) get a more complete webengine stack trace19:31
wxl@acheronuk okie dokie. keep me updated. there's still a part of me that would like to include falkon as our default.19:32
lubot<acheronuk> ack. at the moment I don't know if it is falkon or our webengine build that is bugged19:33
lubot<teward001> (or both)22:01
lubot<teward001> (just saying)22:01
lubot<acheronuk> both is quite possible22:11
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lubot<teward001> FYI to all: Thanks to @tsimonq2 and wxl both asking me to deploy Discourse on the server...22:43
lubot<teward001> most of the infra is down for right now22:44
lubot<teward001> because Docker is a pain in the BUTTOCKS22:44
wxlhey users asked for it first22:44
wxlalso @tsimonq2 22:44
lubot<teward001> OK so MOST of the infra should be back up22:49
lubot<teward001> I have to do some cert stuff22:49
lubot<teward001> for everyone wondering why Phab and stuff died, again, blame @wxl and @tsimonq2.22:52
wxl..and users22:54
lubot<teward001> but mostly Simon and Walter22:54
wxli could give a hoot less about it, except that i care about what users might like22:55
wxlgive me a mailing list and i'm a happy camper22:55
lubot<teward001> wxl: yeaaah, well, getting it to work as a *mailing* list is going to be harder22:57
lubot<teward001> 😛22:57
lubot<teward001> because SMTP + DNS + Bull#$#@22:58
wxl!language | @teward00122:58
ubot93@teward001: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:58

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