deiterInstalled 19.04. Seems to work very well. LXQT is very nice.02:00
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lubucubhi, I am lost, I never used this channel. Can youn help me to find a way how to put an LX-Terminal to the bottoom panel of Lubuntu 18.04?18:30
lubucubThank you, lubucub18:30
lynorianlubucub: what do you mean in the bottom panel do you mean in the quick launch to easily launch it18:30
lynorianon 18.04 right click the quick launch area to add it there18:31
lubucubOk, I have only one panel, at the bottom. To the left is the menu (when I click), then the file manager icon, then the web browser icon. I would like to a terminal icon, too. How?18:32
lubucubI have to add, I googled my fingers blood-dripping ;-) but I could not find a solution yet. I could do it with Lubuntu 19.04, but with 18.4 no way :-(18:34
wxlwhy not just use 19.04? :)18:34
lubucubBecause it's LTS and lasts longer.18:35
wxlnot really18:35
wxlonce 2021 hits, we drop all support for it, while support for lxqt continues on18:36
wxlthere will be an lts for lxqt in 202018:36
wxlalso, the upstream development of lxde is slow to the point of not existing18:36
wxlit's not a dead project, but it doesn't have much life18:36
wxlwhile lxqt is actively being developed constantly18:36
wxlso if you're looking for something to invest in that's going to be well supported for a long time, it's lxqt not lxde18:37
lubucubI will use LTS in 2020 for sure, but till then, I want some something steady18:37
wxli don't know that i'd call it stead18:37
wxlfor example, there's a bug with pcmanfm crashing randomly18:37
wxlit's been reported upstream but they haven't even responded to the bug18:37
wxlget that: a major component of their operating system is essentially non-functional..... and they don't even reply18:38
lubucubWell, to my modest needs, 18.04 is well suited compared to 19.04, and I do not want to install 19.10, but I get it: 18.04 has now means to add a humble little LX-Terminal to the panel, right?18:40
lubucubI mean "no" means!18:41
wxloh i'm sure there's a way.. just got to remember what it is18:42
wxlit's not as intuitive as it is in lxqt18:42
wxl(as is the case with most things)18:42
lynorianthis way is right click on the menu and select add to quick launch18:42
lubucubUnfortunately, I get only "add to desktop" and "properties"18:43
wxlyeah that's what i see, too18:44
wxloh, it's a drag and drop thing18:44
wxlit's just a little sensitive getting it in the right spot18:44
lubucubI cannot drag and drop the LX-Terminbal, neither from the Desktop nor from the menu :-(18:46
wxli just did it with the menu18:46
lubucub@<wxl> how did you do it?18:49
lubucub@<wxl> To be precise: Ican drag it onto the panel, but nothing happens. Though, very strangely, I get a message "there is already one file in this location". But I cannot see it!18:54
lubucub@<wxl> I got it :-) It was very tricky! You are an agel, thank you :-)18:56
lubucub@<wxl> "angel", of course! Sorry my only previous internet chat was in the early 80s.18:58
wxllubucub: sorry i disappeared. glad you got it figured out :) p.s. i started chatting on the internet around the late 80s18:59
lubucubSince this worked so great, another question with Lubuntu 18.04: where/how to find the settings for Touchpad? Such as "Tap to click, on/off"19:06
wxlyou can use synaptics for that19:06
wxlwhich is all command line19:06
lubucubI have a global solution from  /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ 00-keyboard.conf, but in my multiuser  system I would like to have it locally, user-specific.19:07
wxlyou can set it with synaptics in your local autostart19:08
wxlto be clear that's synaptic*s* not synaptic19:08
wxlwhy they chose that name so as to threaten ambiguity is beyond me19:08
lubucubClick to tap off, is ideal for my second user, but I would like to be able to toggle on/off as in Ubuntu or Debian settings. Possible with synaptic?19:10
wxlnot without making a script19:10
wxlyou could make a desktop file for it and throw it in ~/.local/share/applications (if i remember the location correctly) and it will show in the menu19:10
lubucubWow, not my strength. Could you suggest a link to follow?19:11
wxlok well it's not too hard19:11
wxli can walk you through it19:11
lubucubSo be it :-)19:12
wxli just have to remember the synaptics setting19:12
lubucubIt is not necessary today. Can I reach you tomorow, maybe about same time?19:13
wxlyeah i'll probably be here19:14
wxlyou could also post a message to the mailing list19:14
lubucubI don't know how to do it!19:14
wxlsend an email to lubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com19:15
wxldescribe your problem as you did here19:15
wxli can tell you this: `synclient TapButton1=1` turns it on and `synclient TapButton1=0` turns it off19:15
lubucubI will try, but for now, have a good night (I am on CET).19:18
lubucubAnd thank you again19:18

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