studio-user742hello world!14:04
m_ad[m]studio-user742: hi, keep in mind that this is a support channel. If you need support with Ubuntu Studio just ask your question. For offtopic chichat join #ubuntustudio-offtopic14:09
m_ad[m]djlaserman: ask your question please. just 'help' doesn't bring you any further14:11
djlasermanafter installation will I still be able to see the contents of the files in the NTFS partitioned hard drives?14:22
tomjugglerHi everyone. Just installed 19.04 like a week ago. Been using Ubuntu Studio since 11.10, super impressed with the latest version.17:39
Eickmeyertomjuggler: Glad you like it. :)17:39
tomjugglerSo I just dropped in to ask for advice because my menu's have disappeared :(17:41
tomjugglerspecifically the nice Audio, Video and other Ubuntu studio specific sub-menu's17:41
EickmeyerThat's strange. Make sure ubuntustudio-menu is installed.17:42
tomjugglerI did something, installed menulibre to add a few items, then they were gone17:43
EickmeyerThat's why. Menulibre doesn't honor our menu structure, so it has been known to delete our custom menus.17:43
tomjugglerthey are still showing up on Menulibre though, just not in my menu!17:44
EickmeyerStill, Menulibre corrupts our menu structure. It cannot be trusted, and we cannot support it.17:44
tomjugglerWhat is the recommended UbuntuStudio way to do menu editing?17:44
EickmeyerWe don't recommend editing the menu at all.17:45
EickmeyerWe are working on a solution, but alacarte and menulibre are to be avoided.17:45
tomjugglerany suggestions to get it back, I was stoked with the look and all, sorry I messed it up17:45
EickmeyerTry "sudo dpkg-reconfigure ubuntustudio-menu". Other than that, we might have to wait for OvenWerks, if he's available.17:46
tomjugglernothing happened17:47
EickmeyerYeah, thought that might happen. It rearranges stuff in your ~/.local or ~/.config, I just can't remember what right now.17:47
EickmeyerIt = menulibre17:47
tomjugglercan I edit the config file manually?17:48
EickmeyerYou can, if you can find it in your home directory.17:48
EickmeyerIt's not just one config, though. It changes .desktop files. I want to say they would be in your ~/.local/share/applications folder, but I could be wrong.17:48
* Eickmeyer has never edited the menu17:49
tomjugglerok I will try that, could take a while though. Thanks for the help. I am hoping to make some tutorials at some point showing off some of my workflow (for youtube), so wanted the desktop to look right. I use synapse mostly17:49
Eickmeyertomjuggler: the folks in #xubuntu might be of more assistance. I'm good at stuff that's specific to Ubuntu Studio, like our custom menu items, but they are specialized in the Xfce desktop environment, and might know how to restore the menu to defaults.17:50
tomjugglerThanks. have a good one!17:51
EickmeyerYou too! tomjuggler, though, hang out in here in case OvenWerks shows up and can help.17:51
tomjugglerok. just looking at text files now..17:53
OvenWerkstomjuggler: in ~/.config/menus/ you will probably find a file... remove that.18:05
OvenWerksI have also heard that alacart has a undo or reset or something like that which works.18:07
OvenWerksThe problemn with menulibre (last I checked) is that it uses the stock xfce menu config file (which is broken ... won't fix) rather than the actual file that is being used by the system.18:08
OvenWerksThat is only problem one, there are others. It works fine for something like xubuntu that uses the stock file anyway, but not for menus with custom bits.18:10
OvenWerksalacart is a "better" option, but it has it's problems too. At least it is less intrusive.18:11
tomjugglerYes I think I found the stock file somewhere. to be honest I just use menulibre to add a .desktop file quickly so it will show up in synapse18:12
OvenWerksif there is not a file there, try looking in ~/.config/menus/applications-merged/18:13
tomjugglernow I broke something. After one week18:14
OvenWerksWe are working on a menu item add applet. But it is not there yet18:15
tomjugglerOk wait I just noticed you said remove the .config/menus/ file? there are a few in there, the relevant one seems to be xfce-applications.menu18:15
tomjugglergoing to backup and remove now18:15
OvenWerksYes get rid of that.18:15
OvenWerksit was added by menu libre18:15
OvenWerksAnother way to get a desktop file is from the top panel.18:16
tomjugglerhooray my menu is back! Thanks @OvenWerks18:17
OvenWerksIf you right click on the menu icon on the panel and select Panel->Add new items. you will get a dialog18:17
tomjugglerpanel -> add new items, got it. Uninstalling menulibre now18:18
OvenWerksif you select Launcher at the top...and add it will put a little terminal shapped thing ayt the right end of your panel.18:18
OvenWerksif you right click on that... and select Properties, you will get yet another dialog :)18:19
OvenWerksOn the right side there are greyed out up and down arrows then a plus and under that an edit button. If you click on the edit button... you will get yet another dialog18:21
OvenWerksThat dialog will create a desktop file.18:21
OvenWerksYou fill out the name you want to apper on the menu. The comment is the same as tool tip.18:22
tomjugglerok I see. I tried once creating them manually, it was a pain.18:22
OvenWerksthe Command is what you would put on the command line to run it from there18:22
OvenWerksThe directory is _if_ it needs to start from a specific directory (normally I leave that blank)18:23
OvenWerksclick on the no icon button to select an icon18:24
OvenWerksIf it is a CLI program that needs a terminal to run (like alsamixer) click on that. Then  create.18:24
OvenWerksYou will have created a desktop file18:29
tomjugglernew system tested working. enjoy your morning/evening18:29

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