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Unit193Well that's an interesting place to find Xubuntu.21:57
pleia2indeed :)21:58
Unit193pleia2: Oh fyi, I re-installed certbot and the apache plugin on the Xubuntu dev server.21:59
pleia2was it not working? I thought I tested that the other day21:59
Unit193It was removed, only config files left.22:00
pleia2ah, must have happened during the 18.04 upgrade22:00
pleia2looks like I didn't test certbot after doing that22:00
pleia2thanks :)22:01
Unit193OK good, I didn't miss anything then.  \o/22:02
pleia2and good, the cron job is there, so it should do its thing22:03
Unit193Heh, that's what I checked after re-installation.  Someone in #xubuntu also reported that docs for 19.xx were missing.22:04
Unit193(As linked from docs.xubuntu.org)22:04
pleia2hm, I thought knome added them22:11

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