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AndrioOut of curiosity, what permissions are needed to chown a file?07:32
well_laid_lawnAndrio:  higher permissions than are current07:34
well_laid_lawngenerally speaking07:35
AndrioI have sudo access though. You can't get much higher than that.07:35
AndrioWell, aside from physical access to the machine.07:35
well_laid_lawnyou might need to explain the situation more if there is an issue07:36
AndrioThere isn't; I'm just wondering07:36
guivercAndrio, if a mount is readonly; you can't change permissions even with `sudo chown`, also some filesystems may not be native & be capable of storing all posix-file-bits (eg. ntfs/samba..) and mask's provide permissions on mount that `sudo chown` cannot override .. ie. sudo may not be enough for every file you see08:23
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gnrpGuys, I need help!!!1109:27
gnrpI have a xubuntu with xfce-terminal09:27
gnrpI connect via ssh to a server (debian, whatever) in which I run a tmux.09:27
gnrpI want the bell of the applications inside tmux to be handed over to tmux, which hands it over to ssh, which then hands it over to the terminal, such that my terminal window is blinking or so when a bell is received09:28
gnrpPassing on the bell is possible, but how would I make the xfce-terminal blink or somehow make itself notice (not by sound) when a bell is received?09:29
gnrpI was hoping to get a different color in the taskbar or so09:29
gnrpoh, 16.04 and 18.04 here09:30
max12345hello there, I'm running 16.04 and I have trouble installing a theme? I looked up yesterday how it's supposed to work and I did replicate it on my other 18.04 machine, but I have still some questions, namely where the default themes are so I that I have a working base to create my own from.17:00
max12345ah found it.17:04
xubuntu36wI purchased Xubuntu in 2013 and used it for a couple of years but it has been dormant since 2015.  I was trying to access it again but I forgot my password.  How do you update the password so I can access the app?17:51
diogenes_xubuntu36w, purchased?17:51
Bashing-omxubuntu36w: Here are easy instructions to reset your password in Ubuntu: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword .17:56
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xubuntu36wI purchased an Acer laptop and downloaded Xubuntu, but it won't let me get any further than the login page because I forgot my password19:17
diogenes_xubuntu36w, you been given the answer already.19:22
xubuntu36wThanks, I'm going to try that19:40
xubuntu36wI followed the steps and it gave me a message "password unchanged" after I entered it twice19:58
xubuntu36wIt was another message19:59
xubuntu36w"authentication token manipulation error"19:59
diogenes_xubuntu17i, it would be easier to re-install, anyway if you not solving your problem today then come back tomorrow and we could try a few tricks.20:05
xubuntu36wI'm not that technically astute, but how do I re-install?20:06
diogenes_dowload xubuntu iso, write to usb drive and boot from it.20:07
geniiThat error is probably because your filesystem is mounted readonly20:07
xubuntu36wYes it does say read only20:07
* genii goes to read the pychocats page20:08
geniixubuntu36w: I would recommend to run: mount -o remount,rw /20:10
genii..and then the passwd username    ( with the actual user name you want to change the password for of course)20:11
xubuntu36wOk thanks, I'll try that. Is mount or remount on the Grub menu?20:15
geniiThis has nothing to do with a grub menu.20:17
xubuntu36wOk I just shut it down, so how do I get to the mount or remount?20:17
geniiYou just follow the psychocats instructions again to choose recovery mode, then root. Then make sure you issue the: mount -o remount,rw /  ..command before issuing the: passwd username  ...command20:19
geniiIf you followed the instructions before and got the "authentication token manipulation error" problem, it was likely because you skipped the part in the instructions about remounting the filesystem read-write20:20
genii( or made a typo, or some other similar thing )20:20
Bashing-om!cookie | genii20:23
ubottugenii: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:23
xubuntu36wYes, genii is an excellent helper, but I'm a no tech person and am having great difficulty with this process20:24
geniimmm cookies20:24
xubuntu36wI don't know how to run mount/remount.  Where do I input that or click on that command?20:25
vp11I should use bugs.launchpad.net to report a bug found on Xubuntu, right? even if in fact I believe it's a kernel issue.20:25
vp11bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu I mean20:26
geniixubuntu36w: When the machine reaches the point where it's sitting there waiting for you to type in commands, with a hashmark # then you should type the command I already gave you20:27
geniixubuntu36w: So that if you already did this: https://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/fixsudoprecise02.jpg and this: https://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/fixsudoprecise03.jpg  and now it says something like: root@yourmachinename:~#    ...then you should type in: mount -o remount,rw /   ...and then hit the enter key20:30
geniiAnd then you will hopefully not get an error message and the machine will return to the: root@yourmachinename:~#   ..prompt again where it expects you to enter further commands20:31
geniiAt which point, remember what your user name is that you forgot the password for, say for example it is Fred. If so then you would type in: passwd Fred20:32
geniiAnd then enter a new password. It will not show you anything being typed while you enter a password.20:32
geniiThen Enter again20:32
xubuntu36wI typed in the command just as you have displayed it "mount -o remount,rw / and it then asked for me to name a filesystem type, so I typed in "read-write" and continued with the password change but it still gave me the same messages20:36
geniiThe filesystem type should have been EXT3 or EXT4 by default which is not required to be specified normally. So it is conceivable that either a different filesystem that it does not know about normally was chosen during installation, which is unusual, or that there is some other issue like encrypted home folder20:40
geniiIn this case, rather than issuing complicated instructions to discover the situation, your best option is just to reinstall20:41
xubuntu36wLOL, now you've really lost me.  Can you please walk me through the re-install, if that's not too much trouble?20:41
geniiA third but more dubious explanation is that somehow wubi may have been used....20:43
geniixubuntu36w: I currently have to other things requiring my time here at my job. But installing Xubuntu is fairly straightforward. There are also many others here could probably help with that20:44
geniiThe basic process is boot to a USB stick or CD/DVD with the installation on it, follow instructions when prompted20:46
xubuntu36wWell thank you so much for your assistance.  I greatly appreciate it.20:46
* genii sips20:59
geniivp11: If you know more specifically the package name which contains the problem, you can just issue: ubuntu-bug packagename   and follow the instructions. So if you think it's a kernel issue you can report it like: ubuntu-bug linux-image-$(uname -r)21:11
genii( which will report a bug against the kernel which is currently running )21:11
vp11genii: thanks for the tips22:37
vp11I'm unsure if it's kernel bug per se, but from the crash logs it's gpu-related.22:37
vp11this has been happening for a few months now, I'm fairly sure I asked for help here maybe a couple of months ago22:38
vp11but now it's getting too frequent so I want to report it somewhere22:38
vp11laptop will randomly freeze and syslog / kern.log will show always that at the moment of the crash22:39
vp11I've already tried multiple kernels, even 5.0 and 5.122:40
geniiA quick search seems to indicate it's some Vega driver related issue many are having23:00
vp11yes but I wasn't able to find people having it in the same random occurrence, I found people having this issue with specific apps or games.23:02
vp11and this laptop is supposed to be "Ubuntu certified" so I'm wondering if I go to Ubuntu if this issue will magically go away23:02
geniiSince they don't write the AMD graphics drivers, probably not23:19
geniivp11: If you like to live dangerously you could try the amdgpu PPA which builds twice a day ( or more when there are upstream changes) https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers23:25
vp11yeah, that might be my last resort23:37
vp11better than getting random freezes while I'm at the middle of the work23:37
vp11still better than using Windows23:37

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