kzI'm a little puzzled by this.02:03
kztransform(obj) merely mutates the object in its scope, right? So why does calling transform on the items in the original list... mutate the items in that list?02:04
kz(Oops, my bad, I thought I was in #python)02:05
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aquinnjr_gotta love cellular internet services03:16
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lordievaderGood morning06:30
TomTomgood morning, any idea why the akonadiserver uses two processes and all of its logoutput in the akonadi console is doubled?06:53
valoriethat doesn't sound right!06:53
valoriebut I would ask in #kontact06:54
valorieand there actually could be an akonadi chan06:54
valorieyup, #akonadi06:55
TomTomi did already evil things and cross posted my stuff in multiple kde related channels. but #akonadi is still missing. thanks B-)06:57
valorieTomTom: alis is the magic way to search: /msg alis list *searchterm*07:13
valoriethere is a chan on freenode for just about anyway07:13
valorieanything, I mean07:13
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TomyWorkon kubuntu 18.04, what's the recommended way to start an ssh agent with the kde session?11:43
TomyWorkalso, with the default volume control thingy, how do i move audio streams to another device11:59
TomyWorkwith kmix, that is easy to do, so i dont know why it was replaced12:00
TomyWorki kinda liked that feature. it was one thing that windows lacked that i could brag about :D12:00
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diogenes_TomyWork, pavucontrol.12:21
TomyWorkdiogenes_, that's the default thing?12:31
TomyWorkcan i replace that by kmix somehow?12:32
diogenes_TomyWork, not: sudo apt install pavucontrol12:32
TomyWorkdiogenes_, that *replaces* the default volume thingy by something that can move streams to other devices?12:32
diogenes_TomyWork, that is the control center for pulseaudio, it does a lot of things.12:33
TomyWorkdiogenes_, kmix already allows me to move streams12:33
diogenes_then use kmix.12:33
TomyWorki am looking for a way to make the thing that starts up with kde to move streams12:33
TomyWorkor replace it by kmix12:34
TomyWorkmy problem is that when i start kmix, i now have 2 volume icons12:34
TomyWorkand kmix doesnt start with the kde session12:34
diogenes_TomyWork, in linux you can automatize everything.12:35
TomyWorki'm not looking forward to building a house of cards though12:38
diogenes_configuring your system to run the way you want i'd not call it house of cards.12:40
diogenes_but anyways, it's your business.12:40
TomyWorkmy idea of configuration is usually some declarative file format, not a script12:40
diogenes_no script needed, there is already settings built-in to create autostart a programs.12:41
TomyWorkbut that would not remove the other volume control, right?12:42
TomyWorkanyway, i found how to do it with the other volume control thing12:42
TomyWork1. click volume icon, 2. click settings icon, 3. click "Audio Volume", 4. click "Applications"12:43
TomyWorkthere you see a device drop-down box per appliction stream12:43
BluesKajHowdy folks12:47
BluesKajairsoftmodels, hi14:49
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airsoftmodelshello all14:51
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