wxlok we seem to have a discourse. go test it out https://discourse.lubuntu.me/00:09
lubot<teward001> @wxl [<wxl> ok we seem to have a discourse. go test it out https://discourse.lubuntu.m …], FYI if your registration email doesn't get delivered, assume that it went to Spam and check that box for the reg.  Whitelist noreply@discourse.lubuntu.me in the interim as well.00:14
saberi need help02:43
saberis there any one who can help me02:43
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dzhoGuest78205: the usual course on IRC is just to ask whatever question you have, or to describe whatever problem you are having02:44
dzhothen if someone sees it and thinks they can help, they can say so02:44
Guest78205i just want to know where i can download app for lubuntu 19.0402:45
dzhowhat app02:46
Guest78205like chrome vlc 7zip02:46
dzhosudo apt-cache search 7zip02:46
dzhoactually you don't need sudo for apt-cache02:46
dzhobut you do for apt-get02:46
Guest78205i didnt found the terminal xD02:46
dzhoright click menu?02:47
dzhobeen a while since I used LXDE02:47
Guest78205will i found it thanks for your help i realy apreciate it02:49
dzhomy pleasure!02:50
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lubucubhi this lubucub again. are you online, wxl18:54
lubucubok, see you some other time. Bye!18:57
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