snadgenow i understand why some articles have talked up cloud providers having to buy more hardware00:00
anselm@snadge, Not diable hyperthreading is a option00:01
snadgewhich also explains why apple has claimed the mitigation can reduce the performance of some workloads by up to 40%00:01
anselmnot a option for me00:02
snadgewell then  you remain vulnerable.. basically00:02
snadgethat is terrible news for intel.. and I hope AMD do well out of this00:02
anselmme too, maybe ARM will make desktop chips00:03
anselmEverything I own is Intel except for my server which is AMD00:04
llcywhat is it this vulnerability everyone talks about?00:05
llcyI recently got a microcode update on ubuntu, is that related to that?00:05
anselm@llcy, check out mdsattacks.com00:07
llcyno joke, can I disable the fixes for all those security updates? I don't want to buy a new cpu, my existing cpu seems to get slower by the day...00:09
anselmYou can disable hyperthreading which really isn't a option for me00:10
anselmCan't afford to buy new chips for 3 systems00:11
llcywhat was the impact of this last patch?00:11
anselmNot sure00:11
JoeLlamaok once gnome tweak is installed, where do I find it? :/00:12
JoeLlamaand um... where is it llcy?00:13
llcy`whereis gnome-tweak-tool`, i guess :D00:14
llcyi dont have it installed. I mean, if you want to run it, it should be in your gnome menu or you should be able to run it via the terminal00:14
JoeLlamaoh ok00:14
llcy`whereis gnome-tweak-tool` should give you the binary path00:14
llcy /usr/lib i think00:15
anselmIts called tweaks in gnome menu00:17
JoeLlamayes :)00:18
JoeLlamathanks llcy00:18
llcythere is also `dconf-editor`, a similar app. if whatever you are trying to change isn't in gnome-tweak-tool, try dconf00:18
JoeLlamait seems to be a python file :/00:18
llcyyou did install gnome-tweak-tool though right00:18
JoeLlamaI did00:19
anselmRead up on dconf-editor you can mess up your system00:19
JoeLlamahow do I just run the gnome tweak tool?00:19
llcyrun `gnome-tweak-tool` on the terminal00:19
llcyoh and hold up, try `gnome-tweaks`00:19
j0sephhello everyone. in light of the zombieload exploit, is there a use case in which it would be acceptable to leave hyperthreading enabled? for instance, I am currently on my single-user laptop and only really install software from trusted sources.00:20
JoeLlamaoh ok00:20
llcyand like anselm said, it is named `Tweaks` on the menu. the menu should pop-up when you press the super/windows key i think.00:21
JoeLlamanope it idn't00:22
JoeLlamaI figure it out I have google00:22
llcywait you mean you dont have the menu entry at all?00:23
gambl0rehow do you get the filename to show up like that at the bottom using vim. is it just some custom theme?00:24
anselmDarn just did a quick read on MDS it's a remote vulnerability00:24
anselmMight have to disable hyper threading00:24
teb92tebsI need the command to install software to boot a iso in grub again someone gave me the command to do so to boot iso from grub I just cant remember how to do it again I was succiful00:24
JoeLlamaI think I need gnome-shell00:25
llcyJoeLlama, are you running gnome?00:25
anselm@JoeLlama, What DE are you running00:25
JoeLlamaI don't think so llcy00:25
llcyare you using ubuntu?00:26
JoeLlamayes, xubuntu00:26
JoeLlamaworks nice :)00:26
llcyah that's not gnome then I think00:26
llcywhy did you need gnome-tweak-tool for?00:26
JoeLlamato tell the computer what to do when the lid is closed00:26
JoeLlamawhen I close the lid the computer stops working I guess00:27
llcyin any case, i imagine gnome tweak tool wouldn't work for you even if you got it working -- since your DE wouldn't listen to the gnome conf files :p00:27
anselmI don't use XFCE but it shoulod have a option00:27
JoeLlamaoh ok00:27
JoeLlamahow do I remove the tool?00:27
llcysudo apt remove --purge gnome-tweak-tool00:28
JoeLlamaoh ok00:28
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llcysudo apt remove --purge gnome-tweaks00:30
JoeLlamacommand -purge not understood in combination with the other opinos00:30
JoeLlamaoh ok00:30
JoeLlamaah well00:30
llcyyou have to use double hyphens, not single, maybe thats the issue?00:31
teb92tebsI think it odd that my audio stop working for some reason I had it working before I just do not now what happen00:31
llcyin the meantime, check if there is an app called `power manager` or `power management` or something. or try running `xfce4-power-manager`00:31
llcythis seems to be the power management settings for xfce. you should have the laptop lid options there00:32
JoeLlamaoh :)00:34
JoeLlamafixed (:00:34
JoeLlamaI got a lot to learn00:34
llcyand try it. sometimes these apps don't work so well, so don't think it is working just because you set it up :p00:34
JoeLlamaso um... is there another way to get the system to understand what to do when I close the lid>00:34
llcyhave you checked out the power manager thing?00:35
JoeLlamanope! but I will... I was looking for that00:35
JoeLlamawhere is the power manager... lemme check on the menu bar00:35
JoeLlamaoh... there's something :)00:36
llcytry running `xfce4-power-manager` on the terminal if its not in the menu00:36
anselm@JoeLlama, Might be in settings??00:36
JoeLlamaheh done :)00:36
llcyi think it is its own app00:36
JoeLlamano no power manager thingy that's where it was00:36
JoeLlamano longer locks... just switches off the display00:37
llcyso is your issue fixed now?00:37
JoeLlamayes all of them for the moment llcy thanks00:38
JoeLlamaxubuntu works nicely on all of these small notebooks I have00:38
JoeLlamaa little slow at times and...00:38
JoeLlamawon't handle a large video but...00:38
JoeLlamaworks :)00:38
llcyneat. well, you are running xfce, so do your searches with that keyword instead of gnome :p00:38
JoeLlamaoh um... k00:38
llcythe budgie DE seems to run well with <1gb ram. its not bad as gnome, if you decide to switch from xfce at some point on, try ubuntu budgie first00:39
JoeLlamaI have a bunch of 1.6 GHz boxes...  small low power CPUs00:39
JoeLlamaoh ok budgie00:39
JoeLlamathis might be beyond the scope of this channel but I would like to have a Real-Time Kernel for a couple of applications...  like RTLinux or something00:44
llcywell, you just learned which DE you have been using :p you are going to have a bad time if you start messing with the kernels right away00:47
llcyi cant even find a lot of material on rtlinux when i search for it, if you stumble upon some issue you are probably going to need to solve it entirely on your own since there isn't a lot of support00:49
JoeLlamaoh no no not gunna mess with kernels atm :) heh00:50
JoeLlamanormallly, I run uCOS/II (www.micrium.com)00:50
JoeLlamaI'm good with that stuff00:50
JoeLlamawhat is DE llcy?00:50
llcydesktop environment00:50
llcygnome, budgie, xfce, kde00:51
JoeLlamaah gotcha00:51
JoeLlamayes xfce00:51
weaksauceis removing the keyboard-configuration package to try and reinstall it going to cause issues?00:57
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OnkelTemHi folks. When I connect my usb headset (Logitech H390) I hear myself. Any ideas why?01:00
llcyweaksauce, what does it even do? https://packages.debian.org/jessie/keyboard-configuration01:02
weaksaucei'm not sure but kbd, keyboard-configuration, console-setup and console-setup-linux are all borked01:03
llcykeyboard conf seems to be only about creating one keyboard config file01:04
weaksauceseems like it's not important and i could probably remove and reinstall it01:04
llcykbd isnt even installed for me, so its not default or anything, you can definitely remove that one if you are also interested in that :p01:05
weaksaucethough when i looked it up using apt show it was listed as "important"01:05
llcywell as long as you place it back soon enough :p01:06
llcymaybe it will ask you for the locale values when you are installing it again01:06
weaksaucenot too worried as i have snapshot backups01:07
llcyconsole-setup also seems fine to remove01:07
llcyi think those are like utility packages that are meant to be called when you are doing some DE upgrade or something.01:08
llcyhow did you manage to break them?01:08
weaksaucei guess it's probably better to just spin up a new vm and migrate the data01:09
weaksaucebut lazy01:09
llcyoooh. maybe they are borked because you dont have the conf files now :D01:09
llcyand removing and installing them will create the conf files. my working theory01:10
weaksaucemaybe. i did a remove and install and same error01:10
weaksaucemaybe i need a purge01:10
llcydo you have the `/etc/default/keyboard` file?01:10
llcyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/console-setup/+bug/1770482 maybe this is the bug01:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1770482 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "package keyboard-configuration 1.178ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: installed keyboard-configuration package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:13
llcy"Work around:  Deprecate Ubuntu" well its settled then01:15
llcyyou should totally remove the package AND delete `/etc/default/keyboard`, maybe then itll see that there is no conf and ask you for input?01:17
MannyLNJWhen I ssh into one of my systems. I am greeted with the message Failed to connect to https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts. Check your Internet connection or proxy settings  Yes I seem to be able to get online because apt-get update and apt-get upgrade works. Any idea what could be incorrect01:48
jcottoncan your curl that specific url?01:48
jcottonI can from here01:49
MannyLNJjcotton, I cannot. It says -bash: https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts: No such file or directory01:50
jcottondid you literally only type "https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts"01:50
jcottonor did you type "curl https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts"01:50
MannyLNJjcotton, I typed curl https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts   Now the system I am SSH'ing into is supposed to be a DNS and DHCP server for my lan. If I do it from the computer I am on the page loads.01:51
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teb00f8ejI need some help to boot an iso in grub there is a way to do so I just need help please02:15
teb00f8ejilove you guys02:15
teb00f8ejI need a to put a iso to grub to install for linux mini.iso please02:17
teb00f8ejis any one in chat02:21
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apetrescAnyone have any first impressions on how badly today's intel-microcode update hurts performance?02:37
apetrescThe Apple form of the mitigation disables SMP entirely and Apple's own announcement warns of a "40% decrease in performance", however that's measured02:37
ChunkzZWhat can cause xorg to crash and stop my mouse/keyboard?02:38
ChunkzZAs soon as I startx I can't do nothing but restart02:39
teb00f8ejI need help puting a iso image ingrub so I can installl upgrade02:40
noraatepernosI am curious if someone can determine the cause of this ufw block https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jstpjDSRmp/02:42
teb00f8ejhow can I insall grub to iso sudo apt install I dont rember what the command02:45
jcottonapetresc: iirc the macOS patch did not disable hyperthreading02:49
jcottonit just allows you to02:49
tbrownis there anyone here that can help me03:15
jdrJust ask03:15
tbrownjdr: I need to ask how to boot an iso image in grub I just did it before but I dont know how to to again I installed it throw apt get install grub-image but that not the right command03:16
jdrDownload the ISO, create a grub entry, and then run apt update-grub03:18
DarkByD3sign Hi all, I'm wondering if it's a bug that Ubuntu natively doesn't support 3440x1440 when running on vmware?03:19
DarkByD3signI've also noticed this with Kali linux too.03:19
jdrtbrown: ^^03:20
guiverc2DarkByD3sign, if you get the same in Kali, it can't be a Ubuntu native bug can it;  maybe linux (kernel) related but we support Ubuntu, nor generic linux03:20
Bashing-omtbrown: See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot .03:22
DarkByD3signguiverc2 noted thanks.03:23
guiverc2tbrown, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot/Examples may also be useful03:23
teb00f8ejit tells me to load kernel I dont understand03:29
killownwhat is this ubuntu 19 feature, where I type ^ utf8 characters and this show accentuation before I type the letter, this is killing ssh, no accentuation works on ssh, how do I disable that03:39
killownSendEnv LANG LC_* is the issue03:41
MannyLNJSo can someone please help me fix my DNS issues? is my Ubuntu 18.04 that is supposed to be running DNSMASQ but it can't resolve anything locally. I believe my other systems are using it for DNS lookups and that is working03:44
tatertotzoperating under the "assumption" something is wrong with just simply using the dns your isp is providng you with...(and i hate assuming)04:07
stonedis it possible to share an already started gnu 'screen' session with two people?04:07
tatertotzif you went with something with less "administrative" effort for you personally...like maybe a RasPi/PiHOLE solution for example, something that wouldn't be as steep a up hill curve of administrative efforts04:08
MannyLNJtatertotz, the issue is I have read reportsthat my ISP tracks DNS requests on their servers.04:11
tatertotzstoned i once watched a power point presentation from a linux desktop in a audience of lots of people in a "stadium" ...so it's safe to assume YES it's possible04:12
MannyLNJtatertotz, and I don't want to buy more HW. My router's DHCP server is randomly hanging so I figured doing my own DNS/DHCP server would be best04:13
tatertotzah one of those users...worried about being "tracked"04:16
spiderman0101hi! i have a problem with all apps from appstore and google play store. is possible my isp to change dns of them? as i no one is responding on my apps?04:16
MannyLNJ_tatertotz, indeed. I don't trust Optimum04:17
spiderman0101or facebook have a algorithm for tracking my profiles even if it has different credentials?04:17
tatertotzwell you probably pay your ISP from your bank or credit card financial institution ($) which knowns your billing address and more, and good luck trying to boycott using money $04:17
tatertotzlol...you thought they'd "sell" you tech that actually gave you any real power lol04:20
lotuspsychje!rootirc | darkarmy05:14
ubottudarkarmy: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.05:14
z3r0_dI’m unable to install kernel 4.15.0-50-generic on my xubuntu 18.04 install. It locks up somewhere in grub-mkconfig calling 30_uefi-firmwar or something05:15
z3r0_dany ideas? I’m booting off an external drive and I’ve tried turning off secure boot05:15
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: can you pastebin the whole output to the channel, so volunteers can see whats going on?05:16
z3r0_dhttps://pastebin.com/7AgedD6G lotuspsychje05:17
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: why did you have to dpkg reconfigure, apt asked it?05:18
lotuspsychje!uptodate | z3r0_d can you try this?05:18
ubottuz3r0_d can you try this?: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.05:18
z3r0_dIt never finishes, so to make it try again after a reboot that is what I’ve run05:18
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: pastebin the whole output of apt update, lets see what it says there05:19
z3r0_drunning apt upgrade now05:19
z3r0_dI think it’s stuck again. https://pastebin.com/SQjwSdhG05:22
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: progress 60% is the last i see?05:23
z3r0_dyeah, it’s still there05:23
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: you also have external ppa's added to your system that could interfere with apt05:23
lotuspsychjebut not sure yet its your case05:23
z3r0_dwould those be in /etc/apt/sources.list?05:24
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: correct05:24
lotuspsychje!sources | z3r0_d05:24
ubottuz3r0_d: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:24
z3r0_dxubuntu doesn’t have the “manage repositories” interface shown on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources . I can pastebin my sources.list but I don’t think there’s anything weird there05:27
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: http://packages.microsoft.com/repos/vscode http://ppa.launchpad.net/jonathonf/tup/ubuntu are non-vanilla sources, added externally05:30
z3r0_dok. those are under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ not in /etc/apt/sources.list05:32
z3r0_d[which is why I wasn’t seeing them there]05:32
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lotuspsychjez3r0_d: try also a : sudo apt autoremove when apt is done working05:33
z3r0_dit will never be done working05:33
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: where are we at now?05:33
z3r0_dno change, still 60% setting up grub-efi-amd64-signed05:34
z3r0_dso when I first did this update it tried to submit a bug to launchpad. launchpad things my bug is a dupe of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2-signed/+bug/182320905:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823209 in grub2-signed (Ubuntu) "package grub-efi-amd64-signed 1.93.14+2.02-2ubuntu8.13 failed to install/upgrade: installed grub-efi-amd64-signed package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:34
lotuspsychjelemme take a look05:34
lotuspsychje!info grub-efi-amd64-signed bionic05:35
ubottuPackage grub-efi-amd64-signed does not exist in bionic05:35
lotuspsychjehmm shows in apt cache here05:36
lotuspsychje!info grub2-signed bionic05:37
ubottuPackage grub2-signed does not exist in bionic05:37
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: "sysop@x1804mini:~$ apt list grub-efi-amd64-signed >> grub-efi-amd64-signed/bionic-updates 1.93.14+2.02-2ubuntu8.13 amd64" .05:40
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: sounds like a corrupt bootloader or uefi/legacy issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/176770305:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1767703 in grub-installer (Ubuntu) "Calling 'apt-install grub-efi-amd64-signed' failed" [Undecided,Invalid]05:44
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: do you dualboot? singleboot ubuntu? uefi/legacy?05:44
z3r0_duefi, xubuntu is installed on an external drive, windows on internal drive. grub on external drive05:45
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: read #55 of the bug i posted above^ looks promising05:47
z3r0_dexternal drive that xubuntu is installed to is partitioned gpt and has EFI system partition05:49
z3r0_dI don’t know how else to check but I’m 99% sure linux is booting from EFI mode05:50
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: https://www.learningpenguin.net/2018/07/13/fix-grub-efi-amd64-signed-package-failed-to-install-into-target/05:54
z3r0_dI’m not sure doing a clean install is an answer with much help. I can boot into older kernels fine like -44 or -40 but not -5005:56
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: can you boot a previous kernel and try update there?05:57
z3r0_dthat’s what I’m doing05:57
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: maybe try to !ppapurge your external ppa's & packages first, then sudo apt autoremove, then try again updating05:59
lotuspsychjestephanie: it works, we see you06:00
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: if grub-efi-amd64-signed keeps faulting, you could even try to purge it with dpkg forced, then system update, then reinstall back06:02
z3r0_dlotuspsychje: how do I remove the packges and PPA if apt is unhappy?06:09
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | z3r0_d06:09
ubottuz3r0_d: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html06:09
z3r0_dhow do I install ppa-purge if I can’t use apt?06:09
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: you can try purge 1 at the time and sudo apt update in between, and see where it bottlenecks06:10
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: if you can install ppapurge, try manual from your software&updates06:11
darkarmyhelp me pleas06:11
z3r0_dwhen I run apt or synaptic it complains “dkpg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘sudo dpkg —configure -a’ to correct the problem"06:12
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: see also: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-list-and-remove-ppa-repository-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux06:12
lotuspsychjedarkarmy: you didnt as a question yet06:12
hello_kittyHello I am following a tutorial for mount a drive, and am getting /etc/fstab Permission denied when trying to echo. I am on the 5th command of this tutorial: https://www.vultr.com/docs/block-storage06:12
darkarmyi send u msg06:13
lotuspsychje!pm > darkarmy06:13
ubottudarkarmy, please see my private message06:13
lotuspsychjez3r0_d: i would also reccomend, before filing new bugs to launchpad, to have a clean system without external ppa's to avoid work for the developers06:15
hello_kittyhere's a paste of the commands im running to mount a new drive (block storage on vutlr.com) https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cwRqRQNgkH/, line 7 is where i get -bash: /etc/fstab: Permission denied; I'm running them all with sudo06:15
sandwitchhello_kitty, why do you echo >> /etc/fstab, what is the purpose?06:25
hello_kittysandwitch: i'm not sure, it comes from a tutorial from the isp... does that maybe wipe the contents of fstab..?06:25
sandwitchthe other echo should be: echo '/dev/vdb1 /mnt/blockstorage ext4 defaults,noatime,nofail 0 0' >> /etc/fstab06:26
sandwitchIt is a string so should be in single quotes06:26
hello_kittyah that makes sense, thank you06:27
sandwitchi think the first echo appends a return06:28
uzeeHi All, trying again, does anyone know how lvm partitioning can be done in preseed but based on percentage of disk space, instead of absolute numbers for min/max/priority ?06:46
ducasseuzee: for preseed questions try #ubuntu-server06:48
killownchromium-chromedriver/disco 73.0.3683.103-0ubuntu1 amd6406:51
killownand chromium 7406:51
killownwon't work, someone fix that06:51
uzeeducasse: thanks so much, I had asked yesterday as well and was kinda surprised that no one had responded, now I understand :)06:53
ducasseuzee: well, let's hope you get help there. it's still a bit early, so you might have to wait a couple of hours.06:55
uzeeducasse: sure, thats perfectly fine, I'm in a different timezone so I just put it out there and monitor for the rest of my day. thanks again06:57
LuckyManIf I install mono, will I be vulnerable to windows virus?07:01
Marcangelbonjour a tous07:04
Marcangelj'ai besoin de vous07:04
ducasse!fr | Marcangel07:06
ubottuMarcangel: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:06
Marcangeloh sorry, thank you !07:06
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Quasselhoffdamnit National Instrument doesn't provide hardware drivers for debian/ubuntu !!??07:27
Quasselhoffnow I can reinstall the whole system07:27
lotuspsychjeplease dont swear in the support channel Quasselhoff07:28
Quasselhoffi tried to install the rpm with alien, but it didnt work07:28
lotuspsychjeQuasselhoff: best way to get your issue solved is to ask all your details, in one line and wait until a volunteers reply07:28
lotuspsychje!details | Quasselhoff for example07:30
ubottuQuasselhoff for example: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.07:30
Quasselhoffbasically I want to install some USB drivers for proprietary devices http://www.ni.com/product-documentation/54754/en/  but they only provide .rpm and officially support CentOS/RedHat/SUSE/Scientific Linux, but not debian ... is there any workaround I could try?07:37
tatertotzQuasselhoff read the "system requirements"....aka "supported OS" in your software vendors documentation07:38
QuasselhoffI read and debian is not listed.07:38
tatertotzQuasselhoff...sounds like you're in "unsupported" land/territory07:38
Quasselhoffwhat would you recommend next best after ubuntu? centos?07:38
tatertotzlol...that's a OP/MOD type question...the Lamborghini only beats the Ford F-250 in a race when 2 tons isn't attached to the back of both automobiles07:40
lotuspsychjetatertotz: thats really unusefull help07:40
lotuspsychjeQuasselhoff: can you try tail -f /var/log/syslog and plug in your device, see what kind of errors show on ubuntu?07:41
tatertotzlotuspsychje this is where you get to tell him what is "best" :)...wink /nod07:41
Quasselhoffok thx i try that next time lotus07:41
maxjezyhello there all great ones07:53
MarzEzhi there07:53
maxjezythere seems to be problems with my wifi not showing up07:53
maxjezywifi card07:53
maxjezyis there a list command for it07:53
maxjezyor is it best to buy me a new computer and try07:54
lotuspsychjemaxjezy: pastebin: lshw -C network && uname -a && lsb_release -a07:54
MarzEzfrom memory, lshw should give you a list of all devices on your computer07:54
MarzEzYou may need to run it as sudo07:54
maxjezylotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/j8hdHZSp38/07:56
MarzEzDoes anyone know any active IRC channels for overclocking support?07:56
alkisgHi, I just noticed that /run/sshd wasn't created on boot (16.04) so `systemctl start ssh` was failing, and I had to manually create the dir to get sshd to start. Anyone heard something about that recently?07:57
lotuspsychjeMarzEz: ##hardware07:58
maxjezymy wificard does not have 5G?07:59
MarzEzlotuspsychje: Cheers07:59
lotuspsychjealkisg: im ilding in #ubuntu-bugs-announce but didnt see ssh bugs recently08:00
alkisgThank you lotuspsychje, I'll try to search what is supposed to create that dir on boot; e.g. systemd or sshd08:00
lotuspsychjealkisg: could it be related to recent kernel updates?08:02
alkisgDunno, thanks, I'll have a look at that too. The server was up for 19 days, and it did have the issue, so I imagine the problem happened more than 19 days ago.08:04
lotuspsychjealkisg: ah, then its probably not related08:04
lotuspsychjealkisg: try also in #ubuntu-server maybe?08:04
alkisgIt's a desktop, but sure, it makes sense08:05
lotuspsychjeoh, you meant sshd server nvm08:06
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maxjezyi solved it, i dont know if i was online or not when i wrote it on pidgin08:12
maxjezyso, here i say thanks guys for helping me08:12
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Jackneilli have botted up trying ubuntu. want to update bios, my booting usb drive is fat32 formatted. but its mounted read_-only, and i have to copy to it the binary blob to update in bios.08:28
Jackneillhow can i mount that with write permissions?08:28
Jackneillnow that i have booted up from the usb can i just umount it and remount with write permissions?08:31
TafThorne1Good morning.  I cannot install git-send-email on 18.10 (or git-email) is there an external reason my machine cannot find this package or have my apt conf stuff probably gone wonky?08:55
SweepyofaceTafThorne1 what error does it give you?08:56
TafThorne1Package 'git-email' has no installation candidate08:56
TafThorne1Package git-email is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:56
Sweepyofacedo you have the universe repo added?08:57
JohnGavrTafThorne1, apt-get install git-email ??08:57
TafThorne1Sweepyoface: Software & Updates says it is enabled08:58
TafThorne1JohnGavr: that is what gives the kind of error I showed08:58
JohnGavrSweepyoface, solution08:58
TafThorne1Got Ubuntu to try another UK mirror and now all is well09:00
TafThorne1Sorry I did not think to try that before coming here09:00
Ruequick question regarding fstab. if the drives i want to mount are storage drives. should i just set <options> to defaults, and <pass><check> to 0 0 ? some of these will be used for regular storage, others will be used for torrenting so there will be lots of writings of files to the disk.09:09
puppetmasteranyone using kvirc?09:29
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qwebirc10532Hey, I've just installed Ubuntu 19.04 Budgie and I don't have Wifi Drivers for my HP 14-cm0014au Laptop. I've gotten them on Mint 19.1 thanks to jeremy31 but the commands he gave me for Mint don't seem to be working on Ubuntu as it asks for a Github username and password which were not required on mint. How can I get the drivers?09:33
jeremy31qwebirc10532: You have a typo in the git clone command09:34
qwebirc10532I'll try it again09:34
puppetmasteri have a different model hp laptop which doesn't have any ubuntu wifi drivers. i had to install arch drivers.09:35
o-bitwifi card?09:35
puppetmasterwho, me?09:35
o-bitYeah lol09:36
puppetmasterNetwork controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter09:36
o-bitOoh, that one, LOL09:36
puppetmastermust admit, i rarely use wifi. only when at library. while in office, it's ethernet only.09:36
jeremy31puppetmaster: https://github.com/tomaspinho/rtl8821ce09:36
puppetmasteri already have it running. wasn't asking for help. just pointing out that arch drivers worked.09:37
qwebirc10532jeremy31, this is the git clone command I tried. Is it not correct? git clone https://github.com/tomaspinho/rt18821ce.git09:37
jeremy31qwebirc10532: it is rtl8821ce, not rt18821ce09:38
qwebirc10532ah, ok. thanks for the help once again09:39
jeremy31rt then small L not a one(1)09:39
qwebirc10532that's working fine now, thanks jeremy31. that command should work on anything based on Ubuntu 18.04 or greater correct?09:41
jeremy31qwebirc10532: Looks like the code should be good for a while, kernel 5.0 is supported09:42
TafThorne1thank you for the help09:44
conjoguys do any of you know why scptoolkit would render one of my eight usb ports unusable only fix(which is no longer working) is to pull motherboard battery+drain all power from system, replace reboot and choose default re cmos settings (dual bios)10:12
mousessounds like hardware failure10:12
conjoi want to fix but am really at a loss10:13
conjolol you prolly right...however why would pulling the battery fix it (even if only in the past/do you reckon i am assuming causation where only commonality exist?10:14
* conjo sighs bloody hell its probobly time for a new computer...he he heee10:15
conjohello again-so you were right about the hardware failure (usb port not working after using scptoolkit) i thought id have another closer look at the board and the first thing i saw was a wire loose from a connector-rofl rookie error-thanks again10:49
usuariohi guys10:53
conjoque pa sol10:54
chochimaolaaa putas10:55
conjohola muchaco keep it family10:57
conjohey does anyone know about modes to avoid getting spam11:02
conjocant remember syntax thought it was +R but not sure11:02
myselfalso #freenode :)11:02
PauloHI. i have installed lubuntu 18.10 in an old computer, but i can't install spotify. can someone help me?11:25
popey_Paulo: i386?11:26
popey_(32-bit install?)11:26
popey_Spotify do not make a 32-bit build of their application anymore.11:27
Pauloo yes it is a 32 bit install11:27
popey_Ok, that's why then11:27
Paulothe computer is the asus eee 1005ha11:28
popey_hah, I have one of those in the loft :)11:28
Paulofor what i do with it is very nice. just to update a blog do some text ens listen music11:29
cfhowlettspotify is far from the only music player available11:29
popey_https://github.com/hrkfdn/ncspot  might be worth a look - it's a command line spotify client.11:29
popey_( I have tried it {albeit on a 64-bit machine} and it works pretty well )11:30
Paulobut i have the acount11:31
Pauloi will check11:32
omerkaradumanbizden kimse yok mu?11:45
AlecTaylorGot my old system76 laptop working! - How do I upgrade from 17.04 to 19.04?11:45
lotuspsychje!tr | omerkaraduman11:46
ubottuomerkaraduman: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:46
cfhowlett!eol | AlecTaylor/11:46
ubottuAlecTaylor/: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:46
lotuspsychjeAlecTaylor: 17.04 is end of life11:46
lotuspsychjeAlecTaylor: reccomended to fresh install a supported version from the topic11:46
omerkaradumanAlecTaylor: You can do it from software and update.11:46
AlecTaylorYeah as I expected, so what I upgrade to 17.10 then 18.04 then 19.04?11:46
omerkaradumanubottu: teşekkürler11:47
cfhowlettomerkaraduman/ not eveen close to being true!11:47
cfhowlettbecause it's end of life, he'll have to do an EOL upgrade11:47
omerkaradumancfhowlett: ne diyorsun olum?11:47
lotuspsychjeomerkaraduman: stop that please11:47
omerkaradumanomerkaraduman: ok you won11:48
leftyfbAlecTaylor: I would suggest installing 18.04 from scratch and sticking with that. The support is for 5 years.11:49
AlecTaylorleftyfb - I'm pretty close to that now, just two away11:50
omerkaradumanUbuntu 19.04 also has many packet errors. Therefore I would also recommend ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.11:50
leftyfbomerkaraduman: please do not give false information11:51
leftyfbomerkaraduman: trolling is offtopic here.11:51
omerkaradumanleftyfb: This information is not wrong. I used Ubuntu 19.04 and received many packet errors.11:52
popey_omerkaraduman: if you have a specific issue, file a bug.11:52
omerkaradumanleftyfb: The problem is not about you. We're talking about Ubuntu.11:53
leftyfbomerkaraduman: this is a support channel. Unless you have a support questions, please keep the commentary and false information to yourself. If you want to chat, go to #ubuntu-offtopic. If you're here to troll, please /part11:54
* cfhowlett is happy to report that /ignore works perfectly in hexchat11:55
omerkaradumanleftyfb: shut the fuck off11:55
lotuspsychje!language | omerkaraduman11:55
ubottuomerkaraduman: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:55
leftyfb!op | omerkaraduman11:55
ubottuomerkaraduman: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax11:55
omerkaradumanla gardaş bu ne yaw amk çocuğuna bak11:55
omerkaradumanla bize heryer angara11:56
leftyfbpopey_: ?11:57
omerkaradumanadmin pls kick fucking leftyfb11:57
AlecTaylorIs there any way to do a non-fresh install upgrade to 18.04 from 17.04, e.g.: through 17.10?12:08
cfhowlettwhy would you want to do that?12:09
AlecTaylorDon't want to lose my applications, settings, or files12:09
lotuspsychjeAlecTaylor: 17.10 is also eol, its asking for trouble12:09
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html12:09
cfhowlettAlecTaylor/ do you have a dedicated /home partition?12:10
* AlecTaylor is upgrading everything in the background now using old-releases sources12:10
AlecTaylorcfhowlett - No, just ran an `fdisk -l`, can't find it :sadface:12:10
AlecTaylorCan repartition I suppose12:11
popey_AlecTaylor: technically it's possible, yes.12:11
popey_AlecTaylor: also, technically you could probably jump directly from 17.04 to 18.0412:11
ioriaAlecTaylor, you can use the swap12:11
cfhowlettwell since you have your backups you could always install to current partitions and avoid formattting /home.  that ***should*** retain your current settings12:11
AlecTaylorpopey_ - happy to, how12:15
cfhowlettdo a manual partition to the current partitions.  do NOT format /home12:16
popey_AlecTaylor: it's possible to manually upgrade by modifying the sources.list to change the codename to the newer release.12:18
popey_AlecTaylor: it's generally not recommended by many, because it's not something that gets tested / QA'ed12:18
popey_AlecTaylor: but it can work, but if it breaks, you get to keep all the pieces :)12:18
extorrDoes ubuntu install automagically configure the UEFI boot system or does one have to manually tweak it12:24
AlecTaylordangerous :P12:25
cfhowlettextorr/ automagic12:25
leftyfbI have to imagine the amount of effort people put into not keeping backups and just upgrading across versions is way less than just installing from scratch, reinstalling applications you know you need and restoring from backup and running a much cleaner and more efficient environment12:28
leftyfber, I mean way more12:29
extorrBackups dont cost time though, they run in the background usually. Even in large shops.12:29
torinhi chaps. quick question. i'm planning to create ubuntu installation on my ssd in an usb enclosure, so i can boot it anywhere, like old/new laptops and my macbook. is there anything i need to be careful about during installation or should it just work straight away?12:29
Fuchstorin: should work, the main question that would come to my mind is where you plant the bootloader12:31
extorrUse knoppix instead torin12:31
extorrSomething that was meant to be live and portable, unlike ubuntu12:31
leftyfbextorr: this isn't the appropriate place to be suggesting other distros12:31
FuchsI assume you'd put one on the usb disk and mark that bootable, then just tell whatever device you connect that it shall boot from USB12:31
extorrleftyfb, knoppix is unstable ubuntu with a few tweaks tho12:31
Fuchsalso I'd just be aware that journaling filesystems (which I'd recommend) are not terribly suited for storage that accidentally gets removed, so try to ensure it isn't pulled while running12:32
extorrNot like I recommended slax or any of the BSD live CDs12:32
torinFuchs: cool, i thought so. will give it a go later in the evening.12:32
Fuchsbut in general I'd expect it to work. Consider full disk encryption maybe12:32
Fuchsdepending on how sensitive that data is that you will carry around12:32
extorrtorin, do your systems boot via UEFI?12:32
leftyfbFuchs: mind you, you will receive no support for knoppix or any other distro here12:32
torinFuchs: yeah12:32
Fuchsleftyfb: wrong person12:32
leftyfbsorry torin ^12:32
torinextorr: yeah12:32
torinmost systems now do12:33
torin- legacy stuff12:33
extorrtorin, I heard that makes dual booting a bit complex12:33
torinit shouldn't be the case.12:34
leftyfbextorr: btw, Knoppix is in no way based on Ubuntu. It's based on Debian.12:34
extorrI thought it was a debian/ubuntu hybrid at least at one point12:35
torini'll see how it goes in the evening12:35
leftyfbextorr: knoppix was released 5 years before Ubuntu12:36
torinFuchs: do you know in case of uefi installation if you can specify device where bootloader is installed? i know it will be the option for mbr12:36
torinFuchs: i'm slightly worried if the installer won't automatically choose wrong device for me12:36
Fuchstorin: haven't used the ubuntu installer for a long time, but if you can't during install, you most certainly can kick grub-install from a running system later on12:38
extorrFuchs, he may be setting up dualboot over EFI tho12:39
xp7whats the problem with that extorr ?12:40
extorrIt complicates matters12:41
EriC^torin: if you manually partition you can set the partition to efi12:41
xp7hmm is it running on another boot sector?12:41
torinEriC^: ah, and that will be picked up automatically?12:41
xp7is that why?12:41
extorrI assume it doesnt automagically configure /dev/sda1/EFI/boot/ubuntu/* and possibly required manually adding something via the BIOS12:42
EriC^torin: yeah it wants one with root fs "/" and one set as efi12:42
extorrtorin you want to run a dualboot with windows right12:42
torinEriC^: cool, and i bet i can set encryption in manual process later as well?12:42
torinextorr: not necesarilly, i want put stick anywhere i am and just boot that stick12:43
EriC^torin: using luks you meam?12:43
torinEriC^: yeah12:43
torinextorr: without touching underlaying os12:43
xp7rubber ducky12:43
extorrSo you want to make a portable ubuntu, in essence a live CD of ubuntu12:44
extorrWhich makes me ask again, why not use a real live CD instead.12:44
extorrOr why not dd a live ubuntu DVD iso to the usb stick. It will still boot, ya?12:45
torinbecause i want for example encryption & persistent changes12:45
torinis that good enough reason?12:46
pragmaticenigmatorin: You can get persistent changes, however a live environment boot drive will not be able to use full disk encryption, though I think you can encrypt the user's home directory12:46
popey_That's possible. I have a usb key which has ubuntu installed on it with encryption and persistence12:46
popey_You just need two keys, one to boot the install iso, and the other to install onto12:46
cfhowlett_1torin/ if that is your primary goal then I suggest an OS dedicated to same.  try "tails"12:47
popey_You don't need another distro, this works perfectly well on Ubuntu as is.12:47
BluesKajHowdy folks12:47
torinpopey_: that's what exactly i'm trying to do, instead of usb stick i have nvme in a usb caddy12:47
popey_That's even better!12:47
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett_1: tails is not an encrypted live instance, it is merely forgetful and does not support persistence by design12:47
torinand just wondering about any caveats over there during installation12:48
alkisgtorin: I'm using such an installation daily, it's no different than installing to internal hd at all12:48
cfhowlett_1pragmaticenigma/ ahh.  forgive my misinformation then.12:48
popey_torin: having done this, the only gotcha is during install, make sure the grub install gets put on the usb attached drive, not the internal drive12:48
alkisgI'm using an external ssd disk. The installer works fine too, no caveats at all.12:48
popey_torin: if you wanna feel safe, unplug the internal drive when you do the install.12:48
torinpopey_: yeah, probably will do that :)12:49
torinanyway, thanks for the answers, i will give it a go in the evening, now need to do some work :(12:49
torinstupid work.12:49
popey_stupid, stupid paid work12:50
torindoesn't allow me to play my toys during the day12:50
torinluckily i like my job so time flies12:50
torinbut sometimes you just want to be at home and your stuff12:50
torinlike now.12:50
torinplus i need to fix my tyre, got a freaking nail in it yesterday, thank god for tubeless.12:51
pragmaticenigma!ot | torin12:51
ubottutorin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:51
elichai2anyway to install gdb 7.1.1 on ubuntu 18.04 without compiling it myself?12:55
lotuspsychje!mix | elichai212:56
ubottuelichai2: it is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported12:56
elichai2lotuspsychje: U dudb;t say to mix from different distro release12:56
elichai2I hoped for a ppa or something12:56
lotuspsychjeelichai2: we dont support external ppa's neither12:57
elichai2i guess i'll compile myself12:57
elichai2lotuspsychje: or that you ship more than one version12:57
elichai2and I could `apt install gdb=7.11`12:57
Mdlpehi, I made a small script (http://dpaste.com/3J8WCKQ) and save on my home. But it doesn't launch on the begin of session12:57
lotuspsychjeelichai2: if you like a different version of gdb, maybe try a newer ubuntu release?12:58
lotuspsychjeelichai2: for example: 19.10 gdb Version
elichai2lotuspsychje: but I need an *older* gdb version12:59
lotuspsychjeelichai2: how about you tell us what you really are trying to do with an older version of gdb?13:00
elichai2trying to use a tool called `sgx-gdb` which doesn't yet support gdb 8^13:01
lotuspsychjeelichai2: from where/wich guide?13:02
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cheddar82143I have a weird issue -- I can connect to a machine through ssh, but I cannot connect out from that machine (including internet, cannot ping anything). I did not change any settings for years, and it happened just one day when I haven't updated in weeks.13:24
LuckyMancheddar82143, maybe try #networking13:26
Jackneillwhat does it mean when trying to install 19.04 "installing ubuntu" only gives me a black screen, but with (safe graphics) option it workds?13:27
wrbest display manager to use on the ubuntu's?13:27
cfhowlett!nomodeset | Jackneill/13:27
ubottuJackneill/: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:27
Jackneilli've had an issue previously where i install 19.04 rebooted but only got purple screen from grub.13:27
cfhowlettwr/ the one you like best is the best.13:27
Jackneillcfhowlett, i have 8th gen intel i513:28
Jackneilldo i really need nomodeset?13:28
wrcfhowlett, no13:28
cfhowlettJackneill/ shouldn't but for some reason your graphics aren't recognized13:28
cfhowlettmoi_/ ask you ubuntu support question13:28
cheddar82143LuckyMan: will do, thanks13:32
tomreynJackneill: hi again. if you can boot without nnomodeset and post your system log that would help. you can post the log of the current boot using "journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999", or of the previous boot using "journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 9999".13:34
Jackneilltomreyn, hi again. i am currently reinstalling 19.04. i updated the bios to version 300, the freshest.13:35
tomreynah, so maybe that will already fix it.13:36
cfhowlettwe can hope!13:36
tomreynJackneill: i assume you're reinstalling because you also switched to uefi booting?13:36
Jackneilltomreyn, the usb is botted from uefi, i just dd'd the iso to usb, not sure what that uses.13:37
tomreynthat should support both boot modes13:38
calduserhi guys, I have update kernel and intel microcode for the last Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerability but my processor is in the table "Section 2 – No planned microcode updates" What is the solution :( ? https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/corporate-information/SA00233-microcode-update-guidance_05132019.pdf13:38
Jackneillwell just finished install, rebooted, no grub, just purple screen.13:38
tomreyncalduser: acquire new hardware, use hardware only in safe environment.13:39
calduser@tomreyn intel microcode is closed source?13:39
tomreyncalduser: yes13:39
tomreynJackneill: :-/ can you try without nomodeset but also without "splash" and "quiet"?13:40
Jackneilltomreyn, sure13:40
Jackneilltomreyn,  $vt_handoff?13:41
tomreynJackneill: if that also doesn't work, do it *with* "nomodeset" but *without* "splash" and "quiet". the goal for now is just to get us some log.13:41
caldusertherefore being a my processor a legacy system, if the microcode was open source is it possible to solve the problem?13:42
tomreyncalduser: such theoretical discussions about firmware are way beyond the scope of this channel.13:42
caldusertomreyn my question is not offtopic because it concerns the security of ubuntu13:43
popey_calduser: you're asking something nobody here can answer13:44
popey_calduser: the software is closed source, nobody here is empowered to change that13:44
hggdhcalduser: yes, if the firmwares were to be open-sourced, then some issues might be resolved. But it is not, so nothing can be done in this channel13:44
calduserhggdh ok thanks13:45
sambagirlhi i am having trouble with the unattended-updr  and i would like to just disable it because i check on my own and apply what i want13:46
Jackneilltomreyn, http://termbin.com/3shk successfuly logged in to gnome13:46
Jackneillhigh res13:46
cfhowlettJackneill/ so your updated bios fixed it??13:46
sambagirlwhen i look under processes i dont see it13:47
tomreynJackneill: using which kernel parameters?13:47
Jackneilltomreyn, kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.0.0-15-generic root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root ro nomodeset13:47
Jackneillthat was a recovery entry13:47
tomreynit says on the log of course, silly me13:47
popey_sambagirl: it only wakes up periodically, you can remove it if you don't want to use it.13:47
popey_sambagirl: sudo apt remove unattended-upgrades13:48
sambagirlpopey_ i keep getting the13:48
calduserfor those who find themselves in the same situation as a legacy processor, how did you mitigate the vulnerability?13:48
sambagirlCould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)13:48
sambagirlE: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?13:48
cfhowlett!aptlock | sambagirl/13:49
ubottusambagirl/: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:49
popey_yikes, that aptlock thing is a bit bad13:49
sambagirlthat did it :D13:49
cfhowlettpopey_/ eh? how so?13:50
Jackneilltomreyn, powered off, then on, no grub just purple screen.13:50
popey_you went directly from "how do I disable a thing" to "kill a process"13:50
popey_which seems a bit of a leap13:50
popey_it worked though, so meh :)13:50
tomreynJackneill: the v300 firmware states it was produced on 11/22/2018 whereas the download page states it was released on 2019/02/14, weird...13:50
Jackneilltomreyn, :)13:51
sambagirlpopey_ after i applied the command ms bot gave me it allowed me to uninstall it finally.13:51
popey_sweet, good stuff13:51
sambagirli am up and rolling. thanks all. HEY SEVEAS! chao!13:51
Jackneilltomreyn, if i get to bios then quit, i get grub13:51
Jackneilltomreyn, and from thenb on i can log into gnome13:52
tomreynJackneill: you need to repeatedly press escape to bring up the grub menu by default. it will, however, show automatically if the system did not power down properly.13:53
BluesKajauto login enabled, perhaps?13:53
Jackneilli dobnt have auto login enabled13:53
tomreynJackneill: can you ensure that 'fast boot' is disabled in 'bios'?13:53
Jackneilli have lvm disk encryption, then gdm login screen13:53
Jackneilltomreyn, yes.13:53
anselmI thought you hold down shift to bring up grub menu during boot?13:54
tomreynthat's when you bios boot13:54
Jackneilltomreyn, double checked, it is disabled.13:54
Jackneilltomreyn, i have disabled secure boot too.13:55
naturist42http://publish.lycos.com/freenaturistkids NATURISM 100%legal SHARE!! VISIT US13:55
tomreynJackneill: just now or previously?13:55
Jackneilltomreyn, previously.13:55
tomreyn!ops | naturist4213:55
ubottunaturist42: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax13:55
tomreynJackneill: okay, i'll read your logs now, will ping you in ~ 10-15 minutes13:56
Jackneilltomreyn, did the same now. escape from bios to get grub, "ubuntu", but this time no luck. only purple screen. this worked just previously now.13:56
Jackneilltomreyn, thank you.13:56
Jackneilltomreyn, now i have got grub without escaping from bios first. seems non-deterministic.13:57
Jackneillbut only purple screen after grub "ubuntu".13:57
Jackneillchoosing a recovery grub entry and usong only ro and nomodeset worked.13:59
lordcirth_benyaminxploit, hi14:10
tomreynJackneill: so here's what seems notable about your logs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4GYRsWz2VZ/14:14
Jackneilltomreyn, right14:14
tomreynJackneill: the first four lines just point out what you're running on. then we have a TSC firmware bug - I don't know what TSC actually stands for, but it's a rather common mainboard firmware issue, and apparently it was worked around by Linux.14:16
tomreynJackneill: and then you have loads of ACPI errors which are, i think, USB related.14:17
tomreynnd an acpi warning, which i would yet need to lookup14:18
tomreynJackneill: can you please post this as well:  lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999914:19
Jackneilltomreyn, right, i think i will have to permanently add nomodeset, also remove quiet splash and $vt_handoff14:19
Jackneillsure, sec.14:19
tomreynJackneill: it also seems that you don't have all ubuntu updates installed, yet. can you please check whether oyu have any pending?14:20
Jackneilltomreyn, https://termbin.com/5r4e14:21
Jackneilltomreyn, i have checked with update && upgrade, all 0s14:22
Jackneilltomreyn, as i remember i have installed those after i posted for you14:22
tomreynJackneill: so you're saying you first generated the log, then installed updates, right?14:24
Jackneilltomreyn, after the jouirnalctl -b i installed updates then tried restart14:25
Jackneillshell i post another?14:25
tomreynJackneill: not yet, thanks. this laptop seems to be connected to a docking station, is this correct?14:25
tomreynusb 1-4.1: Product: USB-C Triple-4K Dock14:25
Jackneilltomreyn, yes.14:26
Jackneillvia usb, yes14:26
tomreynJackneill: please disconnect the docking statiion and any other non essential (including external mouse, keyboard) periphels, then boot again normally without nomodeset.14:27
Jackneilltomreyn, ok, sec14:27
Jackneilltomreyn, no success. just pruple screen.14:30
tomreynJackneill: what if you boot using the default kernel but without "quiet", without "splash", without "nomodeset"?14:31
lotuspsychjecheddar82143: are you on ubuntu?14:32
Jackneilltomreyn, purple screen14:32
Jackneilltomreyn, just nomodeset from the 3 works.14:33
ryuopurple screen of death?14:33
tomreynJackneill: try without "nomodeset" but with these:  i915.enable_dc=0 i915.enable_fbc=014:35
Jackneilltomreyn, i have not done anything and now it seems to work (i dont get grub, just the gdm ,login screen)14:37
Jackneilltomreyn, i mean i didntr put the i9..,. line in kernel args, just the default.14:37
tomreynJackneill: what'S the output of: cat /proc/cmdline14:38
Jackneilltomreyn, now i only get the purple screen for a short time, a switch to disk decrypt14:38
tomreynJackneill: don't reboot so soon next time you get it to boot properly.14:38
Jackneilltomreyn, ro quiet splash vt.handoff=114:39
tomreynoh so it's still running, ok. post this log as well please:  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999914:39
Jackneilltomreyn, https://termbin.com/ehkf14:40
tomreynJackneill: thanks. i'm puzzled as to why it works sometimes but not always, this can suggest a hardware issue. but you're using the laptops internal monitor, right, so it could not be an external cable that is broken.14:43
Jackneilltomreyn, also brand new company laptop14:44
Jackneilltomreyn, anyway thank you for your help. i will keep rebooting, power offing it frequently, if i get it again, i will just toss it into a river and send a photo to asus14:45
Jackneillits an asus vivobook s14.14:45
lotuspsychjeJackneill: can you press F1 at purple screen?14:46
Jackneilllotuspsychje, i will try when i can reproduce it, for now it seems to work.14:46
=== ezri is now known as dax
lotuspsychjeJackneill: wich graphics card in your asus?14:51
Jackneilllotuspsychje, intel i5 8th gen, nothing else.14:51
Jackneillin above logs (termbin) you cvan get exact specs14:52
lotuspsychjeJackneill: im browsing it atm14:52
tomreynhmm, i don't really know what else to try, i'm afraid, Jackneill14:53
BluesKajJackneill, to check your graphics run, sudo lshw -C video14:54
Jackneilltomreyn, thank you for your help :)14:54
tomreynJackneill: the intel gpu firmware which got loaded seems to be the latest. your mainboard firmware is up to date, you're uefi booting, and on a recent kernel version. there's not a whole lot more you can try, other than those i915 module parameters i pointed out, and maybe some others.14:55
JackneillBluesKaj, http://termbin.com/y9i414:56
Jackneilltomreyn, i will note them down14:56
tomreynJackneill: "modinfo -p i915" lists the parameters you can try at grub. always prefix those with "i915."14:56
lotuspsychjeJackneill: did you test other ubuntu releases?14:56
tomreynJackneill: since this is an ULV platform, my guess would be that it can be a power saving issue. so any module parameters related to power saving / efficiency could be worth playing with.14:57
Jackneilltomreyn, http://termbin.com/nox0m14:57
tomreynJackneill: also you should try a !mainline kernel14:57
tomreyn!mainline | Jackneill14:57
ubottuJackneill: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds14:57
tomreynJackneill: thanks, i know the output14:58
BluesKajJackneill, ok, you have the standard intel i915 driver which should work without any issues14:58
tomreynJackneill: since this is rather new hardware and i wasn't able to find a matching bug report, it would be helpful if you could file one running:   ubuntu-bug linux15:02
tomreyn(if you do, you'll be asked to register at launchpad.net as part of reporting this bug - which will also enable you to receive updates on this bug.)15:03
Jackneilltomreyn, i will find the time today. since you know this bug well, could you list infos that will be very useful to file?15:03
tomreynJackneill: most importantly, describe the symptoms well: that it sometimes boots fine and other times is gets stuck as the purple screen (describe this purple screen a little better if you can - what happens right before it etc.).15:05
tomreynJackneill: logs will be added automatically, i don't think there will be a need to post any.15:06
tomreynyou should mention that you're using the latest mainboard firmware15:07
lotuspsychjeJackneill: it only takes 2min to make the bug15:07
Jackneilltomreyn, thats a helpful feature indeed, thanks.15:07
Jackneilli will just not now:P15:07
Jackneillif you want i will post the link for you tomorrow.15:07
tomreynyou can post it here tomorrow, sure.15:08
lotuspsychjeJackneill: or make it right now, and let us search while you sleep :p15:08
* tomreyn can wait ;-)15:09
Jackneilllotuspsychje, ok i will make it now.15:09
lotuspsychjeJackneill: thank you very much15:10
lotuspsychjeJackneill: tnx for taking your time to file the bug!15:21
Jackneilltomreyn, lotuspsychje : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/182940215:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1829402 in linux (Ubuntu) "Purple screen hangup during boot" [Undecided,New]15:21
Jackneillif i should add anything i will remain in front of a computer for at least 2.5h please feel free to ping me.15:21
lotuspsychjeJackneill: ok, we will let you know, you will also get notices via email if something updates15:22
tomreynJackneill: looks fine, thanks. i added some notes.15:32
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
Jackneilltomreyn, thanks15:33
=== jetgirl is now known as tuxi
benishortest successfully failed15:41
zetteI have problem on anbox, I cnt install anbox in my ubuntu15:42
zetteAnbox is just for Ubuntu 64 bit?15:43
OerHekszette, yes, but anbox is nown for giving issues15:50
OerHekstry android studio, or look for something else15:51
zetteAndroid Studio is support for 32 bit?15:51
OerHekszette,  i don't know, check out https://snapcraft.io/android-studio15:51
zetteAndroid Studio for 64 bit :(15:54
EoflaOEViceCityzette do you have a processor which is not capable of 64-bit? You can try IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3, the last version to support 32-bit, bundled with Android plugin15:57
OerHeksIntelliJ is also 64 bit https://snapcraft.io/intellij-idea-community or https://snapcraft.io/intellij-idea-ultimate16:01
Jackneillhi. which is the preferred install method nowadays? snaps ? apt? flatpak:) ?16:03
Jackneill(when 1 app is available multiple ways)16:03
OerHeksJackneill, apt, as you need to investigate and trust the snap maintainer.16:04
OerHeksflatpack, you are on your own16:05
Jackneillthank you16:06
PharaohHi All! Are chromium-codecs-ffmpeg and extra supposed for work for chrome as well?16:09
OerHeksPharaoh, do they not work?16:11
Pharaoh@Oerheks: apparently not16:11
OerHeksi think rendering is done in html516:11
bobbytables5hello, I might be stupid but after reading article after article i can't get an answer, where is the cloud-config file located ?  I need to start a script on first startup...16:11
tomreynbobbytables5: server support welcomes you in #ubuntu-server16:12
Pharaoh@Oerheks: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1141108/chromium-flash-player-not-working-on-ubuntu-19-04    This helped me set up flash on chromium on 19.04 Ubuntu... the latest chrome stable version still is unable to run flash16:13
tomreynbobbytables5: and "dpkg -L packagename" lists the files installed by a given package.16:13
qwebirc55707hey all! I'm having a bit of trouble figuring something out. I've got a symlink and when I try to read the file I get permission denied, but if I actually navigate to the linked file, it's fine. e.g. "file -L [path]" gives permission denied, but "file $(readlink [path])" works16:14
OerHeksPhoh, flash should work, if the site asks to download, click that button, then the permission dialog pops up16:14
qwebirc55707I've tried checking various permissions but haven't figured it out16:14
OerHeksbut flash should ide16:14
amcclureAnyone know how to fix missing firmware issues when installing ubuntu (19.04) on a 2017 macbook pro w/ touch bar?16:14
tomreynbobbytables5: ( "dpkg -S $(which somecommand)" tells you the package 'somecommand' belongs to )16:15
pragmaticenigmaamcclure: What firmware are you looking for?16:15
OerHeksPharaoh, that post is about chromium, not chrome..16:15
PharaohOerheks: I need a similar fix for chrome.. Any ideas?16:16
amcclurepragmaticenigma: mouse, keyboard, touch bar, and wifi16:16
PharaohOerheks, perhaps a small tweak somewhere should do.. an adapter/plugin maybe16:16
OerHeksPhi am still on LTS 18.04, maybe someone else on 19.04 can confirm this issue?16:16
OerHeksPharaoh ^16:17
tomreynjust use chromium?16:17
Pharaohtomreyn: can do that..16:17
bobbytables5tomreyn: nice that command, it doesn't seem to exist by default the cloud-config file, Im having an hard time understanding where to put it16:18
tomreynbobbytables5: and i'm having a hard time supporting you since i don't even know what you're working with16:18
pragmaticenigmaamcclure: This is a pretty comprehensive thread for installing to mac: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1046568 ... Or parsing through the threads here https://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=32816:19
tomreynbobbytables5: i  see black box software is assisting you #ubuntu-server - good. :)16:20
bobbytables5tomreyn: yeah reading the doc :)16:20
amcclurepragmaticenigma: ty16:22
RaiuHi! do you know of some tool that can list the status of some services in a tmux panel?16:53
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
=== Raja is now known as Guest5116
raindevHi folks. Anyone has problems with expose (GNOME activity overview) in 19.04?17:09
raindevIt doesn't scale windows properly for me.17:09
raindevOr doesn't scale all windows.17:10
raindevAnd there're problems with full screen windows.17:10
raindevIt's basically really messed up.17:10
lotuspsychjeraindev: can you make a screenshot of that please?17:11
lotuspsychjeraindev: whats your graphics card chipset?17:11
raindevSure, I'll be back with a screen shot in a moment.17:12
raindevI have AMD RX 580.17:12
raindevOn the left there're two terminal windows, one of them is scaled down the other not. And the gEdit on the right is not scaled down properly either.17:15
raindevlotuspsychje: any ideas?17:16
lotuspsychjeraindev: it should arrange all ?windows logical, centered more right17:16
lotuspsychjeraindev: that doesnt look like the icons of 19.04 did you change themes or using something else?17:19
raindevlotuspsychje: I use gnome-shell, stock GNOME session. But the behaviour of overview is the same in the default Ubuntu session.17:20
lotuspsychjeraindev: is your amd driver loaded correctly? sudo lshw -C video to check at bottom driver=..17:21
raindevlotuspsychje: configuration: driver=amdgpu latency=017:25
umbSublimeHey, i'm trying to see if a specific patch is included in the kernel i'm using. but I'm not sure how to get the sources (linux-image-4.15.0-50-generic)17:25
lotuspsychjeraindev: is that the one ubuntu loaded by default, or did you install manually?17:25
raindevNo, didn't touch anything related to the drivers.17:25
lotuspsychjeraindev: did you have this behaviour on other ubuntu versions?17:28
ioriaumbSublime, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1014539/kernel-patching-how-to-check-verify-when-specific-patch-was-applied17:28
raindevlotuspsychje: no, I didn't. I upgraded from 18.10.17:29
umbSublimeioria: from the answer there, how can I get not only source from mainline, but also patches that were added to it by canonical ?17:29
lotuspsychjeraindev: ok, so maybe you could kernel play, see if it happens on other kernel versions as a test, see !mainline17:29
umbSublimesource for mainline, no issues I already have ahandy17:30
ioriaumbSublime, you need the source of the kernel you want17:30
raindevlotuspsychje: thanks, I could try that17:31
umbSublimeyah that's basically my question17:34
ioriaumbSublime, you know how to get the source ?17:37
mtdmsi have a problem, i bought new computer, i want to install ubuntu, but the installation doesnt recognize my partitions, why?17:41
mtdmsonly my usb drive17:41
umbSublimeI'm not sure I see how I can get the source for my specific kernel. It's easy enough to get mainline, but how do I get sources for mine ? Or perhaps I can have mainline + a set of patches applied to it ?17:42
OerHeksmtdms, sounds like you have windows 10 installed, and an UEFI machine17:42
OerHeksmtdms, use the UEFI manual17:43
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:43
mtdmsyes i have windows 1017:43
mtdmsi dont know what is uefi, i will read about it, thanks a lot17:43
ioriaumbSublime, apt source linux17:43
OerHeksbasicly: disable fastboot, and other intel stuff, and boot in uefi mode17:43
ioriaumbSublime, you need to enable 'src' in /e/a/sources.list17:44
umbSublimethanks ioria17:44
gschanuelhello! I'm trying to compile some source as regular user on ubuntu 18.04 but it is failing: ./configure output as regular user: https://pastebin.com/AJJhUmt4 and as root https://pastebin.com/LsHAhJ5Y17:50
gschanuel-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 25453 Mar  3 11:28 /usr/include/cups/cups.h17:50
gschanuelubuntu is running inside docker17:50
gschanuelconfigure: error: Could not find CUPS. Install libcups2-dev or cups-devel17:51
OerHeksto compile code, you want the -dev packages17:52
gschanuellibcups2-dev is installed17:52
SiecjeWhat does this mean python-openssl set to manually installed17:52
gschanuelas root it works, but not as regular user17:52
tewardSiecje: it means that it was initially included for install separately as a dependency of another package, but now that you've explicitly `apt install`ed it or similarly, it's no longer being considered as autoinstalled as a dependency but specifically requested for installation (manually) by you the admin17:53
umbSublimeioria: ok so this get me the source from the original kernel xenial's kernel is based of ?17:56
SiecjeOn Ubuntu 16.04 I'm getting this error https://dpaste.de/zPhi17:57
umbSublimeioria: my question now is how to get all patches applied on his base kernel to get to what I have running now17:58
=== Lenovoi5_ is now known as Lenovoi5
OerHeksSiecje, when do you get that error?18:13
SiecjeOerHeks: python; >>> import requests18:13
OerHeksoh oke, it was not clear to me what the command was18:14
OerHeksno clue there :-(18:14
=== lesshaste is now known as Guest41255
amcclurestartup keeps stuck on "detect the available gpus and deal with any system changes" - is there any way to disable it or find what's causing it to stay running?18:31
tomreynamcclure: which ubuntu version is this?18:44
rivynWhy doesn't the Ubuntu installer support JFS as a filesystem choice?  Is there a less straightforward way to configure Ubuntu to use JFS instead of ext4?18:45
ducasserivyn: have you checked if the old (debian-based) server installer offers it?18:54
tomreynrivyn: you could probably do it from an installed system which already supports jfs, installing using debootstrap. i do not know which boot managers can boot off jfs.18:54
Kon-Hi, my stub-resolv.conf keeps defaulting to even though I have specified a different DNS and fallback DNS in /etc/systemd/resolvd.conf. This was working before so I'm a little confused as to why it's not now19:11
rivynducasse:  I'm installing Server, not Desktop, is that the default?19:13
tomreynKon-: do you mean /etc/systemd/resolved.conf (your path was missing an 'e')?19:13
Kon-Yes, sorry19:14
Kon-I have it open right now and it's named correctly19:14
hans__any idea why Ubuntu 18.04 would get 4mbit/s on hardware where Debian 8.8 and CentOS 6.9 get ~200mbit/s upload speed? (and it affects up speed only, down speed is unaffected)19:14
hans__internet, tcp419:14
ducasserivyn: server now uses the subiquity installer, use the one without 'live' in the filename19:14
rivyntomreyn:  All boot managers that I know of can boot off of JFS.  I'm guessing it's omission in the installer has to do with the fact that it's not online-resizable, which would make it awkward to use with LVM I suppose (I don't use LVM)19:16
rivynducasse:  Thanks, I'll go hunt for that.19:17
Kon-hans__: Do you have the net-tools package installed?19:17
hans__Kon-, nope19:18
hans__... can install it tho19:18
ducasserivyn: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.2/release/19:19
ducasserivyn: should be this one19:19
rivynducasse:  Thanks, I found it too :)19:19
Kon-Not recommended. I asked because on multiple machines, for whatever reason, installing net-tools on 18.04 caused my connection to max out at around half what it should have19:20
hans__Kon-, well i just installed it and it didn't make a difference (haven't tried rebooting post-installation tho)19:20
rivynHeh, I guess that I was using the classic installer with 16.04, which is where I'm pretty sure I saw the JFS option, so that's hopeful, will know in a couple minutes...19:20
rivynI had the "live" image for 18.0419:20
tomreynrivyn: that's a good theory (as to what it's not supported by default, as you say)19:20
hans__i guess i should add it's a cli installation with the only extra package being "ssh server" (didn't even choose "basic ubuntu server" )19:21
pepelobuenas tardes19:24
pepeloa todos19:24
pepeloquines hablan español19:24
tomreyn!es | pepelo19:24
ubottupepelo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:24
rivynducasse:  This looks to work perfect, thank you19:25
pepelobuenas tardes19:25
ducasserivyn: yw :)19:26
rud0lfhow do i force update kernel (the one that launches update-initramfs)?19:51
rud0lfi miss-typed Ctrl+C to copy19:51
OerHekssudo apt install -f # would fix this?19:52
amcclure14:44 <tomreyn> amcclure: which ubuntu version is this?19:58
amcclure19.04 (AMD64)19:58
leftyfb /join #google19:59
leftyfboops :)19:59
de-factoanyone knows if there are recent builds of BlueGriffon for 18.04 ?20:00
kitsunehi all20:02
OerHeksde-facto, their site stated 16.04 deb only ..20:03
OerHeksVersion 3.0.1 released 2017-nov-22 ... old20:03
de-factoyeah it has text artifacts on my 18.0420:04
de-factolike weird dots between letters and such20:04
OerHeksde-facto, optional: build it https://github.com/therealglazou/bluegriffon20:04
de-factoyeah... i guess it might take a while though, its mozilla engine stuff20:05
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
de-facto...and their advanced features (payed license) are only in their precompiled binary i guess (not sure if i ever need those though). I just wanted to take a quick look at it20:06
=== Sveta is now known as Guest31756
=== svetlana is now known as Sveta
de-factohmm it seems others were able to use it properly on 18.04 https://www.itsmarttricks.com/how-to-install-bluegriffon-wysiwyg-content-editor-in-ubuntu-18-04/20:21
de-factoam i missing some KDE libs?20:21
de-factoah its Gecko based ok hmm20:22
=== rob is now known as Guest7954
LuckyManhow do I install mono on ubuntu 19.04?20:27
s1r0nehi everyone20:30
leftyfbLuckyMan: https://www.mono-project.com/docs/getting-started/install/linux/  # 3rd result on google for "ubuntu mono". It doesn't look like it's a supported package20:32
LuckyManleftyfb, been there but couldn't find a version for disco20:35
LuckyManI'm gonna try sudo apt install mono-devel20:36
LuckyManuau 128 new root certificates were added to your trust store.20:38
LuckyManand I cant see no mono20:38
de-factoOerHeks, wow it checks out GB's of sources, i wish there was a binary to quickly test if its worth the effort20:43
LuckyManFunny the compiler is installed :-)20:43
de-factolol i dont even have enough disk space for that20:44
hexhaxtronDo you people think this antenna would be a good purchase? https://www.tendacn.com/en/product/u6.html20:45
de-factoi guess freetype is buggy on bionic20:46
leftyfb!ot | hexhaxtron20:46
ubottuhexhaxtron: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:46
de-factoi am not quite sure, BlueGriffon not rendering fonts properly (it was compiled for 16.04, I am on 18.04) might be this issue? https://github.com/adobe/brackets/issues/1429020:50
leftyfbde-facto: please contact BlueGriffon for support. We cannot support their software here.20:51
de-factoyeah i know, i just want to do a quick try if its worth the effort20:52
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
amcclurep1rs0n: yes?21:08
gambl0reis s-tui same as htop?21:09
p1rs0nwow, it is someone be in online21:09
leftyfbp1rs0n: this is an ubuntu support channel. What can we help you with?21:09
p1rs0ngambl0re, why are u dont want to use htop?21:10
leftyfbgambl0re: s-tui isn't supported here.21:11
gambl0rep1rs0n, who are you?21:11
hggdhgambl0re: no, it is not the same as htop21:12
p1rs0nwhat irc clients are the best?21:15
jcottonthat's very subjective21:16
Gerowenp1rs0n: "Best" is subjective, but on desktop PC I use hexchat.21:16
jcottonirssi is a popular cli client21:16
p1rs0nok, thx. what about bitchx?21:17
lordcirth_!bitchx | p1rs0n21:18
ubottup1rs0n: bitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://bugs.debian.org/451373 ). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.21:18
p1rs0nokey, thx21:18
p1rs0nwhat about gui components? witch from them is more beautiful?21:20
hashwagonHey, can anyone tell me the difference between 16.04 and 16.04.6?21:46
EriC^^hashwagon: 04.xx are point releases, they have updated packages and the hwe kernels21:47
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:48
hashwagonThanks all ^^21:57
iswI want one of those new Ubuntu phones.21:59
lotuspsychje#ubuntu-discuss please isw22:00
iswIs there a channel for it by chance?22:01
teb007estI talk to someone on here about booting an iso throw grub2 I been trying this all yesterday I figure it out I installed the iso from grub2 I entered a command in the terminal but I forgot what what it was called to place a iso in /boot/ menu & update the grub using the terminal to. Could someone tell me what that first command that I need to install to place that ISO file so I can use it to get Ubuntu Desktop Version so it would be eas22:02
teb007estyer to use my computer...22:02
iswoh thanks mybad lotus22:02
EriC^^teb007est: /boot/images22:04
EriC^^you have to install a grub package22:04
teb007estEric^^ Your the one I talk to yesterday I could not remeber that one that you said thanks a lot man I fixed my computer I am runing netmininal with openbox but know I need something kind of simplier or easy going to install Ubuntu Desktop just orginal stuff I guest22:15
teb007estThanks Again22:15
EriC^^great good to hear you're doing good, no problem22:16
teb007estwhat is the terminal command to install mininal gnome desktop22:24
teb007estis it sudo apt-get install gnome-mininal22:25
teb007estcant spell sorry22:25
bilb_onohow do I fix the " dpg frontend is locked by another process error? I did sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock.... and when I do px cax | grep PID it doesn't show any process running22:25
bilb_onothis is when I try and run sudo dpkg --configure -a22:25
bilb_onoor any other apt or apt-get command22:25
bilb_onooh well update works22:25
EriC^^bilb_ono: does "ps aux | grep dpkg" show anything?22:26
teb007estbilb_ono : sudo su22:26
bilb_onoooh yeah. should I kill those pids?22:26
EriC^^bilb_ono: i think it's auto updating right now22:27
EriC^^probably via unattended-upgrades22:27
bilb_onolike I just have to wait?22:27
bilb_onothis is what it gave: https://bpaste.net/show/2adcca65ea15 and as you can see I couldn't kill those pids22:27
bilb_onofor how long?22:27
EriC^^that depends on how much it's installing stuff, but i'd say like 5mins?22:29
EriC^^you couldnt kill them cause those were temp processes during a postinstall of one of the packages22:29
EriC^^i'd let it run its course22:29
rwpteb007est, "sudo apt-get install task-gnome-desktop" is where you might start.  But that is the full desktop.  You can reduce that by picking from the Depends:22:30
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rwpEriC^^, "No such process" means that the process has already exited.22:30
EriC^^rwp: i know, that's why i said temp (temporary)22:31
bilb_onohuh yeah it works now22:31
bilb_onoI didn't know it did that behind the scenes stuff22:31
rwpbilb_ono, Removing a lock semaphore is almost always a good way to lead to a corruption due to collisions that the semaphore was designed to prevent.22:32
xp7gonna copy paste my chat from a different network22:44
xp7xp7> help22:44
xp7<xp7> i get a ~10ms lag spike in my screen compositing22:44
xp7<xp7> i have no idea what it could be22:44
xp7* linux has quit (Quit: Leaving)22:44
xp7<xp7> actaually it might not be screen buffer because it delays text input too22:44
bilb_onois there a quick way to reformat ubuntu back to factory settings?22:51
bilb_onoother than reinstalling it?22:51
xp7bilb_ono: snapshots22:54
xp7but i didnt do one before i noticed this22:55
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FrankfurtsoupHi everyone 😊23:22
xp7hi doctor nick23:23
FrankfurtsoupIs anyone able to help with an airsonic issue at all? I tried the airsonic channel but I'm not getting any bites over there23:31
wondowsIn Terminal > Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Terminal > Reset I have assigned Ctrl+K to it. ANd it just doesn't work.23:45
xp7go to keyboard23:47
xp7you can set command bindings up there23:47
xp7if ununtu uses the same as mint anyway23:48
xp7pretty sure its the same23:48
xp7then just bind the clear command to a key combo23:48
xp7https://imgur.com/a/a1hCzbE wondows23:52
wondowsxp7: this is supposed to be only for the Terminal23:54
wondowsand what is that menu in the Terminal for? The shortcuts don't work. Another Ubuntu BS to add to my list of Ubuntu BS. Pisses me off23:55
wondowsIs there a better terminal than stock?23:58

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