guiverc219.10 live ; what is the user/password (suspend test & my session is locked!)06:36
OvenWerksI don't remember the user something_user don't remeber what but there should be no password06:49
OvenWerksEickmeyer: ^^?06:50
OvenWerksit looks like it is just ubuntu-studio for the user06:52
guiverc2:)   for some reason i got logged out again, but i'm back in.. thank you !06:53
* OvenWerks is off to bed... 2355 here06:55
guiverc2whilst I'm here, a review 17 days ago on mewe (Che Dean) stated "Really loving Ubuntu Studio, it's fantastic for creative types. Not sure what they do with audio but recordings sound amazing. Well worth checking out if you have an older laptop lying around. It's very light weight because it uses the XFCE desktop environment"08:28
studio-user207i use live dvd installation of ubuntu studio 18.04 but when i choose install it enters me in try mode19:41
m_ad[m]Then install it from there. :)19:48

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