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keypassHi, I just installed xubuntu and would to replace the current version of firefox with the firefox-esr current version ? which is the best way to do this ?16:48
xubuntu28whey guys16:49
xubuntu28wis there someone?16:50
gnrpxubuntu28w: Yes, just ask your question, if somebody knows the answer, he will say so16:54
gnrpand you have to stay around for a while16:54
xubuntu28wjust wanna talk16:55
xubuntu28wu guys passion its informatic?16:55
xubuntu28wmy passion its cinema lol16:55
AndrioYou probably want #xubuntu-offtopic then16:57
brainwashkeypass: either use a PPA or download the archive directly from mozilla, extract it and create a launcher for it16:58
pmjdebruijnkeypass: may I ask why you would want to do that?17:00
pmjdebruijnkeypass: the version of firefox that's shipped with ubuntu is most likely the best maintained version you'll get on ubuntu17:00
keypassbecause it updates every couple of weeks firefox17:02
keypassI rather have a long term support with firefox estr17:03
pmjdebruijnkeypass: so?17:03
keypassI dont want my firefox updating every week17:03
pmjdebruijnwhy not?17:03
keypassprefer quarter updates17:03
keypassbecause firefox is known to break with weekly updates17:03
keypassesr is LTS17:03
pmjdebruijnadding a nonstandard browser exposes you to waaaay more risk than monthly updates17:03
pmjdebruijn"Firefox is known to break"17:03
keypassesr is well maintained17:04
pmjdebruijnyou're exagerating immensely17:04
keypassand security updates are patched up immediatley17:04
keypasswith firefox esr17:04
pmjdebruijnwhich is also true for regular firefox17:04
keypasssure but it updates too frequently17:04
keypassfor my liking17:05
keypassI dont need a version update every week17:05
keypassjust a version thats supported with the latest security patches which firefox esr does17:05
pmjdebruijnkeypass: the non esr version properly supported by ubuntu17:06
pmjdebruijnanything you add from third party, is likely less well maintained17:06
pmjdebruijnthe problem which rarely happen on frequent updates to exist, but they really quite rare17:06
pmjdebruijnsticking with the standard firefox in ubuntu is by far the best advice anybody can give you17:09
keypassim on xubuntu17:09
keypassnow ubuntu17:09
keypass The ESR will also have a two cycles (at least 12 weeks) overlap between the time of a new release and the end-of-life of the previous release to permit testing and certification prior to deploying a new version.17:09
pmjdebruijnit doesn't matter whether it's on ubuntu on xubuntu, same repositories17:09
pmjdebruijnkeypass: are you in an enterprise networking, deploying xubuntu large scale?17:10
pmjdebruijnor just for you?17:10
keypassjust for me17:10
pmjdebruijnkeypass: then why would that matter17:11
keypasswell it doesnt seem like im getitng any support from you17:11
keypassI just would like to replace firefox with firefox esr17:12
pmjdebruijnofficially firefox-esr is not supported on xubuntu17:12
pmjdebruijnfew linux distros actually support the esr version17:12
xubuntu40whey guys, how can i erase windows 10 and install xubuntu?17:14
xubuntu40wi already have the USB bootable17:14
pmjdebruijnkeypass: the least crappy way would probably be using https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa but I don't know if that's entirely trustworthy17:15
pmjdebruijnkeypass: so again, it's ill advised17:15
pmjdebruijnxubuntu40w: just boot from the stick and follow the setup17:15
keypassim already up and running17:17
keypassjust updating the machine now17:17
pmjdebruijnkeypass: that repo may however receive security updates later than the main version17:19
pmjdebruijnthe general rule of thumb is, external repositories are more likely to be less well maintained than the main repositories, though there are exception, they just hard to identify17:20
keypassok well have a good day17:23
xubuntu30wHey guys, i just installed xubuntu on my asus laptop bu i cant connect to my wifi18:16
geniivp11: Just curious if you're still experiencing the same GPU issue19:39
vp11genii: I still didn't have the chance to update that laptop, but will later tonight or during the weekend. I'll let you know the results :)19:42
geniivp11: Thanks, I'd appreciate an update either way ( whether amdgpu PPA solves/mitigates the issue or no change )19:49
genii... it can help to know if later another user has the same issue, what works or doesn't work19:50
xubuntu51whey guys, i just installed xubuntu and i cant connect to internet21:55
xubuntu51wObtain the Windows driver for your network device and locate the file that ends with  .inf   Install the  ndisgtk  package  Go to  →  Settings Manager → Windows Wireless Drivers  Select Install new driver  Choose the location of your Windows .inf file and click Install  Click OK21:56
xubuntu51won troubleshooting say this but i didnt understand completly21:56
xubuntu51wsomeone can help me? thanks21:56
geniiThose instructions are only for when no native linux driver exists for your adapter ( it will use the NDIS driver)22:04
geniixubuntu51w: Do you know what wifi adapter your machine has?22:07
xubuntu51wmy machine its an asus laptop model x550c22:09
geniiIf you issue in a console: lspci | grep Net    ...what network devices does it say the machine has?22:11
xubuntu51wi find it22:14
xubuntu51w03:00.0 Network controller: MEDIATEK Corp. MT7630e 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter22:15
well_laid_lawnxubuntu51w:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/504718/wlan0-not-showing-up-mediatek-corp-mt7630e-802-11bgn-wireless22:34
xubuntu51wok i go with that link. now i go, thanks to all, bye!23:14

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