[Relic]finally figured out, I turned of immou for the usb3 to work and without it the live usb kept crapping out01:09
valorie!info immou01:56
ubottuPackage immou does not exist in bionic01:56
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.04:18
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lordievaderGood morning06:11
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BluesKajHowdy folks10:27
OerHekshi BluesKaj10:31
BluesKajhey OerHeks10:31
[Relic]where is the setting to disable screen lock in 19.04?15:13
BluesKaj[Relic], system settings>desktop behaviour>screen locking15:25
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> how can I prevent konversation to start automatically after login?15:32
BluesKajbauchhaus login konversation or login to the desktop?15:44
BluesKajit autologs in to konversation if you have autologin chats listed15:46
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> BluesKay: I mean the launching of the application Konversation15:49
BluesKajif it autologs in when you start konversation open the server list>edit> uncheck the  "Connect on application startup"15:49
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> no, KDE launches Konversation every time i log in...15:50
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> I quit conversation, still next time I log into KDE, Konversation is there.15:50
EricAdams-M1IrcsomeBot: Is it listed in System Settings - Startup and Shutdown - Autostart by any chance?15:54
EricAdams-M1Or is there a desktop file in /home/youruser/.config/autostart?15:55
BluesKajbauchhaus, the you need to open settings>configure konversation>general behaviour>uncheck "enable system tray"15:56
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> It's not in Startup System Settings15:56
BluesKajkonversation >settings15:57
BluesKajenable the main toolbar right clicking near the top15:57
BluesKajjust under the titlebar15:58
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> It's not in ~/.config/autostart … (good call though, there were a lot of long removed applications..)15:59
BluesKajread above^15:59
BluesKajopen konversation then follow my sugestions abobe16:00
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> ok, removed the system tray option, will see next time I boot what happens.16:01
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IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> Welcome @popeydc :)19:37
IrcsomeBot<Strom Netznutzer> thx19:38
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tasI invite you to chat in the messenger telegram. Find in the telegram @Love_in_Chat20:29
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> and........... banned20:31
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jimhi... can 18.04 be directly upgraded to 19.04? or should it be upgraded to 18.10 first?22:47
Alabalistic@jim from LTS to interim it is not good idea23:07
AlabalisticI did fresh install from 18.04 to 19.04 and is a big diference the plasma is great23:07
jimwould that be lts -> lts?23:10
AlabalisticLTS is every two years Apris23:18
Alabalistic18.04 is an LTS and you upgrade from LTS to LTS23:19
Alabalistic18.10 and 19.04 are Interim every 6 months so Or you play LTS to LTS or you Play Interim to Intermi upgrade23:20
AlabalisticAny way you can make all easy with some partitioning.23:21
jimwhat's the next lts?23:27
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> 20.0423:28
jimacheronuk, what net are you on?23:28
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> internet, like you23:29
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> using telegram bridge to IRC23:30
acheronukor just IRC23:30
AlabalisticJim look up partitioning when you install your distro. it is very easy one for / one for Home and one for Swap, then when you Distrohop you format only / and Swap and your Home stays the same23:35
Alabalisticno data lost, but you need to work you way out and understand what are you doing23:36
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jimAlabalistic, so that way you'd be preserving your /home23:40

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