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rbasakWho's here?19:00
rbasakWe need one more for quorum, as we have one proxy vote.19:02
ddstreetping me if anyone else shows up, please19:15
rbasakIt looks like we'll have to postpone, sorry.19:18
rbasakIt's my evening, so I don't want to hang around if I can't be useful.19:18
sil2100It seems to be a holiday in Canada, so at least two of our members are out19:18
sil2100ddstreet: apologies for that, but would you be fine attending the next meeting in 2 weeks?19:19
ddstreetsil2100 i am not sure if i can make the mtg in 2 weeks...i am very busy this summer19:20
ddstreeti think my next available dmb mtg is fall, so i'll just reschedule for then, i guess19:21
sil2100ddstreet: darn it, should we try via e-mail?19:21
ddstreetthat's fine with me, i assume you're asking the other dmb members19:21
sil2100ddstreet: we have nothing to loose basically - we'll do our best to carry it out in a timely fashion (if it slips again, well, not much we can do instead pinging people)19:22
sil2100rbasak, ddstreet: ^ let me start the e-mail thread then19:23
sil2100Thread started19:32
* sil2100 also goes EOD19:32

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