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majomHi, I have set up googe authenticator authentication for ssh following this guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-multi-factor-authentication-for-ssh-on-ubuntu-16-04. The problem is that according to the logs the google authentication is passes but I still receive a seond prompt to enter my verification code. My logs, configuration and outputs are pasted here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yQZs2XDzn9/08:27
aneonhi, is there any option for encrypted LVM setup in 18.04 install media?09:27
majomaneon, you can choose the encryption method at install time09:28
aneoncouldnt find it09:29
majomit's there09:30
aneonunder which menu?09:30
blackflowI'm not sure the new subiquity has support for that yet, iirc you'd have to use the old installer09:31
aneonI wont mind old release, I can always do dist-upgrade09:32
aneonthe install is failing due to hash mismatch, I tried 6 different mirrors09:33
blackflowit's not old release, but the old installer. there's separate ISOs for that. I think it's called the "Alternative installer" here:  https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads#alternate-ubuntu-server-installer09:34
aneonokay I will get that one then09:34
blackflowinfact, that installer is the mature one. the new subiquity, that for some reason is now defaulted to, is still in need of baking to completion.09:35
aneonthe new thing is horrible09:38
aneonI am getting the alternative installer media09:40
aneonblackflow: Is there any other install media that has all packages bundled in it?09:40
lotuspsychjeaneon: feel free to join #ubuntu-discuss09:55
aneonsome other time09:56
lordievaderThe new installer is quite incomplete. I rember I wanted to reuse an existing LVM setup on a host. All the installer could offer me was to create a brand new LVM setup.10:42
aneondunno why they push beta stuff in release10:50
weedmicanyone familiar with urwid?  it's a way to make tui (instead of gui) interfaces?12:51
lucidoHi, anyone here familiar with PAM and google authenticator?12:54
chl_is anyone using the 'x'-option in tftpd.remap files on 18.04?13:03
rbasakweedmic, lucido, chl_: I suggest you just ask your respective questions. People tend not to volunteer themselves for unknown discussions.13:40
tewardlucido: i know a little bit, but i'll need more details on your *question* specifically to help.  as rbasak said, you should ask your ACTUAL question otherwise we don't usually volunteer for 'unknown' discussions13:50
virole_brideeI have almost no knowledge of Ubuntu Server, and I'm in charge of configuring a new VM that was provided to me.13:53
virole_brideeThe guys who created the VM used a 18.04 LTS iso, and I played the installation.13:54
teward> I'm in charge of configuring a new VM that was provided to me. < if you don't have knowledge to do the configuration, then why did they give you the task heh13:55
teward(just saying)13:55
virole_brideeIs Ubuntu server necessarily including cloud-init, or are there iso images without it ?13:57
tewardvirole_bridee: it's included unfortunately in the Subiqutiy based ISOs.  Alternate ISO or mini.iso won't have it, but you can use Cloud-Init to *start* config and install, then remove cloud-init afterwards13:58
virole_brideeas concerns the why : I'm the only Linux guy here, and Ubuntu was forced to us by the final software provider, hence the job for me.13:58
tewardwhich is actually what I do with all my VM(s) deployed from the ISO.13:58
tewardcloud-init makes for fast setup and such, but it's lousy after the fact.13:58
virole_brideeOK, thanks.13:58
teward(in standard VM installs anyways)13:58
virole_brideeBut it seems to me that removing cloud-init isn't simply done by removing the pakage, right?13:59
tewardjust `sudo apt remove cloud-init`.  It'll remove the underlying service.13:59
tewardand then not run anymore.13:59
tewardunless you mean something else by 'remove'13:59
virole_brideeOh, cool. Thanks a lot .Taht's exactly what I was expecting.14:00
tewardand yes, just simply removing the package and then doing `sudo apt autoremove` will clean up deps.14:00
virole_brideesome formue14:00
tewardit may leave some configuration files behind but they don't do anything with the service removed.14:00
virole_brideeI'll do that14:00
virole_brideeThanks again, you saved my day.14:00
rbasakteward: I'm curious: how does cloud-init get in the way for you after an instance deployment?14:04
tewardrbasak: known issues with hostname not changing, resetting network configs, etc. after the fact.14:05
teward"fixed" but not in 18.04.2 ISOs14:05
tewardat least, fixed *supposedly* from what i've heard14:06
tewardrbasak: it also irritates the **** out of mee for other reasons, so in *my* case I just purged it from the VM template I use.14:06
teward(since i have a VMware cluster I created a template VM that I just clone now :P)14:06
rbasakteward: but part of the point is that if cloud-init remains, appropriate actions after VM image cloning are automatically taken :)14:07
rbasakteward: are hostname not changing/resetting network configs bugs or just unfortunate defaults for your particular case? Or do you think the defaults are wrong?14:07
tewardrbasak: different issue14:09
tewardrbasak: the 'defaults' being wrong have issues open14:10
tewardthere's a current bug in cloud-init where SOMETIMES even if you tell it to not preserve the hostnaame (so you can change hostname on the boxes) it actually *ignores* that setting and  keeps resetting hostnames back14:10
tewardEVEN IF everything is set to permit hostname changes14:10
tewardrbasak: don't get me wrong, I *like* cloud-init14:10
tewardbut if it's going to be broken when I set it to allow hostname changes and IGNORE that setting... it's on my 'purge after install' list14:11
tewarduntil THAT is fixed...14:11
teward(this bug has been reported also)14:11
tewardrbasak: and I've confirmed it in about 20% of my VM deployments personally and at work.  The only workaround temporarily was remove cloud-init14:12
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rbasakteward: bug link please?14:19
tewardrbasak: gotta dig for it, hang on14:20
rbasakteward: no rush. I'm just curious to track these things :)14:20
tewardrbasak: the problem is it's not reproducible all the time14:22
tewardit's 'hit or miss' so :/14:22
tewardnot sure if the bug has been closed or not already14:22
teward... fooey and I have a meeting i have to jump into14:22
tewardrbasak: I can't find the bug, it may've been closed upstream, but it's a known 'issue' that i've run into multiple times.  Might just write a new bug and let someone dupe it to a preexisting bug if there is one14:24
teward... after this meeting./14:24
virole_brideeteward: sory for my late answer. 'how does cloud-init get in the way for you after an instance deployment?' : while learning how to configure networking, I arrived at a file under /etc/netplan/ mentionning this cloud-init,14:25
tewardvirole_bridee: oh, *that* will still exist.14:25
virole_brideeand warning me that all modificaitons would be scratched after reoot.14:25
tewardbut you can edit that freely14:25
tewardand those changes'll stick14:25
tewardthose only get overwritten when, say, OpenStack or something deploys it14:25
virole_brideeOK. Anyway, I removed this cloud thing, which I do not want at any price on a production server.14:26
virole_brideeNTW, I know quite well Debian/RedHat/CentOS/OpenBSD, I'll have to learn this Ubuntu animal *^v^*14:27
rbasakvirole_bridee: most distributions use cloud-init for their cloud images :)14:27
rbasakIf you're a professional it's probably worth learning how cloud images work.14:28
rbasakThey are very widely used.14:28
virole_brideeProblably, but no cloud here. Purely internal servers.14:28
virole_brideeAlso, 'most distributions use cloud-init for their cloud images' : but I don't need a cloud image.14:29
rbasakThey are still relevant for internal-only use.14:29
virole_brideeOK, thanks, I'll try to get informed about it.14:31
weedmicI get "python3 is already the newest version (3.5.1-3)" when trying to install/upgrade to 3.6.7 on 4.4.0-1083-aws (ubuntu) - does that make sense/is it telling the truth?14:34
rbasakweedmic: which Ubuntu release?14:36
weedmicUbuntu 16.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-1083-aws x86_64)14:36
tewardthat's correct for 16.0414:36
tewardweedmic: if you intend to install OTHER python versions beware you might torch your system if you're not careful14:37
weedmicWhat badness happens if I force it to go to 3.6.7?14:37
weedmicok, that sounds bad - python is intermixed with the kernel?  it's not outside of it and called?14:37
tewardit could break anything depending on Py3.5 stuff.  If you need 3.6.7 for dev environments I suggest you look into pyenv so you can have 'userspace' installs of 3.6.7 that wont' affect the system packages14:37
tewardweedmic: its' not necessarily the *kernel* more like a ton of system utilities and scripts that keep things working14:37
teward(note that pyenv isn't supported in here, but it's my suggestoin)14:38
rbasakweedmic: you might consider upgrading to 18.04.14:38
weedmiccan that be done from the kommand line?14:38
rbasakI think most AWS users would expect to deploy a new instance with 18.04 to do what they want.14:39
weedmici c - i shall resistance meet, but will bring it up.14:39
tewardweedmic: i'd back up your stuff first if you want to do an in-place upgrade, but you might do ^ that, deploy a new 18.04, transfer data between old -> new, get things working, decommission old.14:39
weedmicnot worried about data - worried about lots of docker containers working and setting up all the face nics and things, but I can script it.14:40
rbasakworried about lots of docker containers working> seems ironic. Isn't not having to worry the entire point of using Docker in the first place?14:44
weedmicall the servers are 18.0x.x except for one - hmmm...14:45
weedmicthey talk to eachother and if we leave one link out, poof - hours of work figuring it out.  it was assembled by programmers.  if "I" did it it would be a script - that is the same each time it is run.14:47
ahasenackrbasak: found this answer for my "what provides <foo>?" question from earlyer17:34
ahasenackaptitude search '~Pdefault-mta'17:34
rbasakahasenack: nice, good to know thanks17:41

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