studio-user163Hello,  the Tunderbolt 3 no worked on ubuntu studio 18.04, have install bolt and bolt debug but my soundcard in not found, help me please, have realy need of this fonction beacause I receive artists in 3 day Thanks Matthieu,16:04
m_ad[m]check in Software & Updates to see if it finds Additional Drivers. If not i'm not able to help any further since i'm not familiar with Thunderbolt at all.16:15
OvenWerksstudio-user163: looking at: https://thunderbolttechnology.net/blog/thunderbolt-3-usb-c-does-it-all I see lots about video and so far nothing about audio... I'm confused. Do you have more details?16:18
m_ad[m]i said to look in Software & Updates on your Ubuntu Studio install, there's a tab with Additional Drivers which checks for missing drivers that might need to be installed16:19
studio-user163 Thanks for your answer, well I know there is a procedure to execute with boltd (form deaemon) but I start on linux and I'm lost..16:22
m_ad[m]did you check Software & Updates for additional drivers yet or not?16:24
studio-user163yes i come to do Thanks but, my souncard always no work,   was related to intel and intel and the creator of thunderbolt so his must have a link16:29
OvenWerksyou have a thunderbolt audio device?16:29
studio-user163yes  y  have16:30
studio-user163is discrete 4 from antelope16:31
OvenWerksalsa for thunderbolt is still very early days.16:32
studio-user163 too early ?16:33
m_ad[m]it's still in it's early stages of development is what OvenWerks meant i guess16:37
OvenWerksI don't know to be honest.16:37
studio-user163Ok thanks for all we are cool :)16:41
OvenWerksIt does seem to have a USB port have you tried that16:42
studio-user163yes USB Port worked but have too more latency16:43
OvenWerksHow much is too much?16:44
OvenWerksUSB2 has enough speed to have reasonable latency for pretty much any use even with 32 channels16:45
studio-user163realy ? in MAO  he says to himself than beyond to 10 ms latency not is good, and my i am at 23ms..16:48
OvenWerksyou should be able to get 5ish ms16:48
OvenWerksya 23 is too high.16:48
OvenWerksat about 20 ms my playing as a bass player suffers.16:49
OvenWerks(timing wise)16:49
OvenWerksThis only true for live use as a guitar effect or synth (though for synth use it can be a bit higher)16:50
studio-user163haha normal,16:50
OvenWerksfor recording with proper monitoring much higher latency is fine.16:50
OvenWerksRecording with 43ms works fine for example.16:51
OvenWerksso long as monitoring of the inputs happens before the computer.16:52
OvenWerks(most audio devices allow this if they are made for computer DAW work)16:52
studio-user163yes but for live singing 23ms is complicated16:52
OvenWerksAgain, what is your exact use? are you using this on stage or in a studio?16:53
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studio-user163Studio  my use is purely studio16:55
OvenWerksI was not able to look at a manual for your device on line so I don't know that well.16:55
OvenWerksso you should not be monitoring through the audio device.16:55
OvenWerksyou want to hear prerecorded material from the computer, but the audio you are recording should be monitored before16:56
OvenWerksIn my case (I have older stuff) I use an external mixer.16:56
OvenWerksbut your audio device should have a mixer built in16:57
studio-user163 I do not understand everything but basically it does not matter if I record at 23ms (my soundcard lock at 44100Hz and 1024 buff) in my daw have melange but no in my audio device17:00
OvenWerksthey do advertize "expert monitoring" so you should be able to do local monitoring. at the input17:01
OvenWerksThe thing to remember about latency, is that the audio device is not the roadbloack to latency. Many audio plugins (VST and LV2) require higher latency just so they have enough data to work with at a time.17:04
OvenWerksAlso, as latency goes down CPU usage goes up.17:04
OvenWerksMany people record raw with no effects at lower latency and then mix with a higher latency17:05
studio-user163Ok thanks i understand but if  record only the voices but if that I did my treatment in parallel so no active plugin 23ms in native is too much or not?17:10
OvenWerksThere are two ways of monitoring: all audio goes through the computer and daw. or the input audio is recorded by the daw but not monitored through the daw. Rather it goes directly to the monitors from the audio IF and so has zero latency.17:12
OvenWerksFor best results you want to use the second method.17:12
OvenWerksSo you have instrument in and listen to direct instrument out. You also listen to Daw out but only the material you are playing along with.17:13
OvenWerksNot what you are recording.17:13
OvenWerksThe DAW, if it is any good at all, compensates for the latency with no input from the user.17:14
OvenWerks so when you play back what you have just recorded it is in time with everything else.17:14
OvenWerksMost people do studio recording with latency up around 45ms but use external monitoring either with the audio device itself (which it looks like you should be able to do) or an external mixer.17:19
studio-user163 431/5000 Ok thank you very much for the time you have spent me I did not understand everything but I will watch tutorials on latency to better understand this principle, I think the latency was something that only limited by the hardware, and that it was not something that we could do the impasse, I have a last question if I reduce latency on my Daw I do not risk to have clipping?17:20
OvenWerksI use a mixer because I happen to have one and because my audio device is line in only and so I need the mixer to give mic pre17:20
OvenWerkslatency and clipping are not related17:20
OvenWerkslatency and under/overruns are related (also called xruns)17:21
OvenWerksWith a 24 bit device, just record with the level about -15 or -20 and you will never have clipping. boost the level inside the daw and normalize the final.17:23
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OvenWerksback later...17:23
studio-user163Ok good beakfast thanks for all you use what as device  ?17:26
OvenWerksI have a Delta 66 (PCI). It can reliably do .7ms at 48000 sample rate with the right system tweaks... however, when you add the internal latency inside the delta 66 it is 1.7. There is 1 ms from the adc to the PCI bus. I have an ART USB device where it is .65 ms or so. All devices have some internal latency. So the number that qjackctl or Ardour gives you is just the latency the computer18:37
OvenWerksintroduces, not the total18:37
OvenWerksUSB is limited to 1 ms or higher (2ms at least in practice) because it's clock is 1ms.18:38
OvenWerksI know a number of people that get 2ms latency from their USB devices (32/3) but generally it takes tweaking. I find for anything less than about 3 ms I need to turn hyperthreading off, "Boost" off, set the governor to performance. Choose the USB port with care (one that is not sharing irq with anything else), set that USB port with a higher priority, turn cron off, etc.18:44
OvenWerksHaving a USB mouse with the same priority or using the same USB port can give xruns when you move the mouse as an example.18:46

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