KumoolDoes anybody know of a mouse gesturing application?00:15
well_laid_lawnKumool:  what are you looking to do or what do you mean by mouse gesturing ?00:26
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KumoolSo because X seems to hang/freeze and eat up key events except for the mouse which is the only thing that is responsive, I was wondering if there was a mouse gesturing thing that I could use for restarting the computer whenever that happened01:51
Kumoolmouse gestures like opera gestures and so on, basically the moves in a certain way and it performs an action01:52
Kumoolthats a gesture01:52
Kumooli think01:52
gimpnixonhey everyone!05:17
xubuntu14dHi everyone i need help, i'm new to linux and i can not install vlc media player to see a movie thanks05:17
xubuntu48dHi everyone i need help, i'm new to linux and i can not install vlc media player to see a movie thanks05:20
gimpnixonI was sent over here from #ubuntu when i asked about changin themes on my system, I recently stripped it down because i was having some issues with my desktop environment, I'm using a base system now with only Compiz and Xfce4 panel and thunar. the only issue i'm having is I have not been able to find a way to change my theme across the board. Emerald worked sort of, but was limited in scope. so i05:20
gimpnixonswitched to gtk-window-decorator and havn't been able to consistently change my theme in any way, and also unable to tone down the blinding white background on thunar as well. I read about chaning gtkrc and gtk2.0 css, and have not had luck with that either, any suggestions woudl be awesome, thank you all05:21
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager -> Appearance (tabs Style, Icons) and/or Settings Manager -> Window Manager (tab Style). Starting with Xubuntu 13.10, you can control some of your theme colors from Settings Manager -> Theme Configuration.05:24
gimpnixonwell_laid_lawn unhelpful05:25
gimpnixonthank you for the reply though really05:25
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louigiHey everyone! Installed Xubuntu 18.04. Laptop is Lenovo X1 Carbon. When I am locking my screen, it goes blank. I then either have to type my password in the dark or reboot. Can this be fixed? Googling has not yielded helpful results.19:13
pmjdebruijnlouigi: it only happens on 18.04.2 not 18.04.1 IIRC19:14
pmjdebruijnlouigi: Ctrl+Alt+F1 then Ctrl+Alt+F819:14
pmjdebruijnis a workaround19:14
pmjdebruijnor just install 18.04.1 and don't install the kernel 4.18 hardware enablement stack19:14
louigipmjdebruijn: Ha! So it's a known issue?19:16
louigiThis is like a huge bug, I must say19:16
louigiWill try the shortcuts later (the laptop is not with me now). Is there anywhere I can read about this?19:16
pmjdebruijnI don't have the bug entry handy19:17
pmjdebruijni'm not sure if the 18.04.2 ISO actually has an option to install without HWE kernel19:17
pmjdebruijnlouigi: it's a bug, though not huge19:17
louigiI did not see such an option19:17
pmjdebruijnthen just download the 18.04.1 ISO, and then update19:17
brainwashyou can downgrade also, can't you?19:18
pmjdebruijnnot sure19:18
pmjdebruijncan you with a HWE?19:18
pmjdebruijnsince it also involves Xorg?19:18
pmjdebruijnwithout huge risk?19:18
brainwashI'd think it's just a package downgrade19:18
brainwashwell, replacement actually19:19
louigiThis is a new laptop, so I can, of course, reinstall, although it's strange to install an older version... Well. Not so strange in Linux world, but still, I hope this will be fixed?19:19
louigiOn the other hand, 18.04 came out a year ago...19:19
pmjdebruijnit's not an older version19:19
pmjdebruijn18.04.1 ships the original kernel which 18.04 was released with19:19
pmjdebruijn18.04.2 ships with the kernel 18.10 was originally released with19:19
louigiOh, and the other one is with HWE19:19
pmjdebruijnthe .2 release have newer kenels with shorter support, to be able to support new hardware19:19
louigiNice. Xubuntu site said nothing about it.19:20
pmjdebruijneverything else between 18.04.1 and 18.04.2 is the same except for some bugfixes, which you'll be able to download after install in any case19:20
louigiOk, I will consider re-installing. This is such BS.19:20
pmjdebruijnlouigi: this is common practice in all ubuntu variants for quite a few years now19:20
pmjdebruijnlouigi: bugs happen sadly19:20
louigipmjdebruijn: Interesting, I have 14.04 and 16.04 and had no issues19:20
pmjdebruijnlouigi: i'm not sure how that's relevant19:21
pmjdebruijnregression just happen at some point19:21
louigiAnyway, thank you for your help. Btw, the suggested shortcuts workarounds - what will they do?19:21
pmjdebruijnwhere and when is arbitrary19:21
pmjdebruijninstall 18.04.1 isn't a workaround19:21
pmjdebruijnit should be a fix19:21
louigiI meant what you initially suggested19:21
pmjdebruijnthe bug does not exist in 4.15 kernel, which will be support for the entire 18.04 lifecycle19:21
pmjdebruijnat least if I'm not mistaken19:22
brainwashIt's an Xorg thing I'm pretty sure19:22
brainwashwith version 1.2019:22
pmjdebruijnoh well "HWE" thing19:22
brainwashbug 180160919:23
ubottubug 1801609 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Fails to deactivate dpms off mode after user initiated wake-up events(not system-suspended, just locked and dpms active)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/180160919:23
pmjdebruijnfor practical purposes I consider a HWE usually as an inseperately combination of kernel+xorg, although they may be seperable :)19:23
louigibrainwash: Thank you!19:32
louigipmjdebruijn: Thank you!19:32
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