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mehjarihi, can anyone help setting up gui in ubuntu server 18.04? i get to remote desktop screen where it shows me "xrdp - just connecting" popup with session dropdown having multiple options.. i tried alll of them but nothing seems to work :(08:34
mehjari"systemctl status xrdp-sesman.service" shows this line "ExecStop=/usr/sbin/xrdp-sesman $SESMAN_OPTIONS --kill (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)"08:43
mehjarii am not sure if it is relevant08:43
tomreynmehjari: a GUI is usually the main difference between a server and a desktop (there can be others, such as different hardware, workloads etc.) Do you really need a GUI on your server, or could you also manage it on a remote shell?09:56
tomreynanother option would be webmin, a web UI for managing systems. experienced system administrators would usually also frown at this, but might prefer it over a GUI.09:59
mehjaritomreyn, i am trying to start a vagrant box in Ubuntu server, it is giving me SSH retry error. some online forums suggested that i should check what is the status of VirtualBox UI at that point, is there any popup etc.09:59
mehjaritherefore, as much as i hate installing GUI on server, i have to try GUI.09:59
rbasakmehjari: I don't know about VirtualBox, but if you were using libvirt+KVM instead, then you could run virt-manager on a different box and connect it to the running libvirt instance on the server to see what the problem is - so no GUI needed on the server itself.10:02
rbasakDoes VirtualBox not have support for something like that?10:02
cpaelzer_rbasak: mehjari: I think you can expose the display10:05
cpaelzer_like you'd expose VNC on libvirt10:05
cpaelzer_and you can then attach to that10:05
cpaelzer_yeah, this looks good https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-connect-to-a-virtualbox-vm-desktop-remotely/10:05
cpaelzer_just the first hit on search engine, I did not try it myself10:06
cpaelzer_that would allow to see early boot of the guest and such10:06
cpaelzer_and IIRC virtualbox can control all on cmdline as well10:06
cpaelzer_although I don't know hot to enable the remote display feat there I'm sure that can be found10:06
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mehjariif vbox is stuck at the popup "enable SLAT2" or VTIX technology in BIOS (which i want to rule out), the it doesn't show up with controlvm cli api as far as i can tell10:09
mehjarii am not sure if they have logs which can reflect the state of UI at certain point10:09
mehjarithe Ubuntu VM is in Azure, and MSFT is charging monies, so i wanted a quick solution.. -.-10:10
Greyztarhello,is it normal that with snap apparmor isnt working,this is not on Ubuntu though but on Debian,just wonder in general if apparmor isnt ment to work on other installs with snap?10:12
Greyztarand also is it so that apparmor is sort of the sandboxing function of apps?10:13
tomreynmehjari: in case this is still relevant, some folks in #vbox tend to be rather responsive.11:03
tomreynGreyztar: /join #snappy11:05
Greyztartomreyn: thanks i looked for #snap but didnt find any11:06
mehjaritomreyn, thanks, will sync with vbox. :)11:50
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UssatWell, looks like Canonical might get a new customer....have a call scheduled with a SA today to disscuss Landscape14:53
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tewardlandscape is fun.  :P16:32
teward(I use it for all my new servers now xD)16:32
lordcirthteward, Isn't it expensive? Or is there a community version?16:50
tewardlordcirth: it does get expensive yes.  (In this case I already have seats)16:52
teward(and those're fixed-price not per-minute)16:52
RoyKmost of what landscape does is easily achivable with simple scripts16:54
RoyKor packages already available in ubuntu16:54
RoyKso just setup your ansible playbook to add that to your machines and - well - no problem16:55
rbasakHow can I figure out what's using all that memory?18:29
rbasakIs that a kernel memory leak?18:29
lordcirthrbasak, highly unlikely. Are you low on memory?18:30
rbasaklordcirth: I am. My system has 32G, but it's thrashing.18:30
rbasakNo swap, but I added some to give me some headroom.18:30
lordcirthI see. Are you running any network filesystems, or anything which would keep a lot of files open?18:31
lordcirthrbasak, also, what Ubuntu version and kernel version?18:31
rbasak4.4.0-139-generic with livepatch18:32
rbasakI could just reboot18:32
rbasakBut I don't like doing that18:32
rbasakBecause I'd like to fix the problem for next time too18:32
rbasakThis is a desktop btw.18:32
lordcirthrbasak, what's your uptime?18:32
rbasak175 days18:32
lordcirthThat's pretty long for a desktop18:32
lordcirthWhat graphics drivers?18:32
JanCmaybe the live patching messed something up?18:32
rbasakMy graphics setup is pretty non-standard, so a leak there could be likely.18:33
rbasak01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Curacao PRO [Radeon R7 370 / R9 270/370 OEM] (rev 81)18:33
lordcirthUpdating your graphics drivers without a reboot can cause all sorts of problems.18:33
rbasakI'd just like to know how to pin the leak down to something, if there's any such mechanism possible.18:33
lordcirthThat's beyond my skills. But I'd consider 175 days uptime on a desktop unreasonable and just reboot it18:34
JanCalso, this isn't the proper channel to discuss desktop issues maybe  ;)18:34
OerHekssudo canonical-livepatch status --verbose # gives fixes ""  ?18:34
lordcirthTrue, I didn't even notice18:34
rbasakJanC: yeah, maybe :)18:35
rbasakI don't need any desktop specific answer18:35
JanCmaybe the kernel people can give some pointers18:35
rbasakJust some help grokking kernel memory information, which isn't desktop specific18:35
rbasaksmem, etc18:35
OerHeksif status says livepatch:  state: applied, you need to reboot anyway, and run ful-upgrade, there might be more kernels and patches waiting...18:37
OerHeks175 days ... awesome18:38
sarnoldrbasak: wow; are those counts going up over time?18:38
rbasaksarnold: AFAICT, yes.18:39
OerHeksrbasak, what is the output for inodes: df -i18:39
rbasakOerHeks: looks OK. I don't want to paste that (privacy) but apart from snap loopback devices (squashfs), the highest IUse% is 36% for /, so I don't think it's that.18:40
OerHeksoke, just checking.18:41
rbasakI appreciate the thought :)18:41
OerHeksthen livepatch should be the culprit, AFAIK, waiting18:42
rbasakEarlier I sent SIGSTOP to firefox and snap related process, so I can't run livepatch right now.18:42
rbasak(since they were causing the thrashing)18:42
rbasakI could resume the snap ones I guess now that I've added swap18:43
rbasakI'm quite sure rebooting will fix the issue, but I'd prefer to find bugs before I remove all the evidence :)18:43
JanCit might be useful to talk to the kernel and graphics devs18:43
rbasak"canonical-livepatch status" hangs, but I don't know if I caused that by interfering with it earlier.18:45
TJ-rbasak: can you scan /proc/[1-9]*/pagemap to discover where the memory is allocated?18:46
rbasakTJ-: I don't think it's allocated to any process18:46
rbasakTJ-: based on smem output from https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/svVbxh7k9m/ earlier18:46
sarnoldrbasak: can you get bcc tools on this system? https://github.com/iovisor/bcc/blob/master/tools/memleak_example.txt18:47
sarnoldrbasak: if not, perf trace can probably do a similar job, but these are nice tools :)18:48
rbasaksarnold: is that packaged? :)18:48
OerHekseasy peasy18:50
TJ-rbasak: ah, does "smem -w" confirm its kernel mem ?18:52
rbasakLooks like it is packaged but only from Bionic :-/18:53
rbasakTJ-: right - it's under 'kernel dynamic memory'18:53
sarnoldrbasak: hey it is! :D bpfcc-tools18:55
sarnoldrbasak: haha, thanks, I hadn't realized it'd been packaged up yet.18:55
TJ-rbasak: "smem -m | tail" might help a bit more18:57
rbasakBiggest is <anonymous>                                120    38624  463493018:58
rbasakWhat are the units?18:58
TJ-"smem -m | head -1" :) == " Map                                       PIDs   AVGPSS      PSS "18:59
rbasakI did look there! Those aren't units I understand.18:59
TJ-The unshared memory (USS) plus  a  process's  proportion  of  shared  memory  is18:59
TJ-       reported as the PSS (Proportional Set Size).  The USS and PSS only include physical memory usage18:59
TJ-"man smem"18:59
rbasakThose still aren't units!19:00
TJ-rbasak: not my fault!19:00
rbasakOK, but my question still stands then :)19:00
TJ-rbasak: I'd guess kB the same as free reports?19:01
rbasakTJ-: as long as it's not "pages" or something, then that's only ~5G so not my leak :(19:02
TJ-rbasak: it is infuriating when it doesn't say19:03
TJ-rbasak: use "-k" it shows the units19:04
rbasak<anonymous>                                120    36.0M     4.2G19:05
* TJ- hugs the man-page19:05
TJ-rbasak: so no help there then19:05
compdocso gay19:05
TJ-compdoc: if you are, so what?19:05
rbasakI backported Bionic's bpfcc to Xenial.19:09
rbasakBut I get19:09
rbasak$ sudo /usr/sbin/memleak-bpfcc -o 6000019:09
rbasak/virtual/main.c:18:1: error: could not open bpf map: Invalid argument19:09
rbasakis maps/stacktrace map type enabled in your kernel?19:09
rbasakIt might be time to give up.19:09
rbasakThanks to everyone for trying :)19:09
mwheeler-I just did a fresh install of lanscape on ubuntu 16.04, and when I try to register computers, they won't register and there's a "missing/invalid csrf token" error in the server logs.. google search turns up nothing.. any ideas?19:23
OerHeksmaybe a strict setting in firefox/chrom(ium), https://get.todoist.help/hc/en-us/articles/208951085-CSRF-token-error-messages19:25
mwheeler-OerHeks: the weird thing is that I get the error when trying to register a computer with the landscape-config command19:26
mwheeler-so landscape client can't talk to landscape server .. getting CSRF error19:26
TJ-mwheeler-: are you having to go through a proxy?19:27
mwheeler-nope, no proxy, and both client and server are on the same L2 subnet19:27
mwheeler-they're VMs on the same host19:27
TJ-can you tell if the token is missing, or invalid - the latter could mean multiple connections causing confusion, the former I'm not sure what19:33
mwheeler-good question.. I didn't pay that close attention to the tcpdump.. I'm blowing away the VM right now and rebuilding it just to see if there was something screwy with it.. it was my general "use and abuse" server when I needed to test something19:34
TJ-mwheeler-: it sounds like the kind of error coming up from a library, most likely Python19:35
mwheeler-TJ-: yeah, in the log message I see zopepublication.py .. so it is likely further down in the stack than landscape19:37
TJ-mwheeler-: "zope" look to be the underlying framework they're using19:42
* TJ- recalls trying Zope some years ago and running away, scared19:43
mwheeler-I feel that way about most web frameworks19:43
JanCCSRF token issues might be a result of an ad blocker or such (blocking cookies or whatever)20:02

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