EickmeyerOvenWerks: So, turns out (from my lurking) that bluesabre is the maintainer of menulibre, and it is broken in 19.04. That explains a few things, but I don't know if he knew about the bugs people have been having.17:56
OvenWerksMenulibre just goes about the menu editing problem from the wrong angle from the begining.18:08
EickmeyerYeah. :/18:08
OvenWerksIt completely replaces the system config meaning that anyone who adds (as part of a package like wine for example) a menu stub after menulibre has been used... doesn't work.18:09
EickmeyerThe xfce4-volumed bug reared its ugly head in a direct personal email I received this morning. I need to figure out how to prevent information like the panel configuration from missing us in the future.18:10
OvenWerksIf it didn't do that, the fact that it uses a copy of the stock xfce config rather than the active config wouldn't matter18:10
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I also got the same email.18:10
EickmeyerDid this person send it via launchpad to you too?18:11
OvenWerksI think part of the problem may be that ubuntu-bug does not work for any package installed that is not release18:11
OvenWerksI think so.18:11
EickmeyerWell, I think it's the Xubuntu team knowing about a problem or a deprication (as xfce4-volumed is now depricated, it turns out) and doesn't pass that information along to us if it requrires a fix on our end.18:12
OvenWerksin the past zequence was syncing our desktop to xubuntu every cycle. I am not sure what his procedure to do that was.18:13
EickmeyerWas that, perhaps, before Numix became the default?18:14
OvenWerksI don't know, sakrecoer may know.18:14
OvenWerksthemes have never been my thing, I would be happy with the old standard Motif style...18:15
EickmeyerNot a huge deal. But, we need to be staying on top of that. I guess I'll join the Xubuntu devel list.18:16
OvenWerksWe need to put together a list of packages that need release18:20
OvenWerksdefault settings, controls, menu, menu-add, ?18:20
EickmeyerSo far, yes.18:25
OvenWerksSo far, you are the only one who has tested any of them18:26
EickmeyerIt's actually pretty easy to see on Launchpad. Simply look at our git packages and whichever ones have been modified since 19.04 are the ones that will need release.18:26
Eickmeyermenu-add is a new package so it will need sponsoring and AA approval.18:26
EickmeyerAs such, the package will need to be given all the things.18:26
OvenWerksYa, I may have put the readme in the wrong place. Directly in usr/share/doc/ubuntustudio-menu-add/18:28
OvenWerks I see controls is different18:29
EickmeyerReadme can be in the root directory of the git repo.18:30
OvenWerksI think it is there too18:30
OvenWerksI wanted to have it where I could drop it in the GUI... but it was easier to just put the text there from the get go18:30
EickmeyerIt doesn't need to be in usr/share/doc/ubuntustudio-menu-add. That's done automatically by dh_docs.18:31
bluesabrexfce4-volumed(-pulse) is not necessarily deprecated, but we opted to use xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin after taking up maintainership of it a couple years ago22:58
bluesabreAs for the menulibre bugs, I'll be working those out this weekend. Wasn't aware of them prior to the disco release22:58
OvenWerksbluesabre: I'll try it out when you are done.22:59
bluesabreOvenWerks: thanks22:59

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