xubuntu77dis diagenes up here00:12
xubuntu77ddoes anyone without redirecting me know about how to get windows 10 up here00:14
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quadratbrainwash, just wanted to report back, so I tested debian, and I remembered wrong, in debian it at least doesn't crash, but the video output is just garbage00:37
Unit193Debian stable, buster/testing, or unstable/sid?00:38
quadratUnit193, buster, as I can't use debian stable (kernel too old)00:40
likemindeadI've installed the full xubuntu-desktop package on top of my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS install. There any problems I might have? I love Xubuntu so much more!00:42
Unit193Did you just install it as a meta, or did you install the task?00:43
quadratlikemindead, you shouldn't, and if there is a xubuntu package not working you still have the ubuntu packages (gui)00:43
likemindeadI'd say that 99% of my laptop use is Firefox & RetroArch.00:44
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xubuntu60wcan anyone here help with sound issues, no stereo, only mono03:56
guivercxubuntu60w, you could try #ubuntu too, but the only mono issues i've ever had were result of faulty-cable04:08
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xubuntu22iSo.... Why did everyone here decide to choose Xubuntu rather than other flavors of debian? (looking for comparison info)17:03
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.17:04
diogenes_xubuntu22i, because people have different tastes, some like vanilla ice-cram, some chocolate and fruit.17:04
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