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YoKeSehHello, I have disabled pulseaudio as it says here:03:26
YoKeSehIt is supposed that now I should have sound working with ALSA but it is not like that. How do I activate ALSA? Thank you03:26
valorieYoKeSeh: there is alsamixer, which works on the commandline04:33
valoriepretty easy to use though04:33
valorie!info alsamixer04:33
ubottuPackage alsamixer does not exist in bionic04:34
Unit193It comes in alsa-utils.04:34
valorieoh right04:34
valoriewhich I believe is installed by default04:34
valorieso YoKeSeh, just open a konsole and type: alsamixer04:35
valorieyou use your arrow keys to make it work04:35
valoriehit f1 for help once you're in there04:36
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YoKeSehThanks, I solved it. I just wanted to use it in my application within wine so I installed winetrick and configured it from there04:57
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:24
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QuantosHeya guys, is there such a thing as a big book of KUbuntu?17:36
QuantosI mean documentation for beginners in paperback17:37
QuantosMy cousin wants to use KUbuntu but he's got this thing against ebooks17:37
OerHeksnot sure there is one on amazon, i would stick to the online version that gets updates, and tons of blogs and sites with examples/howto's https://help.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/desktopguide/C/index.html17:39
QuantosI think I just lucked into one17:39
QuantosSays it's the official book of Ubuntu17:40
QuantosMight be close enough for him17:40
OerHeksubuntu (gnome3) give different programms than KDE17:40
QuantosYeah, forgot about that17:40
QuantosMaybe a book on KDE then17:41
QuantosHe can learn the DE first17:41
OerHeksoh, i misread, there is a kubuntu chapter..17:41
QuantosOh, I found one in Spanish....17:41
QuantosI could always just get him a printer...17:42
mparilloThere are ePubs and PDFs for all current versions at: https://kubuntu.org/support/17:46
QuantosYeah, I see those17:46
QuantosI think he's going to be better off with a printer17:46
QuantosGnome?  Could it be true, did Ubuntu dump Unity?17:47
QuantosTried that a couple of times, it was just clunky as hell17:47
mparilloYup. Unity is no longer the flagship. It is (IMHO, barely) only supported through the community. Irony is that Unity is what initially drove me to Kubuntu.17:48
QuantosMe too17:48
QuantosI'm much happier17:48
QuantosI'm pretty fond of XFCE too17:49
QuantosI did not know that you could get official installation media17:51
QuantosI might have to buy one just to have17:51
QuantosStand it up beside my Google Cardboard17:52
OerHeks18.10 is nearly EOL, 9 months support, so look for 19.04 .. or just plain LTS 18.0417:52
QuantosI don't think fish are very cuddly17:53
QuantosOh, I'm not after the software on it, I have USB17:53
QuantosMy pc doesn't even have an ODD anymore17:53
QuantosI just want the disc17:54
mparilloBased on that alone, I doubt it is 'official' Plus the logo is old. (just to warn others lurking here).17:54
QuantosSo likely just burned17:54
QuantosToo bad17:54
QuantosI don't recognize the logo at all, it must be pretty old then17:55
QuantosI thought it was a new one17:55
QuantosLOL, now I'm looking for KUbuntu merchandise17:58
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Basstorius{nick ssü20:28
valorieit was cuttlefish20:36
valoriehow weird to sell such a thing20:37
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