fishcookeri've just finished dowloading the iso and the md5sum is match00:06
fishcookerhow to burn it to sd card, using dd?00:06
fishcookernoted, wxl00:07
fishcookeris the selected apps to be voted or exclusively decided by lubuntu contib/developer only?00:07
lubot<teward001> the selected applications are decided collectively by 'general' input as well as what makes the most sense from a supportability perspective by the development teams in charge of Lubuntu00:23
tewardoh they left00:23
tewardthat's why telegram doesn't help there :P00:24
lubot<HMollerCl> @teward [<teward> that's why telegram doesn't help there :P], You can type /names00:28
kc2bezWhen they leave as fast as they did you wouldn't think to check.00:29
lubot<HMollerCl> He was cooking a fish....00:35
lubot<HMollerCl> Trm pm pm ps!00:36
fishcookersorry im disconnected how to burn it to sd card, using dd?00:50
tewardthat'd be pretty simple01:02
tewardbut you can do damage with DD if you aren't careful, so you need to start by figuring out which disk in the output of `lsblk` on the command line is the SD card.01:03
tewardfishcooker: also to answer your question about "is the selected apps to be voted or exclusively decided by lubuntu contib/developer only?"...01:03
teward... the selected applications are decided collectively by 'general' input as well as what makes the most sense from a supportability perspective by the development teams in charge of Lubuntu01:03
tewarddevelopers, etc.01:03
tewardall opinions are to my knowledge 'considered'01:03
tewardbut they make the ultimate final decisions01:03
fishcookerteward: how to burn it safely on lubuntu?01:04
fishcookermy friend on windows help me with the rufus for burning to disk01:04
tewardi'm fairly certain you can't read since I told you the starting point:  you need to start by figuring out which disk in the output of `lsblk` on the command line is the SD card.01:05
fishcookerteward: noted, for the selected apps01:07
tewardfishcooker: start by figuring out which disk is actually the SD card in the systme's devices.  Either with `lsblk` or `sudo fdisk -l`01:08
tewardonce you know the disk device we can move forward.01:08
teward`dd if=/path/to/lubuntu.iso of=/dev/DISKPATH bs=1M`  <-- this would do it, but we need more information before you even CONSIDER running this01:09
tewardbecause you need to make sure the selected disk path is accurate.  It'll take time to write though01:09
fishcookernoted teward, cmiiw on windows we could do multiboot without erasing the disk content ? https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu#201:25
tewardnot if you intend to use DD01:26
tewardand Multiboot is unreliable as installation media nowadays01:26
teward(i've used it, it doesn't work well)01:26
fishcookerthanks for sharing about multiboot... i used to use it01:31
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zap0when i try to shutdown, i get some annoying dialog saying "End this LxQt session?"  YES | NO.15:13
zap0how do i remove that thing15:13
kc2bezzap0: Click on the menu -> preferences -> LXQt Settings->  Session settings15:16
kc2bezUnder leave session untick ask for confirmation.15:16
zap0thanks, that fixed it15:26
kc2bezYou are welcome, I am glad it is fixed for you.15:26
wibble_tried to install skype in lubuntu 19.04 but its not  working properly.  please help16:12
wibble_restarted.  works now16:13
moniker-where do i add line forcepae -- forcepae in grub for lubuntu, im trying to dualboot lubuntu with windows 7 and installed lubuntu after 7 so now i have grub menu at boot, but it keeps rebooting since i have old pentium M processor i need to add forcepae somewhere18:14
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sappheirosquassel doesn't display japanese text properly, so i am thinking to try weechat or hexchat19:23
sappheirosis this a known issue in lubuntu?19:24
kc2bezsappheiros: It sounds like a quassel issue. Would a custom font help? You can define a custom chat window font in the settings.19:26
sappheiroskc2bez: i mean 'known issue in lubuntu' in the sense of maybe switching to a default IRC client that doesn't have this problem19:32
sappheirosfor the next release19:32
sappheiroskc2bez: i don't know how to change japanese font ...19:32
tomreynmoniker-: /etc/default/grub19:34
tomreynmoniker-: add it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT there and run  sudo update-grub19:35
sappheiroskc2bez: the custom font in chat & nick lists section only changes font in room list and nick list, not in chat window where the japanese line-cutoff problem occurs19:36
kc2bezsappheiros: Ok thanks for the update.19:37
kc2bezIt seems like a great topic for the new forum, perhaps someone with more experience can chime in and it can spark some discussion.19:38
kc2bezsappheiros: sorr I don't have any experience with that.19:39
sappheiroskc2bez: i'm trying weechat instead ...19:39
kc2bezsappheiros: understood19:39
sappheirosdo you understand https://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_faq.en.html#use_256_colors ?19:59
kc2bezsappheiros: Qterminal should be 256 color. you can verify by issuing `echo $TERM`20:03
sappheirosyep, seems already on in weechat if i understood the /color buffer screen20:04
sappheirosdo you use weechat?20:04
kc2bezI haven't used it. I use Quassel but with a separate client/core setup.20:05
kc2bezThat way I can stay connected and scrollback later. I can also connect with multiple clients.20:05
sappheiroshm. well, quassel has a japanese display problem ... but i guess that's not common enough to justify switching from quassel as default client: it does seem very good otherwise20:06
sappheirosfor those coming from win or mac20:06
sappheirosand i don't know if it's for everyone on just me, either (the jp disp prob)20:07
kc2bezweechat seems like a good alternative however. You could setup an IRC bouncer20:07
kc2bezYeah actually there are quassel clients for windows and mac.20:07
Krennicis a nice terminal client20:08
sappheiroswhy is irssi > weechat?20:10
sappheiroswhat is an IRC bouncer?20:10
Krennici like more irssi than weechat20:11
lubot<kc2bez> IRC bouncer is an always connected system that you can remote into.20:11
Krenniccause weechat you can set it even as clicking  irc client irssi not is more command line than weechat20:12
sappheirosKrennic: you dislike the ability to click?20:13
Krennicbut i like more  use as command line weechat is to a command line but i meant that you can use it as clicking client too20:15
sappheiros#quassel tells me it's a problem with my OS font config20:17
Krennici dont know20:18
Krennicprobably in quassel channel they can assit you20:18
sappheiroswell, they say it's a lubuntu font config problem20:21
kc2bezIn that case I would encourage you to file a bug.20:21
sappheiroswill you add bug-filing info to https://manual.lubuntu.me/ ?20:24
sappheirosor to your channel topic?20:24
kc2bezWe have it here https://phab.lubuntu.me/w/bugs/20:25
kc2bezI will ping wxl to see if he can add it to the topic. ^20:26
sappheiroswhy is real name required to file a bug?20:27
* sappheiros wants to remain anonymous online20:27
sappheirosi don't want to lie, but i don't want to sacrifice my anonymity, so requiring 'real name' is preventing me from filing bugs ...20:29
kc2bezI don't think everyone uses their real name.20:29
* sappheiros reads https://askubuntu.com/questions/112434/is-there-a-real-name-policy-in-the-ubuntu-community20:30
NewToLubuntuanyone know a way to get separate tabs for 2 instances of firefox on taskbar instead of collapsed?21:25

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