alkisgOn ubuntu-desktop.iso, `apt install sshfs` needs only 40 Kb. Having sshfs in all .isos and desktop VMs etc would help in a lot of cases;05:23
alkisgtransferring files from a live session; allowing casper "persistence" over the network; allowing ltsp clients to netboot over stock .isos or VMs...05:23
alkisgWould I have any chances requesting to "please move sshfs to main and include it live cds", and if so, where would I file a bug report for that?05:23
valoriealkisg: just a guess: filebug against Ubuntu desktop06:05
alkisgThank you valorie06:05
valorieor write to that team with your argument06:06
valorieor both!06:06
valoriebe prepared for some arguments against adding even 1k to the ISOs however06:06
alkisgThat's why I started asking here first, if the idea isn't considered helpful, I don't think it'll have chances to get accepted...06:08
alkisgAnd I think the security team won't like having more packages in main06:08
Unit193It's not even in main.06:13
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valorieI think you should do it anyway and make your arguments06:19
Unit193I am not alkisg :)06:20
valorieoh, I was replying to alkisg06:21
valoriepart of the request was moving to main06:22
alkisgSure, I understand two parts are required; and it'll be hard to convince the respective teams for both of them06:23
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raghu_i'm interested in contributing to ubuntu can someone help me with link to getting started page.16:03
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CarlFKwhat is the linux kernel #chan?19:20
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CarlFKUnit193: I mean the mainline one20:00
Unit193CarlFK: I'd say you're better off in there, but #linux-kernel does exist in some form or another.20:03
Unit193Hrm, now that Edubuntu is discontinued, I wonder if it might benefit some to sync th debian-edu packages again, since they're still maintained in Debian.22:47

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