Eickmeyerbluesabre: I think I speak for the whole team here (really, myself and OvenWerks) when we say that we want our panel (and all installed plugins) to match as closely as possible.00:50
Eickmeyer Additionally, I was told by xnox that the indicator-sound and indicator-application packages (really, anything indicator*) are depricated. That's what we currently use to display the volume control.00:50
EickmeyerSo, I think it would be in our best interest to match Xubuntu on installed UI defaults as closely as possible, with the changes being in the theming and wallpaper.00:51
EickmeyerOvenWerks: m_ad[m] had mentioned he'd do testing.00:55
m_ad[m]OvenWerks: iso testing is what i wanted to start and helped out with during the last week of the release cycle :)10:00
m_ad[m]maybe i can do more in the near future after i dealt with some things i private land10:00
OvenWerksm_ad[m]: no problem.15:14
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