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goldtopjHey hi ovenwerks you there?18:17
goldtopjwill come back another time hope all well18:20
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* OvenWerks just didn't have the right window visible20:21
EickmeyerOvenWerks: They waited for < 3 minutes.20:36
OvenWerksThat too.20:38
OvenWerksBut I waited > than 2 hours20:39
OerHeksdid you followed the midi 2 presentation?20:39
OerHeksmore channels, more clocks, more this and better that ..20:40
OerHeks.. too much for me20:40
OvenWerksNo, I didn't happen to see it.20:40
OvenWerksOerHeks: The main advantage of more channels/resolution is that it allows standardizing non-note data20:41
OvenWerksOerHeks: for example, look at the mackie control which uses "Note" messages for switches, But has to use more than half of all possible pitch shift controls for only 9 faders... max possible would be 16.20:51
OvenWerksOerHeks: with MIDI2 the same thing could be done with all CCs for faders... even 1000s of faders20:53
OvenWerkseach note can have it's own pitch shift20:53
OerHeksyeah, i was surprised by the announcement20:56
OerHeksmidi 220:56
OvenWerksMIDI2 has been in the works for a number of years now20:57

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