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lordievaderGood morning06:24
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BluesKajHey folks10:34
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Yoyoma2Hi All. I have a full mirror in an unconnected network, i want to do a release upgrade of ubuntu.  Do I just change the sources.list?  do-release-upgrade seems to want to hit the internet.  Thanks.13:37
BluesKajYoyoma2,  changing the sources list isn't recommended and it still needs the internet to upgrade the OS if you do change it13:48
Yoyoma2Hmm so i guess i have to commit to a version forever, that's not too cool13:51
Yoyoma2Any way of faking out what do-release-upgrades does with mirrors etc?13:51
OerHeksif you have a mirror, this howto describes the server, and configure clients, i think you need that 2nd part13:53
OerHeksthis descibes FTP mirror13:53
BluesKajOerHeks,good call, i forgot about the local mirror option13:58
Yoyoma2I do have a local mirror (its inside a docker image) so what I inspired myself to do is use an fuse-ssh mount to grab it :)14:01
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Guest14022I'm looking for some help with kubuntu. I have apps that are loading at startup but don't show up in the startup manager.14:36
Guest14022I'm running Kubuntu 19.0414:37
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bradford_Can anyone offer assistance?14:41
user|78707is anyone alive in here?14:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:46
user|78707I'm running on the latest Kubuntu. I have about 10 items that are loading at startup. They do not show up in the normal startup manager. I am having to close about 4 instances of wireshark, 1 instance of firewall builder and others. Can anyone tell me how to disable them?14:49
diogenes_user|78707, run: dolphin $HOME/.config/autostart and look for those appname.desktop files, open with the text editor the ones you want to stop from autostart and at the end add this line:14:56
diogenes_Hidden = true14:56
diogenes_save, close14:56
user|78707ok diogenes_ I ran that in terminal but it only shows protonmail bridge. I have 4 instances of wireshark, 1 of firewall builder etc loading at startup.15:04
diogenes_user|78707, all those apps are getting started from either /home/username/.config/autostart and /etc/xdg/autostart so you need to find all those apps (e.g. wireshark.desktop, firewall.desktop etc. in .config/autostart and /etc/xdg/autostart and either remove them from those directories or add: Hidden = true15:06
user|78707ok going to look for them15:07
user|78707I found no traces of them in /home/username/.config/autostart ......anywhere in particular in /etc/xdg/autostart that I should be looking?15:13
aedigitaltry systemctl command15:13
user|78707aedigital if that was intended for me it doesn't show them either15:15
diogenes_user|78707, then see if by any chance you have session save enabled in settings15:15
user|78707ok how do i go about doing that?15:17
diogenes_user|78707, System Settings->Startup and Shutdown->Session Management15:18
diogenes_look for something like  "Save Session" and "clear saved sessions" and disable the save session.15:19
user|78707set it to start with an empty session?15:19
diogenes_what is was set as?15:20
user|78707thank you diogenes_ you're my linux hero for the day!! it was set to restore previous session....i'm not a linux genius but i figured that much out...which firewall builder was open in my last session15:21
diogenes_yeah so that was it, now reboot and see if it fixed the issue.15:22
user|78707will do thanks again...i know that's what it was15:22
diogenes_you're welcome.15:22
user|78707have a good day and thank you!!! wooooo lovin kubuntu....came from windows 10...Kubuntu ROCKS!!15:23
user|78707signing out15:23
diogenes_lol take care15:23
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threebarAnyone know what's up with NVIDIA HDMI audio? Ever since I upgraded to 19.04, it's fucked for me.19:40
[Relic]that's kinda vague20:06
[Relic]is it set as default?20:07
aggelalexHello, I'd like to know kubuntu's minimal requirements20:10
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