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kozahey, i am debugging a snap build issue on arm64 vs amd64. there is liberror-perl package as a stage-packages dependency that fails to resolve on arm64 but is downloaded on amd64. it is arch all in the archive. could you help me understand what arch all means, i.e. can I safely assume that packages with arch=all will resolve on all supported architectures just fine?09:03
cjwatsonkoza: Architecture: all means that the package is built on a single architecture but is then architecture-independent and published for all architectures.09:32
cjwatsonSo in other words yes.09:33
kozaallright, so there should be no difference in how that package is handled across different architectures09:33
juliankkoza: No, there might very well be differences09:44
juliankkoza: The package is the same, but what it depends on might obviously be not Architecture: all09:44
juliankI'm not sure if it's possible for an Architecture: all package that depends on let's say an Architecture: amd64 i386 package to migrate to release pocket09:45
juliankBut it's certainly possible that an Architecture: all package fails to install on one architecture, but isntalls fine on another.09:46
juliank(but yes, usually they should work on all archs)09:47
kozagot it, thanks. i am running further tests but fyi from report that I have recieved liberror-perl fails as a stage-package on arm6409:48
juliankI mean, it probably shouldn't09:49
* juliank is kind of wondering if we should build a main-extra where we put in linux-image-unsigned and similar build artefacts not meant for users to install09:49
juliankooh, "build-only" might be a good name09:50
juliankLaney, sil2100 do we know why unattended-upgrades 0.90 from releasee was triggered by apt and debconf, rather than the upload in security or updates?12:25
juliankIt picked the correct upload on May 6, but starting with debconf on May 8, it picked release pocket12:25
julianks/know/have an idea/12:26
juliankGet:1 http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu xenial/main ppc64el unattended-upgrades all 0.90 [31.6 kB]12:27
juliankGet:8 http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu xenial-updates/main ppc64el libarchive-zip-perl all 1.56-2ubuntu0.1 [84.7 kB]12:27
juliankso, um, it's picking up some stuff from updates, just not u-u12:27
sil2100hm hmm13:43
sil2100THis is indeed very weird13:58
seb128sil2100, could you SRU review epiphany-browser/disco? it's just a standard GNOME stable update, should be easy. upstream is unhappy about us being outdated and even blogged about it so I would like to show them some movement from us today :)15:16
sil2100seb128: ACK, will do in a minute ;)15:18
seb128sil2100, thx!15:18
Odd_Blokesil2100: infinity: Hello SRU vanguards, we've completed validation of the latest cloud-init SRU (in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/1828637) and it's now ready for release; could one of you take a look?  Thanks!15:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1828637 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Disco) "sru cloud-init (18.5-45 to 19.1.1) Xenial, Bionic, Cosmic, Disco" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:30
LocutusOfBorg(if anybody cares, I would like to discuss debhelper 12 SRU in #-devel channel)15:33
sil2100Odd_Bloke: on it in a moment as well15:41
Odd_Blokesil2100: Thanks!15:41
julianksil2100, infinity: small single word (+automated mirror list update) python-apt SRU regression fix in xenial16:19
juliank* in xenial-proposed16:20
sil2100juliank: on it in a minute o/16:26
juliankthanks si19:18
juliankThat was supposed to say "thanks sil2100", but he's gonme19:18

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