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SuperLagon 19.04, I'm being asked for a password to refresh the system repos. Is there a way to remove this requirement? Are there any negative security ramifications to doing so?00:24
coz_SuperLag, I would leave it alone,, why do you want to remove it?00:25
SuperLagcoz_: because it's a nuisance00:25
kadiroNo it is not00:26
coz_SuperLag,  well it is also secure for your sake00:26
SuperLagI beg to differ.00:26
SuperLagrefreshing repos *alone* shouldn't require a passowrd00:26
SuperLaginstalling packages... that's another matter entirely00:26
coz_SuperLag, but the repos house the software packages00:27
SuperLagyes but you already have to enter a password to install new packages, why add *ANOTHER*?00:27
SuperLagthat's a PITA00:27
gabkdllyDon't the repos get updated in the background once a day anyway ?  If not, you can make a cron job for that.00:28
coz_SuperLag,  unless your password is very long, is it reallt that troublesome?00:28
kadiroSuperLag> you seems to know better than the ubuntu devs, good luck00:28
bindisudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade, only asks for password once00:28
SuperLagcoz_: if I'm busy doing something, and get interupted with a dialog box to enter a password to refresh system repos... yes, that's a nuisance00:29
coz_sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade00:29
SuperLagwhatever option it is that make that happen seems to be enabled out of the box00:29
SuperLagmakes, that is00:30
coz_dist-upgrade does not install a newer version by the way00:30
coz_of the OS00:30
SuperLagright, that's do-release-upgrade, is it not?00:30
coz_something like that00:30
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ZPQSuperLag: do-release-upgrade upgrades your OS but I would not recomend it without full backup00:54
ZPQSuperLag: it can bork your Ubuntu00:54
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thatlizdudehas anyone ever gotten Ubuntu gnome to scale to 125% or 150%? I can't use it at 100% or 200%, I use Windows at 125%, so it would be great if gnome allowed me to do that too01:21
OerHeksthat would be the great update in 19.04, fractional scaling support https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseNotes01:24
OerHeks18.04 gives 100%-200%01:24
Bashing-omthatlizdude: ^^ : https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/04/how-to-enable-hidpi-fractional-scaling.html01:24
thatlizdudeyesss I need that01:24
thatlizdudeand should I use Wayland or Xorg?01:24
thatlizdudeI know I've had an issue on gnome with Xorg where if I scrolled in a window that was placed over Chrome or VS Code, then the scrolling amount applied to Chrome and VS Code too01:25
Bashing-omthatlizdude: 19.04 supports both protocols.01:26
OerHeksbut 19.04 already has that feature01:26
thatlizdudeBashing-om: yeah it's just that I honestly don't know anything about them so I'd use Wayland because it doesn't have the issue that I was experiencing, but is there a reason to choose one over another?01:26
OerHeksif you have nvidia, there are no prop drivers for wayland.. yet01:27
thatlizdudeon this laptop it's just integrated01:27
Bashing-omthatlizdude: Depends on your use case and work flow, I find Wayland smoother and faster than X11 on my old hardware.01:27
thatlizdudeis Wayland supposed to replace X11?01:28
Bashing-omthatlizdude: That is the end goal to have Wayland as the default :)01:28
OerHeksMir actually01:29
thatlizdudethen yeah I'll try and use that, though I was planning on getting a laptop that will have an Nvidia card, so would you recommend switching to integrated (since I won't be doing any graphic intensive work on Ubuntu) or go with X11?01:29
Sir_AndreiHi people01:31
Sir_AndreiPeople, I have a question.01:31
Sir_AndreiI have two computers with Lubuntu 18.04.2 installed (I'm using i3 as WM in both computers).01:31
Sir_AndreiAnd I wanna use my second computer as a second monitor, is that possible?01:32
escalant3I have a desktop computer running Ubuntu 19.04. I use a really shitty usb-dongle for wifi connection. It uses the rtl8812au chipset. The problem is that when coming back from suspension the system is unable to reconnect. I need to reinstall the module (rmmod/modprobe) every single time. Is there a way I can contribute to help getting this fixed?01:35
darksamSir_Andrei: If you want to use the same mouse and keyboard to control both computers and they are on the same network you can use x2x.01:38
thatlizdudethanks guys! :)01:48
Dreamanhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/q5x946Nrnw/   cool install01:53
DoctorMilwaukeehow do I change the prompt to universally display something different?01:58
DoctorMilwaukeePS1 I'm referring to01:58
Sir_AndreiThx darksam, I'm trying it C:02:00
Bashing-omDoctorMilwaukee: See the comments in ' grep "prompt" .bashrc ' .02:07
Sir_Andreidarksam, works like a charm, thx :D02:10
SorcererBoomHey, is there anyone way to change PS1 globally?02:10
kadiroSorcererBoom> beter to ask in #bash02:12
TikityTikhow can I get the newest version of node.js on 18.04 ubuntu? I didn't see anything newer on snap02:20
TikityTikerr wait...02:20
TikityTiki was mistaken02:21
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kadiroIs eagle need a ppa to install it?02:34
ZPQkadiro: no but it may be a older version in the repos (Eagle CAD)03:08
kadiroZPQ> when using apt install it doesn't show up03:09
ZPQkadiro: it exist in 16.04 but I dont know about newer ubuntu03:10
kadirook thanks ZPQ03:10
ZPQkadiro: check if you can find it in synaptic03:11
ZPQkadiro: it looks like I have i386 version installed.. wierd03:17
kadiroZPQ> I have all enabled from my source.list ( universe, multiverse, .. ) but it is still not there, weird, or may be it is not open sourced03:18
ZPQkadiro: http://i.imgur.com/JEjapwn.png03:18
kadiroZPQ> any other equivalent to eagle or easyeda?03:19
ZPQkadiro: Pcb designer, KiCAD and Fritzing?03:21
kadiroZPQ> thanks i will check those out03:22
ZPQkadiro: and qeda03:24
ZPQkadiro: np03:24
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Lap64hello all06:00
Lap64I am using Kubuntu06:00
Lap64The laptop I have is having two graphics cards 1 is intel and the other one is ATI06:01
Lap64when I look for which ATI card I have I get this06:01
Lap6401:00.0 Display controller [0380]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Topaz XT [Radeon R7 M260/M265 / M340/M360 / M440/M445] [1002:6900] (rev c306:01
Lap64how can I identify the driver for my card ?06:02
fengapapitry the ubuntu-drivers package. cmd: ubuntu-drivers devices06:09
fengapapior maybe that is for nvidia only. Not I'm not so sure.06:10
fengapapidid you check through Software and updates, under the Proprietary drivers tab?06:13
nikolamHi, I am on 18.10 (because on 19.04 I have ICH7 sound problems with constant cracks) and I have a problem on 18.10, that LAN (wired) Network adapter does not come back alive and configured after bringing machine back from the standby.06:32
nikolamAnd that is the problem because I am sharing internet connection from Xubuntu to LAN over one of two wired LAN adapters.06:33
nikolamSo wireless comes back, wired lan stays unconfigured after returning from standby06:34
nikolamit's Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 20) times 206:35
nikolamIt's Asus P5W DH Deluxe motherboard, with Marvell 88E8053 LAN Network adapters, that doesn't come back configured after standby on 18.1006:47
nikolamso actually LAN adapter is there, but networking does not comes up for it, it's set as static V4 IP..06:53
Svetanikolam: does it work if you bring it up by hand, or it does not work at all?07:46
Tankburnhey there I have issues with my sounds devices atm. Can anyone help me? If I check sudo aplay -l it shows my NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 1] + 3 other devices of the same type, but I cant find them in my Audio settings under output, also I cannot pair my audio headset via bluettoth, yet my controller pairs no issue. I feel like ubuntu wont let me add any new audio devices.07:47
Tankburnany ideads?07:48
nikolamhi Sveta I tried turning off networking and turn it on again, and wireless comes up and configures (also static IP) but wired LAN does not. If that qualifies as tried manually to bring it up, then yes.07:48
nikolamalso tried with ifconfig up and changing Link negotiation to Automatic in Network conenction settings and nothing helps07:50
nikolamI bet this is the problem with networking, coupled with driver problem for LAN07:50
nikolamI have'n/t been using standby on 18.04, but I could try and see if it is new behavior for 18.10 and later (I have BTRFS snapshots)07:51
TankburnAlso I read in the documentation to check that the sound card was detected properly run the sudo lspci command... and there it is...07:54
Tankburn Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GP106 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)07:54
afidegnumanyone familiar with Sed? i m stuck in the middle07:55
Ben64afidegnum: best to just ask the actual question07:57
afidegnumI m trying to remove the first enclosure of php file, and leave the rest out. i.e  <?php bla bla bla ?> <?php other codes .... this is what i have come up with find . -type f -name "*.php" -exec sed 's/<?php/''/g' {} \; but it only removes <?php07:59
Tankburnupdate. Changed back to HDMI > HDMI and my sound works08:05
Tankburnfrom my card08:05
TankburnI previously had DisplayPort > HDMI plug08:05
Synaptici have a problem with bluetooth,  it says  device not found08:05
TankburnFixed my bluetooth issue also08:28
Tankburninstalled bluez-tools08:29
Tankburnbt-device -l08:29
Tankburnfound the known device and did bt-device -r on the MAC address08:30
Tankburnre-paired and it worked08:30
gofiowith Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS what's the way to move several files from one folder to another all at once?08:49
TimeDoctorgofio: gui or command line?08:50
Jontagofio:       mv *jpg ~/mynewfolder       for example?08:50
gofioTimeDoctor: gui08:50
JontaOpen both folders, mark the files you want, drag them over?08:51
gofioJonta: more drag and drop kinda thing08:51
gofioJonta: yes but with "administrador de archivos", file manager I guess, it does not pick more than one at a time08:52
gofioit does with Dolphin, but dolphin does not recognize the samsung android it's plugged via usb, but file manager does08:53
gofioso I'm moving them, like 50, one by one08:53
JontaDoes it work in CLI?08:53
gofioquestion is what will take longer, finish the 50 files one by one or ask here08:54
gofioJonta: the 50 files?08:54
gofioJonta: I'm on a desktop, seriously do I have to use the command line for this?08:56
JontaI don't know. It seems weird that you'd only be allowed to move one file at a time08:56
JontaMy guess is you're not that familiar with the command line? :)08:56
Tankburnyeah you can usually do a control + a to select all just like you can in Windows08:57
Tankburnwith most file browsers08:57
gofiowhat a great move by windows08:57
Tankburnhmmm I think you misunderstood me08:58
TankburnI use the default file manager in Ubuntu and it worked fine08:59
gofiok, already found by myself. Thanks :)08:59
Tankburnno worries :)08:59
elias_aJonta: Open the folder, select all files by pressing CTRL-A, use 2nd mousebutton to open menu and select Move to (or whatever it is called in English UI) ...08:59
elias_aSorry - that was for gofio...09:00
Tankburncan you still get wine for Ubuntu 18.04?09:00
gofioand yes, it can be done. No CLI. Thanks good09:01
Jontagofio: How did you do it?09:01
gofioelias_a: had in detail-list form whatever the word in engish, my system is in spanish, and could not do that that way09:02
gofioJonta: honestly could not really tell for sure09:02
JontaHm. Well. I'd recommend getting at least some familiarity with the commandline. It's scary at first, but you can get the basics rather quickly09:03
gofioJonta: not familiar with cli nor ubuntu and linux altogether09:03
JontaNo time like the present :)09:04
gofiothat's what it is09:04
LachezarHey all. I am trying to VSync on my laptop, having Intel HD 620.09:05
gofiowhen was on ubuntu 17.10 if I left the samsung android plugged, the system would not reboot. Looks like it's an old story09:06
JontaLachezar: What happens?09:06
LachezarJonta: Nothing yet. I don't know how to do that.09:07
LachezarTo start with: I have no xorg.conf at all...09:08
JontaHm. Don't you just need to create one in that case?09:08
LachezarJonta: My experience with putting xorg.conf is that a blank one would just not boot. Or that I'll need to have two confs to switch when I want to use the 3D Accelerator...09:10
LachezarJonta: So I'd like to avoid generating one, and if possible supply 'hints' or some equivalent technique, to add a "Option" "TearFree" to the i915 driver (somehow).09:11
JontaAren't there example xorg.confs available? Or something that generates it? Or you could create a blank one, reboot, and if that doesn't work, remove it from tty. If you're familiar with tty09:12
LachezarJonta: Yeah, if I put a blank xorg.conf, it won't boot Graphics, and I have to remove it (from Recovery).09:13
JontaOne of the 1st options then09:14
lotuspsychjeJonta Lachezar if its not a special case, you should not have to config xorg anymore these days to make graphics work09:14
Lachezarlotuspsychje: That's what I was thinking, but I have tearing, and would like to enable VSync.09:14
lotuspsychjeLachezar: ubuntu version? graphic card chipset and driver version please?09:15
Lachezarlotuspsychje: Scrolling in Firefox for instance is unghly.09:15
LachezarXubuntu 19.04, Intel Corporation HD Graphics 620 (rev 02) + NVIDIA Corporation GM108GLM [Quadro M520 Mobile] (rev a2)09:16
LachezarAlso external HDMI monitor.09:17
lotuspsychjeLachezar: check ubuntu-drivers list, to see wich drivers available please09:18
Lachezarlotuspsychje: There are nvidia-driver-390 and nvidia-driver-418, but I'd rather not.09:19
Lachezarlotuspsychje: 'ubuntu-drivers list --free-only' is empty09:19
lotuspsychjeLachezar: ok, now check: sudo lshw -C video if driver= at bottom is loaded?09:19
Lachezarlotuspsychje: No driver lines09:20
lotuspsychjeLachezar: if ontop your card says unclaimed, it means no driver is loaded correctly, hence the tearing09:21
lotuspsychjeLachezar: ok, try to install the 390 please09:21
lotuspsychjeLachezar: (if) apt spits out errors, please pastebin the whole output before reboot09:22
Lachezarlotuspsychje: Ah. No. No more nvidia drivers please. Want to keep using free drivers. I'm sick of that nvidia shyte.09:22
lotuspsychjeLachezar: do you know if your card is an optimus?09:22
Lachezarlotuspsychje: I'm pretty sure it is not in this laptop "Lenovo P51s"09:23
Lachezarlotuspsychje: I'd like to keep running the Intel chip only.09:24
lotuspsychjeLachezar: seems it is, FeaturesOptimus09:24
Lachezarlotuspsychje: My previous T530 had Optimus options in the BIOS, this one does not.09:25
lotuspsychjeLachezar: so for optimus cards its reccomended you install the nvidia driver, so you can start switching from performance mode(nvidia) to powersaving mode(intel)09:26
Lachezarlotuspsychje: If I see that properly I could switch to UMA Mode (whatever that means) to turn the NVidia off.09:26
* Lachezar is going to reboot. Be back.09:27
* Lachezar waves back09:32
LachezarNo success. This model does not seem to have a way to disable the NVidia GPU09:33
lotuspsychjeLachezar: what did you do exactly?09:33
Lachezarlotuspsychje: Reboot, enter BIOS, check for Optimus or UMA options. Found none.09:33
lotuspsychjeLachezar: you did not listen to what i said09:34
lotuspsychjeLachezar: optimus cards need the nvidia driver installed to be able to switch cards09:34
lotuspsychjeLachezar: and even if you dont want to install nvidia, your card is unclaimed, meaning also nouveau is not active09:35
Lachezarlotuspsychje: T530 had a BIOS option to switch to either one from BIOS, not from driver.09:36
Lachezarlotuspsychje: Yes, No nouveau, No nvidia drivers.09:36
lotuspsychjeLachezar: are you choosing to not use any drivers?09:36
LachezarI don't want to switch to nVidia. I want to turn the nVidia off if possible.09:36
LachezarI want to keep using intel's GPU-on-CPU09:37
lotuspsychjeLachezar: to use intel, you need to install the nvidia driver first09:37
Lachezarlotuspsychje: Hopefuly no. 'Cause I *am* running without nVidia drivers *NOW*. And I'd like to keep those off my laptop.09:39
lotuspsychjeLachezar: ok..good luck09:39
Lachezarlotuspsychje: I *do* have xserver-xorg-video-nouveau installed, but it's... Eh... Sub-par.09:39
Lachezarlotuspsychje: I'd like to know if there is a way to supply an "Options" line to the i915 driver.09:40
Lachezarlotuspsychje: hopefully without needing to completely write a xorg.conf09:41
LachezarIf not, then I'll keep working with screen tearing, regrettable, but better than the alternative.09:42
lotuspsychjeLachezar: please dont use this channel to rant09:42
lotuspsychjeLachezar: only ubuntu support questions09:42
LachezarNo rant. Just a question: How do I add the "Option" "TearFree" to xorg.conf without a full-blown xorg.conf.09:43
LachezarLike... Can I create a xorg.conf.d/intel-tear-free.conf ot something of the sort?09:44
TJ-Lachezar: does "xrandr --verbose" or "xrandr --listproviders" give any insight - usually on these low/high power GPU configs one of them is the port driver09:44
TJ-Lachezar: you can add fragments into /etc/X11/xorg.conf.f/09:44
TJ-Lachezar: see "man xorg.conf"09:45
TJ-grrr, typo. /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/09:45
LachezarTJ-: "xrandr --verbose" gives mode sets for both screens (Laptop LCD and the HDMI monitor)09:47
AssociateXAre there any humans here?09:47
LachezarTJ-: "xrandr --listproviders" seems to point to one provider "name:modesetting"09:47
AssociateXI'm having trouble with grub and or uefi and booting.09:47
TJ-Lachezar: OK, no help there then09:48
TJ-!ask | AssociateX09:48
ubottuAssociateX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:48
AssociateXTJ-: I did ask to ask a question.09:49
lotuspsychjeAssociateX: elaborate 'trouble' please09:49
LachezarTJ-: Now that you mentioned that I think I found something that might help me: https://askubuntu.com/questions/418398/tear-free-disabled-in-intel-graphics-tearing-in-xubuntu#46965309:50
AssociateXlotuspsychje: the grub boot loader no longer loads up a boot.09:50
lotuspsychjeAssociateX: a bit more details please, your ubuntu version, singleboot/dualboot? uefi/legacy settings?09:51
* Lachezar has a hunch that experimenting with the nvidia drivers has left nouveau permanently unavailable :(09:51
AssociateXI have a dell laptop with a dual boot setup.09:52
AssociateXuname -a09:52
AssociateXLinux kubuntu 4.18.0-15-generic #16~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Feb 7 14:06:04 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:52
TJ-Lachezar: could be, check with "grep -rn nouveau /etc/modprobe.d/" - maybe there's a blacklist09:52
LachezarTJ-: blacklist-nvidia-nouveau.conf:blacklist nouveau09:53
lotuspsychjeAssociateX: your system is not up to date, did your install work before? when did your system stop to boot? what did you do?09:54
AssociateXlotuspsychje: yes, it did work before.09:54
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | AssociateX try this to get in09:54
ubottuAssociateX try this to get in: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:54
AssociateXthank you09:55
lotuspsychjeAssociateX: your GTX card shows nouveau loaded, its reccomended to use an nvidia driver from the ubuntu graphics ppa09:55
lotuspsychje!nvidia | AssociateX09:55
ubottuAssociateX: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa09:55
pirayeI wanted to upgrade into 18.04 ubuntu09:57
lotuspsychjepiraye: from wich version?09:58
pirayebut 16.0409:58
pirayeChecking for a new Ubuntu release09:58
pirayePlease install all available updates for your release before upgrading.09:58
AssociateXlotuspsychje: I'm on a liveUSB chrooted into my HD install doing updates right now.09:58
* Lachezar has to reboot.09:58
lotuspsychjepiraye: and did you?09:59
pirayewhatI dont know how to install all available update09:59
lotuspsychje!uptodate | piraye09:59
ubottupiraye: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.09:59
lotuspsychjeread piraye10:00
usualriseHi, I am facing issues connecting to wifi. No adapter found is the error message. Please help me setting up wifi on my ubuntu 18.0410:00
usualriseI need to install realtek driver - RTL810xE10:00
usualriseUnable to find the site from where can I download the driver10:01
lotuspsychjeusualrise: could you pastebin: sudo lshw -C network && uname -a10:01
usualriselotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YynzsY9RRy/10:04
lotuspsychjeusualrise: thats your ethernet card showing, is it possible you have wifi switched off, or disabled in bios?10:05
usualriselotuspsychje: I am not sure. I need to check. But wifi option in  settings shows - "No adapter found"10:06
Svetapiraye: is it working now?10:06
pirayeSveta, still updating10:07
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | piraye after your updates finished10:09
ubottupiraye after your updates finished: Upgrade from 16.04 to current 18.04 is now available, if you do not receive the upgrade window try update-manager -c10:09
usualriselotuspsychje: Wifi is not switched off10:10
lotuspsychjeusualrise: did you check bios too?10:10
usualriselotuspsychje: nope10:12
lotuspsychjeusualrise: check please if you find any wifi related options10:13
pirayeafter running sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade10:16
pirayeE: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-toolchain-r/test/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gcc-5/libmpx0_5.5.0-12ubuntu1~16.04_amd64.deb  Connection timed out10:16
pirayeE: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-toolchain-r/test/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gdb/gdbserver_8.2-0ubuntu1~16.04.1_amd64.deb  Connection timed out10:16
pirayeE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?10:16
pirayelotuspsychje, any idea please?10:18
lotuspsychjepiraye: please use a pastebin and output the whole apt errors10:19
pirayelotuspsychje, https://paste2.org/2ch66vJv10:23
lotuspsychjepiraye: its reccomended before an lts upgrade, you cleanout your system first from external ppa's & its packages10:24
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | piraye10:24
ubottupiraye: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:24
nikolamAnyone has idea how to restart LAN wired networking after getting back from standby? Wireless card connects, LANs won't.10:24
nikolamAll using static IPs..10:24
blackflownikolam: how is the network configured? netplan? NM? networkd?10:26
nikolamWhat also connection priority of "-999" means? Connectiong automatically with priority 0" is iset on working wireless..10:26
nikolamblackflow, using GUI Network connections in Xubuntu 18.1010:26
pirayelotuspsychje, I dont understand should I remove all software I have10:29
Svetapiraye: this should not happen10:29
Svetapiraye: what error message do you get?10:29
Svetapiraye: did you add a third-party repository for ubuntu toolchain?10:31
pirayeI dont understand how to cleanout the system form external ppa's &its packages10:31
blackflownikolam: oh xubuntu... is that NetworkManager? Anyway, what I was aiming at, it should be automatic. Checked journal for any hints as to why the network wouldn't restart?10:31
Svetapiraye: it is specified in a file10:31
pirayesveta, yes I did10:31
Svetapiraye: in /etc/apt/sources.list10:31
Svetapiraye: and in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*10:31
pirayeI dont remember10:31
Svetapiraye: you can edit these files and remove the ubuntu toolchain lines10:32
pirayeplease give me whole comand to remove them10:32
Svetapiraye: grep -ir toolchain /etc/apt/sources*10:32
Svetapiraye: this will show you which files you need to edit10:33
TJ-nikolam: sounds like an ACPI suspend issue; possibly the NIC's phy layer hasn't beee awakened10:33
pirayegrep -ir toolchain /etc/apt/sources*10:33
pirayegrep -ir toolchain /etc/apt/sources*10:33
TJ-!ppa-purge | piraye10:34
Svetapiraye: yes, this command goes to your terminal10:34
ubottupiraye: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:34
SvetaTJ-: do you want to take over this conversation?10:34
TJ-Sveta: can do - you get some sleep :)10:34
pirayeSveta, I did10:34
pirayeand give me the files10:34
BluesKajHey folks10:34
Svetapiraye: TJ- will help you10:34
Svetapiraye: I will leave, and TJ- will assist you from now on10:34
SvetaTJ-: thank you10:35
Svetapiraye: TJ- wants you to use a ppa-purge command instead of editing the file by hand10:35
Svetapiraye: see what ubottu said10:35
pirayehere whta I get10:35
Svetapiraye: the first thing is "sudo apt install ppa-purge"10:37
SvetaTJ-: can you please come?10:37
pirayeit is already new version10:37
Svetapiraye: sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test/ubuntu10:37
Svetapiraye: try this. I am not an expert in this command, but it is my first guess10:37
SvetaTJ-: it is real time chat, they are waiting for your help10:38
TJ-piraye: please read and digest the instructions provided rather than firing off lots of messages;10:38
nikolamTJ-, one modprobe -r sky2 and modprobe sky2 bring both LAN adapter back pnline, configured. So yes, Suspend problem10:38
pirayeSveta, I run the first command10:38
nikolamShould I report it upon existing 18.10 or see first how it behaves on 19.04 and testing upon standby?10:39
Svetapiraye: then you can try the second one now10:39
pirayeSveta, Warning:  Could not find package list for PPA: ubuntu-toolchain-r/test ubuntu10:39
TJ-nikolam: there's a workaround that could prevent that in the future. Read https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html10:39
Svetapiraye: sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test10:39
Svetapiraye: does that work?10:39
Svetapiraye: you can ask TJ- what is the second command, I am not 100% sure about it10:39
nikolamIt is Marvell Yukon 88E805310:39
TJ-piraye: try "sudo ppa-purge ubuntu-toolchain-r/test "10:40
nikolamThanks TJ-10:40
pirayeok, working now not finished yet10:40
pirayeok, this sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test worked10:42
pirayewhat second command should be?10:42
TJ-piraye: let me read back; not sure where your issue started!10:43
pirayeafter run sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test and then this last msj PPA purged successfully10:44
TJ-piraye: ahh, so the original problem was your PC was unable to connect to the PPA server (connection timed out) so now you've removed that PPA, so "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade"10:44
pirayebut when I run grep -ir toolchain /etc/apt/sources* again10:44
pirayeseems they are still there10:44
TJ-piraye: both lines are commented out - they start with a # so will not be used10:45
pirayeI am running sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade10:46
pirayeTJ, please keep around because this will take time to finish10:46
pirayeit is finished10:47
pirayenow what should I do nex10:47
TJ-piraye: that is it, the "sudo apt upgrade" will bring the system up to date10:47
pirayeI need upgrade into 18.0410:48
TJ-piraye: so now you want to do a release upgrade? OK: "sudo do-release-upgrade"10:48
pirayeTJ-, it is running now10:50
coconutTJ-: do all packages get downloaded first before installing them with an "do-release-upgrade"?11:16
pirayeHi TJ-, I got disc problem, so the the installation aborted11:30
lotuspsychjepiraye: pastebin please11:31
Svetanot enough free disk space11:31
Yatekiihey folks11:32
Yatekiiis there any way I can use packages that are not available in 19.04?11:33
lotuspsychje!mix | Yatekii11:33
ubottuYatekii: it is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported11:33
lotuspsychjeYatekii: wich package do you have in mind?11:33
pirayeSveta, after free files from my computer, should I repeat the installation11:33
Svetayes, you need an extra 3.325 MB - but if you can free more it is even better11:34
=== simputer_ is now known as simputer
Yatekiilotuspsychje: yeah, luckily idc :P I am sure there is not suddenly major changes and unfortunately I need to run this garbo software (SimplicityStudio from SiLabs) ^^11:35
Yatekiilotuspsychje: Package libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 is not available, but is referred to by another package. this is my problem atm11:35
YatekiiI had the same with lib32ncurses5 but I just changed that to using version 6 ... we'll see if it works11:35
Yatekiisadly that piece of s software is using eclipse 9 as a base ... I mean yeah ^^11:35
pirayeplease how can I check current disc space?11:37
coconutpiraye: df or df -h11:38
Svetait is 3.325 MB extra, in total you will need at least 4.462 MB11:39
SvetaI am heading out now, I hope TJ- or someone else is still around11:40
AmaranthRevengedumb question.  all my desktop items have disappeared.  I can still access them through the desktop folder. Any idea how to make them reappear?11:53
ioriausually it means (on 18.04) that nautilus-desktop is dead11:55
AmaranthRevengeany idea how to fix that?11:57
TJ-AmaranthRevenge: if you're on a recent release, Gnome removed the desktop from nautilus11:57
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, what release ?11:57
AmaranthRevenge18.04.2 LTS11:58
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, run from terminal  nautilus-desktop11:58
AmaranthRevengeok, did that11:58
AmaranthRevengeyeah nothing happened11:59
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, or open gnome-tweaks -> Desktop -> show icons11:59
AmaranthRevengestill nothing... hmm....12:00
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, then you did sometning unsuall12:01
AmaranthRevengeI know, but I have no idea12:01
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, restart gnome-shell, ot login out /in12:01
AmaranthRevengerestarted gnome-shell and still nothing...12:03
AmaranthRevengeI am thoroughly confused12:03
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, maybe you removed nautilus12:03
AmaranthRevengewhen I ran nautilus-desktop it didn't give me an error.  Just nothing happened12:04
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, did you replace that with another file manager ?12:04
AmaranthRevengeI don't think so.  I don't usually mess with that part12:05
ioriaAmaranthRevenge, is there anything in ~/Desktop  ?12:05
AmaranthRevengeyes all the files are there12:05
AmaranthRevengenothing is missing.12:06
ioriaAmaranthRevenge,  paste   ps -A | grep naut12:06
AmaranthRevengegot this:  2288 tty1     00:00:07 nautilus-deskto12:06
AmaranthRevengeit is not a huge deal but a bit weird to not be able to click from desktop.  I can drag file to desktop and it will copy there.  Can see the files in the folder just not on the desktop12:08
ioriaAmaranthRevenge,  log out /in12:09
the_countHello! I was performing an upgrade, and it asked me to tell it what to do to resolve a file difference. I chose to compare/look at the details. Now that I'm done looking, how do I escape that command? It shows (END) at the bottom12:17
ioriathe_count,  'q'12:20
the_countAwesome! Thanks!12:21
ongoHello, I need to upgrade the weechate package on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, however the latest version in LTS repos is 19.1-112:23
ongohow do I upgrade the single package to the newest version while leaving the rest LTS?12:24
jeremy31ongo what version do you have?12:26
b1ack0pmy registered channel doesnt give me auto op why?12:27
jeremy31ongo, nevermind12:27
jeremy31b1ack0p: That if offtopic, try #ubuntu-offtopic or #freenode12:28
b1ack0poh sorry12:28
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b1ack0pwrong channel lol12:28
ongois it even possible to do so?12:29
ongoOr do I have to install the package manually12:29
jeremy31ongo, it would have to be done manually12:30
jeremy31or maybe snap packlage12:30
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ongojeremy31: no snap package for weechat12:34
jeremy31ongo, have fun downloading and compiling it12:34
ongohttp://tipsonubuntu.com/2017/07/07/install-latest-weechat-chat-client-ubuntu/ this worked12:35
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bbannerhi people how are you?12:47
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unimatrix9is there a cloud open source alternative to gsuite ?13:02
leftyfbunimatrix9: did you look?13:03
unimatrix9yeah i looked at a lot of different solutions13:04
unimatrix9maybe i missed one thats why i ask ;)13:04
leftyfbunimatrix9: ok, so you have your answer13:04
unimatrix9whats your take ?13:05
lotuspsychje!rootirc | Cyfraka13:20
ubottuCyfraka: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.13:20
Cyfrakawho is lotuspsychje13:22
leftyfbCyfraka: can we help you with something?13:23
Cyfrakaabout the root note that I got. Thanks13:26
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hartescouthey guys, sorry quick question. For some reason I can't update java runtime environment to get TD Ameritrade Think Or Swim app running correctly. Anyone know the command line to get it done? The one suggested on Oracle's site just isn't working14:52
hartescoutupdate or install14:52
lordcirthhartescout, what version of Java do you need?14:55
tomreyn<lordcirth> hartescout, what version of Java do you need?14:56
tomreynhartescout_: ^ and which version of ubuntu do you run?14:56
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pirayeI was upgrading into ubuntu 18.0415:52
pirayenow it is completed15:52
pirayebut I got this msj15:53
pirayeUpgrade complete15:53
pirayeThe upgrade has completed but there were errors during the upgrade15:53
lotuspsychjepiraye: pastebin please15:53
Eickmeyer!enter | piraye15:54
ubottupiraye: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.15:54
pirayeI couldnt put all logs in pastebin because it is alot15:54
pirayelotuspsychje, do you want all logs15:55
lotuspsychjepiraye: ddi you reboot yet after upgrade?15:55
pirayenot yet, you mean restart, right?15:56
pirayeit is now finished15:56
pirayeand want to show you what give me15:56
lotuspsychjepiraye: before you restart, try: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:56
pirayelotuspsychje, https://paste2.org/4NsFn7Ub15:59
pirayeshould I run this apt --fix-broken install16:00
lotuspsychjepiraye: yes try please16:00
pirayelotuspsychje, https://paste2.org/E7EtLFEh16:01
pirayelotuspsychje, any idea please?16:03
lotuspsychjepiraye: do you still have external ppa's in your sources.list?16:04
pirayeI dont know16:04
pirayeI removed them16:04
hellerzHello guys, I'm trying to run znc on my ubuntu and make oidentd reply with my chosen ident (not shell's username) when connecting . I added this https://pastebin.com/v1JLJycX to /etc/oidentd.conf file under the default settings but It doesn't work. Am I missing something?16:04
pirayelotuspsychje, https://paste2.org/Fa9K7wdv16:05
lotuspsychjepiraye: what about in sources.list.d16:05
pirayelotuspsychje, could you give me command16:07
pirayeto check sources.list.d16:07
lotuspsychjepiraye: its in folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:08
pirayelotuspsychje, https://paste2.org/6HJmfGW816:08
tomreynpiraye: you're only partially answering lotuspsychje's question there.16:10
tomreynpiraye: try this: sudo apt purge   libc6-dev-armhf-cross libc6-dev-armel-cross; sudo apt install libc6-dev-armhf-cross libc6-dev-armel-cross16:10
pirayewhich question I have answered partially16:11
tomreynyou responded to "do you still have external ppa's in your sources.list?" with a grep for apt sources containing "toolchain"16:11
pirayewhat is external ppa's?16:13
pirayehow to grep it then16:13
pirayeplease help, need to solve this problem,16:15
lotuspsychjepiraye: its the external sources for software you added to your system, i adviced you to remove before upgrade16:15
pirayebut I tried to remove them16:16
ioriapiraye, already run  sudo apt -f install  ?16:17
pirayeioria, https://paste2.org/BGy3XgJI16:18
pirayelotuspsychje, I removed them16:18
ioriapiraye, sudo dpkg -P --force-depends libc6-armel-cross libc6-armhf-cross libc6-dev-armel-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross16:18
TJ-ioria: there's a known issue with the -cross packages that the upgrade scripts fail; the only solution is to remove the packages entirely and install again to get the upgraded versions!16:18
ioriaTJ-, i see16:19
pirayethen what should I do now16:19
ioriapiraye, sudo dpkg -P --force-depends libc6-armel-cross libc6-armhf-cross libc6-dev-armel-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross16:19
pirayeioria, https://paste2.org/5Ce5V9eK16:20
ioriapiraye, sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoclean16:21
pirayewhy I run this command tow times  sudo dpkg -P --force-depends libc6-armel-cross libc6-armhf-cross libc6-dev-armel-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross16:21
ioriapiraye, sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoclean16:22
pirayeit is done16:22
ioriapiraye, sudo apt update16:22
pirayeioria, https://paste2.org/5DHafdNs16:23
ioriapiraye, sudo apt -f install16:23
pirayeioria, done16:24
ioriapiraye, sudo apt  full-upgrade16:24
TJ-Bug #179755716:24
ubottubug 1797557 in cross-toolchain-base (Ubuntu) "Bionic updates break upgrade (apt remove libc6-armhf-cross first)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/179755716:24
pirayeis this will take too much time like last upgrade16:25
ioriapiraye, only 6 pkgs16:25
ioriapiraye, don't you see ?16:26
pirayeioria, https://paste2.org/teA1M02916:26
pirayeit is done, I think16:26
ioriapiraye, sudo apt autoremove --purge16:26
pirayeok, done16:27
pirayeI can restart now16:27
gallomimiamy system has always had weird caveats while booting. but this latest one is extra weird. ubuntu 19.04, clean install on a different drive than usual. it won't proceed with the GUI section of the booting until i press ctrl-alt F# and then ctrl-alt-F116:27
lotuspsychjepiraye: did you make a backup of your data?16:28
ioriapiraye, if you want to reinstall those pkgs :  sudo apt install libc6-dev-armel-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross16:28
gallomimia.... does ubuntu desktop run out-of-the-box on pi's now?16:28
pirayeno I did not backup my data, are they going to deleted16:28
pirayeioria, what should I do now16:29
lotuspsychjepiraye: you had problems before upgrade, problems during upgrade, no space left during upgrade and problems after upgrade, its adviced to backup data16:29
gallomimiaback it up dude16:30
pirayelotuspsychje, ok16:30
mousesalso have backups, and a backup of your backup16:30
ioriapiraye, try to install something, and be sure apt is up and working16:30
gallomimiaif it wasn't backed up, i guess it wasn't that important to you16:30
ioriapiraye, no erors, no warnings ... etc. etc16:30
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pirayeioria, ok16:31
tomreynhellerz: i think there's also #znc in case you can't work it out here. it may be too specific for #ubuntu16:32
gallomimiaif you had a bunch of problems doing a big upgrade, it could be a good idea to run a grub update. make sure your initrd is real and works before booting16:32
hellerztomreyn thank you16:32
ioriaTJ-, thanx for the link16:32
tomreynpiraye: be sure to     sudo apt -f install && sudo apt full-upgrade    before you reboot.16:33
tomreynpiraye: and you always need to have backups, generally. and it's advisable to trigger a backup run both before and after upgrading.16:34
pirayeok tomreyn16:35
pirayeok, now I can reboot16:36
pirayeI will talk you after reboot16:37
tomreynpiraye: here's a script that can help you identify more package dependency issues lurking under the hood in apt - i usually recommend running this both before and after release upgrades (and acting upon the output): https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages16:37
pirayeshould I run all these in that site before reboot16:40
tomreynpiraye: no, just the "foreign_packages" script, and only if you feel comfortable with it.16:40
tomreynpiraye: i wrote this, you shoould not trust me, you should review the code before you run it.16:41
pirayesudo ./foreign_packages16:41
pirayethis one16:41
gallomimiapiraye, running a script off the internet with admin permissions can be very dangerous16:41
pirayeI am not going to run it then16:41
gallomimiayou just ran lots of things with admin permissions without really giving it much thought16:42
pirayeI am confused, I am using sudo to run it16:43
pirayenot as root16:43
gallomimiathe lesson here is to slow down and consider the consequences of every command you give your system, before pressing enter. not to forgo good advice.16:43
gallomimiasudo makes things happen as root16:43
OerHeksgallomimia, how helpfull.16:43
gallomimiahe just wants it fixed16:44
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Jackneilltomreyn, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1829402/17:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1829402 in linux (Ubuntu) "Purple screen hangup during boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:05
Jackneillif you remember me, i have updated a bit.17:05
=== peter-bittner1 is now known as peter-bittner
tomreynJackneill: thanks for the notice, i just suscribed to this bug report now.17:09
tomreynJackneill: did you test what i discussed in comment #14 ?17:10
tomreynoh you say you did test part of it, ok17:10
Jackneilltomreyn, i stopped with 101, since #24 wont help me with no hwmatch17:11
Jackneilli dont know why its missing, or how to get it back17:11
tomreynJackneill: is the system full yupdated? once it is, can you install grub manually? maybe this will remove the "hwmatch" message. it's well possible this message is actually benign, though.17:14
Jackneilltomreyn, what do you mean exactly by reinstalling it manually?17:16
tomreynJackneill: sudo grub-install17:16
Jackneilltomreyn, no need for boot iso, etc?17:17
Jackneillor a console, just in terminal?17:17
=== peter-bittner1 is now known as peter-bittner
tomreynJackneill: once your system booted up fine (my understanding is it can do this occasionally but not always), just run this in a terminal after ensuring it is fully up to date (sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade)17:18
Jackneilltomreyn, right17:18
tomreynwhether you run this in a terminal window or a TTY does not matter.17:18
Jackneilltomreyn, 'installion finisghed, no error reported"17:18
tomreynJackneill: so the system was fully updated beforehand?17:19
Jackneilltomreyn, hwmatch remains in 10_linux, and still not exists in /boot..17:19
TJ-tomreyn: Jackneill "hwmatch" is a patch added to GRUB by Ubuntu, and is only for grub-pc (i386) so if booting UEFI mode this will not be found17:20
Jackneilltomreyn, yes it was17:22
TJ-So you can ignore the hwmatch error17:22
JackneillTJ-, i see, in which case i can only think of the acpi_osi thing17:22
Jackneillas a last resort17:23
Jackneillthat could cause this17:23
TJ-Jackneill: are you using acpi_osi= currently?17:23
JackneillTJ-, no. and it works non-deterministically as in sometimes yes, sometimes no, a bit more to the no17:23
tomreyndid you try a mainline kernel, yet?17:23
TJ-Jackneill: I'd definitely try acpi_osi as recommended in my article17:24
Jackneilltomreyn, as in a fresher one that is provided by ubuntu?17:24
JackneillTJ-, right17:25
tomreyn!mainline | Jackneill17:25
ubottuJackneill: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds17:25
mouseshi all, having a heck of a time here.  Need to get oidentd up to 2.3.2+ - running 18.04 on my server, snagged oidentd_2.3.2-1_amd64.deb from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oidentd (under disco dingo) -> when doing a dpkg -i on it, I am stuck here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/B5vmKNfwxh/17:26
mousesanyone able to help a mouses out a bit?17:26
TJ-Jackneill: something else that might help in diagnosis: "earlyprintk=efi,keep" in conjunction with GRUBs terminal console mode, to get early kernel messages17:26
Jackneilltomreyn, is there an easy==lazy way of doing it?17:26
tomreynJackneill: since it really seems mainboard firmware related, acpi_osi is more promising.17:26
tomreynJackneill: no, we're beyond the easy approaches now.17:27
tomreynwell it's still easy enough, you don't need to build any software17:27
TJ-mouses: not a good idea; the dependency versions in 19.04 are higher, as you see. There's a reason we package the archives so everything works together17:27
JackneillTJ-, just edit17:27
TJ-Jackneill: see https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html17:28
mousesTJ-: Yeah, running out of options - just need to get that modern oidentd running - any solution to doing this?17:29
TJ-mouses: install/run it in a mimimal chroot or container17:29
JackneillTJ-, export GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="$GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX earlyprintk=efi,keep" ; sudo uőpdate-grub?17:29
mousesTJ-: Ugh, that's a PITA17:29
TJ-Jackneill: errr, no, I don't think that'll work17:30
JackneillTJ-, then how?17:30
TJ-Jackneill: read my instructions17:30
JackneillTJ-, grub_terminal=console is set, but its says its grub-pc only17:32
Jackneillas far as i am aware, i am booting in efi mode17:33
mousesTJ-: driving me nuts.  A friend also on 18.04 snagged that exact same package, installed via dkpg -i -- no errors.  Can't figure out why I'm special :P17:33
Jackneill,/boot hierarchy seems to say to too17:33
Jackneillbut it successfully worked17:33
TJ-Jackneill: hmmm, there's a newer option for that now I recall, possibly tomreyn can recall it17:33
tomreynTJ-: there's "console" as an initrd option but i'm not sure you mean this?17:34
TJ-Jackneill: ahhh "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text"17:35
Jackneilltomreyn, TJ- : the only line i got with earlyprintk is 'Memory KASLR using RDRAND RDTSC...'17:35
Jackneillwhats text and keep?17:36
TJ-Jackneill: and did the system hang?17:36
JackneillTJ-, yes.17:36
tomreyntext=text-only, non-graphical boot.17:36
TJ-Jackneill: Fantastic!! That tells us the kernel DID start, which wasn't clear before17:36
thunori have an extremely powerful idea17:36
TJ-Jackneill: so, I'm wondering about a microcode issue - is the CPU Intel?17:37
JackneillTJ-, i will comment this in the issue17:37
tomreyn!discuss | thunor17:37
ubottuthunor: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:37
JackneillTJ-, yes17:37
Jackneillits written in the issue17:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1829402 in linux (Ubuntu) "Purple screen hangup during boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:37
mbeierlDumb question: I have Ubuntu 18.04 inside a lab, pointed to a lab DNS server.  When I use nslookup, or host, the hostname gets looked up and the IP address returned.  If I use ping, I get host not found.  Watching tcpdump, I see DNS lookup packets when using nslookup, but ping does not generate any DNS lookup.  How can I get ping (and other commands) to use DNS?17:37
TJ-Jackneill: OK, I think you'd hit a regression that we know affects some models due to the recent Intel MDS problems17:37
tomreynTJ-: are you aware of a bug report on this?17:38
hgkwe are giving certain dependencies under RUN directive such as apt-get install libssl-dev , but on trying to build the image, I keep getting following error17:38
hgkwe are giving certain dependencies under RUN directive such as apt-get install libssl-dev , but on trying to build the image, I keep getting following error17:38
TJ-Jackneill: try adding "nomds" to stop the workarounds17:38
TJ-tomreyn: Yes, but cannot recall where it was at this moment; searching as we talk17:38
TJ-Jackneill: tomreyn there's another option to disable loading of the microcode too17:39
TJ-I think the discussion on this was in #ubuntu-kernel a week or so back, I'll check my logs17:39
tomreyni think the boot parameters are listed on the security teams' FAQ17:39
TJ-hmmm, this maybe? bug 182962017:40
ubottubug 1829620 in linux-hwe-edge (Ubuntu) "intel-microcode on ASUS makes kernel stuck during loading initramfs on bionic-updates, bionic-security" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182962017:40
tomreynso "mds=off" would be equivalent to "nomds"17:42
JackneillTJ-, havent tried that yet, just add, its also possbile it hangs with no text on screen17:42
Jackneillevent with that earlyprintk17:43
TJ-Jackneill: try with "mds=off" to determine if the issue is with the kernel's MDS mitigatios; there's an option tha stops the microcode being loaded too but haven't found it yet - was sure it was in that bug report somewhere17:44
sentimentwhenever I play an HD mkv vid using VLC or totem or whatever, the gpu gets super hot until the the machine shuts down17:44
TJ-ahhh, Jackneill , here we go, "dis_ucode_ldr"  disable microcode loader17:44
TJ-Jackneill:  tomreyn I have to go to dinner now, hopw this helps17:44
sentimentnot sure if it's just mkv17:46
sentimentI think it could be with all hd videos17:46
JackneillTJ-, tomreyn i guess its booting now (not nomds), just to report, its so slow now that i can see the screen text being updated (the line going down):D17:48
Jackneillkernel msgs17:48
tomreynJackneill: so you're saying it is now very very slow to boot?17:49
tomreynJackneill: which changes did you make, which options did you set now?17:50
Jackneilltomreyn, yes, but i didnt set nodms yet17:50
Jackneilljust earlyprintk and removed quiet17:50
tomreyni see17:50
Led_ZeppelinRunning Ubuntu 16.04.6; Wondering if I can improve my display better.17:50
Jackneilltomreyn, after i got the systemd msgs it was fine17:50
Led_Zeppelinlike get the higest resolution possible17:50
Jackneillso i guess a kernel feature to see the msgs?17:50
tomreynJackneill: wasn't "quiet" already removed?17:51
tomreynJackneill: i was thinking we had sugggested this before.17:51
Jackneilltomreyn, i had removed before to test, but it was from grub 'e'17:52
tomreynok, you may want to remove "quiet" and "splash" off /etc/default/grub generally until this is solved.17:53
Jackneilltomreyn, did that, also added nomds now17:53
tomreynJackneill: don't forget to     sudo update-grub17:54
Jackneilltomreyn, right i did not :)17:54
tomreyncan you    cat /etc/default/gruib | nc termbin.com 999917:54
tomreyncan you    cat /etc/default/grub | nc termbin.com 999917:54
tomreynmbeierl: test using    systemd-resolve some.fqdn   (replace "some.fqdn" by some fully qualified domain name you're testing with). read it's man page. read also the man page of resolv.conf17:57
Jackneilltomreyn, once it boots up17:58
sentimenttomreyn: any idea on where can I start troubleshooting the hd vid issue?17:59
mbeierltomreyn: that works.  From tcpdump, I see it's using mDNS.  I think the problem is this lab is set up with .corp.local as the domain17:59
sentimentI might be able to handle it myself if I get a clue on the start point17:59
sentimentthe drivers I believe are the latest18:00
mbeierland so I don't know how to tell resolved not to use mDNS, but use DNS for those lookup, I think?18:00
sentiment4.18.0-20-generic kernel18:00
sentimentusing the radeon driver18:03
tomreynsentiment: run "dmesg -w" before you start video playback, see if it outputs anything possibly related. you can ctrl-c to exit it at any time.18:05
tomreynsentiment: also reviewing the full system log (journalctl -b or /var/log/syslog) may help, looking for X / radeon / mesa issues, ACPI issues18:07
tomreynJackneill: still booting?18:07
aroonican i get unattended updates to work for things that arent secruity updates?18:08
Jackneilltomreyn, yes18:08
tdsmbeierl: the answer is to stop abusing .local18:09
tomreynJackneill: hmm, that's way too long.18:09
mbeierltds: unfortunately this is not my lab.  so while I would love to do so, I can't.18:09
Jackneilltomreyn, its almost if not a sec for every line18:09
Jackneillto be updated (the 'refresher line' going from top to bottom")18:10
tdsmbeierl: does `systemd-resolve --status` show mdns as being enabled? if so you could probably persuade it to be disabled through your netplan/network-manager/networkd config18:10
mbeierltds: odd - it shows multicastDNS as no.18:11
trupsalmsi believe my ip of my znc server was banned during a ddos, on my cloud server which kept it login on and off, is there anywhere i can get support for unban18:11
tomreynJackneill: i see, so it's realyl the super slow graphics slowing down the boot there18:11
mbeierltds but yet, I still see MDNS packets going out in tcpdump.18:11
tdsmbeierl: oh, and it worked when you used `systemd-resolve` manually?18:11
tdscheck /etc/nsswitch.conf if so18:11
mbeierltds: yes, manually it does, but ping, wget, etc, all still cause MDNS packets.18:12
mbeierltds: systemd-resolve shows response via DNS.  I am now officially confused.18:13
tdsmbeierl: what about /etc/nsswitch.conf as I mentioned, what's on the hosts: line?18:13
mbeierlsorry - was still getting to that, and yes, mdns is there.  Changing it now18:14
mbeierltds: yes, that is it - put dns ahead of the others and finally it works18:15
tdsmbeierl: on a system using systemd-resolved you'd normally want resolve before dns18:16
mbeierltds: thank you!! I completely forgot about nsswitch.conf.  I think that part of my brain got purged when I stopped using NIS18:16
tdsthat way applications will query resolved directly over dbus rather than talking udp/tcp to the stub resolver on
mbeierltds, sorry, it's files dns now18:16
badhobbitI'm testing out the latest ubuntu on my laptop and having wifi adapter detection issues.  Does ubuntu do a more thorough hardware detection on a full install compared to a live install on a thumb drive?18:21
TJ-badhobbit: it's like the device needs either a) a more recent kernel version or b) a proprietary driver18:22
TJ-badhobbit: can you open a terminal and run some commands so we can find out what the device is?18:23
badhobbitI can give it a shot.  as best I can recall, I ran into this problem when I installed ubuntu last time.  But that was when the last stable release dropped so it's been a LONG time18:24
badhobbitI have it working on the outdated install, and I thought that once it was fully installed on the hard drive it was easier to configure18:24
TJ-badhobbit: Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal, then "sudo apt install pastebinit" so we can capture output to a pastebin, then do "pastebinit <( uname -a; lspci -nnk -d ::0280; lsusb; ls /sys/class/net/ )"18:25
pirayehello everyone!18:26
badhobbitThanks for your help TJ18:26
badhobbitHi Piraye!18:26
b1ack0phow long should it be to drop a nick?18:26
kostkonpiraye, hi18:26
b1ack0psorry again18:26
b1ack0pwrong place18:26
pirayeI upgarde ubnutu into 18.0418:27
pirayebut now there is one problem, I cant use right click18:27
pirayeso I cant create file18:28
badhobbitfirst time using pastebin, holy cow that's cool18:28
pirayethere is nothing for pastebin18:28
lordcirthpiraye, you can't right-click where? Anywhere?18:29
pirayethe rightclick of mose not active in ubuntu18:29
pirayein terminal18:29
pirayein every where18:29
badhobbitpiraye, TJ was showing me how to use pastebin to diagnose my issue.  Sorry for the mixup there18:29
lordcirthpiraye, install 'xev', run it, and right-click on it. Does it show a right-click event18:29
TJ-badhobbit: that shows is the device is Broadcom, and the driver is "wl" and the device is "wlp2s0", so at least something is trying to manage it. However, it is possible the alternate 'bcma' driver is better. I'll do some digging18:29
pirayeok let me install it18:30
lordcirthiyanmv, hi18:30
iyanmvAnyone knows if Qt Remote Objects is available in ubuntu repos?18:30
pirayeenable to loacte packge Xev18:31
iyanmv(I am searching in 19.04)18:31
pirayeI cant copy paste in terminal18:31
lordcirthpiraye, ah, sorry, the package is "x11-utils"18:31
TJ-badhobbit: before I do that though, lets collect some more data about what the device can do: " pastebinit <( iwconfig; iw list ; sudo iwlist wlp2s0 scan ) "18:32
pirayelordcirth, it say already new version18:33
TJ-badhobbit: that shows us the PC is connected to the Access Point and has a good signal18:33
lordcirthpiraye, then go ahead and run it18:33
jeremy31badhobbit: cat /etc/lsb-release | nc termbin.com 999918:34
lordcirthpiraye, 'xev'18:34
TJ-badhobbit: So, what problem are you having with it?18:34
pirayefrom where should I run it18:34
badhobbitI'm currently running on the old install, which has wifi configured.  When I fire up a new USB stick with the latest ubuntu, I can't seem to detect the device18:34
lordcirthpiraye, in a terminal, same as everything else18:35
badhobbitI'm pretty rusty and cant remember the right command lines to get it set up. and I've never been good with the gui18:35
pirayeI dont know how to run it18:35
TJ-badhobbit: ahhh, which ubuntu release is on the USB?18:35
jeremy31badhobbit: use the driver manager to install bcmwl-kernel-source18:35
badhobbitI've tried ubuntu 19.04 and mint 19.1 with the same results18:36
TJ-jeremy31: is that *on* the LiveISO installer?18:36
lordcirthpiraye, you type 'xev' and press Enter.18:36
badhobbitjeremy31, one second and I'll be caught up18:36
pirayeyes I did18:36
jeremy31TJ-: It should be, all needed files are in /pool18:36
badhobbitI may have to dig out a cat5 cable and apt-get whatever is needed to make it work18:36
lordcirthpiraye, and you should get a white window?18:36
pirayelordcirth, still running18:36
jeremy31badhobbit: Install Ubuntu with third party software enabled18:37
pirayeI get white window18:37
pirayewhat should I do now18:37
lordcirthpiraye, move your mouse over the window, hold it still, and right-click a few times18:37
jeremy31badhobbit: If you have the ISO, it can install from it18:37
badhobbitI was hoping to test it out before wiping out my current install to verify functionality, lol18:37
lordcirthpiraye, Do you then see ButtonPress and ButtonRelease events going by?18:37
TJ-jeremy31: I don't see it in the manifest18:38
badhobbitI'm 99% sure it'll get sorted out but it's my only physical computer that works right now18:38
TJ-jeremy31: and the only thing in pool is /pool/main/b/b43-fwcutter/b43-fwcutter_019-4_amd64.deb18:38
TJ-jeremy31: oh, apologies, I missed restricted: /pool/restricted/b/bcmwl/bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.271+bdcom-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb18:38
TJ-badhobbit: so as jeremy31 has recommended, once booted to the USB, do "sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source" which *should* install and build the driver for you18:39
jeremy31or use the driver manager in Software & Updates18:40
badhobbitok thanks I'll give that a shot18:40
badhobbitI'll be back in a bit then.18:41
pirayeI did what you said me but I didnot see  ButtonPress and ButtonRelease18:41
lordcirthpiraye, ok. So it sounds a lot like your mouse is broken. Try it on another machine?18:41
lordcirthpiraye, also, what model is your mouse?18:42
pirayeI am not using externial mose18:42
pirayeI am using my pc18:42
pirayelordcirth, I am using tracpad18:44
lordcirthpiraye, ok, you should have said that earlier, but I should have asked earlier. You might just need to change settings. Search for "mouse" in settings.18:47
skomorokhJust upgraded to 19.04 (I like to give it a month), went smoothly except one thing and I wonder if any of you ran into this---Firefox refuses to use my profile saying that I'm running an older version and it's for my own good that it not try and use it :) But they're both 67... maybe there is some internal build # that is ever so slightly newer on whatever the latest patch was on the cosmic repo or ???18:47
lordcirthskomorokh, you upgraded from 18.10? Did you have a Firefox PPA installed?18:48
skomorokhYup, from 18.10. No PPA.18:48
lordcirthskomorokh, and you've done an "apt update; apt full-upgrade" after upgrading?18:48
vijuIs next LTA coming in 2020?18:49
lordcirthviju, Next LTS is 20.04, yes18:49
vijuIn that case, can I just jump to 2020 from 18.04 or do I have to upgrade to versions in between?18:49
skomorokhhm, just my usual apt upgrade and I figure it'd have done a dist-upgrade. I'll try that, was unaware of full-upgrade even existing...18:49
lordcirthviju, upgrading from one LTS to the next is supported.18:49
lordcirthskomorokh, full-upgrade is an alias to dist-upgrade18:49
skomorokhNope, that had no new updates.18:49
vijuOk thanks lordcirth18:49
gambl0rewhen people switch os's multiple times are they basically wiping their system and reinstalling all their programs?18:50
skomorokh67.0+build2-0ubuntu0.19.04.1 in 19.04 vs. 67.0+build2-0ubuntu0.18.10.1 in cosmic ...I'm kinda surprised this is happening?18:51
gambl0rei dont understand when people say "i didnt like arch. im going to switch to fedora. i didnt like fedora im going to switch to ubuntu" are they basically reinstalling all of their programs every time they install a new os? what am i missing here?18:52
lordcirthgambl0re, yes, installing from a USB again.18:52
badhobbit2Thanks guys, that worked18:53
tomreynJackneill: i added a suggestion on how to test the kernel options TJ- discussed to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1829402/18:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1829402 in linux (Ubuntu) "Purple screen hangup during boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:53
gambl0reso these users dont mind constantly installing their applications?18:54
gambl0reevery time they do a new install?18:54
lordcirthgambl0re, it's not that much work. However, #ubuntu-offtopic18:54
gambl0rei guess depending on what you're using your computer for.18:55
Casper26Anyone with an idea on how to change a string of text in a file that is in multiple directories?18:55
lordcirthCasper26, sed18:56
ioriafind + sed18:57
JontaOne file, that is in multiple directories?18:59
TJ-Casper26: "sed -i 's/matchthis/replacewiththis/g' $( grep -rl 'matchthis' )" I'd think18:59
Casper26yes a game.ini file that is in 500 different games folders19:00
TJ-Casper26: 500? then use  grep -rl ... | xargs ... sed  ...19:00
tomreynskomorokh: if the same firefox upstream version on 18.10 and 19.04 would behave differently (reporting profile is outdated one time but nt the other) this would surprise me, too.19:00
lordcirthCasper26, Ah, so use 'find -name game.ini', and if the output looks right, use -exec to call sed19:00
tomreynskomorokh: are you sure that you actually ran firefox 67 before you upgraded, though?19:01
skomorokhtomreyn: yup, it was only a few days ago that package came down and I recall restarting to ensure my addons were all happy19:02
tomreynskomorokh: (maybe you ran firefox 66 and while an upgrade was installed at some - rather recent - point, just didn't restart firefox?)19:02
tomreyni see19:02
TJ-skomorokh: see https://blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2019/01/14/moving-to-a-profile-per-install-architecture/19:02
skomorokhwell, even if I hadn't, it'd not be the situation that my firefox on 18.10 was _newer_ than on 19.04 which is what it's currently complaining of while refusing to load19:03
lordcirthskomorokh, do you have Firefox Sync enabled?19:05
skomorokhTJ-: thanks, that's depressing (because sync is sketch) but I wonder how it's relevant in that I presumably would be on the same channel?19:05
TJ-skomorokh: not sure it is relevant, but as you mentioned 67 and profiles, I thought it worth letting you know19:06
skomorokhTJ-: definitely, apprecaited, and I bet you're right and it's somehow entangles19:06
energizersomething is capturing my control-alt-a keybinding before it even gets to my window manager. what could it be?19:12
Jontaenergizer: How do you know something's capturing it?19:15
pirayeplease after upgrade of Ubuntu 18.04 on my old ASUS laptop, I found that the touchpad right-click does not work.19:15
pirayeplease help19:15
tomreynpiraye: what did you upgrade from and to?19:16
ioriapiraye, install gnome-tweaks19:16
pirayeok worked now19:16
pirayethanks guys for your help today ^_^19:17
skomorokhThere is an environment variable that let me start it, phew, MOZ_ALLOW_DOWNGRADE=1 if anyone else runs into it.19:18
skomorokhAnd people have. Apparently TJ- was onto something and whatever their overly complicated version detection mechanism is gets foiled by the privacy.resistFingerprinting setting. moz doesn't trust their own version numbers?19:19
Casper26lordcirth thank you that worked!!19:21
lordcirthCasper26, cool19:21
skomorokhHm, the resist fingerprinting was a red herring, apparently the package maintainers didn't get the 19.04 prefix into one or the other version number so it was possible for previous releases to have newer versions: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/brjj82/firefox_67_thinks_its_an_old_version_and_wont/eofx4m5?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x19:23
energizerJonta: i set a hook to log for that binding in my window manager, and it doesn't receive it19:24
iyanmvSo noone knows? :S20:44
iyanmv(I copy question again, just in case) Anyone knows if Qt Remote Objects is available in ubuntu repos?20:45
lordcirthiyanmv, it seems like the sort of thing that is in the main qt5 packages somewhere20:46
lordcirthiyanmv, if you know a filename, you can use "apt-file search"20:46
gallomimiasounds like something that would spend some extra time in testing at the security department20:46
Bashing-omiyanmv: Might narrow the search down as I get no return from - apt search "Qt Remote Objects" .20:47
iyanmvI guess I should find something with "apt-file search libqtremoteobjects.so"20:49
iyanmvbut I don't20:49
iyanmvIt would be quite surprising that this is not in the official repos20:50
iyanmvAlso can't find anything with "apt-file search Qt5RemoteObjectsConfig.cmake"20:56
gallomimiawhat command can i use from the terminal to have it "open" in GUI?20:58
gallomimiadon't even know what wm we are using in ubuntu 19.0420:58
gallomimiait's pretty tho20:58
=== Thargoid is now known as stwalkerster
tomreyngallomimia: the default window manager of ubuntu 19.04 is mutter, it's graphical shell is gnome-shell21:20
sloshypurged snapd and im using flatpak on ubuntu21:24
sloshyhow do you like them apples shitheads21:24
tomreynsloshy: please watch your language, and stay on topic (support Q&A here only, there are other channels), thanks.21:25
amazoniantoadokay I'm here to help people with their ubuntu computers21:31
amazoniantoadIf you need help I will be here for a little while as I am drunk21:31
amazoniantoadSo, ask away21:31
gallomimiayep. i'm struggling to understand the layout of my lv's on my volume group inside a luks container21:34
gallomimiai can't find a gui that will show me what order they're in, with any blank spaces21:35
amazoniantoadI can't help with that21:35
gallomimiayeah. it's one of those subjects one doesn't mess with whilst drunk21:35
amazoniantoadI was thinking of questions that have answers more of like, "turn it off and then on again"21:36
gallomimiamuck up one thing..... erase a drive21:36
gallomimiaah. i try not to turn it off. it doesn't always come back on ><21:36
amazoniantoadoh god21:36
gallomimiai have the finnickiest linux system ever21:36
amazoniantoadYou could try upgrading to windows 1021:36
gallomimiai have never run windows on this system21:37
amazoniantoadSo wait explain what your issue is again and I'll actually try to help21:38
gallomimiahow can i make myself a file-browser window with root permissions/21:38
amazoniantoadlike explain it21:38
gallomimiawell... i have this set of hard drives see....21:38
gallomimiathey got a raid across them. inside the mdadm container, is a luks volume21:38
gallomimiaso, crypto21:38
gallomimiaand inside that is a lvm container21:39
gallomimiaon that is a series of logical volumes... several old versions of ubuntu, home, data, server, games, and so on21:40
gallomimiai gotta change things a bit. grow some, axe some, make a new one for today's install21:40
amazoniantoadso what's the problem?21:41
gallomimiai'm really struggling to grasp how that looks using only text commands21:41
JonHanDinDoes anybody have an efficient 'self destruct' function for ubuntu? My current idea is to either srm the entire thing in an emergency or fork bomb but do you peeps have any better suggestions?21:41
gallomimiadd with /dev/random21:41
gallomimia.... why do you want to self destruct? are you playing Uplink?21:42
JonHanDingallomimia, for the purposes of not self incriminating lets just says its for fun21:43
JonHanDingallomimia, in the back of my mind its just a nice thing to know i have. Like wearing a seatbelt i guess21:43
JonHanDingallomimia, and thank you21:44
amazoniantoadsorry gallomimia i was texting someone let me read what you said21:44
gallomimiayeah. its nice to think about such things in advance21:44
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, Well depends on what level you want to self destruct but you could map a key to execute rm ...well you know the rest of the command21:45
gallomimiabut let's talk about why i would ask instead of assuming i'm prying. do you need to nuke all your files or just have the system offline itself if its under attack?21:45
amazoniantoadi don't think it's allowed to be typed in here21:45
JonHanDingallomimia, just one of those things that i never want to be in a position of wishing i had done it earlier. Dont really see a time ill use it but more just incase21:45
gallomimiai like to lean on science fiction when dreaming things up21:45
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, thats pretty much always been my idea. Just like to ask you peeps too because of your knowledge21:46
gallomimiain the Ender's Game series, the computer guy adds a modifier key to his log-off key combo that sends a message with a script21:46
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, the best thing you can do is run the rm command AND format your HDD 22 times with random data AND melt your CPU by turning off the fan and maxing it out21:46
amazoniantoadand also trying to dump your memory21:46
gallomimiayeah... depends how dead you want things21:46
JonHanDinI was thinking srm with 32 passes. Hadnt considered dumping my memory though. Which is why you people are wonderful!21:47
gallomimiaat some point you have to either trust your crypto or attempt an erase. how much time do you think you have?21:47
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, You might also want to consider running the OS on a live CD rather than installing it21:48
JonHanDingallomimia, well this is the question. The entire thing is a hypotetical. may be worth buildign a quick version and a full version21:48
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, also consider running qubesOS rather than Ubuntu for additional security21:48
tomreyngallomimia: sudo lvdisplay --maps21:49
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, I do run tails from time to time when its necessary. Wonderful os21:49
gallomimiawhat kind of thing are you doing this on? some system that you walked along to, hijacked for the use with a live-cd, and ran off? or your own home computer, where you need to remove identifying information21:49
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, qubesOS is better than tails21:49
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, never uses qubesOS - research time i think21:49
amazoniantoadthey have a room here on a freenode21:49
amazoniantoadI mean21:49
JonHanDingallomimia, for my personal machine. pretty much everything is encrypted anyway, I guess this was just a prokect idea21:50
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, I shall look it up now, thank you21:50
tomreynJonHanDin: do luks full disk encryption. that's sufficient under jurisdictions which cannot force you to decrypt if you forgot the passphrase. otherwise you can add some software which will destroy the luks header in case you enter a specific decryption key at boot.21:50
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, ever hear of a decoy OS?21:50
JonHanDintomreyn, i like the idea of destroying the header21:51
JonHanDinand amazoniantoad, no i havent.21:51
JonHanDinLots of research to be don here. As you can probably tell, im not a noob but im MILES off pro21:51
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, look up trucrypt decoy OS. veracrypt supports it still21:51
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, Thank you for that21:52
JonHanDinthanks to all of you. gonna have a wonderful eveing of research21:52
JonHanDinIs it generally accepted that LUKS is solid? i run a 40+ char key21:53
=== wymillerlinux_ is now known as wymillerlinux
tomreynit's generally considered to provide the features it is designed to provide in a sufficiently secure manner, assuming you chose one of the strong encryption methods.21:56
JonHanDintomreyn, I cant really argue with that! Thank you. - I guess for the most part this is just a small project / research opportunity21:57
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, for fun, you should install suicide linux on the machine21:57
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, Dare i even ask?21:57
amazoniantoadIt would destroy the machine if anyone accidentally typed in the wrong argument for any command at command line21:58
amazoniantoadsame thing as rm -rf /21:58
tomreynamazoniantoad: please keep it to ubuntu support here. there's ##linux for other linux distros.21:58
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, just looked it up. Perhaps, once i'm more confident in my cli ability that actually might be a good idea but i'm prone to a 1/100 error when typing commands. Perhaps that one will be shelved for now21:59
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, Thank you none the less21:59
JonHanDinAnother quick question - I run rkhunter and tiger. Anything else anyone would recommend?22:02
amazoniantoadidk what those are22:02
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, rkhunter (rootkit hunter) - tiger (system auditor)22:03
ahi2i had to go to my recovery mode and drop to root shell. Root didn't ask me for a password. Isn't that not secure?22:03
amazoniantoadJonHanDin, can I pm you22:04
JonHanDinamazoniantoad, feel free22:04
tomreynahi2: it is not a higher security risk than someone taking the hdds with themselves or copying them22:05
ahi2kind of defeats the purpose of logging in no?22:06
tomreynlogging in may be possible remotely, may enable direct access to your possibly encrypted (with an encryption key derived from the login password) home directory.22:07
tomreynahi2: if you want to protect the system against physical attacks while data is at rest, use full disk encryption22:08
ahi2i use a hard drive password22:09
tomreyn(and think about how you'll prevent evil maid attacks)22:09
tomreynOPAL then?22:09
ahi2in the bios22:09
tomreyn"in the bios" doesn't say much about how it works, or whether it's something you should rely on.22:10
ahi2when i turn the laptop on itasks me for a password. then another one in lightdm22:11
tomreynso this could just be a bios password preventing the computer from booting until a matching passphrase is entered, but not encrypting disks. or it could be OPAL, which can be ok or completely useless depending on the implementation.22:13
ahi2not encrypted. anyway i keep my data on a usb drive not on the laptop22:14
Synaptichello, any guide how to install  a bluetooth pci card  rt3290 , found many guides online but i would like to follow the official one22:14
tomreynwe're a bit off-topic here, though, since none of this is about ubuntu (except for the software full disk encryption).22:14
Synapticor maybe to know wich kernel support this hardware starting from..22:14
Synapticthank you22:14
tomreynSynaptic: the best thing you can do is try the latest !LTS release without and with !HWE and see whether it works there, also running   lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller'  | nc termbin.com 999922:17
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.22:18
Synaptic!hwe 329022:18
tomreyn!hwe | Synaptic22:21
ubottuSynaptic: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:21
tomreynfrom what i just read, it's supported since Linux 4.13. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes with Linux 4.15 by default.22:22
Synapticfor wifi maybe22:22
Synapticnot for bt22:22
tomreyndid you try?22:23
jeremy31Synaptic: I am not sure bluetooth on the rt3290 has worked since the 4.4 kernel22:24
Synapticiwill try22:24
Synapticright now im on 4.1022:24
Synaptici believe..22:24
jeremy31Synaptic: 4.10 is no longer supported22:24
tomreynthere's no suppported ubuntu release with this kernel, maybe you'Re running something else.22:25
Synapticim on deb22:25
Synapticright now22:25
Synapticbut i was wondering if updating kernel 4.19 will solve my problem22:25
Synaptici was checking the changelog for all kernel, but didnt find nothing about this 329022:25
tomreynwe only support ubuntu here, and ubuntu kernels.22:25
jeremy31Synaptic: not with rt3290 bluetooth IIRC22:25
aroonican i get unattended updates to work for things that arent secruity updates?23:56

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