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pragomera thing I often discoverd with this new icon theme: the edges (left and right side) are not straight, please have look here:08:28
pragomeris this "normal"? 08:28
pragomerand if I look closer: http://i.imgur.com/mZjB0qA.png08:29
pragomerthe lines are not accurate at all. any idea what causes this?08:29
brainwashpragomer: upscaling?08:41
pragomerthis is the default look. sorry for my not-so-good english, but what do you mean by "upscaling"? dpi? it is set to defaults08:45
brainwashmy guess would be that the icons are scaled up, but poorly08:47
bluesabrethat's actually how the icons look as SVGs at their native size... It's just a bad angle that doesn't translate well to pixels10:21

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