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pragomerhow can I check out 4.14pre1 on xubuntu?08:31
pragomeris the best way the "staging" ppa ?08:32
Unit193For disco, yeah.08:34
Unit193eoan already has it.08:35
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pmjdebruijnI noticed colord integration, xubuntu 20.20 will be awesome :)11:22
qwebirc54298I'm trying to change my DNS on Ubuntu 18.04 editing resolv.conf but not working15:19
diogenes_qwebirc54298, it's not gonna work like that since resolv.conf is just a symlink.15:20
qwebirc54298is there a way to change dns ? the network gui is not working as well15:20
diogenes_there is a way via dnsmasq, at least it used to work in the past.15:21
qwebirc54298When I add the dns in the "edit connections" gui it doesn't work15:21
M_aDqwebirc54298: you do realize you are in the xubuntu channel and not ubuntu...? :) also try to check askubuntu.com for answers15:32
xubuntu46dI have a 13" Dell XPS.  Xubuntu 19.04 did not re ognize it is HiDPI.  Xrdb shows 96dpi.  How can I cange it to 192 dpi?17:57

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