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faLUCEhello. touchpad on my dell inspiron mini is not working properly. More precisely, lubuntu sees the lower part of the touchpad (where there are the two buttons) like the remaining part, so it mixes buttons and mouse movement... how can I fix that?17:04
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @faLUCE [<faLUCE> hello. touchpad on my dell inspiron mini is not working properly. More …], Umm. That's wierd. Which lubuntu version?17:09
faLUCEthe version is 18.1017:56
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @faLUCE [<faLUCE> the version is 18.10], Ohh. I don't have much idea. Wait someone here will respond soon.18:11
lubot<HMollerCl> Test with 19.0418:59
wxl@faLUCE: you should try using libinput (or less preferably synaptics) to try to tweak it to make it behave well19:03
bobishcoming over from another mini-ish distro, lubuntu is missing some of the most basic things - i.e. drag-n-drop from ark, WTF?19:10
wxlbobish: so you're saying ark behaves differently in other distros?19:11
bobishI am saying i can drag-n-drop in ##place-name-here## distro from an archive manager to either a) said file manager they use OR b) the desktop19:13
wxlso then, your complaint is not about the distro but about the software contained therein19:14
wxlhave you tried 19.04?19:14
wxlor well, maybe you are on 19.0419:15
bobishhere is the deal - there are untold number of "linux distros" (i understand distro is not the correct term but the VAST majority of people would go with that term). there HAS to be some unity between them, if you can't even get Drag'n'drop down - dont be a "distro"19:16
wxli would call that expectation not entirely unreasonable just not particularly realistic19:18
bobishagain, i understand they dont make the shell of the desktop - it is not a kick to the creators of the distro19:18
bobishwell - maybe it is, get the DND in your distro - there are literally no more resources it would take and it is completely expected in any desktop in place today19:19
wxlthis is not a decision for the distro, but for ark itself19:20
bobishark would not be in charge of the actual DND action19:20
wxlwere that to be true, then it would be a quetion for the file manager. still not the distro.19:21
bobishthat is an interaction between the "desktop" and the package manager19:21
wxlyep, it's a file manager "problem" https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39359419:22
ubottuKDE bug 393594 in general "Drag file from compressed archive to other applications does not work" [Normal,Unconfirmed]19:22
wxla rather annoying one in that they would have to write specific code just for ark19:22
wxlthe desktop is manager by the file manager in our case, by the way19:23
bobish"other applications". this is exactly the reason why "open source" does not work in the general public.19:24
bobishpeople expect things to work19:24
bobishwhen they dont, they expect them to be fixed19:24
bobishand when they are not fixed, they leave19:24
wxlyes, like with windows being riddled with viruses19:24
bobishi hate that argument, so if linux were controlling 97% of consumer desktops, you dont think there would be linux viruses?19:25
wxlit's plausibe19:26
bobishbe better wxl19:26
wxli mean there's also the consideration that the code is open source so it's actually easier to write malware for19:26
wxland since the vast majority of servers are linux, it would seem these would be much better targets for the likes of botnets19:26
bobishi dont play that game, i play the game of it is the most used and more people would target it. if you can find holes in closed systems of course you could find holes in open systems19:27
wxlyou can more easily find holes in open systems19:27
bobishBUT COME on, fine i will even concede that it is "ark" that is the problem19:29
bobishthe problem is not the distro, it the "problem"19:29
wxlwell, it's arguably either ark or pcmanfm-qt19:29
bobishthen frickin put in a package manager that supports DND....19:29
wxli'm still digging on that one.. seems like there's some general weirdness when viewed from a larger perspective19:29
bobishmint has it down it is just too heavy for this laptop19:30
wxlfor example engrandpa can't handle anything but gtk file managers https://github.com/lxqt/pcmanfm-qt/issues/48819:30
wxlmint with lxqt and ark?19:31
bobishi HATE when people say its not the distros fault19:31
bobishof course it is19:31
bobishYOU put the software in it19:31
bobishso YES19:31
bobishthere are better ways to do it19:31
bobishbut you decided - for watever the reasons - to not do it19:32
wxlyou should take your own advice about being better19:32
wxlno one on the lubuntu team decided "we're going to screw the users out of DND from the archiver"19:32
bobishif lubuntu does not package a different manager for one reason or another - then that should be said19:32
bobishno i understand that wxl19:32
bobishbut there are certain things that people have become accustom to right?19:33
wxlsome people have some expectations and others have different expectations19:33
bobishDND is kinda one of those things19:33
wxlthere are no standards as i implied earlier19:33
bobishand as i said earlier - this why why the general linux platform has never taken off - and its people like who who push down those standards19:34
wxlyour point being?19:35
bobishbe better19:35
bobishlike i said19:35
wxlok, thanks19:35
wxlanything else?19:35
bobishthere are other solutions, but you decide not to give those solutions as standard19:35
bobishnoy *you*19:35
bobishbut in general19:36
wxlso maybe you should make a bug report against the world in general XD19:36
lynorianI honestly have seen people having great trouble drag and dropping for the menu and I think drag and drop is a bad expirence in general on a touchpad19:36
wxlhaven't seen a single bug report on the subject, which certainly makes it hard to be aware of and fix19:37
bobishcome on, DND from the menu? i guess a 13 year old might have that issue. but DND to the desktop has been a thing since the earliest versions of windowed operating systems19:39
wxli'm referring to this "great trouble drag and dropping from the menu"19:39
wxlnot to mention the separate "drag and drop is a bad experience in general on a touchpad"19:39
wxlif there is a reproducible problem, write a bug report and it will get attention19:40
wxlbut it's unreasonable to assume that because you have a problem, that everyone or anyone else is aware of it19:40
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robott5656hi, i'm trying to set up a printer. it's connected to my network on a reserved ip. i set it up a network printer using the lpr protocol, tried printing a test page, but it's stalled as "processing." Any advice? I know lpr is an old protocol.21:26
wxlfirst off, printers suck XD21:29
wxlsecond: can you ping the ip from your machine?21:30
robott5656yeah, it's the ONE thing i really don't like about linux...printers are always a pain in the ass21:30
robott5656wxl, hold on, i'll try21:30
robott5656ping works21:31
kc2bezPrinters are awful in any OS21:33
robott5656it's hp photosmart 551021:33
robott5656i can try a different protocol than lpr. i just thought since it's an open source protocol, i would be the simplest to set up21:34
wxlok try telnetting to port 51521:34
robott5656wxl, i've never done that...what's the command?21:36
wxltelnet ip 51521:36
wxlwhere ip is your ip address21:36
wxlyou know i have a photosmart d110 hooked up and it seems to be using hp:/net21:36
robott5656connection refused21:37
wxlok so that means one of three things:21:37
wxl 1. you have a firewall prohibiting you from going out on that port21:37
wxl 2. the printer has a firewall prohibiting something from coming in on that port21:37
wxl 3. and/or the printer doesn't support lpr, which works on that port21:38
robott5656probably the router...i can port forward it though21:38
robott5656never would have suspected that21:38
wxlhave you tried visiting the ip in a web page?21:38
robott5656wow i just did and got the hp photosmart set up page21:39
wxlphotosmarts should serve their own web page so that will often help21:39
wxlok that probably rules out router issues unless you've speciically filtering out particular ports21:39
robott5656well i can always fall back to opening the port now that i know what lpr listens on21:40
robott5656i'll play around with things for a while and update you later21:41
robott5656thanks for your help21:41
wxlno problem. good luck21:41

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