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lubot<ItzSwirlz> Hello01:02
lubot<ItzSwirlz> I dont run Lubuntu but im internet friends and I work with Simon and I would like to see what pops here in the Lubuntu telegram01:02
lubot<ItzSwirlz> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/au89RAY.jpg Night guys01:27
MrCrackPoti found this issue https://github.com/lxqt/qterminal/issues/103 but the fix isnt working for me has there been any updates ??04:06
MrCrackPotits ok i removed it completely seems its not possible.04:16
lubot<ShiBonCip> ping09:50
lubot<ShiBonCip> is lubuntu supporting for wireless mouse indicator?09:51
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_jaggedHello, has anybody had trouble using Allegro5 audio with Lubuntu?11:57
_jaggedI ask here because I'm thinking it's an lxqt thing11:57
_jaggedBecause, as seemingly always, it's only me who has this problem11:58
guiverc_jagged, fyi: i've never used allegro audio, but looking at what it is I'd suspect other places in the software stack more than de(lxqt) - but this is guess12:18
apt-ghettoAnd please don't forget to describe the problem12:19
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_jaggedThanks for the reply guiverc2, to be honest I only asked here out of frustration from Googling/debugging and a few glasses of red.13:12
_jaggedI'm thinking it's ALSA or something like that.13:12
_jaggedDamn.. IRC huh13:12
_jaggedCan't believe how many people still use this..13:12
_jaggedThis shit used to be Facebook, twitter and tinder all in one13:13
apt-ghetto!language | _jagged13:14
ubottu_jagged: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:14
_jaggedNow it's spitting language warnings at me13:14
_jaggedI've been fined for violating the verbal morality statute13:15
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @apt-ghetto [<apt-ghetto> !language | _jagged], I was about to do that. XD13:16
apt-ghettoMaybe it does not work from telegram13:16
_jaggedOk, so this is not mIRC circa '9913:16
_jaggedI'll be carefu... asl?13:17
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @_jagged [<_jagged> Now it's spitting language warnings at me], And it's not "it" It's @aptghetto: XD13:17
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @_jagged [<_jagged> Ok, so this is not mIRC circa '99], This IRC channel is bridged to the telegram channel and vice versa.13:18
n-iCeIs lubuntu actually lightweight than xubuntu?16:36
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @n-iCe [<n-iCe> Hello], Namaste!16:36
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @n-iCe [<n-iCe> Is lubuntu actually lightweight than xubuntu?], Yup! It is.16:36
n-iCeI'm tempted on try it16:37
n-iCenow lxde is gone16:37
n-iCeshould I make the jump? of course clean install16:37
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> we have lxqt form 18.10 onwards.16:37
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @n-iCe [<n-iCe> should I make the jump? of course clean install], Yup! you should.16:37
wxlthough 18.10 is dead, so get 19.0416:38
wxland yes, do it16:38
n-iCehi wxl !16:38
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> though 18.10 is dead, so get 19.04], RIP 18.1016:38
n-iCeyeah, I'm in an old version16:38
n-iCeLet me download it16:38
n-iCeLubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) Released!16:38
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> wxl: check dev channel plox!!16:39
n-iCeoh 32bits was removed16:40
lubot<teward001> wxl checks all his pings, no need to crossping ;)16:40
lubot<teward001> ... though I just annoy wxl until he does stuff lol @The_LoudSpeaker16:40
lubot<teward001> n-iCe yes, 19.04 32bit ISOs were removed16:40
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @teward001 [... though I just annoy wxl until he does stuff lol @The_LoudSpeaker], XD16:40
lubot<teward001> you need to install 18.04 and do upgrades to newer releases in-place to still get 32bit Lubuntu installations16:40
lubot<teward001> though that will only work for a limited amount of time (and I think you can only get 19.04 with that?)16:41
wxlsomething like that16:41
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> 32 bit support should have ended on an LTS release. 19.04 will aslo die soon.16:41
n-iCebut my old laptop has 32bits16:43
apt-ghettoThen you can choose between Xubuntu or Lubuntu 18.04, which are both supported until april 202116:45
apt-ghettoAnd you can consider Xubuntu a bit better supported16:45
wxljust because XFCE isn't dead upstream like LXDE :/16:46
wxlbut in general in the Ubuntu world, 32 bit should not be considered well supported16:46
n-iCewhat about Debian16:48
wxli've heard there has been some rumbling about dropping it but nothing serious16:49
wxlthey have pretty good support for old useless equipment XD16:50
n-iCeis debian that bad?16:50
The_LoudSpeakerActually in a sense, its good. For old systems.16:51
wxldebian isn't bad at all!16:51
wxl*at all*16:51
wxlit's very good16:51
wxlit's really what ubuntu is based on16:51
wxlwe just put a much more friendly face on it16:51
wxlbut they do a lot of support of old things that we don't16:52
wxlso just to clarify: Debian = good; old hardware = bad16:52
n-iCeI see16:55
apt-ghettoLXDE in Debian come from the same dead upstream, I suppose16:55
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dabblerdudeHello, I have an issue on Lubuntu. I plugged in my phone to my laptop and was able to view images on there, but when I transferred some images to the desktop and tried to view them, they were unable to be viewed.20:49
dabblerdudeSame with videos as well.20:50
wxlwhat happens?20:50
dabblerdudewxl: I don't know. I'll share a pastebin link with some pictures explaining the problem.20:52
dabblerdudeOk, here's the link.21:53
dabblerdudeI decided to use an imgur link instead.21:53
wxlinteresting. you're on 18.04?21:54
wxllook at the file size21:55
wxlit's much smaller21:55
wxli bet you made a shortcut rather than actually copying/moving the file21:55
wxlif the shortcut pointed back to the phone but the phone was disconnected, then it would just consider it as a standard file and then it would complain21:56
wxlalso: i really urge you to use 19.04 and not 18.04.21:56
dabblerdudeI just dragged the file from the camera to the desktop; how would that reduce the file size?21:58
wxlit wouldn't21:58
wxlbut it might make a shortcut21:58
dabblerdudeI'm using 18.04 LTS because I'm gonna sell this laptop of mine, and I don't want whoever buys it to update the system every 6 months.21:59
dabblerdudeIt would be better if the customer updates it every 3 years, as that's how long a Ubuntu derivative LTS release lasts.21:59
dabblerdudenoizk Hi.22:00
noizkHi. Touchpad click is not working (I'm using Lubuntu 19.04) any idea how to fix it?22:01
lubot<ItzSwirlz> Try restarting22:01
lubot<ItzSwirlz> Always happens with school laptops22:01
noizkI already did22:02
wxl18.04 will become basically obsolete in 202122:02
lubot<ItzSwirlz> uh22:02
wxlit uses LXDE which is essentially upstream22:02
wxlessentially dead i mean22:03
lubot<ItzSwirlz> Try installing applications that work with the computer brand like Dell or touchpad software22:03
lubot<ItzSwirlz> If not, you might have to reinstall22:03
wxleven Fedora's kind of dropping it22:03
noizklet me see something22:03
wxlthe transition between LXDE and what we've used since 18.04 (LXQt) is not a simple one. you'd be way better off putting on 19.04 if you want less headaches22:03
wxlalso: confirmed that by default pcman in 18.04 makes shortcuts when you DND22:04
wxlhold down control while DND to get a copy22:04
wxlalso: LTS means old software and that's not always a plus for a customer22:04
wxlnoizk: it's not work AT ALL?22:05
noizkHey beautiful people, in gnome and mate there is some workarounds in the "Setting -> Touchpad" is there something like it in 19.04?22:05
dabblerdudeSo in the long run, is it better to put non-LTS release on this PC if I'm selling it?22:06
dabblerdudeWith LTS releases, they're more stable.22:06
noizktouchpad is working beautifully, amazingly, it's so much better than on Ubuntu or Xubuntu but no touchpad click22:06
wxldabblerdude: LTS is not necessarily more stable. in our case, LXDE is dead upstream. LXQt is heavily developed. that said, LXQt (non-LTS currently) is way more stable22:07
wxldabblerdude: also i find in general that having old software is NOT usually beneficial22:07
wxlnoizk: what do you mean by touchpad click? you mean tap to click?22:07
noizkwxl yes sir22:08
dabblerdudewxl: So do you recommend, for selling PCs, non-LTS releases because they're more stable?22:08
noizkohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's working22:08
wxldabblerdude: i don't recommend 18.04 to anyone unless they're on 32 bit. that's it.22:08
noizkI had to enable the first option22:08
dabblerdudewxl: I'm talking about for selling PCs with Ubuntu on them.22:09
dabblerdudewxl: LTS or non-LTS for the better choice?22:09
wxldabblerdude: for Ubuntu proper, it depends. still, though, it necessarily means old software. and that sucks. upgrading is easy. this isn't windows.22:09
dabblerdudewxl: Yeah, I was wondering why Microsoft's OS' go up to 10+ years of support compared to Ubuntu which is 5 years for an LTS release.22:10
dabblerdudeOr 6 months for the non-LTS ones.22:11
wxldabblerdude: because they have to figure out some way to justify charging you an arm and a leg.22:11
noizkThere is something I don't understand: Every time I tried using IRC before I had to register my user name. Now here with Lubuntu bundled client it just works. What magic is this?22:12
wxlthere are certain things that will require you to register22:12
wxlchannels sometimes set modes that require it22:12
wxlours doesn't22:12
wxlbut it has in the past when spam has been craszy22:13
noizkwhen I was 13 and 14 I spent every day on IRC22:13
noizkI forgot about everything22:13
noizk"/away" I used to do this before I sleep22:14
dabblerdudewxl: It's easier to upgrade on Ubuntu?22:15
dabblerdudeThat's nice.22:15
noizkIf I remember correctly there wille a new version of 19.10 this year22:16
noizkor january 2020.22:16
noizkJust type sudo apt-get upgrade I think22:16
dabblerdudeI have been using Ubuntu for a while, and I have some residual parts of using Windows in my mind.22:19
dabblerdudeSo I got to remember the differences between the two.22:19
noizkI use Linux for 1.5 year and I'm still dumb, newbie and I forget things all the time22:20
noizkIf I was introduced to Linux when I was 12 or 13 I would remember things better now. It's normal22:20
noizkI'm having aliasing issues and even though I fixed compton conf about 4 months ago I don't remember how to do it22:21
dabblerdudewxl: Btw, you make a good point about the old software. That is an issue that the customer could charge me for.22:22
dabblerdudeI thought the non-LTS releases were less stable and more buggy.22:22
noizkwxl is there anything I can do in compton conf to improve tearing?22:22
dabblerdudeSo I just copied and pasted some pictures from my phone onto the desktop, and they were able to be viewed.22:33
dabblerdudeFor some weird reason, if I drag them onto the desktop and view them from there, they can't be viewed.22:34
noizkhttps://github.com/yshui/compton is there any way I can copy this git and install using the terminal?22:37
wxldabblerdude: LTS releases can be considered as more stable....... because they have old software. there's less of a chance of putting in cutting edge stuff. but we (Lubuntu) don't tend to do that anyways. Ubuntu often makes huge sweeping changes.22:40
wxlnoizk: i'm not the graphics expert. i just live with the default, really. but i would expect that you'd have more luck with the graphics driver.22:41
wxldabblerdude: if you ctrl-drag it will work22:41
wxl(i said this before)22:41
dabblerdudewxl: I looked through the chat and didn't see you mention using ctrl-drag.22:43
wxlnoizk: i wouldn't recommend using that considering it's a development branch. instead, if you see something useful, i would suggest you urge the developers to send a pull request upstream.22:44
wxl1504 < wxl:#lubuntu> also: confirmed that by default pcman in 18.04 makes shortcuts when you DND22:45
wxl1504 < wxl:#lubuntu> hold down control while DND to get a copy22:45
dabblerdudewxl: So the PC that I'm trying to sell is a Dell Latitude D520, it currently has a Core Duo CPU in it, 2GB of RAM, and I can't get any version above 18.04 because the future versions are 64-bit only.22:45
dabblerdudeIt can run YouTube videos at decent quality and can navigate the web well.22:46
noizkwxl: I found a very interesting 6.2-0york0~18.04 build uploaded in launchpad.net22:46
noizkI'm going to restart. Let's see if ot works22:46
wxldabblerdude: it's not a 32-bit only computer22:50
dabblerdudeYeah, I could upgrade the CPU in that to a Core 2 Duo.22:51
noizkReboot complete22:51
wxlit had one by default22:51
dabblerdudeCore Duos are 32-bit only whereas the Core 2s support 64 bit.22:51
wxlfrom what i can see, it was a core 2 by default22:52
wxlhttps://ark.intel.com/content/www/id/id/ark/products/27253/intel-core-2-duo-processor-t5500-2m-cache-1-66-ghz-667-mhz-fsb.html to be specific22:52
noizkNo more tearing wxl22:52
wxlenglish https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/27253/intel-core-2-duo-processor-t5500-2m-cache-1-66-ghz-667-mhz-fsb.html22:52
noizkI need to tell devs the https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/compton/+build/16640099 build is sexy22:52
noizkHow do I tell them?22:52
wxlmight want to `lscpu` that thing22:53
wxlif it's got the `lm` flag, it's 64 capable22:53
wxlnoizk: https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf22:54
wxlI am not an Ubuntu or Debian developer or maintainer. I offer no warranty for any of these packages. These are created for my own systems22:54
wxlthat's what he says22:55
wxli would NOT be using that casually22:55
noizkI see22:55
wxlplus he only supports bionic, i.e. 18.0422:55
wxlso not even sure how it worked on 19.04. it shouldn't have even installed.22:55
dabblerdudeWait, I'm running 18.04 right now.22:55
noizkIt would be interesting if Lubuntu devs could compile that latest compton github I sent you earlier22:55
dabblerdudeOop, my mistake.22:56
wxlas a Lubuntu Developer, i can tell you: no way.22:56
noizkwhy not?22:56
wxlit's a development branch22:56
noizkI see22:56
wxlit would be like shipping a prototype car22:56
wxli mean sure it comes with lots of neat features22:56
wxlbut when it blows up in someone's face, you've got a problem22:56
noizkWell I should have done this because that build was made for 18.04 but it ws working22:56
noizk I meant I should have done22:57
wxlyou should also know something else: no one except that guy will provide you support with those packages22:57
noizkI wish I could compile myself that development git but I would mess something up anyway22:59
noizkbtw Lubuntu is fast now, tearing free23:00
noizkIt's going to be my distro for the next 4 years23:00
wxlyou could23:00
wxlbut compilation is not necessarily a beginner sport23:00
noizkone day I'll be good at it though23:01
wxltry doing linux from scratch23:01
wxlseriously, you'll learn so much23:02
noizkI tried last year23:02
noizkI almost cried for 2 hours after breaking my system lol23:02
wxldo it in a virtual machine23:02
noizkGood idea. I'm going to do this next month or during Christmas23:02
wxlwith virtual machines you can take snapshots and if you break something, revert back to them23:02
wxli may revert my thinking about this fork of compton but it needs further investigation23:04
noizkperhaps it has nothing to do with the new version because I did a reboot23:05
noizkhowever I killed compton and restarted before23:06
wxlupstream *is* looking unmaintained23:06
wxlplus i see that the fork is providing actual releases, which is a good thing23:06
wxlif i can get a sense of the stability, that would help a lot23:06
wxlwhen they say "development branch" that really makes me concerned23:06
noizkfor what I read the fork is the new thing since the original project is half-dead23:07
wxlthat graph above kind of suggests as such23:07
wxlthere are 21 pull requests.. oldest is from 2013.. last commit at all from 201723:08
noizkif the fork becomes stable do you believe it's going to be ok ?23:08
dabblerdudewxl: There were different versions of the D520 that had either a Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, or Celeron CPU by default.23:08
wxldabblerdude: IC :/23:09
wxlnoizk: yes23:09
dabblerdudewxl: I'll put in a Core 2 in there.23:11
dabblerdudeThe chipset supports that.23:11
dabblerdudewxl: Sorry if I annoyed you, I just saw that you posted that emoji there.23:14
noizkpoor wxl heping two newbies today23:14
noizkLet's give him a rest :)23:15
wxlsorry i'm at work so i come and go23:54
jugaadis there any gui way to change opengl settings ?23:55
jugaadi have installed e17 desktop using cmd- sudo apt install e17 , installation was done, while switching to the e17 desktop and setting it up, i get only blank screen with a cursor that's it.23:57

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