RikMillssanta_: git repos and metadata updated to include kirigami-gallery and kipi-plugins10:30
BluesKajHi folks11:29
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santa_good afternoon everyone16:30
santa_RikMills: thanks for the metadata update16:31
santa_RikMills: regarding akonadi with mariadb case, I was waiting to test a number of things and give you a full report, but since mysql version which works is gone, I would say go ahead with the switch16:32
santa_I have been reading a bit about MySQL/MariaDB, and checked that, indeed neon and debian switched to mariadb, also the person who did the switch is also involved in the kdepim upstream development, so I hope this time they know what they are doing16:33
RikMillssanta_: thanks. I do that in a bit then16:34
santa_I could reproduce the issue with new MySQL exactly in the way you said, it seems akonadi fails to start the MySQL thing according to the logs16:35
santa_I haven't figured out why though16:35
santa_RikMills: just for the record I haven't tested anything with MariaDB yet, but I plan to do so before this cycle ends16:38
santa_hmm, and we have a new plasma version16:38
RikMillsgood. as I don't use it, testing with any type of real world db is hard for me16:38
RikMillsplasma is building in staging16:39
santa_no prob, I use it myself, but only @ LTS16:39
santa_no problem in doing some testing with VM's16:39
RikMillsif plasma builds ok, I'll upload to Eoan later16:39
RikMillsfinal bugfix release should be straight forward16:40
santa_ok, nice time to do a test rebuild of everything again16:40
* RikMills nods16:40
santa_since you are here, there's a small change in KA I wanted to discuss with you16:41
RikMillsapps 19.08.1 is also building in ppa16:41
santa_the thing is, for a long time we had a slightly shoddy thing in KA which I never had time to fix til now16:41
santa_it has an embedded map which changes "dinamically"16:42
santa_which is an utter disrespect for the design priciples of the new tooling XD16:42
santa_so I'm going to push something to ka-metadata and explain that something, are you ok with that? do you have any pending unpushed work for ka-metadata?16:43
RikMillsnope. all push for now16:44
santa_ok, let me push then16:44
santa_ok, in the master branch there should be an ubuntu-release-info.json16:46
santa_this file would contain in the future that map, so it won't be hardcoded anymore AND16:47
santa_another map with special values16:47
santa_so this way we would be able to have something like kubuntu_:ubuntu-devel:_archive for the default branch16:48
RikMillsok. so change there only16:48
santa_I didn't make the code changes yet, because I wanted to know if you have any criricism to make about this move16:48
santa_yeah, the idea is changing the json file only16:49
santa_so this way it won't be needed to make a point release each and everytime there is a new ubuntu version16:50
RikMillsI don't think so. one config file change vs having to grep all ka to find stuff to change seems sensible16:50
santa_ok, whenever I can I will make the code changes for 2.3, if anything wrong we can always revert the thing16:51
RikMillsok :)16:51

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