pavlushkaKilos: o/16:45
Kilospavlushka o/16:46
Kilosvery busy today, repairing electric fence all day16:47
Kilosexpecting another breakin soon. last one was 2 weeks ago16:47
pavlushkaKilos: oh, I was about to ask you about your online business but ok you are busy offline :)16:47
pavlushkaKilos: I fixed a fan today16:48
Kiloswhat online business lad??16:48
Kiloswell done16:48
pavlushkaKilos: your things, community tasks and others16:48
Kilosi do very little online , the whole community has gone very quiet16:49
Kilosyou saw what mark said16:49
pavlushkaKilos: yep16:56
Kilosi installed 18.04.1 and have had no problems16:57
Kilosi waitied for the .1 16:57
Kiloskde of course lol16:57
Kilosare you well lad?16:58
pavlushkaKilos: yep I am ok, just doing something17:54
pavlushkaKilos: so your system is now works smooth?17:54

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