alkisgty mwhudson :)04:08
cpaelzerrbasak: sil2100: is there a good way to bring https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haproxy/+bug/1841936 to the SRU team for an evaluation and decision?08:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1841936 in haproxy (Ubuntu Bionic) "Rebuild haproxy with openssl 1.1.1 will change features (bionic)" [Medium,Triaged]08:01
cpaelzerIt would be a no-change rebuilt, so there is no actual debdiff content to review in this case08:01
cpaelzermore the implications it will have as outlined in the SRU template08:01
cpaelzerI can upload a rebuild, but taking this as a precedent I wondered if there are other ways to get things onto your queues?08:03
oysteinsDoes anyone know in which package the text for unlocking a LUKS partition is (the "Please unlock [partition]" text that appears on boot)?08:09
oysteinsSomeone suggested cryptsetup-initramfs, but it's not on Launchpad, and the text isn't in the cryptsetup package either.08:09
RAOFcpaelzer: Uploading a no-change rebuild (with bug link in the changelog) is a perfectly fine way of getting it on our queue.08:11
oysteinsFaux: Wow, thanks. :-)08:13
cpaelzerok RAOF, thanks08:24
oysteinsThe weirdest thing; there's no string "Please enter passphrase for disk %s:" in cryptsetup, cryptsetup-luks or systemd on translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/eoan08:25
cpaelzeroysteins: could it be https://codesearch.debian.net/show?file=cryptsetup_2%3A2.2.0-3%2Fdebian%2Finitramfs%2Fcryptroot-unlock&line=18408:26
cpaelzerbut you sid it isn't cryptsetup .. hmmm08:27
oysteinsHm, no package called cryptroot on Launchpad. There is a package called cryptsetup-initramfs in Ubuntu repos, though.08:29
rbasakcpaelzer: I've added it to a list for discussion08:50
RAOFoysteins: that's in the cryptsetup source package08:50
rbalintRAOF, could you please check this hint for systemd? https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/britney/autopkgtest-eoan-hints/+merge/37218109:00
RAOFHm. We don't still need the ppc64el hint for the old version, right?09:02
RAOFWhen's the next upload (mentioned as “this hint will be made unnecessary by the next upload”)09:04
rbalintRAOF, in a few days hopefully, but i'd like to have this migrated without a rebuild because it triggers a lot of tests and rebuilding it would pick up new glibc09:06
RAOFSure. I'm not at a computer right now, so I can't actually merge it, but that seems sane.09:07
rbalintRAOF, also the old version is gone from the archive09:09
RAOFRight, so you can clean up the badtest line by removing the reference to the old version?09:09
rbalintRAOF, could you please merge it later today or i should ping other AAs?09:10
rbalintRAOF, exactly09:10
cjwatsonLaney: Huh, so I figured out what's going wrong with the image build failures from yesterday - iptables in eoan is now effectively nftables, iptables-legacy is there for the older kernel interface, and it all gets a bit confusing when you run the newer version in a container when the host system already has rules set up using the older version.  Trying to work out the exact constraints ...09:16
cjwatsontobikoch: ^- FYI this is what you were asking about the other day09:17
RAOFrbalint: I can merge it later, before my 9pm meeting 😀09:39
RAOFrbalint: actually… now that I look at it again, will that actually mark the test as bad? You've dropped the `force-badtest` directive from the start of the line.09:41
Laneycjwatson: Huh indeed09:48
Laneyso I guess it's trying to talk nftables to an iptables-using kernel, which isn't going to work AIUI09:48
cjwatsonMight be kernel version, might be confusion with existing rules09:52
cjwatsonTrying to narrow that down with a small pile of VMs on Canonistack at the moment :)09:52
cjwatsonIt doesn't seem to *completely* fail to talk nftables - it seems to add the rule, but in a slightly weird way, and then indeed it can't remove it again09:53
LaneyI wonder if it'll work, even if you do manage to wangle it so that the rule can be inserted & deleted properly (it was my understanding that you can't mix them, BICBW)09:58
cjwatsonEven in that case I still want to work out exactly how to detect the situation from livecd-rootfs10:00
RAOFrbalint: Bah, also, I can't actually merge it - you're after a release team member, not an AA. Oops!10:35
rbalintRAOF, i fixed the the line now10:45
rbalintRAOF, ah, i thought you wear that hat, too, thanks for the review then10:45
rbalintsil2100, Laney: could you please check this hint for systemd? https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/britney/autopkgtest-eoan-hints/+merge/37218110:46
cjwatsonOn bionic and disco kernels, iptables at least inserts the rule into just the OUTPUT chain rather than all chains in the nat table.  Still can't delete it though10:50
cjwatson(Also, on >=bionic kernels, the redirect rule actually works; on xenial it doesn't)11:16
sil2100rbalint: looking in a moment11:47
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ahasenackcpaelzer: are you uploading rafaeldtinoco's ocfs2-tools?12:22
cpaelzerahasenack: I haven't checked mails for a while12:31
cpaelzerahasenack: if he said "please do so then I will"12:31
cpaelzerok seeing the MP update12:31
cpaelzeryes I'll do the sponsoring12:31
ahasenackrbasak: the php7.3 excuses page is live, since yesterday's fix for the universe dependencies12:40
ahasenackrbasak: but it's showing tests results from early august12:40
ahasenackrbasak: they used mysql 5.7, not 8. A few red ones used mysql-812:40
Skuggenahasenack: Where is that page (I might have input for mysql)?12:45
ahasenackSkuggen: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#php7.312:45
ahasenackmy question is why the tests were apparently run before php7.3 was ready. It was showing "not considered" due to missing dependencies, but that was only fixed yesterday, and the test timestamps that suddently showed up are from weeks ago12:46
SkuggenOh, I had that page up, maybe I just misunderstood the issue12:47
rafaeldtinococpaelzer: ahasenack: tks12:57
ddstreetLaney thnx for autopkgtest-cloud mojo branch link, i had been using master branch, i'll give that one a try deploying :)13:18
rbasakahasenack: I believe the algorithm is that it initially looks for autopkgtest results that match its criteria, and only if they aren't present does it request new runs.13:18
rbasakahasenack: so the logic probably just thinks that the historical results are acceptable.13:18
ahasenackrbasak: well, those greens cannot be trusted13:19
ahasenackrbasak: the log from early august does show 7.3.8 was used, which is what was uploaded13:20
rbasakahasenack: I believe that if we manually rerun tests, the new ones will be picked up instead.13:20
ahasenackso the tests ran before the deps check was resolved13:20
rbasakProviding the triggers are correct.13:20
ahasenackrbasak: my surprise is that there shouldn't have been "historical results" for 7.3.8, given it had that universe dependency issue we uncovered yesterday13:23
ahasenacklooks like the tests are run before, and that check just hides them if it fails13:24
rbasakahasenack: I think it's understood that the current infrastructure doesn't really ensure that tests are run with the correct combination of packages but only an approximation13:26
ahasenackrbasak: I think all tests need to be re-run. If only those red ones are fixed, it might migrate without having been exposed to mysql-813:27
rbasakahasenack: that sounds right13:27
ddstreetsil2100 hey, minor point re: the new 'autopkgtest regression report' emails, the proposed-migration url link is line-wrapped, making it not clickable, e.g. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-sponsors/2019-September/063139.html13:35
Laneyddstreet: looks like that's done by pipermail? https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-utils/+bug/1836593/comments/4 seems ok to me13:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1836593 in cloud-utils (Ubuntu) "race condition in dep8 test" [Medium,Confirmed]13:37
ddstreetLaney ah well that's annoying then, wonder if pipermail has an option to not do that13:37
ddstreetLaney if pipermail is just the archiver, then it's earlier than that i think, as it's line-wrapped in my inbox13:39
Laneycould be13:39
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rcjcjwatson: I was out yesterday but I'm reading the backlog on the iptables issues in eoan builds.  Looks like the magic-proxy isn't working at all on eoan (based on 0-byte logs) while only i386 fails due to the rule removal failure.  Are you still chasing this down in the builders?13:47
rcjLaney: I was out but I see that your livecd-rootfs change causes our builds to fail now for cloud-images because the variable is unset outside the preseeda and we're running with 'set -u'13:48
Laneyah man13:49
LaneyI ran the autopkgtests, guess there isn't one for this case13:49
rcjI guess not :-/13:49
cjwatsonrcj: I'm still chasing it down, yes.  Almost done13:50
cjwatsonrcj: (none of it is a problem with the builders, incidentally - it's all to do with iptables, although one part of it can sensibly be handled in livecd-rootfs IMO)13:50
rcjcjwatson: thank you.  I was worried that you had to put in code to download 0-byte files and you said the magic-proxy log was empty, but it was hard to know what was going on without logs from failed builds (which aren't so helpful anyhow)13:51
cjwatsonYeah, it's empty and that is indeed a problem.  I only worked around it because the failure mode was excessively obscure13:51
cjwatsonrcj: There are two problems: one is that livecd-rootfs needs to run iptables-legacy on old kernels; the other is https://bugs.debian.org/939336 which I just filed13:52
ubottuDebian bug 939336 in iptables "iptables: fails to delete rules when running 32-bit userspace on 64-bit kernel" [Normal,Open]13:52
cjwatsonrcj: The workaround for the first part will avoid the second for now though13:52
Laneyrcj: https://paste.debian.net/1098560/ ?13:53
rcjLaney: that works13:54
Laneyok, I pushed that13:54
Laneythanks for the heads up13:54
rcjLaney: thank you13:54
rcjLaney: we'll add a task to get the tests updated13:55
rcjcjwatson: I'm trying to decide if we should check something in livecd-rootfs to decide which to use or use iptables-legacy unconditionally as builders are the intended environment.14:02
cjwatsonrcj: I think a kernel version test is closer to being correct, and that's what I'm testing at the moment14:02
cjwatsonrcj: Testing for whether it's on a builder, or being unconditional, are both incorrect - at some point we'll upgrade build VMs to bionic, and at that point the nft-based iptables works (modulo the i386 bug)14:03
cjwatsonI haven't narrowed down exactly which kernel versions are too old for the nft-based iptables to work properly, but 4.4 fails and 4.15 works, which is good enough information14:04
cjwatsonhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XYhpDQ87p5/ is the patch I'm testing at the moment14:04
cjwatsonrcj,Laney: Could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/livecd-rootfs/+git/livecd-rootfs/+merge/372203 ?  I've tested it locally and it seems to be behaving itself?14:24
rcjcjwatson: That looks good14:31
cjwatsonThanks.  Will get that uploaded14:34
cjwatson(including Iain's changes)14:34
ahasenackrbasak: php-horde-db (http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/p/php-horde-db/eoan/amd64) ran with mysql-8, but that run was with php7.315:40
ahasenackrbasak: the php-defaults run was with with mysql8 too, but php 7.3.6 (not 7.3.8)15:41
rbasakahasenack: that's good at least16:00
rbasakSo it's not that the tests were skipped entirely16:00
rbasakOnly the current problem of needing to tweak them to be against the right thing16:00
ahasenackrbasak: just talked about it in #ubuntu-release16:01
* ahasenack -> quick lunch16:02
tumbleweedcyphermox: a year ago, you added ubuntu-archive-assistant to ubuntu-dev-tools source, but nothing to actually install it18:38
tumbleweedam I missing something?18:38
cyphermoxnot really, I was so far only using that from the git tree; and there's been pushback on having it there18:40
cyphermoxalso, kinda lacking time to look at it :/18:40
tumbleweedOK, I'll leave it to languish there18:41
cyphermoxfeel free to remove if it's in the way; I have the code elsewhere too. no clue if people actually use that for proposed migration or MIR review18:42
cyphermox(aside from me, I mean)18:42
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