lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:03
ducassegood morning07:19
marcoagpintoguys?! What about accepting apps certificates with ECC :)07:41
marcoagpintoI was going to suggest the same to Microsoft07:41
EoflaOEHello marcoagpinto08:11
marcoagpintomy dear beloved brother!08:11
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: How are you doing?08:12
marcoagpintoI am doing fine, thanks, and you?08:12
EoflaOEI am doing fine too08:12
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: How was your project?08:14
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: the PhD project?08:15
marcoagpintoor which other?08:16
marcoagpintolast week I implemented some new stuff into the PhD project, but it is risky to make changes without major testing08:17
marcoagpintothe software is slow as hell as it has tons of calculations and if I screw up it is bad08:17
marcoagpintoimagine I am at the exam using this new version and that it crashes )08:18
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK. Test well. I am thinking about the new version of KS.08:19
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: I can't test it well, because it is slow as hell and takes all RAM in this old laptop :) . The Professor was the one testing it because he invented the Information Metric and was testing his theory with the software08:21
marcoagpintomy main simulation for the PhD takes 20-30 minutes to finish in this machine08:22
marcoagpintoI can't wait 30 minutes to test every change I make08:22
marcoagpintoit is too long08:22
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK. In my project, running it with debug mode on takes 20-40MB of RAM. Recently I have made a networked debugger, and would like to have chat in it.08:23
marcoagpintoI too have a debugger in my software08:24
marcoagpintoit is useful08:24
EoflaOENetworked? Or locally to a file?08:24
marcoagpintoin a window08:25
marcoagpintoit shows information in a window08:25
marcoagpintoI have a toolbar with tons of buttons (16x16 pixels), if I win the EuroMillions tonight I will pay to the guy who made the graphics to develop SVG images with a minimun 24x2408:27
marcoagpintoHe designed all the buttons for free, so I can't ask him to do more for free08:27
marcoagpintobut 24x24 won't fit in my screen :) . I will need a 1920x1080p display08:28
EoflaOEAnd your current screen resolution is?08:29
marcoagpintoa laptop08:29
marcoagpintoeven with 1366 an option is partly cut as it doesn't fit08:29
EoflaOEOK. I have 1400x900 in my old PC and 1600x900 in my new PC.08:30
marcoagpintoI have also a few windows that don't fit 100% with 768 :)08:30
marcoagpintoI need 1920x1080 for everything to fit08:31
marcoagpintoif I changed all gadgets to GTK3 size, nothing would fit on the screen :)08:32
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: My project, KS, has to be run through the console because it has no GUI. It's a kernel simulator and should be in a console.08:40
marcoagpintoback in the 1990s I too created a tool that worked in a console08:41
marcoagpintobut now it has a GUI08:41
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: For now, goodbye. I will return after sometime.08:49
marcoagpintotake care08:50
EoflaOEHello everyone10:36
BluesKajHi folks11:29
marcoagpintoBluesKaj! Hello!11:38
marcoagpinto>:) <- demon drinking his cola11:38
BluesKajhi marcoagpinto11:39
marcoagpintoI have just tried my Proofing Tool GUI app with PureBasic 5.71 on Ubuntu 18.04, and I still get a black emoji and no "&" using "&&" in a pop-up menu12:36
marcoagpintocan someone with programming knowledge try this to see if it is a PureBasic issue or Ubuntu's?12:36
marcoagpinto(I tried both with GTK3 and GTK2)12:39
EoflaOEHello marcoagpinto13:08
EoflaOEHow are you doing?13:09
marcoagpintoI am okay I guess13:09
marcoagpintoand you?13:09
EoflaOEI am doing fine. I made a new post in my blog13:09
marcoagpintowhat is the URL?13:09
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: I will get it13:10
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: https://eofla.wordpress.com/2019/09/03/good-news-and-bad-news/13:11
marcoagpintolet me check it13:11
marcoagpintoahhhh :))))13:15
marcoagpintoI too receive scam e-mails13:15
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: That should stop. Correct?13:16
marcoagpintoa year or two ago I had an e-mail from LinkedIn that looked real... but its linked pointed to a .ru URL13:16
marcoagpintodamn criminals13:16
marcoagpintoweeks ago I had some foreigners customers at the supermarket... when I got home I had a friend request on Facebook from them, so I accepted, and they tried to sell me something13:17
EoflaOESome may even use unicode characters in hostnames, if possible.13:17
marcoagpintoa scam13:17
marcoagpintoand why is it that the referring sites that access Proofing Tool GUI's page are usually from Russia or porno sites?13:18
marcoagpintoit is very strange13:18
marcoagpintoI see the statistics now and then13:18
EoflaOEYes. I don't like scam sites too.13:21
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: I once saw a technique used by some scammers that involves unicode characters that looks like regular characters. I don't recall the name13:22
marcoagpintoaround 1999 there was an e-mail in my internship that had a virus... the link was something like dysneyland.com13:23
marcoagpintoI can't remember13:23
marcoagpintoso, it was an executable attachment claiming to pass as a site URL13:24
marcoagpintoit was possible in the 199013:24
marcoagpintoit was possible in the 1990s13:24
EoflaOEAnd was it malicious? And does it contain viruses?13:24
marcoagpintoof course it was a virus13:24
marcoagpintoback then the mail software wasn't as good as today13:25
EoflaOEOK. I did not get a virus mail, but got one scam mail.13:25
marcoagpintoI would get 50+ scams per day in the old e-mail?13:25
marcoagpintobecause my address was all over the Internet13:25
marcoagpintoin the sapo.pt one I recieve spam too but the server filters most of it13:26
EoflaOEI have one in my primary hotmail, but got no scam mails in the other. My gmail sometimes gets spam mails, one claiming to be Arabian but are really cybercriminals.13:26
marcoagpintoBuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I want to win the EuroMillions tonight and retire!!!! :(((((((13:30
marcoagpintoI am tired of the silly life on earth13:30
marcoagpintoI wanted to dedicate all my time to open-source13:30
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK.13:32
lakitu{05:23:59 pm:} <lakitu> here's a question maybe more explored by women, at least (stereo)typically: on my android tablet, i have several photo editors which do pretty well for touch ups... a lot is automated & its easy & works surprisingly well. does linux have anything like this - the 'new gen' of especially-personal-shot photo editors? {05:38:46 pm:} <lakitu> i'm kind of discussing this in another room, & i'll say it here:22:47
lakituthere's new gen of photo editors, e.g on android, that let you touch up your face, rather than just do a fish lens or red hue22:47
lakitu{05:39:18 pm:} <lakitu> i'd love to find one for linux, or if there isn't, then free idea to make some/one {05:42:00 pm:} <lakitu> linux face touch-up apps would help bring the female element to linux too, one might think22:47
lakitu{05:42:47 pm:} <lakitu> as well as younger generations, who like to play with, trade their photos {05:42:51 pm:} <lakitu> quite a bit {05:43:21 pm:} <lakitu> etc22:49
lakitulast paste: {05:34:25 pm:} <lakitu> like this one, FaceTune, has a 'detail' brush that simply just brings out detail in e.g your eyes. you just rub over your eyes & it makes them a lot more detailed / better looking. there are other things too {05:34:42 pm:} <lakitu> i'm sure there's plenty of other programs too22:50
sarnoldheh, my first thought was gimp plugins, but I wonder how easy it is to find those .. https://www.gimp.org/registry/ doesn't look real happy22:52
sarnoldthis page suggests that there might a package gimp-plugin-registry that can be used to install plugins: https://beebom.com/best-gimp-plugins/22:53
lakituno - from my experience with gimp - it's not that it 'couldn't - but at least that it does not have things like e.g FaceTune22:53
sarnoldbut maybe 5% of the plugins listed on that page look *vaguely* like what you mentioned22:53
lakituright - kind of sketched my experience/impression with GIMP22:54
sarnoldand I'm going to guess nothing as polished as the android ones you mentioned22:54
lakituthe thing is i love Linux, & want to see it succeed22:54
lakitui think this would be good for many, including the two demographics i mentioned22:54
lakituthey're effortless sarnold. they really are22:54
lakitujust drag a brush & it looks a lot better22:54
lakitue.g the detail brush in FaceTune22:55
lakitu(again, just bringing out details)22:55
lakitugimp plugins may be the best way to go22:56
lakitui can't say i've exhausted the World Wide Web for especially-face-tailored photo editing plugins, but i have not found anything beyond 'red eye reductino' - which is ancient - in GIMP22:56
lakitured-eye reduction.*22:58
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-430 bionic22:59
ubot5Package nvidia-driver-430 does not exist in bionic22:59
sarnoldwhat blows my mind is that some of those things can do video filtering; I'm not sure if they're *realtime* or not, but I had the impresson they were. they're crazy.22:59
lakituthe GIMP plugins you mean?22:59
lakitui was gonna say, i remember some '90s Windows freeware having red-eye reduction, even22:59
Bashing-omBot is telling an untruth - " sysop@x1804mini:~$ apt list nvidia-driver-430 >>23:00
Bashing-omnvidia-driver-430/bionic-updates 430.26-0ubuntu0.18.04.2 amd64"23:01
lakituthis is not a blanket cricitism of Linux of photo editing software, but there genuinely is a new generation of photo editors e.g in iOS & Android23:01
sarnoldlakitu: it might have been tiktok's integrated filtering thing..23:01
lakitui see23:01
lakitu(photo-editing software*)23:04
lakituwell anyway23:12
lakitui'll peruse those GIMP plugins - maybe there's something23:12
lakituor just use my tablet for now23:14

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