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cyphermoxdoko: cpaelzer: jdstrand: didrocks: MIR team meeting?13:03
cyphermoxanything to be discussed today?13:08
didrocksnothing on my side13:08
* jdstrand is here13:12
jdstrandI don't have anything13:12
cyphermoxok; meeting done I guess then?13:13
cyphermoxjdstrand: oh actually, I'm curious about libheif's status13:13
jdstrandlet me look13:13
cpaelzercyphermox: other topic - I sent you a mail on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tpm2-tss/+bug/184159513:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1841595 in tpm2-tss (Ubuntu) "[MIR] tpm2-tss" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:15
jdstrandcyphermox: it is corrently marked as 'not required for 19.10' with 6 MIRs ahead of it, though 2 of those are in progress13:15
cyphermoxah, ok13:15
cyphermoxbecause this is currently blocking a few things in proposed IIRC13:15
jdstrandcyphermox: if you want to escalate that, please add a comment to trello (I can give you the link in privmsg)13:16
cyphermoxwell, I'll confer with the Foundations team first13:16
jdstrandcyphermox: ack, you and gaughen or on the card13:16
cyphermoxthanks everyone! :)13:17
didrocksthx ;)13:18
cpaelzercyphermox: my question on tpm2-tss was mostly if the foundations Team usually helps mario on these tasks, feel free to answer that in the mail if you know any background to it13:18
cpaelzerthanks everyone13:18
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