jrwrenhappy first day of school for the rest of us :)11:53
wolfgerI had a dream this weekend about quitting my job and going back to school....13:13
wolfgerI would be so out of place in a college dorm.13:14
mrgoodcatWhen i was at WMU and OU there were a lot of people in that same situation13:17
wolfgerMy dream was a bit fuzzy about whether I went back to Tech or Lake State. It had elements of both. I think I'd rather go back to Lake state, though. I like the campus there better.13:30
jrwrenold people in the dorms. does that even exist?14:02
jrwrenlake state == LSSU?14:02
mrgoodcatlol yes14:02
cmaloneyJoDee was in the over 21 dorm at OU14:17
jrwrenwhoa. I just did the vs-code remote-ssh thing. it actually connects to any (probably some platform limits) host via ssh and installs a vs-code-server there in $HOME/.vscode-server/ and makes remote file editing very fast.14:47
wolfgerjrwren: yes, LSSU15:28
cmaloneyLast Stand State University?15:28
wolfgers/Last Stand/Lake Superior/15:29
greg-gUMich has those "graduate student housing" that is basically low end condos, so 2ish roommates. Lots of families/kids around there :)15:31
jrwrengreg-g: sure, but that is more for grad students and post-docs.15:47
greg-gyeah, just random noting :)15:47
jrwrenand heck, given grad students and post docs are often married and have kids... yeah.15:48
jrwrenI wonder if old 2nd career undergrads could stay in t hem.15:48
greg-gwe (carrie and I) thought it'd be a fun option, have one of us go back to school etc :)15:48
* greg-g finally has the new Tool album and is doing his first listen through22:17
gamerchick02dumb question: why do people break down in the middle lane on Van Dyke? during rush hour?22:44
cmaloneyMaybe they don't have a choice?22:46
gamerchick02maybe but it was rush hour and you'd think they'd try to pull over to the turnaround left that was right there. ugh22:46
gamerchick02i'm working at BAE Systems now and my commute is amazing.... ly long right now. especially with the horrible traffic i dealt with tonight and last thursday.22:47
gamerchick02i was on the phone til almost 5 so that didn't help. oh well, all in all, things are good, except for that drive home lol22:48
cmaloneyHeh, yeah, I can imagine23:10
gamerchick02usually it's not bad, but right now it seems terrible. once i get more trained up, i'll be able to choose my schedule a bit more (7-4 is preferred). we do a 9/80 so i get friday this week off, woot.23:28
gamerchick02(i take hardly any lunch so... 9 and... dine? i dunno, can't find something that rhymes like 8 and skate)23:29
greg-g9 and fine, 9 and ride-my-equine, 9 and pass me that wine, 9 and it's time (close enough)....23:31
gamerchick02nine and pass me that wine. i like that!23:32
gamerchick02also 9 and fine. :)23:32
gamerchick02i was doing almost 10 at FCA anyway so it's not much difference, except i get every other friday off. so that's good23:33
greg-gcmaloney: btw, you'd like the drum solo track from the new Tool album, I assume (track: Chocolate Chip Trip)23:33
gamerchick02ooo my brother likes the new Tool album23:33
gamerchick02i've got gotten into Tool. dunno. i'm more of a folky gal23:34
jrwren9 and wine23:42
gamerchick02+1 jwren.23:59
gamerchick02i'm gonna go watch tv and go to bed early. 5:45 comes real quick.23:59

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