paul40crap .... :-(00:01
OvenWerkshmm missed that one... correct answer is that sudo can do _anything_ a root pw could do.00:24
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Correct, but he wants to log-in as root.02:44
OvenWerkssudo bash03:04
OvenWerksbasically there is nothing thgat can be done as root that can't be done sudo03:04
OvenWerksEickmeyer: unless hes looking for an easy way to break into someone else's system...03:05
EickmeyerOvenWerks: That's part of the fear as to why the root login is disabled. Also, !root explains that, as does the link that is provided. The link DOES show how to give the ability to log into root, but he didn't seem to be interested in that part.03:07
EickmeyerI honestly suspect he was trying to break into someone's system since he wanted to "unlock" the password.03:08
OvenWerksThe thing is, if he has physical access he could still do that anyway... boot recover and create a new account03:13
OvenWerkswith the right grounp03:13
alexbhtest for Telegram :)09:40
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I'm not sure if this is something that should be asked here, but I haven't had this problem in any other distro or flavor. I guess it's something XFCE related, but here goes nothing.  … I recently added an action button to the top panel. The button is to login and logout, it's located on the top right hand corner, but when I click it22:19
studiobotthe drop down menu pops up in the opposite corner.22:19
OvenWerks@Go_Diego_Go: I just tried that here on 18.04 and the drop down is in the right corner where the button is23:03
OvenWerksand if I move it to the left end of the panel, the drop down follows23:04
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Mmm... I just noticed that it only happens when there's a window open.23:06
OvenWerksIf I put the action button on another pannel (on a different display, vertical panel) the dropdown follows the button there too.23:06
OvenWerksHaving a window open either right under or slightly to the side or far away enough not to touch the drop down seems to have no effect.23:07
OvenWerkshaving no window open has no effect either23:08
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I see, I think it has to do with panel hiding. … Settings: … Mode: Horizontal … Lock panel checked. … Hide panel intelligently … When I click on the action button with no window open, menu shows up on the correct side. … When I click on the action button with window open, full screen, drop down menu shows (correct side) and panel hide23:14
studiobots. … when I click on the action button with a window open (not full screen) panel shows up correctly. … After changing panel settings what I had previously described stopped happening, at least for now.23:14
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Mmm... I closed the settings and now it's back to what I described.23:14
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I think this is an XFCE bug or something.23:15
OvenWerkscould be, I do have auto hide turned off on both of my panels23:19
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> There are a couple other things I have noticed too. They're not big of a deal and I have found workarounds. The main one is after close the laptop or lock the session. The screen goes black (as it should) but if I try to log back in I can't because the screen won't come up. I have to do CTRL+ALT+F7 (a message comes up saying: You'll b23:25
studiobote redirected to the unlock dialog in a few seconds, but it never does) so after that, I do CTRL+ALT+F8 and it comes back up. … The other one is a minor thing. After I boot the computer I get grub, I select Ubuntu and then a terminal like window opens and stays there until Ubuntu starts loading. It's nothing other than that, just seems weird, unless23:25
studiobot it's meant to happen for debugging or something.23:25
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> @Go_Diego_Go [There are a couple other things I have noticed too. They're not big of a deal an …], For the first one, I have tried some solutions I've seen online but they haven't really worked. As for the second one... I don't really mind lol, just pointing it out in case it's not meant to happen.23:27
OvenWerksthe big black square after grub menu select is known. not sure what to do about it. Seems to be a grup thing... but not all flavours show that way... maybe because they already have a black back ground23:29
OvenWerksI don't lock sessions or generally close my LT when running. I do use blnking though23:30
OvenWerksmaybe you are set up to sleep somehow. I have heard of trouble when the system sleeps.23:31

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