lizzie_chan8347is there a setting in lubuntu by which you can set scripts to run as executable files?09:26
lizzie_chan8347as opposed to ubuntu where you can do so by right-clicking the script and going to properties?09:27
lizzie_chan8347i unpacked a tar.gz file09:28
lizzie_chan8347and now i have the folder and a file called "start.sh"09:28
lizzie_chan8347but i cannot get it to execute...when i click on execute or 'execute in terminal' nothing happens09:28
lizzie_chan8347do i have to be in the folder and use tools>open current files in terminal ??09:29
lizzie_chan8347i keep getting "no such file or directory"09:30
lubot<N0um3n0> @lizzie_chan8347 [<lizzie_chan8347> but i cannot get it to execute...when i click on execute or 'e …], Do in a terminal , sudo sh start.sh10:01
iffraffH, I have just added an egpu to my laptop, it has a amd radeon rx 580 driving 2 4k monitors, and now the input, mainly from keyboard but sometimes mouse to is hanging.  is there some tool I could use to figure out where the bottle neck is?13:56
iffraffhi is anyone familiar with radeontop?14:22
iffraffI'm having trouble installing it14:22
iffraffok, how about libdrm.  launchpad shows three files to download, do I need all three?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdrm/2.4.95-114:35
giacohow can I switch main display <> secondary display?15:04
DingoWealthgiaco: which version of lubuntu are you on?15:09
giacoDingoWealth: I've just solved by exploring right click on the taskbar. Thanks15:19
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